Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eddy Butler announces Nick Cass as his leadership challenge running mate

Liverpool BNP had the great pleasure of hosting both Eddy Butler and prospective Deputy BNP Chairman Nick Cass on Merseyside last night. We don't want to give too much away at this stage, its better if Eddy Butler makes the announcements on his fine blog of truth and common sense.

Needless to say the "main team of core Liverpool BNP activists" were there at the meeting who now know of the tasks in hand and the work that needs to be done.

To Link to Eddy Butlers blog please click on the WHITE main headline above.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

You can do it England.

Today is I suppose our World Cup Final. England against the Germans, it doesn't get much bigger than this, this is going to be a footballing war!

As usual out with my BNP brothers today, the usual routine of overdosing on alcohol followed by a meal. Today I think I'll have a Chinese meal, prepared beautifully as always from my favourite Chinese take away.

Whatever the result in the England game I sure hope the Argentinians get beat in their game tonight. By then though I will either be too drunk to care, or will be too drunk drowning my sorrow's just in case the England game did not go our way.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

What Eddy Butler Will do!

It is important that I set out exactly what I hope to achieve over the next year as Chairman. It is my intention to serve only one term of one year as Chairman and to use that time to put the Party back on the right track in order to take power in Britain.

Transparent Finances
Donation income has almost totally dried up and at the same time we are faced with truly massive but avoidable legal liabilities. There is also a bloated and unproductive central bureaucracy that has to be paid for every month. The Party’s finances are like the Bermuda Triangle. Millions go in but very little comes out and reaches the front line. There is an almost complete lack of confidence within the Party as to what exactly goes on in our Treasury Department and in order to restore confidence and to ensure that our finances are competently run, there must be much more transparency. Our donors must have confidence that their money is spent wisely and carefully.

• Bring back confidence in our finances.

• We call for an Independent Internal Investigation in to our finances – three inspectors should be appointed by an EGM to have unfettered access to all accounts.

• Trustees appointed by the Annual Conference to oversee our property, assets, large donations and bequests.

• Full Quarterly accounts should be as a matter of course presented to the Advisory Council.

• Only the Advisory Council should appoint the external Auditor.

• The Trafalgar Club should be fully incorporated within the Party’s accounts.

• We must ensure that full and proper accounts are submitted to the Electoral Commission on time.

• The Treasury Department should be under Control of Managing Director rather than the political Chairman. The administration should be set a budget agreed each year by the Advisory Council and the residue used by the political Chairman for political campaigns.

• The political Chairman would have the right to appoint an inspector to enquire on any financial matter at any time.

Separation of Powers
The Chairman of the British National Party has too much power concentrated in his hands. You will never find one person with all the talents required to run both the administration and the political side. This concentration of power invariably leads to abuses and stifles initiatives. It also leads to chronic instability with recurring bouts of infighting and purges. We need a system which blends strong central leadership with democratic accountability and a separation of powers between the political and administrative sides.

• Managing Director to run administration (voluntary and paid, including Finance Department) - not to be appointed by Political Chairman and so cannot be sacked at a whim.

• There must be a careful constitutional arrangement to allow strong authority for political Chairman but not unbridled power. This is necessary to avoid a conflict between the Managing Director and the Chairman.

• Bring in an elective element to Advisory Council (e.g. four members elected annually).

• Draft constitution to be published before leadership election completed.

• An EGM will be held within six months to fully debate and vote on any changes to the constitution.

Fair and free elections next year
We need a new fresh longer term political leader and must break the log jam to find the untapped reservoir of talent that lies within our Party. At present the over authoritarian style of leadership and the very fact that our current Chairman has been in power for eleven long years stifles the Party. In that time he has unfortunately acquired so much baggage that he is actually less popular than the Party and whether we like it or not he has become our greatest public liability.

• We must create climate where we can hold proper elections next year.

• There must be a good and healthy internal democratic debate.

• Several fresh clean new candidates will emerge if we allow Party room to breath.

• This is essential for us to allow our Party to be reborn and thrust ahead to the next stage in our development.

• We must allow new ideas to come to the fore – new ways of doing things.

• A new image will gain new recruits and many who enquired but didn’t join before will re-enquire and join.

