Monday, 31 March 2008

Gordon Brown, Labour Clown, Labour Imbecile.

Normally when providing the layout for articles I would leave a comment at the end of the article. Today I will comment as I go along. Gordon Brown in my honest opinion is a fruitcake of a Prime minister, he is simply not of this planet. Lets look at his latest pointless soundbite, many we will receive before the local elections on May 1st.

GORDON.."FROM today, every community in England and Wales will have its own neighbourhood policing team. Working with the police, we are determined to address local priorities, improve public confidence and make neighbourhoods safer"

COMMENT..How are you going to do this Gordon?, No body trusts the police, besides there aren't any when you need them because they are ticketing cars.

GORDON.."We know people want more say about their community and a visible and accessible police service that deals with local problems and anti-social behaviour. While crime is falling, too many people have a real fear about their communities and feel detached from their police service".

COMMENT..Its not that we feel detached Gordon. Its just that when a couple of thugs are beating the daylights out of Mrs Jones for her bingo winnings at ten o'clock. The police are too busy waiting for their takeaway at the chippie oblivious to the assault.

GORDON.."Neighbourhood policing is about giving local people power over how their streets are policed. It is a major step towards a new kind of policing, one in which the citizen has real influence and a role to play in securing the streets and holding the police to account".

COMMENT..We have the power do we Gordon?..As long as we don't upset the thugs by shouting at them or heaven forbid detaining them until the police have finished their chippie meals. Do we get a reduction on our extortionate council tax for this self policing also?

GORDON.."Every one of us, no matter where we live, deserves a life free from crime and free from the fear of crime. That is our aim and one that we can only achieve by working together".

COMMENT..Well most of us would like to say something Gordon, however teenagers tooled up with guns while riding bikes patrol our areas, oh and the police still have not finished their chippie meals.

Gordon I could carry on all day, but you are so full of hot air and wind. Do us all a favour for the sake of the country and resign.

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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Labour Party Parasites

Refurbishing the home and garden of the Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin's has cost the taxpayer £1.7 million. The bill includes more than £700,000 on furnishing and improving his official residence, figures released to The Daily Telegraph reveal today.

A further £992,000 has been spent on the Speaker's garden although most of this work has been to improve security.


I hope everyone reading this article will start to realise why we need a new order of things in this country politically. While all normal people struggle to meet daily bills and perhaps have to go to netto instead of Sainsbury's, the political class in the commons have no such worries. Everything they do is on a free "tax payers" ticket. Its caviar and champagne for them while we have egg and chips. Heaven forbid that an MP today has to put their hand in their pocket and pay for something. Come the local elections we can show our disgust at this blatant nose rubbing of their "free wealth" at our expense by voting BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY on May 1st.

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Friday, 28 March 2008

Most successful meeting!

Last night (27th) saw Liverpool BNP hold our most successful meeting to date, 79 people were counted which broke a record. The guest speaker of the night was the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin. He gave a excellent speech on what local councillors can do to get change in their local communities. BNPtv were also present and recorded the meeting and also recorded a message from the Chairman for St Georges day (23rd of April) and this will be on BNPtv. Afterwards Nick had a short questions and answers session and answered questions on the Muslim Council of Britain, NHS and immigration through the EU.

Also on the night we had a couple of people sign up as members on the spot, but they signed up as Gold Members which means they give a bigger contribution to the party and also get a gold badge in return.

At the end of the night the meeting raised an amazing record of £656 which is a record for Liverpool and will help us fight effective campaigns in the coming Local Elections. As well as all this we had 3 more people confirm they wanted to be candidates and 2 more people express an interest.

So a huge thank you to all those that attended the meeting and hope we see you at the next meeting.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Liverpool Meeting!

Liverpool will be holding a meeting tomorrow (27th), it will be starting at 8pm. If you would like to attend then please get in touch with us by phone, the phone number is on the right hand side of the blog.


STATE schools should be forced to open their doors to Islamic preachers teaching the Koran, the largest classroom union demanded yesterday.

The National Union of Teachers’ conference also said existing religious schools – almost all of them Christian – should have to admit pupils from other faiths.The union’s general secretary Steve Sinnott said that allowing Muslim imams to preach in schools would be a way to reunite divided communities.


