Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nick Griffins message to Liverpool yesterday

Everyone who attended the BNP Liverpool protest yesterday can agree on one thing it was an unqualified success. Please watch the video to see British people at their best and unfortunately at their worst.

The speech was spoilt at the end with a Labour party sponsored idiot, no doubt paid by the Marxist crank Alec McFadden and his Labour friends to disrupt the day. Truth will always be made known by the BNP despite the efforts of Alec McFadden and his Communist anti British and anti Patriotic friends who spread a message of lies and hatred to the gullible.

People do things at their own cost in the BNP. The Labour Party and their Unions have to pay people to do things for them.

Liverpool Demonstration from BNPtv on Vimeo.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

BNP take back the street of Liverpool from the Militant left!

Thousands of ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklets and other BNP leaflets were distributed in a co-ordinated day of campaigning in the city centre, which saw the Truth Truck and three other A-frame advertising vehicles sweep through large parts of the surrounding suburbs, all proudly carrying the party’s message to thousands of well wishers. 
The BNP activists on foot - which included party chairman Nick Griffin, deputy leader Simon Darby, Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook - then converged on the city centre at around midday, occupying one of the major pedestrianised intersections.
There, with flags flying, the BNP activists, which included an age range spread from pensioners to youngsters, continued distributing leaflets and recruiting from members of the public. A small crowd of bussed-in leftists were kept at bay by a police presence.
After an hour and half, the BNP crowd moved to the steps of St. George’s Hall in the city centre, where Mr Griffin gave a short address, pointing out that it was the preparedness of the BNP activists to be arrested en masse which had driven the police to withdraw all charges against the ‘Liverpool 13' earlier in the day.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008




At around 15:15pm today, 25th November 2008, the British National Party (BNP) candidate, Pete Molloy, for the Belle Vale ward in Liverpool, received a phone call from a member of his community informing him that a black mixed race male had just spray painted on the wall of the Coronation public house “Burn BNP” and on the bus stop out side the public the same mixed race male sprayed “Fuck P.Molloy” in black spray paint. This is the second time in as many days that the Coronation public house, on the corner of Childwall Valley Road, has had the racist graffiti sprayed on its walls.

Its is believed by Pete Molloy that it has been in response to him being arrested with 12 others on Saturday 22nd November 2008 for handing out the Party’s brochure, “Racism Cuts Both Ways – The Scandal of Our Times” in Liverpool city centre.

Pete Molloy said, “I totally condemn this act of racism aimed at me and my Party. This act as come just 24 hours after Saturday’s unlawful arrests, which was reported on local radio and in the local press. It is obvious a racist attack by the description of the person. Many of our members around the country have received many threatening phone calls with all our details being leaked on to the internet last week. I have reported this incident to Merseyside Police at Belle Vale Police station in case I receive any more racial or any other threats.”

The male seen at the scene is described as about 6” tall, wearing black trainers and a black parker coat and is of black mixed race appearance.

Pete Molloy added, “This incident just proves that white people can also be victims of racism and we were totally justified in handing out the racism cuts both ways brochure to members of the public to highlight this fact.”


Further information can be obtained from

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Liverpool 13!

A detailed story about what happened has been released by the main party and can be found at:

However Merseyside Police are still at their games of harassing and intimidating the party but failing. They have today been at a BNP meeting in St Helens, although they didn't affect the meeting in any way they made sure we were aware of their presence.

This is absurd that they are doing this and is simply state funded harassment of a legal political party. Instead of arresting muggers, drug dealers, murderers and paedophiles they are harassing decent law abiding citizens supporting a political party.

Despite the efforts of the police they failed to disrupt our meeting and St Helens had a very successful and enjoyable meeting with Arthur Kemp being their main speaker.


Come to Liverpool on Saturday 29th and support our Freedoms!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Press Release: The Liverpool 13 Arrests!