• We must reach out to new electorates while reinforcing our appeal to those who already support us. This is particularly the case with the young and also middle class audiences.

• We have gone stale and need a complete shake up.

Ensure more funding for front end
The Party’s fundraising efforts should be focused upon providing resources to improve our performance at a local level. It is these local performances which in total are the motor for our growth. Continual electoral success and the retention of council seats are essential but both are dependent upon us developing and sustaining local community support. We must develop healthy and well funded branches with well local organised activist teams.

• Full time dedicated Elections Officer – to encourage best practice and lead all key local by-elections in person.

• Full time dedicated Councillor Support Officer – to ensure our councillors (and potential councillors) are able to hold surgeries, deliver regular newsletters, help their constituents, ask questions and propose motions in the council chamber and master their agendas.

• We must appoint three Regional Support Officers to assist local units in how to carry our enquiries (so converting more into members) and how to conduct good branch meetings that raise healthy collections and convert newcomers into members and encourages members to become activists.

• Next year the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliamentary Elections are taking place. If we are to stand any chance we must re-launch the Party and bring back financial confidence and target our resources to make the necessary funding available.

• Bring the call centre to the mainland so assets (e.g. folding machines and printers) can be used to benefit party and we can see what is going on with clarity, and so that our resources are not in the pocket of outside agencies.

• No wastage on foolish court cases and the bloated administration in Belfast.

• Get a grip of internal and unjustifiable expenses and high payments to contractors. The Party must act with prudence and care over use of financial resources that are donated on the understanding that the money gets to our front line.

• Initiate image re-launch so that the new leadership is starting from a healthy forward thinking platform which will make us more appealing to a wider audience.

Heal wounds
Unfortunately this leadership contest is already turning ugly with vile personal attacks and outright lies being peddled for temporary political gain. It is essential that everyone understands that these wounds will have to be healed and indeed wounds from past unnecessary squabbles must also be healed for the greater good of the cause.

• There should be no recriminations after this election is over. It is vital that members can take opposite stances during this election yet come together after it is over with a sense of unity

• Nick Griffin MEP should be given a secure role as a mark of our appreciation for his contribution to our cause over the past eleven years

• We should encourage ex-members to rejoin. This will not apply to absolutely everyone – clearly we only want anyone to be a member if their membership of our Party reflects creditably upon our Party. Anyone who has caused our members harm should not be allowed back in, but people who wish to will be given a fair hearing as there are many unjustifiable slurs against otherwise decent potential members.

• Most ex-members who will wish to re-join a revitalised BNP will be relative unknowns – local activists and officers who are in fact the life blood of our movement. We have experienced a far too high rate of attrition of these active members and we must win them back to our cause.

• We must make our Party more acceptable to members of parties such as the EDP and UKIP who share our views but felt unable to join under Griffin. However we must do this without pandering to them or changing our stance.

• We must make sure the internal dispute resolution process is followed properly to avoid these constant battles and to give a natural internal outlet for disagreement. The best way to avoid conflict is to operate in a transparent and fair manner.

These changes are essential if we are to advance our Party on to the next stage in our development. We cannot afford to wait another year. We must act now. It is absolutely essential that we take this chance for democratic change to show that the British National Party is mature enough to embrace the changes necessary for our political survival. We need a year of managed transition and then we can move ahead with confidence. It is unfortunately the case that none of these changes can come about without a change in the leadership of the British National Party this year. That is why it is vital that we have an election this year and that you vote for change.

Eddy Butler

Friday, 25 June 2010

New Eddy Butler Video: The Facts!

Councillors speak on video about the reform Challenge!

Well it is good to see that we have strong and brave women in the party who are willing to make a stand and speak their mind open and honestly. Deidre is also a woman who has proven herself as one of our most capable people who has been ignored, the writers of this blog feel that she has a much bigger role to play in the future of our party.

Keep up the good work ladies! VOTE FOR EDDY BUTLER!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


OK, time off for the rest of the day. Off out with the boy's to watch the football. After the South African team getting knocked out yesterday and the BBC going into a day of mourning over it, lets see if they can get behind England today.

I'm going to be drinking all day followed by a chicken vindaloo curry from my favourite curry house. Come on England, I know you can do it lads!

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Duty of Nationalists - Lee Barnes!

