Saturday, 28 February 2009

Why do British tax payers pay this filth their benefits?

The “Surreal Civil War” — Muslims with Midlands and Yorkshire Accents Fight for Taliban....(Headlines taken from the main BNP site).

As the sad news breaks that another three British soldiers have been killed in the Tory and Labour-supported illegal war in Afghanistan, intelligence briefings have confirmed that Muslims from Britain are fighting alongside the Taliban.

According to the briefings, at least 4000 Muslims from Britain have gone to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Their Midlands and Yorkshire accents have been detected on radio intercepts.


If it was up to me I would round up "ALL" their families and send them to Afghanistan if any of these "British Taliban" are caught killing our boys over there! We all know what's going on apart from the scum politicians who have to rely on the Islamic vote to stay in power.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Six weeks prison for killing someone.

Lord Ahmed has been jailed for 12 weeks for dangerous driving after sending and receiving text messages from his car on a motorway.The 51-year-old peer pleaded guilty to driving dangerously on the M1 near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, on Christmas Day last year.


This scumbag Lord Ahmed should be doing ten years. Should someone like this be deciding on what laws are passed in this country. He should be well and truly booted out of the house of Lords when he has served his sentence.

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Monday, 23 February 2009

Liverpool Organiser on BBC!

A short interview of the Liverpool Organiser has been broadcast on the BBC and can be seen at:

Roger stinky Phillips shows his true colours, again!!

Well we all know by now that whatever the BNP does, on Radio Merseyside you will have the usual Labour party leftist cranks brought out of the woodwork by stinky Phillips and co to argue (forget the pun) that white is black.

As a liverpool supporter myself I could not care less what day Everton played their match, but to suggest the police could not Police both events on the same day and blame the BNP is outrageous.

The hostility shown to Peter Molloy (the media and press liaison officer for the BNP on Merseyside) by Roger Phillips whilst giving the other LibLab leftist cranks an easy ride was nothing short of a disgrace and I can see a few more complaints coming to Ofcom maybe over the bias shown by this particularly radio presenter.

There was a surprise though today. Normally when stinky Phillips has his anti BNP radio shows he normally brings out of the woodwork his anti British communist and fantasist best friend to aid his anti BNP show. It may be that the non attendance of this criminal and anti democrat is because he is currently getting investigated by the police over a blatant breach of the data protection act (which he admitted to on Radio Merseyside) concerning the details of BNP members and their children.

Democracy does not sit well with Radio Merseyside. Roger Phillips does need to change the record ( as well as his oversize Y fronts)as regards the stitch up of lefty callers who obviously like Roger Phillips have their own agenda against the BNP.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

City Event Postponed! - Press Release!

Press Release: Immediate Release


The Liverpool British National Party today decided to postpone their mass European election warm-up leafleting drive in the city centre, which was planned for Saturday 14th March.

Ata a political business meeting in the Park Hotel Netherton last night, local party members expressed their concern that the heavy-handed move by Liverpool Police to shift the Everton v Stoke game to Sunday 15th was a ploy by politically Correct senior officers to try to associate the party with confrontation by suggesting that the police would be unable to cope with the two events on the same day.

“Of course it’s politically motivated nonsense” Liverpool BNP Press Officer Peter Molloy told the committee meeting that made the decision. “The police know perfectly well that a few dozen local BNP activists handing out Election leaflets in the city centre and suburban shopping precincts would pose no public order challenge whatsoever. It’s clear that their real aim is to cause maximum inconvenience to Everton v Stoke fans, and to the training and match schedules of both clubs, in the hope that some people might blame us.”

“As we’re all Merseyside based we can leaflet our own city centre whenever we want, so we are calling the police bluff by postponing this activity. There is plenty of time to switch the game back to its proper date, though we would suggest as a gesture of goodwill to the fans they have messed around while trying to score political points, Liverpool police should look for a way to help the hundred Blues fans who are coming over from the Isle of Man for the game.”