Thirteen members of the British National Party were released on bail form various police stations in Liverpool at around 01:30 am this morning. The 13 men were arrested by Merseyside Police in Liverpool city centre under Section 19 Public Order Act for allegedly handing out material with the intention of stirring up racial hatred. This arrest comes just 24 hours after a member of Merseyside Police was suspended from duties for allegedly being a member of the British National Party because his name appeared on the leaked Party’s membership list that went out on the internet last week.

Speaking today, Pete Molloy, 38, Liverpool, who is the British National Party’s candidate for the Belle Vale ward in the city and one of those arrested said, “The arrests made by Merseyside Police were politically motivated by our anti-democratic New Labour Government because they are running scared that ordinary British folk are turning towards the British National Party, which is opposite to what our Government is trying to make the general public believe with their lies.”

The brochure in question is the British National Party’s report entitled “Racism Cuts Both Ways – The Scandal of Our Age” where it confirms that the white indigenous British people also suffer from racism. This is an issue that this New Labour Government is trying to sweep under the carpet.

Pete Molloy added “There is nothing at all racist in our brochure and all we were doing was letting the good people of Liverpool, irrespective of their racial origin, know that white people also suffer from racism. If it is accepted for non-white people to produce literature highlighting they are victims of racism then surely it as to be accepted that white people can produce literature. No-one should suffer from racial violence.

The Government have come to the wrong city and picked on the wrong people if they think we are going to just roll over and walk away. Churchill sent the Royal Navy to the mouth of the Mersey estuary with their guns trained on the people of Liverpool, Thatcher tried to squash the people of Liverpool and failed. This New Labour Government is no better and we will not be defeated.”

All 13 members were bailed to return to St. Anne’s police station on February 17th to see if charges will be brought.


Further information can be obtained from

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Alec McFadden update

Yesterday Wednesday 19th November Alec McFadden, President coalition of Merseyside Unions quite deliberately and openly admitted that he was going to be acting illegally with the list of twelve thousand BNP members which he has on his computer.

I have been contacted by numerous people concerned at the complete lack of regard for the law which was displayed by McFadden with these threats made on the Roger Phillips show. In fact many have now taken these complaints to Merseyside police and lodged formal complaints against this Communist, anti British trouble maker who loves to exaggerate with the facts and the truth.

Merely accessing this list of which he states that he will be sending hundreds of other Union members an email to look through it is a criminal act as the list was indeed stolen from the BNP.

Anyone wishing to hear Alec McFadden incriminate himself, then listen to the interview with Roger Phillips yourself. Click on the Orange headline above and go in 1hr and 18 mins into the show.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Alec McFadden admits he wants to use BNP list against them.

At twenty past one (1.20pm) today Alec McFadden (President for the coalition trade unions) admitted live on air, Radio Merseyside, (the Roger Phillips show) that he is in possession of a list of twelve thousand members of the BNP. He admitted that he will be going through the whole list which is on his computer that he would be finding out who has convictions for anything and be making it known to others, (third parties) no doubt Searchlight, Labour Party hired thugs.

We do not need to remind Alec McFadden that this is illegal and breaking the law, as such we are already contacting Merseyside police as an indirect threat has been made by him against BNP members. Now we hope that radio Merseyside will do the honourable thing and provide Merseyside Police with the transcript recording of the comments to assist them in their enquiries. The comments by McFadden were heard by other members who have contacted me.

Alec McFadden as previously stated on this site is a serial fantasist. He is totally anti British and would like nothing better than for Britain to become a communist state. We hope he assists the police when they come knocking on his door for his criminal comments and threats.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Back home after the Blackpool BNP conference.

Speaking personally this is the highlight of the year for me, others would say its the RWB for them.

I arrived on Friday nice and early, it was a bit blowy but there was a buzz of excitement around Blackpool. I travelled from Merseyside with my VOTE BNP magnets displayed on the sides of my car which received many honks from cars and approving thumbs up from passengers in the cars on the motorways.