QUOTE: "I gather from chatter on the internet that there is going to be a leadership challenge in the BNP.

The fact that this is a leadership challenge, as opposed to an coup within the party as during the Decembrists attempted takeover, means that this is going be run in accord with party rules and procedures.

Heres a tip for nationalists.

The true leader of a Nationalist Party is that one that realises that no-one wins a victory if the credibility, integrity and unity of the party is damaged during the leadership process.

At the moment it appears that some people on the internet seem to think that a formal leadership challenge is one based on smear blogs, attacks and dirty tricks.

Anyone involved in that sort of behviour does not deserve to be in the BNP, let alone to lead the BNP.

All political parties have regular leadership challenges.

It is a basic feature of the democratic internal process of all political parties.

The sign of any mature political party that is ready for power, is how it undergoes that leadership challenge process.

At the moment I see two sides totally hostile developing on the internet, who each seem to think that this leadership challenge process should be fought as though it were based on Mutual Self Destruction and total loathing.

The only people who profit from a BNP leadership campaign based on smears, attacks blogs, name calling and factionalism - is the enemy.

Any Nationalist who uses this leadership challenge to undermine the BNP, the Nationalist cause and our political growth is a traitor.

This challenge, will and must be, fought in a way that brings honour to the party and nationalism.

Those that are trying to use this challenge as a mechanism to peddle division, factionalism and hate amongst our ranks is an enemy - and must be treated as one.

Regardless of who they support, those that act in that way are the inner enemy.

All those whose actions damage the party, the nationalist cause and our political growth in society - will be remembered.

Those who think there can ever be a victory in any leader inheriting a divided, factionalised and disunited party - is either a fool or a traitor.

I would ask all those bloggers, BNP activists and supporters to act solely for the benefit of the party.

If you support a candidate - then simply support them, and do not attack the other side in such a way that the information can be used against us in the future.

This leadership challenge is beginning to cause real damage to the party and British Nationalism.

Those who act in such a way to undermine the party will be liable to a disciplinary hearing as regards their internet activism, if it can be demonstrated that they intended, or should have known, their comments could be used by the enemy against us and have damaged the party and our long term political growth.

Campaign all you like for whoever you support, but if you think you can turn this campaign into a BNP Boot Party, and destroy the party in the process, then think again.

I will be collecting all comments and statements from people that could or have damaged the party.

Those who are trying to use this campaign to undermine the BNP will be stopped.

I have only one thing to say on what has happened so far.

Those who film the antics of a drunken idiot in order to release that information on the internet, and those who are involved in leaking that footage on the internet, are as bad as the drunken idiot.

Each is as despicable as the other.

Neither gives a toss for the party, British Nationalism and our growth as a political party.

The only people who benefit from that sort of behaviour are our enemies.

The fact that people do not seem to understand the fundamental issue, which is that the candidate they support has to try and run the BNP - and they cannot do that if the party is divided, disunited and factionalised - means neither side wins a victory.

If people cannot act as intelligent, rational and decent human beings and show respect to fellow Party Comrades in a way that brings credit to the party and nationalism - then they do not deserve to be in the BNP." END QUOTE


We feel this is a very good post by Lee Barnes, and one the Griffin supporters should take note of. It has been them that have been bringing the party into disrepute, we from the outset have come out saying we want a CLEAN free and fair election which will only make the party stronger. However the Leadership have decided to descend to such low levels of smearing good members. They have now made themselves look like the Homophobic idiots that the far-left make them out to be.

Then you have people following Green (Brown) Arrow who isn't even a party member but has the audacity to attack and insult party members who do more than he can dream of doing. What is he doing now apart from being a homophobic prick? Oh thats right milking his drones (supporters) of money which could be better spent at local level recruiting new people!

Time for Change!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Green Arrow’s TRAITOROUS SYCOPHANTS now joins in on the Leadership Attacks!


The traitor of Nationalism Green Arrow and Britain’s number one sycophant has now launched an attack on lifelong Nationalist and activist Peter Stafford JNR because of his sexuality and what has been posted on this blog. I would like to firstly inform everyone that Green Arrow has admitted his loyalty is to “Mr Griffin” and not to the party. Green Arrow is a NON MEMBER OF THE BNP, he clearly thinks that the BNP is the Nick Griffin appreciation society, it is not a political party what so ever, or a political movement with the aim of saving our race and nation. We must add that it may not be Griffins hope, but it is clearly the hope of his supporters who he should immediately distance himself from.

