Monday, 30 March 2009

Great work and entertainment if you can get it.

I couldn't resist this one from todays Independent (ABOVE), absolutely hilarious!

Pressure mounted on Jacqui Smith today after it emerged she claimed almost £23,000 in expenses during a single year for her second home.The embattled Home Secretary is already embroiled in an embarrassing row after claiming for two porn movies watched by her husband Richard Timney pictured below..

The fact that he was watching porn is particularly embarrassing since she has taken a tough stance on the sex industry including a pledge to crack down on lap dancing clubs.Critics said the latest scandal had left her credibility in 'tatters'. But she insisted she had no intention of resigning as she was not at home when the explicit movies were viewed.


Did she have any credibility anyway. The most upsetting and infuriating thing about all of this is that they are so tight they even put an eighty eight pence sink plug on the expenses, the pair of tight gits!!

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Liverppol BNP organiser talks to BBC news Northwest over police BNP sacking

Liverpool BNP organiser Steve Greenhalgh today spoke on BBC News Northwest as regards the disgraceful political sacking of the very fine police officer Steve Bettley.

Steve Greenhalgh as usual was honest open and straight to the point as regards his response and opinion to the shameful sacking of police officer Bettley who was and is a pillar of the community in his area. A video of the organiser Steve and his response will be downloaded and be able to be viewed here when the video becomes available off the BBC news website.

Lets get one thing straight Steve Bettley served Merseyside police force with integrity, distinction and without prejudice. Bernard Hogan Howe, chief Muppet and puppet of Merseyside Police is an absolute disgrace along with the Black police federation who would have been banging their drums (I cannot say Bongo drums here because of political correction)wanting Bettleys blood and sacking, a mention of the Independent Advisory Group who I hardly think are independent played their part in the sacking.

Bernard Hogan Howe though has lost the plot and now resembles something out of the Muppet show ( Muppet's have more intelligence than Hogan Howe) Please watch Hogan Howe in performance with his controller Rowlf (Gordon Brown) below. Where one fails miserably to lead (Gordon Brown)
the other idiot (Hogan Howe) follows.

BNP disclaimer...No responsibility will be taken by the BNP in comparing Muppet's to the vegetables that are Gordon Brown and Bernard Hogan Howe in writing this post and the Black police federation, the racist organisation who also played a part in this political lynching.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate

All homosexuals should face stoning to death, a Muslim preacher of hate declared yesterday.

Anjem Choudary, the firebrand cleric who wants to see Britain ruled by Sharia law, said such a regime was the only way to fix the country's ills. Under it, adulterers and homosexuals would be killed by stoning. Asked if that would include anybody - even a Cabinet minister such as Business Secretary Lord Mandelson - Choudary responded with an astonishing diatribe.


Do I need to make any comment apart from this is whats in store if people do not start voting BNP. We have an openly gay Liberal councillor on Merseyside, Steve Radford who is very opinionated on this matter as regards their sexuality. I wonder seeing he is the "ambassador" for openness and anything multicultural whether he would have these kind of people working alongside him with their views.

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

2009 General Election perhaps says Labour MP


I wouldn't normally give and want to link to this Labour Party slime bag Shahid Malik, however watch the video and tell me if your skin starts to creep. OK you cannot tell me directly that he makes your skin creep but I think you get the idea.

As a British Nationalist I cannot wait until we have our our first BNP MP in Westminster and it will happen. However it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth when I see that piece of scum Shahid Malik talking to the audience in his foreign Islamic lingo to people who only want to populate and not integrate. Submission and taking over countries through demographic assault and continuous complaining and moaning is the only thing they understand. "God willing" we never have to see a Britain that "they" plan through re-population to an Islamic one. The LibLabCon are doing their best though to make it happen.

As regards the video he does let it slip that there may be a General election this year as well. Thanks to JohnOfGwent and the Green Arrow for finding the video. A link to the green Arrows site is here

Monday, 16 March 2009

Hammer attack on Liverpool BNP candidate


This is what happens under the regime of Gordon Browns Labour Party if you oppose him. Them along with the hired thugs have taken terrorism and intimidation against Nationalists to a new level. Anthony Ward will never be intimidated and neither will the rest of us.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Labour thugs attack BNP activists then on the following day a Labour councillor racially abuses Welsh BNP member!

The ultra-successful Battle for Britain road show hit Wigan last night raising an amazing £2,200 for the Euro election fund despite a violent attack on BNP members elsewhere in the area by Labour-Party supporting thugs and police harassment which saw three venues threatened into closing.

The evening itself went off without a hitch thanks to the superior organisational ability of the road show team. The standing room only crowd of well over one hundred people were treated to speeches, a film, re-enactors and a sound and light show which left not a dry eye in the house.