I pulled up to the Kimberley, Mark Collett was busy unloading his car with many box's of the racism cuts both ways leaflets we said hello to each other, I then booked myself in to the hotel.

I have to say that my room was fantastic, it wasn't sea view, but eh I wasn't there to look out of the window. After organising my belongings I went down to say hello and meet the rest of the BNP family that were now all arriving no doubt being as excited as me, looking forward to the weekend.

Liverpool BNP had all arrived by 5.30pm, so we went for a little walk on the Blackpool seafront before the gala dinner which started around 7.30-8.00pm. The gala dinner was five course each table had four bottles of wine and as much port as you could drink. The food was absolutely top notch, well done to the Hotel. I have to say and be honest now that I was absolutely rotten (drunk) this night. Anyone unlucky enough to be by me at this stage received a big hello if I did not know them followed by a big hug, as people do when they are intoxicated. The merriment went on until 2am when we all said our good nights much to BNP security's relief.

By the way BNP security team were on 24 hour security watch, watching the front and back of the hotel, teams doing night and day shifts. Without them there who knows what the Labour Party sponsored lefties would have got up to. They did a fantastic job, many thanks to all of them. Their vigilance is the reason why these conferences pass without incidences or disruption.

Saturday was a training day with a few speeches all of which were broadcast I believe. The protest outside started around 1-1.30pm. The protesters were around 70 in their amount which was surprising as the march from the meeting point looked slightly bigger. I can only think that the BNP protesters did not have the belly to march three miles from the meeting point to the hotel on a cold winters day, many of them preferring to put their feet up than to protest. This says a lot about the lefties, unless it involves a free bus ride paid by the Labour Party Unions then they are simply not interested are they.

Saturday's events came to a close about five o'clock, we all got changed had dinner and went out for a pint.....then a few more pints.....Then some whiskey's.....Then I cannot remember after that!

Sunday morning is one of a feeling of deflation knowing that this is the last day. It is the exact opposite feeling of arriving on the Friday. You can see it in everyone's eyes, the feeling of being with an amongst your own people , well there is no better feeling. Anyway after breakfast got changed for the serious business on voting for BNP party motions that were put forward from regional meetings. Again the events were put onto the Internet so I do not have to go into too much detail.

Anyone who missed the Chairman's (Nick Griffin) closing speech, where were you?...It will be broadcast on BNPTV so please watch it when its put on there (a recording)

After the chairman's speech it was a case of pack up hand the keys back to reception, say the good bye to new friends made and back on the motorway. I cannot wait until next year when it will be even bigger and better no doubt than this year.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Liverpool BNP away to Blackpool party conference.

All Liverpool BNP will be away for a few days up in Blackpool attending our yearly party conference which is building up to be the most successful BNP conference ever. This will not be a holiday for us and we will still be watching what our anti British enemy are up to, as well as the enemy in Downing street (who are also anti British). In the BNP we do not sleep, we will always find out.

What I will do though is send you all a postcard and bring you back a piece of famous Blackpool rock untouched by the EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

Oh and before I forget, warmest congratulations to David Owens, British National Party by-election candidate in the Fenside ward seat on the Boston Borough Council. He was elected last night as representative BNP Councillor for the Fenside ward. An outstanding result.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gordon Brown, Sub human gimp!!

I apologise if my heading or title seems a bit over the top but I will explain my reasons why I feel this way. Watching Prime Ministers question time yesterday revealed to me how devoid of human emotion Gordon Brown really is. Judging by the comments on TV and radio phone ins up and down the country yesterday, about the PM by normal members of the public who were screaming outrage, I was not alone in my feelings.

I do not have much time for David Cameron he is made of the same cloth as Gordon but at least Cameron is remotely just about human. For a second, just one moment you could see it in Cameron's eyes that he wanted to climb over the commons despatch table and Give Gordon what for!. Everyone can see Gordon really doesn't give a hoot on the loss of any human life, god knows how he really acts when one of our soldiers gets killed in action abroad.