Green Arrow talks about the Dowson Video, that video was shown to show the readers that an anti-gay activist’s is currently in control of the party. It is now no surprise that after so long of this matter being known to many people that his supporters are now using the very issue they accepted and had no problem with to attack and character assassinate a hard working activist and candidate at local level and in the General Election.

As for the gay marriage issue Peter Stafford has told us his opinion is this: “He believes that Civil Partnerships are perfectly adequate and are fair and right. However does not really believe that marriage should be opened to homosexuals as it is traditionally a religious ceremony and that religious beliefs should not be infringed. As for straight people not being able to get civil partnerships it’s a bit of a moot point as they are in essence very similar and that straight people are still entitled to use registry offices to get married.”

Green Arrow then goes on to re-produce a photo of Peter and his partner kissing which was included on “the video which was made to attack him”. Green Arrow is either too stupid or ignorant ( we suspect both) to understand it wasn’t us that went around posting this picture all over the net or bringing up the issue of sexuality but it was the Griffin sycophantic supporters to try and smear hard working activists who support a democratic, free and fair leadership challenge. Peter has never gone out of his way to make his Sexuality an issue and has kept it a private thing and has never thrown it in any other persons face. However certain cretins have decided to go digging around private pictures and decided to throw Peters sexuality in every ones face. If Green Arrow therefore has a problem then he should take it up with the Griffin Supporters and the leadership, but at least pay for his BNP membership first and become a member with the right to criticise.

Further to that as the pictures used are private and not the property of the Griffin supporters, copyright action is now being considered against the makers of the video and the Green Arrow blog. Interestingly Peter has just completed a course which covered copyright and intellectual property law.

Green Arrow then goes on and rants about sodomy at 14, something Peter has assured us he is opposed to fully as well as the teaching of sexuality in schools and even the obscene gay ‘pride’ marches which he feels only damage the image of gay people as they are hijacked by Marxists.

As for other Christian values they may find Peter and the posters of this blog agree on most of them such as to Abortion. So if they wish to post things maybe they should get their facts straight, rather than jumping to wrong conclusions.

It’s also unfortunate that the Green Arrow’s impaired judgement has now got in the way of what an utter state this Party is now in and the direction its heading. He has let his personal battle and vendetta he has ongoing with Simon Bennett to totally send him up the wrong road rendering and leaving his thought processes in a delusional scrambled mess. The Green Arrow has chosen his bed partner and so he can sleep with him. BNP members and patriots with a conscience as this sites blog contributor’s have, will continue the push for change NOW and not when Nick Griffin thinks it suits him and his future retirement plans!

We have been contacted by many out there who wish us all the best. However I wish to say this to all the other BNP members in Branches and Groups throughout the country “who know” that since our Question Time appearance the popularity of the BNP in the eyes of the public has plummeted catastrophically, for reasons which are known to many.

As members it’s perfectly OK to criticise and question the leadership. This is NOT Nick Griffin’s party with his small band of “jobs for the boy’s” at the top; this is a political party that belongs to the membership. The real traitors are the ones that stay silent and are prepared to watch idly by while the party gets plundered and becomes bankrupt through continued BNP appearances in unnecessary court battles. The reformers will not be silenced; indeed the traitors are the ones who are not prepared to speak out!


Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Failed State of Great Britain


Seldom in our lives have we had the opportunity to watch, first hand, as a major Western power comes crumbling down on itself in such a spectacular fashion as we see with the final collapse of the now empire less Britain. Only the eventual collapse of the USA will make for a greater show than what is about to transpire on these shores.

For Britain is a failed state in all manner and levels reality, from a total lack of freedom in the pseudo Stalinist prison camp, to the collapse of the economy, society and military, a physical collapse linked as a Siamese twin to the spiritual or moral collapse. A Godless post Christian enterprise, morally corrupt, economically penniless and over run by the most vile and foul and blood thirsty of modern world savages.