The move has received wholehearted backing of Nick Griffin, lead candidate for the North West of England European Parliamentary constituency. “ I was at the last Liverpool BNP mass leaflet give- away in Church St/ Lord St and there was not a hint of trouble, so I see no reason why the police would have had any problems this time around. But postponing our activity is a small price to pay in order to show that we’re a responsible and considerate party. Britain’s membership of the EU costs the people of Liverool millions of pounds every month, but we can get our opposition to that scandal across without inconveniencing thousands of dedicated fans.”

The other candidate for the full BNP North West Euro List will be chosen following interviews by a selection panel in Manchester next weekend.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Merseyside BNP will never pander to Liverpool Echo lies.

It seems I am a bit late to the party this morning as regards the "Echo comment" from yesterdays Echo propaganda hate piece. Simon Darby excellent blogsite has commented on the "dont pander" article and can be viewed by paste and copying this link go to Friday's blog comment.

When you spend most of your day reading the daily political columns as I do you get to realise what a particularly poor level of journalism that the public in Liverpool is presented here with this outrageous piece of gutter journalism.

The only thing I will agree with as regards its content is that the Echo does reveal and identify who the real violent criminals are, which are the Labour Party sponsored thugs (something that the BNP has always known). So thank you Liverpool Echo for identifying the fact that the only reason the Police need to be activated at this freedom rally on March 14Th is because of Labour Party thugs and not because of us.

The BNP are the only British political party that promotes love not lies.

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Friday, 20 February 2009

What publicity, thanks Liverpool Echo

I know the BNP are a rising political force in Merseyside due to our stance on not being politically correct and guilty of continually telling the truth to Liverpool people, instead of lies, lies and even more lies from the current Liverpool political establishment and the media on Merseyside.

Merseyside BNP would like to thank the Echo today in publicising our day of action on March 14th, with their help and publicity this day of action is going to be even bigger and better than the last one. Obviously the Echo have to put in their usual inaccurate bile, lies and untruths which will be addressed on a post tomorrow on this site.

Simon Darby states that there has been a massive over-reaction as regards switching the Everton match from a Saturday to the next day Sunday and he is correct. But hey all the Everton supporting BNP members will now be free on the Saturday concerned to add their support against the anti democrats of the LibLabCon and the "hatred filled Liverpool Echo" by joning the BNP on our freedom rally.

The BNP is the only British political party that promotes love not lies.

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Thursday, 19 February 2009


Liverpool British National Party will be in Liverpool city centre on Saturday 14th March 2009 as part of the European elections campaign, which is due to take place on June 4th 2009.

The last time the British National Party came to Liverpool in November 2008, the Party was warmly received by the majority of the people of Liverpool. On that occasion it was the Racism Cuts both Ways brochure being handed out. This brochure highlighted how white indigenous Britons were also victims of racism.

After the leaflet distribution, there will be a Service of Remembrance at the main cenotaph outside ST. George’s Hall. The Party Chairman will lay a Poppy wreath to commemorate the sacrifices made by Britain’s service personnel in both world wars. If it wasn’t for those brave men and women then Britain would have lost its sovereignty along time before this New Labour government is giving it away.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Gordon Brown, coward and traitor.

Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament and creator of a movie critical of Islam called Fitna, has been banned from visiting Britain to appear at a viewing of his movie. The British government sees Wilders as a threat to community harmony, not that we have any. Wilder states that Gordon Brown is the biggest coward in Europe....He is wrong on this and I disagree with him strongly...Gordon Brown is the biggest coward IN THE WORLD!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saturday thought of the day from Pat Condell.

Polish workers bussed in to work on ships at Cammell Laird

POLISH workers are being bussed in to work on a government contract to repair Royal Navy ships at Cammell Laird.Ship-fitting contractor Trimline today claimed it was forced to bring in European labour to work at Laird’s Bidston Docks site because there were not enough local skilled workers.

One angry Trimline worker said: “This has been a ship-building town for years and they say they can’t find local skilled workers.
“Five lads who were finished before Christmas haven’t been taken back on, but there’s a minibus of Poles coming in every morning.


Do I really need to say anything apart from this is PATHETIC!!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bulger Killers that could marry your daughter!