Earlier, the Labour Party Stasi, also known as the Greater Manchester Police, sent officers to no less than three venues the BNP had lined up to host the road show. In an act which was completely illegal, and which will be the subject of court action, the Stasi told the venue owners that if they dared host the road show, the police would withdraw their licences.

This blatant interference in the democratic process by the police was witnessed in person by a member of the road show crew, and the BNP leadership will be pursuing these criminal actions by the police in the courts. As BNP leader Nick Griffin told the crowd last night: “It is the job of police to stop burglars, not to prevent political parties from holding meetings.

“When we win seats in the European Parliament and are part of the ruling body of the Northwest, we are going to make sure that the police understand this very clearly. We pay their salaries, and they are our servants, not that of Gordon Brown and his Labour Party organised and supported communist thugs,” Mr Griffin said to wild applause.

Earlier, the famous Liverpool BNP A-frame trailer and Land Rover was attacked by a group of around 30 Labour Party supporting thugs at one of the alternative venues. The Land Rover had every window and light smashed out, and every panel of the vehicle dented.

tony-wardThe A-frame itself was overturned and the skins damaged. When the BNP members got out of the vehicle to defend themselves, they were violently attacked by the racially mixed group of Labour Party thugs. Liverpool activist Tony Ward was stuck twice by a claw hammer wielded by a black thug. He was hit once in the eye and once on the head.

Mr Ward was knocked unconscious and picked up by fellow BNP activist Andrew Tierney, who dragged him to safety. Mr Ward was later removed by a third BNP man in his vehicle.

The A-frame was righted, and the BNP men left the scene. During this violent assault, the police were nowhere to be seen — they were far too busy visiting the next venue where they thought the BNP was holding the road show so they could intimidate that owner as well.

Mr Ward received eleven stitches later in hospital.

“If the Labour Party thinks they can break us with their street thugs, they are wrong,” Mr Ward told BNP News. “We are back, stronger than ever before, and we will not stop until we have rescued this country from the immigration invasion and Islamification nightmare to which the Tories and Labour have subjected us.”

National Media cover story:


Following on from the scenes from Last night Liverpool British National Party did not go into hiding but took ourselves into the public and set up in Huyton shopping area. This time the BNP team were highlighting a video which has been produced by Lee Henry to brainwash school children. In this video the TV production team brought in a burnt out car and wrote 'Nigger' on a wall, this is all in an effort to try and make Huyton and the residents look like racists and thugs.

In the middle of the shopping area Arthur Kemp was planned to make a PUBLIC speech, however a Labour councillor was quick to the scene with the police who informed us that they were not going to allow Arthur to make his speech.

After a few discussions the BNP team had finished putting out leaflets and were planning to leave the scene, but as we were informing the police the Labour councillor heard that our member was Welsh (despite living in Liverpool from childhood and being British) and shouted at him infront of the police officer "You are Welsh, you shouldn't be here!" Despite the Police officer being there and witnessing that racist comment he refused to arrest the Labour councillor and our members had to go to the police station and lodge a complaint while the scrawny vile Labour creature left the scene.

Friday, 13 March 2009

More anti British behavior from the "ahem" religion of peace.

Watching this is enough to make your blood boil.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

British Islam, the vicious, wicked cult of hypocrites.

Above a photo of our brave heroes on their homecoming parade.

Everyone it now seems up and down the country apart from 99.9% of the British Muslim community are up in arms over the scenes which the country viewed yesterday. Before I vent my fury at the "Islamic vermin" who were protesting at our brave war heroes, the Royal Anglian Regiment at their homecoming parade through Luton yesterday. I want to say to the British police, start doing your **cking jobs!!

British police are turning into a national disgrace!!..They are politically correct and politically good for nothing. The police are absolutely gutless after yesterday's events. They are too busy promoting gay pride in this country instead of British pride, all with the backing of this useless spent up "lunatic Labour Party" headed by Gordon "soundbite" Brown. The police are failing us and along with this Labour Government hand in hand they are ringing the life out of the British people!

Lets get one thing straight about British Muslims, they are very selective about who they protest against. Do they protest about women's rights in Afghanistan?, human rights abuses in Saudia Arabia?, nine year old arranged marriages with British girls in Pakistan?, child suicide bombers?..Of course they don't, perish the thought they would protest about these things. Freedom and democracy are tools with which they abuse and attack us British people with. I detest these anti British protesters. Why?, because they detest us. They hate everything about being British and our way of lives.

Some of the Radio phone-ins this morning have had British Muslim's phoning in saying they support the Afghan and Iraqi resistance against the British soldiers out in these countries. Our useless Labour Prime minister Gordon Brown should round up all these traitors and send them to where their sympathies lie, because clearly British values are not for them. For all the moronic anti British Muslims out there. Put up and shut up or ship out and get out!