The failure is now most visible in the financial sphere, overshadowing other just as vital areas. Britain is a print happy, debtor nation, who while lecturing other failed economies of Iceland and Greece is itself running a 12.6% deficit, as opposed to the equally unsupportable one of Greece, at 12.7%. Worse, England is running a 0% interest rate, ruining the retirement of millions of its pensioners, even as its medical system goes about the task of dispatching them off in drove, to the other world, in a "dignified" manner, of course. That will not be a problem for much longer of course as the retirement age is raised first to 70 and later to 75, at that point we will all be dying in harness with about as much love and care as the pit pony. At present, on average, one in 8 stores has closed down, leaving many areas abandoned, and the rate is continuing to accelerate.

Furthermore, the Stalinist state of Britain has forcibly nationalized all major banks on the island, while spiking taxes on everything. The final blows in this financial alchemy are the proposed VAT on food, which will bring back the old misery of the 1700s and a tax on garbage, through smart garbage cans, able to judge the weight of the trash and charge accordingly, that is after a general tax that already is supposed to pay for the garbage. The final nail will be the green laws destroying what is left of Britain’s industry.

Control wise, the government of the proto-Stalinist ConDem Nation and their Marxist so called opposition, have installed twice as many cameras as people. Everything is catalogued and tracked, from personal movements, to transactions to drives on the motorways. Informants are everywhere, neighbour snitching on neighbour, friend on friend, family on family. Now comes the news that the police state will even keep dossiers on children as young as five who use or exhibit "racist" or "intolerant" behaviour. What police actions will follow from this tyranny is yet to be determined. Of course this is Stalinist in the extreme, very similar to what that mad bastard did during his various great purges. The only things that are missing are the camps...for now.

To boot, the Islamic mass migration, into what is now a Jihad exporter, the UK, has been staggering, and now word has come out that the ruling elites and the world Bankers did this on purpose. Imagine, a nation’s elite that on purpose has taken radical steps to in effect, exterminate the very society that allowed them to climb to the level that they are at. In most societies, there would be riots, but not in Britain where a diet of X factor and Corrie keep the sheep like population in a myopic coma of their own making. As Islamic fundamentalists rape and murder at will and the all watching and all knowing police state never seems to know what is and when this is going on...but God forbid you light up in a bar and refuse to put it out, they will send an entire riot squad to get you.

Or God forbid, you fight back. Vigilantism will not be tolerated, smacks too much of individualism and must be crushed. Thus the Islamic and the half feral yobs, who will one day be recruited by them, get to run wild and victimize the rest of the population.
Hang a few dozen of your hooligan and jihadist scum from the lamp posts and they'll get the point rather quickly.

But this should be no surprise, when considering that the Church of England is itself post Christian and leading the lost and be-fumbled population into a multicultural, multi faith hell of our own making.
Meanwhile top bishops in the Church are pushing for gay marriages and are too busy defending Islam that seeks to impose Shari on the Christians. Driving their flock into extinction rather than in leading their flocks to Christ. Is it any wonder that the Orthodox Church is growing quickly in the UK, while whole congregations convert to Catholicism? The Devil definitely has a play ground in the Church of England.

Even the once world leading NHS is broken and killing, both by design and my neglect, possibly hundreds of thousands of people a year. In 2008, 6,000 women gave birth in corridors, lifts and taxis, when lack of beds and doctors forced them away at the last minutes before birth. A new report, just out, but apparently in the hands of the elites for over half a year, shows that some 50,000 or more a year are dying from direct neglect in the hospital systems, and this is even without the Satanic Pathway in effect. What is the Pathway? Why the Pathway to Dignified Death, where they take sick or sickly elderly and not so elderly, pump them full of morphine and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death. The evil of such as system and the fact that the British tolerate it and have not risen past indignation, and tore themselves away from junk TV to demand better shows how befitting of total collapse British society is.

Where are the Royals? Where are the God chosen defenders of English faith, culture and law? Where are those, designated by God to rule and veto this insanity? Why drunk, drugged and debauched into a stupor or busily converting to Islam, where else? Why rule when you can screw and drink your way through life, without a care or worry and the Devil takes you, and he will, what happens to your own kingdom. A sorrier lot is hard to imagine.