Prime Ministers question time is normally a farce these days but yesterday's PM Q's was a rare moment when a politician actually felt true emotion on a subject while the other (Gordon Brown) hardly registered a pulse.

Click on the Orange link above to view the footage. Go to 2 min 20 seconds for the showdown between the two.

BT to cut 10,000 jobs..Union leaders express shock.

The UK’s economy suffered another crushing blow today when telecoms giant BT announced it was cutting 10,000 jobs, mainly among agency workers and sub-contractors.Union leaders expressed shock at the scale of the cutback and warned they would resist any moves to make compulsory redundancies.

Andy Kerr, deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said he was shocked at the scale of the job cuts.

COMMENT.... I had to put this article on today as it has a connection with yesterday's article on how useless the Labour Party Unions really are when the muck hits the fan. I am not saying that Andy kerr is as useless as Tony Woodley (who is as useful as a hole in a sock) but just being "shocked" is not going to save jobs this Christmas is it?..But hey just as Tony Woodley's stocking will be full this Christmas, likewise the stocking will be just as full for Andy Kerr. As an example how about both of these "men of the working class" take a pay cut and contribute it to the workers who are going to be left skint by these redundancies.

So the poor agency workers and sub contractors are to bite the bullet eh?..Well when economic conditions improve they will be back, no doubt without proper workers rights and proper wage rates that the Labour Party Unions say should be afforded to all but will look the other way when not given.

To read article click on Orange headline above.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Union fears for Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant

FEARS for the future of Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant were raised by union leaders today as its parent company General Motors fought against the prospect of bankruptcy.Tony Woodley, Unite the Union joint general secretary and former Ellesmere Port union convener, warned that General Motors was “not too big to fail”.


I have mixed feelings about how useful being in a Trade Union can be for the employee (a Labour Party Union anyway). The most common, but by no means only, purpose of these organizations is maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment, supposedly. However as a child my on going memories of my father who was a member of the NUM for thirty years(National Union Miners) was strikes, strikes and more strikes, now the NUM is all but gone. Just recently my wife was working for a well known cracker firm in Aintree only to be laid off for cheaper "foreign" agency workers to be used while her Union looked the other way. So paying your weekly dues does not mean the Union will save you or look after your interests.

Tony Woodley is someone straight from the Arthur Scargill school of Union leaders who likes the sound of their own voice. He has been very verbal against the BNP trying to exclude BNP members from British Labour Party Unions and to basically cut the strings to their workers rights, a hypocrite of the highest order in my opinion. Its about time that British workers started thinking about themselves, Solidarity is a union for British people "representing British people" and most importantly has nothing to do with the Labour Party.

As much as Tony Woodley "pretends" to fear for the Vauxhall car plant, he is powerless to do anything about it just as Arthur Scargill was with the coal mining industry collapsing. What he does not have to fear though is about his future which looks rosey. While Unite members may lose their jobs in the next few months its going to be a good Christmas for him and this is something Tony Woodley will not fear about.

To read full article click on Orange headline above.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Now its descibed as "Poison" to celebrate "white pride" month

The British National Party is targeting schoolchildren (hardly that) as part of a new campaign to promote "white pride".Members of its youth and student group have launched ‘White History Month', which will take place throughout November, with the party hoping to "counterbalance" the internationally-recognised (force fed) Black History Month.

Community Security Trust communications director Mark Gardner said the plans could cause "racist unrest, intimidation and bullying against children from minorities". (Here he is justifying a riot)

Mr Gardner added: "Education authorities and police must monitor this situation very carefully and ensure that everything possible is done to protect schoolchildren from such poison."

COMMENT...What a complete an utter idiot Mark Gardner is, straight out of the Gordon Brown imbecile school of common sense. What this imbecile fails to recognise again and again is that we are only doing what everyone else does, nothing more. Lets face it if certain "ethnic minorities" could look after themselves and could stand on their own feet they wouldn't need to be nursed would they by the likes of Mark Gardner and co.

