Saturday, 31 January 2009

Alec McFadden exposed in his local area!

Today 20 people including the chairman were out leafleting the local area of Alec McFadden exposing him for betraying the workers he is meant to represent as a representative on the TUC. Instead of defending British Workers, he was today holding an anti-racism/anti-BNP march in Liverpool while workers were being made redundant.

This also at a time when many workers are finally making a stand and downing tools for 'British Jobs for British Workers', the team of 20 delivered over 2500 leaflets in the area as well as Voice of Freedoms.

Liverpool BNP and the rest of the British National Party fully support the strike action and we hope to see it spread. For too long have the British people been pushed about and trodden on by the establishment and immigrant and it is about time we made a stand.

--Photos to come--

You can see the BNP Truth Truck supporting the workers at the end of the following video:

Friday, 30 January 2009

Chickens coming home to roost eh Gordon?

I knew the British had it in them. I have to say I am absolutely over the moon over the strike action and stance taken by the British workers furious and outraged over a decision to bring in 100s of Italian and Portuguese contractors to work on a new £200m plant at the Lindsey oil refinery in North Lincolnshire.

While Gordon Brown was getting a cold sweat today over the audacity of British men getting upset over foreigners taking ours/their jobs, he was quite obviously trying to spin a yarn stating that he is trying to do everything possible to sort the situation out. There is nothing Gordon Brown can do apart from sending all the cheap immigrant foregners back to where they come from, its as simple as that!

A list of striking areas below.

STAYTHORPE, NOTTS. Hundreds out at the giant power station near Newark.

MILFORD HAVEN, WALES. Work on the giant South Hook and Dragon liquefied natural gas terminals halted by mass walkouts.

WARRINGTON, LANCS. Protests reported at the Fiddlers Ferry power plant, but no picket line visible at 1 p.m..

ABERTHAW, BARRY. Power station walkout.

MOSSMARAN, SCOTLAND. Workers at the terminal north of Edinburgh have downed tools.

St FERGUS, ABERDEENSHIRE. Workers at the giant gas terminal out on protest.

DOUNREAY, THURSO. Reports of workers downing tools to support the call for “British Jobs for British Workers”.

MOTHERWELL BRIDGE, SCOTLAND. Angry workers “on the fence” - ready to walk out but waiting for just a few more signs that the protest is truly national.

SELLAFIELD NUCLEAR PLANT, CUMBRIA. Meeting this morning expresses huge sympathy for construction workers, anger over the growing use of foreign cheap labour, and a readiness to come out in solidarity if workers are victimised or the strike grows.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Liverpool BNP help other Branches!

With Liverpool BNP having some respite from any elections in their area at the moment, many of our branch members are still be active by travelling around the country to support other branches with by-elections in their areas.

On the weekend of the 17th & 18th January 2009 seen our Belle Vale ward candidate, Pete Molloy, travel up to the North East to help out the local candidate, Ken Booth, on a stall and canvass the Fenham ward in Newcastle where a by-election has been called for the 29th January 2009.

Pete said “It was great to get up to the North East to support Ken and the rest of North East BNP in their forthcoming by-election. There are some excellent activists up there and I spent the Saturday on the stall with Adam Walker, which seen a huge amount of support passing motorists as they blew their car horns and Sunday canvassing for the very first time with Amanda Foster.

It looks promising for Ken in the Fenham ward by the reaction from people on the doorstep. I was just glad that Liverpool BNP could help out in some way.”

Saturday, 17 January 2009

UAF'S Weyman Bennett wants Jews out!

United against fascism are now united against Jews. Weyman Bennett the Black sidekick of Alec McFadden (another picture below of him standing next to McFadden, previous post) has demanded that Israeli Jews “should go back to where they came from … New York or wherever”.

Lets face it Weyman Bennett has never been blessed with much intelligence but these comments are indeed racist against the Jews worldwide. As the press/media are so selective with their reporting in this country I don't expect too much to get reported on this. If the BNP had said it Gordon Brown would have already released his soundbite condemning the statement made by the BNP.

It is the opinion of the majority of the BNP members (and myself) that the Israeli's have every right to defend themselves. You have to hand one thing to the Islamics though, they are professional moaners when things don't go their way (Gaza as an example). After the London bombings by the Muslim filth that committed the terrorist crimes against the British people, the British army should have been sent in to the Muslim heartlands in this country and cleaned out the Muslim properties that MI5 know are/were complicit with them. The British army should have been given the order to shoot any Muslim who threatened their safety (the army). So I hope any way that the Israelis stay put and wipe out every one of the Hamas terrorists, who are as we know sponsored by the Iranians.