So what will it take to finally bring the last of this rotting wreck of humanity down? Why the upcoming war with Argentina now backed by China, over the Falklands, of course. England is stretched bare in Afghanistan, yelping like a good lapdog to the yanks, the very same yanks who are obviously siding with the financially broke and corrupt Latin Argentineans over the financially broke and corrupt Anglo British. There simply is no way that Britain can keep the Falklands and the oil wealth there and this loss will reduce Britain overnight to a third world nation.

Thirty years ago under a Thatcher Government who would have thought that even the Tory Party would be a Marxist left wing shadow of its former self, or predicted the dire state of the country would be in now. How did the Marxists do it? Well the British people have become fat and lazy. Not just physically but morally, the Marxists knew this and led us one small step at a time never revealing the ultimate destination till it was too late. We need to do the same, the people will never elect the Government that most Nationalists crave with a passion. Small steps at a time, that is why Geert Wilders has come from starting his own party (PVV) in 2004 to being the third largest in terms of MP seats in just six short years. How far have the BNP come in that time? This is why we need change not just in leadership but policy. The road to success is in small steps Brothers and a charismatic leader with vision. This is why I advocate change, when the ship is heading for the abyss then a change in any direction is better than doing nothing.

The baggage that comes with Nick Griffin has now become too much of a burden. Recent election results tell you that, and how many times have you heard something like “I’d vote for you but that Nick Griffin.” It’s way past the time were we need to up our game, we need someone who is media savvy and not playing catch up and giving us sound bites of how success is just around the corner if we just carry on. We know where this ship is heading and we need a new Captain and quickly.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Dowson/Griffinite attack dogs hate campaign against Nationalists!

As you can see above Jim Dowson has record for being anti-gay and has actively harassed gays, this man is now in control of the party a party that is trying to clean its image, it is crazy. However it is no shock then that Dowsons and Griffins supporters or attack dogs have now been set loose on members who support Reform because the Reform group wants Dodgy Dowson to be totally 1000% removed from the party. These attacks have been very vile and are bringing Liverpool BNP and the whole party into disrepute. These attacks have been launched against veteran and respected Activists Peter Stafford Jnr on the neo-nazi VNN forum, as the video above from heretic, who we know the identity of but we wont publish as we are true Nationalists, can be seen the attacks are on his sexuality which them very same people have had no issue with for the long time they have known.

It is only when it has been made clear that Peter along with a number of other members now support Reform and want the Removal of Dowson that these backstabbing traitors have decided to delve to these depths to attack a person they have in the past relied on for support.

Here are just some of the vile comments that have also been made are:

“you are so far up eddy butlers posteria that you could be a set of teeth!
you odious little poofter!
has anybody seen peter stafords face book page?”

“What a tart! He seems to have spent the whole night flitting from partner to partner,clearly not very big on LOYALTY! But why should that come as a surprise,his behaviour since he joined the BNP was a good foretaste of what these photos show,lots of smiles and running around behind people and then sticking it to them!”

“So Peter Stafford has established the BNP branch in "Dingly Dell",their first leafletting session could be a bit of a problem with certain members being unable to restrain themselves at the sight of a bit of "builders bum"when a floor level letterbox requires a bit of bending over of the leafletter!
They may have some problems getting our more traditional groups to help out at election time as not everyone shares the same spirit of adventure that these photos reveal Peter to possess but at least they will be able to get a large venue,the YMCA is reputed to be a very well endowed organisation,in several respects if the song is to be believed!”

“So everyone is pretty much in agreeance that he is a dirty stain on Nationalism that the cause could definitely do without?”

It is clear that these people have some sort of problem in the head and are out to character assassinate a hard working activists who has done more for the party than all of them put together. Do they really think people will support them when they attack their own people for being gay? Do they think the media will ignore what they say? Do they think they can win a case in a court of law when this is brought up?
Interestingly Scouse83 is also a member of Nick Griffins Security team and this individual has been name dropping and smearing Tony Ward who again is another veteran activist who was attacked with a claw hammer. As well as name dropping Tony Ward he has name dropped Peter Stafford and Peter Molloy, who people in this little group have sent vile text messages about threatening to leave the party if they didn’t get their own way because they didn’t like him, this is an individual who is clearly out to cause trouble and cannot be trusted.