What a load of bull*hit the schools are turning into. Even the "schools should be forced" smells of Labour dictatorship fascism that is spreading through every crack and crevice of our every day lives today. The BNP on Merseyside is going to fight this terrible idea tooth and nail. What happened to the good old days of teachers teaching the bible at school. Britain is a Christian country with Christian values. Our children should never be taught a barbaric belief which believes its OK for middle aged men to marry nine year old girls. Every parent has a duty to to visit their headteacher to "enquire" as regards this new form of religious brainwashing of our children.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The BNP, Why it is called “Our Quiet Revolution”

IF the British National Party’s candidate Mark Logan, had been defeated in the Gooshays Ward by-election for Havering Council last Thursday there would have been lengthy reports on the BBC News website as well as in The Guardian and the Daily Mirror. But Mark Logan won, and the silence from the media was deafening, which is why we call the growing electoral popularity of the BNP - Our Quiet Revolution.

On the same day, the British National Party also contested a seat in rural West Sussex where our candidate Albert Bodle, was standing for the first time in Yapton Ward for Arun District Council. Here the BNP came from nowhere, to come within seven votes of snatching second place from the Liberal Democrats and secured an incredible 20% of the vote.


Come the local elections in May we will be going about our business quietly in Merseyside also. Every year the BNP will try and put extra candidates than the previous year giving disgruntled voters a chance to vote for a non PC alternative that will speak up for the silenced British people.

If you are not registered to vote then please get in touch with your local council so you may be added to the electoral register to vote.

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Muslim chaplain’s anger at airport ‘discrimination’

A MUSLIM Chaplain from Liverpool claims “discriminatory” interrogation is happening on a regular basis at Manchester Airport.

Adam Kelwick, from Wavertree, says he was stopped and questioned for two hours on arrival at the airport as he returned from a Middle Eastern business trip on Wednesday, the third time this has happened since the introduction of the Terrorism Act in 2006.He claims officials searched his lap top, phone, asked for his bank account pin number and put a string of questions to him.

"It is ironic, I was travelling in traditional Muslim dress, but an international terrorist isn’t going to fly around the world with a beard and a gown on".


Everyone reading this post please read the last quoted sentence for pure nonsense. An International terrorist will use any form of dress for transatlantic hopping, why? because death or arrest holds no fears for these fanatics. Let me make my views clear on this site. The strap on back pack variety of terrorist, even the one with a penchant for wearing traditional Islamic women clothing should be strip searched on departing and upon arrival in this country. Remember Parvis Khan 37, from Birmingham, he wanted to behead a British Muslim soldier burn the soldier's body and parade his head on a stick, while posting the video on the internet. Please check the CCTV that SKY have on this terrorist filth during his airport adventures. Show no mercy as far as I am concerned, the time of appeasing has got to stop.

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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our readers, don't eat too much chocolate and don't get too drunk.

Easter is one of our holidays that is threatened by the Islamic cancer, we must make sure that we all celebrate it and ensure that it remains part of our way of life.

Why don't you send a Easter Gift to the BNP by sending a donation to Merseyside BNP or the Main BNP HQ. Every little will help the election campaign this year, this is the building block to getting MEP's in 2009.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Labour MPs accused of "hypocrisy" over post office closures

LABOUR MPs in the region were accused of hypocrisy yesterday after fighting to save local post offices - only to back the controversial closure programme at Westminster.

The Conservatives fiercely criticised six Merseyside and North Cheshire MPs who failed to vote to halt the closures pending a review, in a crunch vote that slashed Labour’s majority to just 20.

They said the MPs – Joe Benton (Bootle), Ben Chapman (Wirral South), Claire Curtis-Thomas (Crosby), Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside), Andrew Miller (Ellesmere Port and Neston) and Christine Russell (Chester) – had campaigned against axing post offices in their constituencies.


The Labour party are without doubt the Party that are the biggest threat to the British people's well being in the future. Their total disregard for the democratic process would not look out of place in old Communist Russia or now Communist China. The Labour MP's are indeed hypocrites, liars and deviants. The Labour Party sponsor violence and thuggery through the Searchlight organisation. My fellow contributor on this site labels them as vermin which may be a bit of an injustice to rodents and the like who have no control over their actions.

The local elections are soon to be upon us, but sooner than we think the General Elections. We will on this site over the next few years be paying particular attention to one Peter Kilfoyle, the opportunist rodent, sorry MP for Walton. His weekly contributions in the Anfield Walton Star are farcical bordering on hysterical. His arguments, point of views have more holes than a tea strainer and a file of hypocrisy and his deceit is being compiled as I write. Readers will be put in the picture on this "traitors" actions in future posts.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

At the Council!

Last night a team of BNP candidates attended the meeting in the council chamber to pick up the candidate packs and to ask any questions that we wanted answers too. There was not that many people there considering how many candidates stand in Liverpool across all 30 wards, but we recognised some faces.