Make no mistake war has been declared on the Indigenous British people in this country by British Islamics and the British Liberal left. The only time it's going to start getting interesting is when the Islamics start booting the White MP's out of Westminster when they have sufficient support and demographic numbers to win and stand in their own areas under a different political party name, this will happen. The current crop of Westminster MP scum are almost as detestable as the Muslim terrorists who are trying, plotting to murder us and our White children. The White MP's however don't mind British White men, women and children being murdered by the Islamic invaders but what they do hate is loosing their "all expenses paid" jobs at trough-minster.

Read Weyman Bennett's racist rant by clicking on the Orange headline above, eight paragraphs down.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Alec McFadden Police enquiry still on-going.

Earlier on in the week we commented on Merseysides own trouble maker and anti Democratic, anti British Communist Alec McFadden (picture above). The contributors to this blog had received letters last week from the readers questioning the Police enquiry that is being undertaken by Merseyside Police against him, for his illegal intentions concerning the BNP list which were a clear breach of the data protection act. We have now received confirmation from the complainants that the police enquiry is still on-going.

Some of the concerns mentioned on the letters were as regards the conversation/interview between McFadden and Roger Phillips of Radio Merseyside. The concerns being that the taped incriminating interview could become lost or deleted intentionally or by accident. Now it is quite clear that Alec McFadden is treated with kid gloves on Merseyside, however my understanding is that because of strict OFCOM rules the incriminating interview has to be kept by Radio Merseyside for six months. So happy days the Police will have full access to it, so no "friends" of McFaddens within Radio Merseyside can therefore tamper with the taped evidence.

We are not going to let this go with this "serial interfere" in the democratic process. It is clear the intention by Alec McFadden was to intimidate BNP members by using any means in unison with his Union friends. This was obvious as he admitted he was going to contact all of them by email concerning the BNP list. Again readers of this blog will be updated as we get any further news.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Above a new recruit to the British Police force, recently qualified.

So its all over the papers today that there are a couple of BNP members working for the immigration service. Wow,so what!..Does it not occur to people out there that the BNP are a legal political party with respectable British citizens who have to work for a living. The only people who don't want the BNP to hold respectable positions are the dishonourable trough slurping MP pigs in Westminster. Half of them crooks, alcoholics,bankrupts with driving bans.

One day the powers that be will get it into their "THICK" heads that people join the BNP because we want our country back. We want to be treated as proper British citizens and not second class citizens. I personally hate the people in Westminster with a passion, they are the people I hate not the invaders who are let into Britain just to Bolster the votes for the pigs in power.

This country is sinking faster than the Titanic thanks to positive discrimination against the indigenous British people. Perfectly qualified British people have been overlooked for jobs because they're skin colour was White instead of Brown or Black. This is a fact, soon it will be another rule that only ethnics can look after immigrants because they understand them.

Anyway there will be two openings available now at this immigration centre. I Understand that Prince Charles and his son Harry have already put in their application forms for the jobs!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

British Muslim integration, Labour Party style

Shame on the police. Lets face it, if it was the Liverpool 13 hurling the racist abuse at the police that the Muslim filth were hurling at the Police in this video, then the Liverpool 13 would surely have received a severe beating by the Police. I hope Police all over the country will hang their heads in shame seeing what this country has become on the orders of the "idiots and imbeciles" in Downing street who want the Muslim vote to stay in Downing street.


BRITISH businesses are being crippled by him on the left and the economic downturn is "deepening at an alarming pace," as financial experts warn we are facing a recession worse than in the 1990s.Despite huge cost-cutting tactics designed to entice shoppers, new figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) show pre-Christmas spending dropped to a 14-year low.

Like-for-like sales in December were down 3.3 per cent compared to the year before and total sales plunged by 1.4 per cent - one of the worst months on record.


Whatever that Clown Gordon Brown says he's going to do, the words are only soundbites or platitudes that are never fulfilled. Whatever he promises they turn into hollow promises forever coming out with endless rubbish from his gormless mouth. This recession is going to turn into something the likes of which most of us have never seen before because of Labour Party policies.

With the European elections approaching we all have the opportunity to do something about this and send him a direct message by voting for the British National Party. The BNP are the only political party that will do exactly what it says on the tin.

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

What about the Alec McFadden Police enquiry?

Whilst sifting through letters which have been passed onto me from the PO Box I have received some letters questioning whats going on with the Alec McFadden police enquiry (pictured above) regarding the BNP list (go to Thurs December 4th 2008 post). Alec had the list on his home computer which he was going to pass onto his Union friends who were going to go through it with a fine toothed comb.