This little group of cretins have also been attacking other veteran Nationalists as spies such as Peter Squire and Steven Greenhalgh, two people who have worked hard for the party and donated very generously to the party over the years never mind being selected as a candidate for the NW Euro List.

These cretins have stooped so low in the name of smearing decent Nationalists that they have now sided with Erik Dorf or Dork who was found to be posting nazi images on his facebook page as a candidate in the Euro Elections putting our whole campaign into jeopardy, he has also been known to post on VNN that Nick Griffin is a SPY!!! Clearly off his rockers, Nick Griffin is definatley not a spy and the reformers will defend Nick Griffin here and we want him to remain a senior member of the party. This individual has also tried to split the St Helens group. So why have these cretins sided with such an individual against decent members?

Nick Griffin may want to read up rule 12 of his own Constitution.

The reformers in Liverpool and on this Blog say this, homophobic abuse and backstabbing has no place in a decent political party, especially not one that is hoping to save our people and our country, we will support our not only members but good friends. We were at all times going to work with people who supported Griffin, we accept we have differences of opinion and we were going to respect that however the Griffin/Dowson supporters decided they don’t like people who have different opinions and have now carried out these vile actions.

Finally I would like to ask all readers this question, are these the type of people you want running YOUR party and YOUR country?

The Video Footage that shows how the Anti-fascists attack elderly women!

That video shows how the vile disgusting sub human creatures of the anti-fascists attacked Liverpool BNP elderly activists on St Georges Day. Sadly the stupid and idiotic jury found Peter Tierney guilty fro defending himself and elderly women from foaming at the mouth smelly unwashed students of the anti-fascists.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Will BNP HQ do something about QT scandal?

On the 10th of June 2010 Respect Leader Salma Yaqoob the idiot was on Question Time as a member of the panel, now until the General Election Respect had a legitimate reason for being on the show as they had an MP elected. However since the General Election respect lost their only MP George Galloway and now has no representative higher than Local Government.

Now the BNP weren’t invited onto QT until we got 2 MEP’s, despite even having a GLA member and more Local Councillors than Respect. This is a clear breach of BBC guidelines and the party HQ should immediately jump on this and get justice rather than persecuting, smearing and lying about decent hardworking members!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Where the contributors of this blog stand.

Its true this has been a very difficult time for the British National Party since May 6th. In fact the morale of the foot soldiers has been at rock bottom since realistically speaking we were given a good hiding at the ballot box. On Merseyside it was always going to be a difficult task here and the results were more or less what we expected. There were a few exceptions where the party was "expected" to do a lot better around the country, where in the end we also failed abysmally.

OK, I have been notified from this blogs co contributors that they have come under a certain amount of pressure shall we say from "a minority" of members and "certain others" within the party because of the content of the last two articles posted on this site, the reformers have likewise applauded the articles. First I would like to explain that five people contribute regular articles here on this site and most of the time its a case of cut and paste, other than that everyone posts under Peter or Scouse BNP. This blog is a team of five who has access to the two accounts.

Extreme care by the contributors is taken over identity confidentiality for a reason. Reasons that have become apparent by bigots and part time nationalists, some of who are "not even BNP members" on other blogs and forums. Now let me move on.

This site "IS NOT" a propaganda site for Nick Griffin. This site is for the benefit of the British National Party and all her members. Its also here for race and nation. When the Chairman of the British National Party does well he will get rewarded with good write ups here, likewise when things are not going so well as things are now, then likewise we would like the problems addressed as we are writing about here.

The five contributors of this blog feel that the time is now right since the extreme disappointment of the Local and General elections on May 6th, regardless of how one plays maths with the figures to suit one's agenda that now is the right time for a change of BNP leader. Now there are many fine Nationalists in the BNP that want the Chairman to stay put, but there are also many who want a change. I would also like to add that none of us in the BNP are anti Nick Griffin either, Nick is doing a fantastic, outstanding job as North West MEP, but that is where he should now concentrate on.

Finally for the minority out there including the non Liverpool BNP members who are so vocal on other forums about democracy not being for them, my message is simple, start your own blog up. One that suits your agenda and somewhere where as you have been doing suits your infantile mentality of naming people, our members and also smearing fantastic Liverpool BNP members in the process. To them that do this, you are not true Nationalists but pathetic scum who are worse than the reds. You know who you are we know who you are, loyalty to your friends means nothing to you.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A message from a supporter.. We need change!