One of the filthy vermin creatures from the Labour Party asked whether parties could use the PO boxes as their printed and published address on elections literature, this is because the BNP in Merseyside use the PO box and it just shows that we have them filthy dirty cretins in the Liverpool Labour party worried and they are looking for anything to get us disqualified. However we do things by the book, we will be watching their EVERY move in Liverpool in these elections.

Our Organiser asked about if we can do anything to people distributing illegal literature in reference to third parties such as the communist thugs who call themselves Searchlight, more like searchlies. All they said is that we should contact the police, we will do that and we will make sure we have video/camera evidence.

Then one of our candidates asked whether it is illegal for political parties to give out 'Vote Labour' stickers on the grounds of the polling station to which the answer was yes. So we will get them on that if they try to intimidate the voters at the polling station.

The BNP asking these questions seemed to cause a bit of a stir, with the Labour cretins jumping to the defensive because they know its their activity we was referring too. Put it this way Labour we are coming for YOU!

See you on May 1st!

P.s. Anyone wanting to stand and put the two fingers up to Labour should contact us ASAP, we will do everything for you.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

St Helens Meeting!

Last night (17th March) saw a very successful BNP meeting held in St Helens, the main speaker was the party Chairman Nick Griffin. There was over 65 people present at the meeting which shows that there is great progress being made by that group and that it shows great potential for the BNP in the future.

Nick did a talk first which we hope to have video of soon, it was like all his speeches very good and informative. After that the buffet opened and people had a talk to like minded people and took part in the raffle.

Afterwards the Chairman took the floor again and unlike any other politician took questions from the audience, these questions were not planned so he had no answers already written down. He answered them very well and everyone was impressed like they usually are.

St Helens are fielding candidates again in May and if you live in St Helens or work in St Helens and would like to stand please get in touch and I am sure the organiser would love to have an extra candidate or two.

Also Liverpool/Knowsley/Sefton Branch will be having a BNP meeting on the 27th March if you are interested in attending then please get in touch ASAP. I will post a reminder nearer to the time.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Woman charged with murder of cyclist in Anfield

A 25-year-old woman was last night charged with the murder of a woman stabbed to death in Liverpool as she rode her bicycle.
Rachel Jones, 26, from Anfield, was stabbed in Woodville Terrace on Friday night after getting into an argument with two women, Merseyside Police said.
Four women were subsequently arrested on suspicion of the murder.
Last night Louise Gardner, 25, of Mallow Road, Anfield, was charged with Miss Jones’s murder. She is due to appear at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today.
The three other women, aged 19, 25, and 49, were released on police bail.


Its sad to see anyone murdered, horrible to see it in your city and shocking to find out that it involved a group of women. You don't expect to see stories like this with women killing someone, but I guess it just shows that society has been so screwed up by these liberals that these things will start to happen more and more.
The government and councils are more interested in addressing problems of ethnic minorities and other countries than that of the Indigenous British people. BNP would change this and make sure the money is spent on the BRITISH people, we would also not tolerate murder and would allow judges sentence criminals to death if the evidence is strong enough such as the use of DNA.

Friday, 14 March 2008

UK’s first mosque to get £2.5m repair work!

WORK has started on a £2.5m project to restore Britain’s first mosque.
The derelict grade II listed Georgian Brougham Terrace in Tuebrook is to be transformed into a heritage and education centre.
This month work began on treating the dry rot in the timbers and repairing the roof to make it watertight.
Now fundraisers are facing a race against time to raise £150,000 to cover the cost of the work.
The project is a tribute to Liverpool lawyer William Henry Quilliam, who converted to Islam after visiting Morocco in 1887 and changed his name to Abdullah Quilliam.


So the Islamification of Liverpool is stepping up a gear, its being turned into a 'heritage and education' centre more like Sharia Court and Jihad Training facility. I just hope that none of our tax money is spent on this thing, I am sure that Liverpool BNP will keep a close eye on the situation and make sure our tax money is not waisted on this thing.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

£500k Asylum Seeker to pay back £1.

AN IRANIAN asylum seeker who falsely claimed £25,000 of benefits has been ordered to pay back £1.
Dishonest Massoud Montazery, 29, claimed money from the state even though he had £500,000 in a separate bank account.
Yesterday, a Proceeds of Crime application took place at Liverpool crown court for him to pay back his ill-gotten gains.
But as Montazery had no recoverable assets, the confiscation order of £24,973.67 could not proceed.
Instead, he was told the pay back a nominal fee of just £1.


What a complete and utter joke, how dare this dirty cretin take our tax money when British people are in need of that money themselves! The courts are a complete and utter joke, what are they going to do with £1, stick it in a high interest account?