I do not apologise for the slave trade, neither do I feel embarrassed or ashamed for the slave trade. It was not my fault and it had nothing to do with me or my mother and father. If the black community want to sulk over their black history then that's up to them. If I want to celebrate my white history, heritage, culture while including other white youngsters who show an interest, then that's my business. The Liberal white do gooders can continue nursing the rest while we get on with our life.

Many thanks to ANCIENTBRIT for the link.

To read article click on Orange headline above.

Nigerian benefits mum gets £1m home, I say absolute madness!!

A SINGLE Nigerian mother of five on benefits is living in a £1million five-bedroom detached house – paid for by taxpayers.But Nigerian Omowunmi Odia, who has been in Britain for 10 years and lives off state hand-outs, moved into the property in Edgware, north London, two weeks ago, thanks to housing benefits.

Mrs Odia, who is in her 30s, said yesterday: “They didn’t have any council houses big enough for me so I found this one. I like it. The children like it.”


The children seem to like it eh?..I am spitting feathers here. If the powers that be in this country need to know what motivates BNP members then it is stories like this. The wives of military personnel have to live in squalid conditions in their accommodation in this country lucky to have a cooker that works and a house that's not full of damp.

Don't worry you Labour party scum of the earth, this is yet more ammunition for us to use against you at the next general election!!..The British National Party will put a stop to this housing madness. British people should come first, that's all that needs to be said.

To read full article click on Orange headline above.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday, region and Liverpool BNP pays respect to war dead.

CEREMONIES were held across Merseyside yesterday to honour those who died for their country in war.In Liverpool, young and old stood together to pay tribute to its war dead at the city’s annual service at the cenotaph outside St George’s Hall in Lime Street.

Thousands of ex-servicemen and women, dignitaries and members of the public gathered on Remembrance Sunday, the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I.


Yesterday seeing the old soldiers marching with the young soldiers, the thousands of normal members of the public who turned up saw the "real backbone of the country" that is our war veterans young and old. Contrast that with the spineless, gutless, backbone of Liverpool and that was the Liverpool city councillors, Merseyside MP's who were in attendance. However judging by the size of Lord Mayor Steve Rotheram (a "do nothing" Fazakerley Labour councillor according to Fazakerley residents) he clearly participates in every ceremony that involves food eating!

Considering the amount of PC brainwashing that goes on throughout Liverpool, the country and our celebration of diversity that is everything "non British" I would like to know where the "diverse" part of our city was yesterday for "our ceremony". Putting it simply out of the thousands that turned up I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who were likely not to have been British. Whatever is being attempted with this brainwashing exercise it is obviously not working is it.

To read full article click on Orange headline above.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Muslim sex attack perverts jailed, are any white British girls safe?

TWO Asian (Muslim) men were jailed indefinitely for sex attacks on teenage white girls they had plied with drink and drugs.Mirza Baig, 35, and Mohammed Ditta, 39, picked up vulnerable teenagers, offering them drink and cigarettes, Manchester Crown Court was told.

But after luring them back to Ditta's flat in Hulme, Manchester, the girls were given vodka, Ecstasy pills and cocaine, until they became unconscious.They then pounced on their 15-year-old victims, stripping them naked, putting them in beds and trying to force them to have sex. Both men are married with young children.


It amazes me that the reports that come through as describing these Muslim perverts as Asians thus hiding the detail that the problem of child grooming is mainly by male Muslims. The British National Party have raised this issue to the police on a number of occasions but these crimes keep on happening. I guess as the victims had "white skin" that they do not count and its not a priority. I do not know why the police force in Britain these days do not walk around with "British police sponsored by and working for the Labour Party and Muslim Community" Its a disgrace!!

To read full article click on orange headline above.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Obama has a great tan, says Italy's PM Berlusconi

Italy’s bungling prime minister caused embarrassment last night when he complimented US President-elect Barack Obama on his “suntan”.