The following has been posted by Martin Wingfield:

IF Jamie Bulger were alive today he would be nineteen. He might have been at university, or working and courting and making plans to get married at some time in the not too distant future. But Jamie Bulger doesn’t have any of that to look forward to, because 16 years ago tomorrow he was brutally murdered.

Yet his killers could well be engaged to be married - even to your daughter - and you wouldn’t know it, because courtesy of the British taxpayer and the British ‘justice’ system they have been given new names and a new lifestyle. That should be a worry to parents and communities everywhere, but especially in West Cumbria where a former policeman told me yesterday that one of the killers is now living. Apparently a local journalist stumbled upon the story but was immediately hit by a court injunction, paid for once again by the British taxpayer, so he was unable to inform the public of the killer in their midst.

On February 12th 1993, three year-old Jamie Bulger was taken from a Liverpool shopping centre by two 10-year-old boys. He left his mother’s side for just a second, but that was long enough for Jon Venables to take his hand and lead him away to his death.

Together with Robert Thompson, Jon Venables took Jamie on a three mile trek, stopping every now and again to torture the little boy who was crying for his mummy.

Finally they stopped at a railway track where they brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint into his eyes, and tried to cut off his fingers with a pair of scissors. They then left his tiny battered body on the tracks so a train could run him over to hide their crime.

These two boys understood very well what they had done was wrong and that is why they tried to make it look like an accident.

Venables and Thompson were found guilty of murder at Preston Crown Court on November 24, 1993. The trial judge sentenced them to be detained at HerMajesty’s pleasure, with a recommendation that they should be kept in custody for “very, very many years”.

Yet shortly after the trial, Lord Taylor of Gosforth, the Lord Chief Justice, stepped in and ordered that the two boys should serve just ten years, which would have made them eligible for release in February 2003.

In fact they were released two years earlier than his recommendation on a life licence in June 2001.
An injunction was imposed shortly after the trial, preventing the publication of details about the boys. The injunction has remained in force following their release, so that details of their new identities could not be published.

In January last year Lady Justice Butler-Sloss awarded Venables and Thompson anonymity for the rest of their lives so that they can settle anywhere they like without any unwelcome intrusion by the media.

There can be no new life or identity for little Jamie Bulger. After what they did to him, Venables and Thompson should never have been released from prison, let alone provided with the where-with-all to live a relatively normal life.

We feel that it is disgusting that these two creatures are protected by tax payers money, we feel that the British Government should expose their identity so that the people around them know exactly who they are dealing with. We feel that it is a sick thing that people can form relationships with these vile individuals and not have a clue about what they have done in their past.

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Monday, 2 February 2009

McFadden caught telling fibs!

A Team of BNP activists attended the anti-racism/BNP March that Mr McFadden was leading, it was a dismal showing only 130 people despite it being advertised in the papers including the free ones delivered to homes. As our people mixed they found out that many of the people in attendance were bused in from places like Manchester and Leeds.
To us that says that the people of Merseyside Reject McFaddens lies and hatred of the British people and way of life. Even those that weren't bused in were students from local universities but they aren't even from Merseyside originally.

Our team also filmed the speakers at their event, funnily enough as the camera pans around the audience nobody is paying attention to the speakers as the audience talk between themselves and slowly slope off into the distance.
The best bit that we caught on Camera was McFadden telling a whopping big lie, which we will be looking into and possibly reporting to the police. Mr McFadden said at the end of the rally that the BNP had been leafleting his area spreading lies saying that we have called him a "Nigger Lover" When we have said no such thing and would never dream of saying such a vile filthy thing.

McFadden is already subject to a police investigation, funnily enough he and his cronies have accused the BNP of trying to intimidate HIM! When he is the one under police investigation for saying live on air that he has on his computer and will be using the leaked BNP members list. That is 'political intimidation' if ever there was any, but of-course we are just the baby eating BNP so its okay to intimidate our members.

We have had this leaflet passed onto us, it is that what was put around the area of McFadden.
We do not tolerate lies from anti-British cretins and therefore we have posted the leaflet here in full for you to all see for yourself that McFadden is a fibber!

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