As for having no recoverable assets my rear end, he is wearing a nice leather jacket there take that and everything off him such as his house cars and his clothes leave him with nothing but his dirty underpants!

We have BRITISH pensioners getting locked up for not paying council tax because they cant afford it, and cretins like this feller getting fined £1 and set free. Complete and utter joke!

Help Merseyside BNP - The 2008 big push!

This may the BNP on merseyside are going to have our biggest ever election push with more target wards than ever before. Our activists are going to be working around the clock to ensure we get all our election material out on time, however we could really do with the help of YOU!

What is more important to you, watching Eastenders or the future of your country and your children? Will anything bad happen if you miss Eastenders? If you miss helping out in the election that could make it harder for the BNP to win power and that would be terrible for you and your children and their children.

If you cant be active because of some sort of disability, then why don't you do other things to help the party such as funding or actually standing for election?

In our elections we have 2 types of candidates one if the main target ward candidates who want to do work in their wards, the other is the paper candidate who doesn't do anything but has their name on the ballot paper. We are still looking for paper candidates to ensure as many people on merseyside can vote BNP, this does 2 good things it gets people used to voting BNP and also allows us to see our level of support across the city.

So come on and help us make 2008 the success merseyside has been waiting for.

Activists- Deliver leaflets.
Paper Candidates - Give people chance to vote BNP, no work needed to be done by candidate.

Do you love your country if so then you will get in contact NOW before its too late.

Our details:Tel: 07946366883 Email: BNPMERSEYSIDE@fsmail.netPost to: Liverpool BNP, PO Box 9, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2RN.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Illegal Immigrant Poem!

Illegal Immigrants Poem
I cross ocean, poor and broke. Take bus, see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there. Say I need to see welfare.
Welfare say, "You come no more,
we send cash right to your door."

Welfare cheques - they make you wealthy!
NHS - it keep you healthy!
By and by, I got plenty money. Thanks to you, British dummy!

Write to friends in motherland. Tell them "come fast as you can."

They come in turbans and Ford trucks. I buy big house with welfare bucks!

They come here, we live together. More welfare cheques, it gets better!
Fourteen families, they moving in, but neighbour's patience wearing thin.
Finally, white guy moves away. Now I buy his house,then I say,

"Find more aliens for house to rent." And in the yard I put a tent.

Everything is very good, and soon we own the neighbourhood.

We have hobby, it's called breeding.
Welfare pay for baby 's feeding.
Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!
Britain crazy! They pay all year,
To keep welfare running here.
We think UK darn good place. Too darn good for the white man race!
If they no like us, they can scram.
Got lots of room in Pakistan!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Councillor’s election trial

A LEADING city councillor will face trial for allegedly breaking election law.Liberal Democrat Steve Hurst appeared in court today, accused of writing material intended to promote a candidate which did not have the relevant details on it.The alleged incident happened in Belle Vale on May 2 last year.Cllr Hurst, 43, of Swallow Close, Croxteth Park, who denies the charge, was told to return to Liverpool magistrates on July 2 for what is expected to be a two-day trial.


Could you imagine the news if this was a BNP councillor/candidate, would be probably national news. I hope this guy has the book thrown at him so that they know that they need to follow the rules just like everyone else.
On that note Merseyside BNP are going to really watch the activities of the other parties and third parties such as UAF in Mays elections and we will make sure they don't get away with anything they shouldn't be doing.
So you traitors have been warned!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Thousands lose their funeral expense cover!

THOUSANDS of people across Merseyside have been left without money to pay for their funerals.
Distressed pensioners last night vented their anger at Liverpool-based Medicash for withdrawing the benefit as of April 1.
Policy holders who thought their funeral costs were covered will now have to find the money themselves.
Medicash last night said it had been forced into the move by a third party insurer deciding not to cover them for the funeral costs.
The move also means more than 100,000 members of the health care cash plan provider will no longer be entitled to payments towards rehabilitation at home and convalescence.


This is a disgrace, pensioners should not have to worry about stupid things like this. I wonder if the government will step in and help these poor pensioners who may be forced to find money to cover funeral costs now.
Maybe if the government wasn't taxing pensioners to death and eating into their savings then they wouldn't have to worry about joining such schemes and would happily have a nice little savings for their funeral when they die.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Street Lamp bugs to pinpoint gun gangs

POLICE want to hide microphones on city lampposts to beat gun gangs.The hi-tech listening devices are so sophisticated they pinpoint the location of a shot to within 25 feet.They immediately trigger an alarm in the police control room. The bugs are fine-tuned so they can distinguish between a real shot and a car backfiring or a firework.