Roger "stinky" Phillips will have to change his Y fronts today. He had a rather bad day on his phone-in getting slaughtered trying to defend the Muslim traitors actions yesterday. He really does need to research what he's talking about as well. He started off the show stating that two Muslim protesters got arrested yesterday when in fact it was two British protesters who got arrested, protesting against the Muslim protesters!!...What a complete idiot stinky Phillips is. Radio Merseyside may have to start considering to put him out to pasture before long, he really does need to pay more attention to the facts as a professional radio presenter.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslim PC sues after workmates 'laughed at his beard'

A Muslim police officer claims he was forced out of his job by colleagues who made fun of his beard and called him a 'f***ing Paki'.
PC Javid Iqbal, 38, said white officers openly discussed in front of him how they were ' better' than their ethnic-minority colleagues.
The married father of two also claims officers pulled faces at each other if told they had to go out on patrol with him and forced him to walk home from a job instead of picking him up.


Awww come on. With that beard he would not have been out of work just before christmas at least. He would have just had to dye it white and away you go.

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Recent Liverpool BNP meeting report

This report is a bit late, but better late than never.

The Liverpool branch of the British National Party has set a new record by collecting £1260 in donations from the 85-strong crowd at its latest meeting.Organiser and third candidate on the North West list for the European Elections, Steven Greenhalgh, opened the meeting with a quick run-down of events locally and nationally, and dealt with the facts about the Everton match and the postponement of the BNP’s day of action.

Second up was local member Peter Squire who spoke on the importance of tackling the media and our opponents.

Next speaker was BNP website content editor Arthur Kemp who spoke on the sacrifices made by British soldiers sixty five years ago in June 1944. He compared their sacrifice with the struggle being waged today, pointing out how the government had lied to the public about everything, from immigration to the economy and the railways and nationalisation. The collection was held at the end of his speech.

The last speaker for the evening was Rosendale and Rochdale BNP organiser Kevin Bryan who spoke on the series of Muslim-on-white racial assaults being committed in his area.Mr Bryan highlighted a number of individual cases where the police had refused to consider the crime as a racially aggravated assault, despite there being very clear evidence to the contrary.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brown: "'We all need to show humility for the economic crisis"..Really Gordon?!

Gordon Brown ducked the chance to apologise for the recession but admitted he needed to show 'humility' over its role in the economic crisis.The Prime Minister insisted Britain's financial problem were part of a wider, global problem.
He told the BBC: 'I think there is always a need for humility and there's always a need to accept collective responsibility...

'I don't think I would run away from responsibility for what happens.'


He has had a break for a while so I thought I'd give Gordon the vegetable a spot today. I don't know about you but this prize prat of a Prime minister really makes me puke. Since he has had his teeth done that false smile of his really upsets my dogs who start growling at the site of that gormless smile. They must even sense something about the fraud.

You know something, did any of us hear or see Brown saying anything to the banks a few years ago before the banking crash to ease up on their borrowing?...I didn't, he stayed silent and said with a nod and a wink "carry on boys". He should be sacked for this alone. This is how stupid Brown is, he even kicks his wife out of the picture above, he's telling her through gritted teeth "Sarah get behind me woman, I'm the centre of attraction for this shot"...Whilst Vice President Joe Biden has the manners and decency to put his wife on the inside of him. The above picture tells us everything about the "clown" that is Gordon Brown.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Liverpool BNP Organiser speaks to Radio City

Last night on Radio City, also in conjunction with Talk Radio 105.9 saw the Liverpool BNP Organiser Steven Greenhalgh on Radio City giving an interview about the BNP in Liverpool. I have to say listening to Steven Greenhalgh that he is an absolute credit to the cause of the BNP on Merseyside and to the Ward he represents as a BNP candidate for Kirkdale. The people of Kirkdale will really have a fantastic BNP ambassador representing them when he gets elected as BNP councillor in the near future.

Obviously there has to be a downside to the evening with the appearance of the anti British Communist, mumblimg bumbling buffoon that is McFadden. No joke, this idiot increases the BNP vote on Merseyside by a few more percentage points every time he opens his mouth, so that we can thank him for. Its about time he realised this is the 21st century and not the 1930's of which he has an absolute fascination about. Still this communist is not too long away from a "straight jacket" and then he can do what he does best and that's to worship a portrait of Stalin that he no doubt has hanging in his house or his office.

Another plus point of the night is that Duncan Barkes presented the show and NOT Pete Price. On the whole Duncan tried to let the BNP put their point across as much as his bosses would allow him to, however there were a few needless breaks on a few pro BNP callers who did seem to have valid points but were cut off. Dont dare call him (Duncan Barkes) English though as he doesn't recognise the term but in his eyes being Scottish, Welsh and Irish is OK with him. Duncan Barkes though is much more talented than Pete Price and the show last night was a tremendous success for us, more-so than it would have been had Pete Price presented it.

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