Well the honest answer is I do not know. From the sexual pervert that is Ben Williams to the political pervert that is Alec McFadden. I do hope though that these two get whats coming to them (legally by law), however with the corruption that is rife in this country I wouldn't be surprised if they both get an honour from the Queen!..Look at Peter Mandelson for instance, a Labour fraudster and crook if ever there was one and he's now a Lord, pathetic.

Some of the people who made the police complaint against McFadden I will get in touch with and see what's happening with it and report further on this blog. So Alec we haven't forgotten about you and I hope your collar will soon be felt by the law if it hasn't already been felt.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Child porn school solicitors tells Headteacher not to inform Police

Pervert Labour Party councillor (ex Labour now) Ben Williams is on trial in Liverpool Crown court this week for accessing child porn sites on school computers (he calls it doing political research). However it has now been revealed that Hilary Anslow the headteacher of King George school where she teaches was "advised" not to inform the police upon discovering pervert Ben Williams secret for surfing child porn sites. Incredible!!

Why is this do you think? Could it be because that he was a member of the corrupt Labour Party which is full of paedophiles, perverts, murderers, thieves, fraudsters and criminals who try to look after their own.

I have received a "correspondence note at the BNP PO box" that at this trial Labour pervert Ben Williams seems to have plenty of support at the trial, especially from middle age females giving him moral support which is quite incredible. Do these ladies have children themselves? If they are all members and supporters of the Labour Party then say no more, perhaps they are fellow teachers who teach sexual education to five year olds (another Labour Party perversion), then whatever Ben Williams has done must be OK in their eyes. Trial proceeding.

To read article click on Orange headline above.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Gordon Brown the coward

I have just got back after a gathering of fellow BNP members and "true British Patriots" in Liverpool today to let Gordon Brown know that he's got a fight on his hands from the BNP on Liverpool/Merseyside.

The filthy Labour Party British traitor that is Gordon Brown snuck out the back entrance when leaving as to avoid seeing the British flags on display by the BNP ,avoiding the British flag he so deeply hates.

As an aside a car full of Blacks stopped by us today and shouted from the road "Black power" at us through the windscreen. The police who were behind us about twenty yards away did nothing! If we had shouted "White power" to them we would already be arrested and in the Police cells, with the headlines on tomorrows papers getting printed during our interrogation, headlines like, "White racists who abused the helpless, hurt the feelings of Blacks in car".

Sometimes this country makes you sick...But the fight by the BNP continues, especially in Liverpool.

Liverpool BNP make a stand against Gordon in Liverpool!


Members of the British National Party from around the Merseyside area held a demonstration outside the Liverpool Echo Arena on Thursday 8th January 2009, which was the venue for Gordon Brown’s Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet meeting is only the third time it has been held outside of the capital and the British National Party say there is more to this meeting that the Government is prepared to let the public know about.

Liverpool BNP claim the real reason why the Prime Minister is touring the country is not to show to the British public that they have their best interest at heart, but instead, they are trying to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Peter Tierney from Liverpool BNP said “The Labour Party has lost its traditional working class voter base, because they have abandoned them in favour of big business. This government will do anything to keep hold of the reins of power and the real reason why they have come to Liverpool today is to discuss a Lib Lab coalition government with the Lib Dems.”

There has been plenty of support from the public with many car horns hooting from the passing motorists. This is encouraging as Liverpool BNP are planning another big event in Liverpool on Saturday 14th March 2009. Last November seen 13 British National Party Members arrested in Liverpool city centre for distributing the Party’s “Racism Cuts Both ways” brochure, which was later quashed by the Attorney General.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ex Labour City Councillor on child porn charges

A FORMER Labour councillor allegedly caught with child porn claimed he was doing “political research” fuelled by a speech from the Tory leader.Benjamin Williams told police David Cameron’s comments about children accessing explicit material had provoked his interest.

The ex-Liverpool city councillor, who sat on the children’s services committee, is alleged to have searched the Internet with terms such as “Lolita” and “baby porn”.


Ben Williams the ex Labour Councillor for the Liverpool Clubmmor ward claims that his reason for accessing the child porn sites was for political research, because of a speech made by the Tory leader. Well its all David Camerons fault then is it!!??

You just couldn't make that one up could you. So there we have it, its all the fault of the Conservatives. The trial is proceeding so there will be updates on yet another Labour Party scandal.

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Free Speech what Free Speech!

It’s a sad sign of the times when an Englishman is scared to speak for fear of breaking the Law.
Over three thousand new laws passed by Parliament since 1997 in some way restricting free speech in this country. We/I am now reduced to posting links to others in who’s countries still have a modicum of free speech. For example in Ireland a journalist writes of Britain and closer to home Liverpool in
a way that would have my front door booted in and again find myself in the bosom of Labours political Police and thought enforcement officers. Otherwise known as, Merseyside Police. (or click orange title)