Silvio Berlusconi praised America’s first black president for being “young, handsome and tanned”.Last night Mr Berlusconi, 72 – no stranger himself to a year-round suntan – was condemned for his remarks.

But the Italian leader, who himself sports a suntan, hit back at his critics - accusing them of not having a sense of humour.

"God save us from the imbeciles," he said.

COMMENT...Hee hee hee, hilarious, my sides are splitting! Good on you Berlusconi. I wonder if Gormless Gorden who is clearly an imbecile will arrest Berlusconi when he comes to Britain for a hate crime against Britain's closest ally.

To read the hilarious article click on the Orange headline above.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barak Obama, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, his view.

The Obama halo is relative to his opponent, and within weeks of his not having an opponent that halo will begin to lose its lustre.

It is clear that, on top of seeing the end of the American century, we are in fact witnessing the death of America as anything other than a geographical expression.The election of Barak Obama certainly will in all probability speed this process up to some extent, but the long-term historical trend was set years ago, and the question of who is in charge of rearranging the deckchairs on the US Titanic is actually of very little significance.

Far from marking the end of race as a factor in American politics, that will end up polarising the place as never before.Hence, when Obama does disappoint, the reaction will not produce anything worthwhile, but simply crude racist ugliness.

He lives with a ‘nightmare vision’ of black powerlessness. He seethes over injustices and prejudices that he never encountered. He detests his own white grandmother when she is frightened by an aggressive black beggar. He is, in short, a true racist bigot.

COMMENT. The above are passages taken from BNP Nick Griffins assessment and the significance of Barak Obama’s Presidential victory in the USA. To read full article in its entirety click on Orange headline above.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Frank Field branded "the new Enoch Powell" by bishop

A BISHOP has branded Mersey MP Frank Field “the new Enoch Powell” – because of his explosive views on curbing immigration.

Peter Selby said the Birkenhead MP’s call for a drastic cut in the number of arrivals into Britain had the “same message” as Powell’s rabble-rousing “rivers of blood” speech four decades ago.


Frank Field the new Enoch Powell?..I very much doubt it, more like a John Gaunt or a Richard Littlejohn if you ask me. While this blog concedes that Mr Field will sometimes stick his head over the pulpit and actually speak his mind, at the end of the day he is still Labour Party. I expect if push came to shove he will toe the Labour Party line especially after Gordon Brown is riding reasonably high after his five hundred billion banking theft, for the banks!

There is only one political party that does exactly what it says on the tin and that's the British National Party. To put an end to immigration then vote BNP. Its not racist to say British people should come first, the rest can get in the queue.

To read full article click on Orange headline.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Who says our country is not full up. Pathetic!!

FLOATING communities are the next big development opportunity – and Liverpool will get a glimpse of their potential this week.Liverpool Marina owner and property developer David Beard will outline his vision of “building on the water” on Wednesday at WaterfrontExpo 2008.

He said: “Water in the UK is an unrecognised and under-valued resource which ought to be a new development medium.”

“There is a lot of houseboats in Scandinavia and Holland as individual homes, but we want to give an example of different forms of floating communities. These boats are ideal for lakes, docks or sheltered harbours.”


Floating Communities now?. Can any Merseysider imagine this taking into account the filthy state and condition of the river Mersey. What's left of our beautiful coastline should be preserved not built on. The rats will have a field day with these floating houses and I don't mean the illegal immigrants, asylum seekers or Westminster politicians here either.

We all know that this country is already overpopulated, if you don't know this you need to get out a bit more. There is definitely a trick being played here by the developers along side council authorities as there is only so much building you can do on land. Once this gets started our coastline would resemble something akin to a Bangladeshi shanty town in the rainy or flood season.

The British National Party do not support this floating house scheme madness. This is Great Britain not shanty Britain.

To read article click on Orange headline above.