Victory for Geert Wilders PVV late night interview Danish TV June 9

Nick Griffin has more power currently over this party than any leader has over any other political party. With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility, the buck stops with Nick Griffin for success and likewise with the party failures.

He is the longest serving political leader I know of.

The election massacre we got, oh and I've heard all the spin and even dished it out in many speeches myself, but the fact of the matter is our vote only went up because we stood three times as many candidates.

Blaming Labours dirty tricks is not good enough, if we can't out think them then we are doomed. That was Nicks job and he failed, they ran rings round him and his response is we need to copy Labour. No, that's the worst thing to do. They out fund us and if we try to copy them we will always lose, we need to be ahead not following, Nick has peaked.

I've heard the excuse that in a bad economy people vote for the old parties out of fear, well today in Holland Geert Wilders went from 9 to 24 seats, became the third party and king maker in a coalition.

Civic National parties are booming, state or not look at the rise of Geert Wilders (video above), EDL, FN, Nick should have seen the EHRC case coming and preempted it. Had he convinced the members of what was coming and changed the constitution earlier we would have the moral high ground, instead everyone sees us for what we are. Again he is reactive and not proactive. He can blame no one but himself, never has a British Nationalist had so good an opportunity and wasted it. Lets look at what he had compared to Geert Wilders shall we.

1/ A sitting government and the opposition supporting an illegal war with our troops coming home in body bags.

2/ Record funds (1.9 million) in the kitty to fight an election.

3/ The expenses scandal with all parties the LibLabCon.

4/ An economy in meltdown and everyone in fear.

5/ Big brother ID cards, unpopular CCTV, and thousands of unpopular new laws.

6/ Broken Britain with children killing each other, people going to prison for defending their homes, yob culture and collapsing law and order.

7/ Islamic terrorism on our home soil, while Islamic terrorist gen asylum here.

With all that on our side the last election results don't bode well for the future, it's time for change.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Eddy Butler makes his case!

We are in troubled times and many members are feeling disillusioned. I know some of you are thinking of quitting. This would be a fatal mistake. In times such as these it is essential that all members stay at their post. If the Party experiences a set-back it is vital that we face up to it and move on to achieve greater success in the future. It would be a tragic waste were any member to feel they had to quit, still worse if anyone felt they should set up or join a rival organisation.

I will not insult your intelligence by claiming that we just had a good election. In most places (with the notable exception of Barking) our Parliamentary election results improved marginally but at the same time we lost over half of our ‘proper’ council seats (that is excluding Town, Parish and Community councillors who however valuable they might be to us are not counted towards totals for comparative purposes).

After five years work, the simple truth is that we must do much better than marginally increase our vote since the last General Election. When faced by such a set-back it is vital that we re-group, re-evaluate and re-new. Doing nothing or at best tinkering with things around the edges is not an option. We have too few years in which to secure our country‘s and our people’s future. The stakes are too high.

It is essential that the Party goes ahead united. There must be:

· Financial transparency – so we can see how much money comes in and where it goes.

· Financial competence – so that our accounts are available and presented in an orderly and clear manner

· Administrative competence – so the best staff are able to work efficiently and without fear of offending others in the hierarchy and where proper documentation and legal employment processes are followed.

· Political competence – so that we are not being forced into costly and unnecessary legal battles all the time, so that leaflets are produced on time and so that internal bulletins are delivered on time.

· We must have our resources channelled into worthwhile avenues - to support electioneering and the work of our elected officials.

· We must have a leadership which is a bonus and a credit to our Party in the eyes of the public and not a downward drag on our vote.

· We need a modern public image that befits a Party that wishes to take power.

We must move out of stagnant waters and make another leap forward. The times are right – our policies are pretty much right. We must join together to build a new future for the Party. Pretty much everyone in the Party agrees with this. So please everyone stick in there and help build a new future.

Eddy Butler

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This blog believes in Democracy and Freedom, therefore we will be supporting these principles. We are an Independent blog for Nationalists in Liverpool, the views expressed here are the views of the writers only.

In the case of a leadership challenge, this blog will support who ever the membership decide to vote for. We will always back the BNP and not any other party, the cause is too important to lose.