Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another good day campaigning in Fazakerley

The Merseyside BNP team were again out in force campaigning for the local By Election to be held on February 18th yesterday. The campaign is running smoothly and without problems. WE are campaigning on local issues that affect the Fazakerley community. So far we have had a fantastic response and reception from the local community. Clive Jefferson the North West BNP Regional Organiser also came down from Cumbria to lend a hand.

One of the BNP activists eager to get the message across with some of the BNP material that we had on hand. Fifteen activists were on hand today hand delivering literature on a whole range of topics and issues, national and local. We met one woman who told us that the Labour Party councillors had done nothing for their area in Fazakerley ward and were now going to vote for us. Her daughter who lives in the ward who will also be voting for us.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Nigel Farage UKIP MEP employs his wife!


UKIP benefited hugely from the expenses scandal, however this frog faced traitor is employing his wife with tax payers money. This is just further proof that UKIP is no different from the mainstream parties.

However we are told that Nigel Farage also made and agreement not to employ any family members.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Faxakerley BNP activists out in force.

Seven British National Party activists were out in Fazakerley today continuing to deliver the outstanding Nick Griffin MEP Constituency news letter. As I understand it from the reports I have received every house in the Ward of Fazakerley has now received this news letter.

Across the Liverpool Council area sixteen and a half thousand have been hand delivered by our activists in different Liverpool Wards. This is certainly a nice warming up period before the locals and the General election when the real work begins. Roll on May, or June, that's what I say.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Nick Griffin on Haiti and the EU cold taxes.

More common sense words coming from the mouth of Nick Griffin in Brussels.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Excellent work! Job nearly done.

Its no secret now, Merseyside BNP's By Election campaign is in full swing. The By Election which takes place on February the 18th will we hope be a tightly contested one, obviously we would like to win the seat though.

Fourteen BNP activists went out over the weekend to deliver our Chairman's MEP newsletter into different Wards, four and a half thousand leaflets have been put into Fazakerley Ward so far with another three thousand hand delivered into other Liverpool Wards.

Photo Opportunity for some of our BNP activists.

The regional Organiser Clive Jefferson hard at work

The prepared boxes ready to be delivered. Seven and a half thousand already being delivered to the houses in Liverpool.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Merseyside BNP at the Regional pre General Election meeting

Last night Merseyside BNP attended the very important Regional Council meeting, where we discussed a wealth of things on a whole range of topics, but most importantly the coming General Election. A General Election which if there is any justice will see the Labour Party annihilated at the ballot box because of the utter destruction of this country at their hand, while on their watch.

Paul Golding, our BNP Councillor from Seven Oak's Kent gave a fantastic opening lecture on our approach for the North West, to, during and for the General Election and of course the local elections..

Clive Jefferson, Martin Wingfield presiding over last nights meeting.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Liberal Democrat RAPED 7 Women & had 9,000 Paedo pics!

A CHILDREN’S charity boss admitted making nearly 9,000 child porn images, but denied a string of other sex offences.

Matthew Byrne, 37, now faces a total of 32 charges including rape, assault by penetration and false imprisonment.

He is accused of sex attacks on seven different women and in some cases is alleged to have beaten the women with a cane, gagged or throttled them for sexual pleasure. Byrne, who ran the Young Person’s Advisory Service, used to work with children as young as 10.

He pleaded guilty to a total of six charges of making obscene images of children, representing a total of 8,958 images. He also admitted one charge of outraging public decency by committing a lewd and obscene act on a Merseyrail train while photographing young girls.


--- Comment---

This dirty creature should immediately be hung and those he has harmed allowed to hit him with baseball bats with nails sticking out of them. This is the lowest of the low and its typical that we find this disease in the Lib Dems.

Lib Dems are a bunch of paedophiles who want to lower the age to consent to sex, we here at Merseyside Nationalists hope he gets what he deserves in prison.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

This is MY England

Hat tip as usual to the Green Arrow. Click on the ORANGE headline above to visit 1kewldude2 YouTube site.

As regards other news a bit of a scare for that Labour Party and traitor to this Country Gormless Gordon Brown yesterday. Labour Party assassins who are weak and pathetic as usual didn't have the nerve to carry their plotting and planning to get rid of him through.

You have to hand it to Gordon he really is useless, he's got as much personality and appeal as a tortoise. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching some of his recent TV performances, its no wonder the Labour Party cannot wait to get rid of him.

Oh well Gordon the General Election will soon be upon us and your agony will soon be over (thank goodness for us). Still as one Labour traitor exits we have another traitor coming through the door in the Conservatives David Cameron. Both of you are completely useless, both of you are appeasers to Islam and I cannot wait until the day arrives when both of your useless political Party's are replaced by the BNP in Downing Street.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Give the call and we will be there.

BNP Leaders Vow to Physically Block Islamist Wootton Bassett March

The three highest publicly elected British National Party officials, GLA member Richard Barnbrook and MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, have vowed to physically block the road in Wootton Bassett should the authorities permit the threatened Islamist march in that town to proceed.

In an official statement, the BNP announced that it would “defend Wootton Bassett and the memory of our fallen heroes. Nick Griffin MEP, Andrew Brons MEP and Richard Barnbrook AM will block the path of the Muslim fanatics.”


Indeed. This is a moment when we must not waver or show weakness against these Muslim invaders and colonisers. The LibLabCon are ALL feeble and rather pathetic, aren't they, collectively terrified of losing the ethnic vote and acting against these extremists, in failing to act. These extremist Muslim scum of the earth should be booted out of the country.

The British National Party is the only political party that is prepared to act against foreign extremism in our homelands. Any extremist Muslim that attends this march at Wootten Bassett intent in causing a racial hatred riot should be arrested, jailed, and after serving their jail sentence booted out of the country along with their immediate family.

Click on the ORANGE headline to read the full BNP article.