They are set up to listen only for gunshots and cannot be used to eavesdrop on conversations.Some 24 microphones will cover a square mile.


Well I don't quite know what to make of this. Can we honestly believe that these "microphones" will not pick up audible conversations. Next we will be having little pin hole cameras coming out of street drains. Roll on bonfire night, the police are going to have a busy night aren't they. Welcome to the Labour Party twenty first century fascist "spying" police state.

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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Merseyside police chief defends use of cautions

MERSEYSIDE’S Chief Constable said the use of cautions in Merseyside is the lowest in the country last night.Bernard Hogan-Howe was talking in response to a the Daily Post report yesterday which revealed cautions had been used for offences including GBH, sexual assault on a male under 13 and burglary in the region.

But Mr Hogan-Howe said the use of cautions was an effective deterrent and reduces reoffending.He said: “The caution rate in Merseyside is relatively low, in fact it is the lowest in the country.


What a crock of crap. I must apologise to the readers about my cheap use of words but obviously Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's old spin doctor must be in Merseyside Polices employ. Its very simple really, If anyone commits a crime charge them. What is the point of the tax payers on Merseyside paying the extortionate rates of Council tax towards policing costs if the police are simply not up to the job.

Its also being reported today that the Government are offering foreign prisoners £3,000 in bribes to leave the country when their sentence is up, who says that crime doesn't pay. Kick them out with not a single penny paid to them, that's what I say.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Brothers used bread knife to hack off man’s ears

TWO Liverpool brothers hacked off the ears of a man with learning difficulties in a sickening attack.
Alan and Christopher Cunningham made their victim bark like a dog and sing “I’m a little teapot” while they carried out the assault.
Liverpool Crown Court heard the pair humiliated their vulnerable victim, Stephen Parle, by making him lick an animal’s food bowl before they took turns in beating him and attempting to slice off his ears.
The pair recorded the horrifying attack on a mobile phone, before taunting Mr Parle with the pieces of his mutilated ears, asking if he “wanted them back”.


These two cretins should have their ears hacked of with a rusty bread knife before being sent to the stocks and jailed for at least 15 years. In reality they only got 6 years and 3 half years, this is far too lenient for vermin like these. We need a legal system that acts as a deterrent not the nice cosy system we have now which criminal do not fear.
This again is also about drug dealing and the answer is to hang every filthy dirty drug dealer and cure the problem at the source. No point in punishing the addicts just make it impossible for the addicts to get the drugs, drug dealers are usually vermin and offer the nation no benefit so we would be at no loss and at a gain with them 6ft under.


Hundreds of serious crimes dismissed with a caution

CRIMINALS suspected of serious crimes including sex offences, hard drugs possession, life-threatening attacks, conspiracy to murder and kidnapping are being let off with police cautions. According to Merseyside Police, 204 people suspected of possession of weapons were given just a caution, as were five accused of threats and conspiracy to murder, 23 for wounding, 16 for grievous bodily harm and 590 for actual bodily harm.


The only comment I would like to make to all our readers of the Merseyside BNP blog is please refer to the blog post on the 25th January 2008. One day I hope the voters of this fine city wake up and smell the coffee. Spin, lies, doctoring the figures is now endemic. Shame on Merseyside police.

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Monday, 3 March 2008

465,000 Merseyside children may be living in poverty by 2010

UP TO 465,000 children will be living in poverty in the region at the end of the decade without drastic action to rescue a failing government pledge to help them, a hard-hitting report warns today.

The study by MPs urges Chancellor Alistair Darling to dramatically step up efforts to get poor parents into work, provide affordable childcare and boost benefits in order to halve child poverty by 2010, as promised.
Otherwise, it warns, the flagship pledge – made by Tony Blair in 1999 – will be missed by close to one million children, leaving up to 2.7m living below the breadline.


Whatever happens, rest assured these targets will not be met by 2010. That year is a make or break year for this corrupt, thieving "I want more for me" Labour Government. By 2010 Gordon will have to announce the date for the general election. They will "spin" any figures to make them look favourable while hiding the true facts.

In Liverpool the most deprived Wards are run by Labour Councillors, what does this say? The BNP are the only Party that could take head on the problems associated with child poverty. Even reducing the thieving MP's expenses by a fraction would make a small impact on the problem. The millions that are spent on re housing asylum seekers and immigrants would be stopped by a BNP Government, which could be ploughed to tackle the child poverty problem. The Labour Party continues to "flirt" with these "new arrivals" as they are prospective votes for them, if they are soft with them. The BNP will put British children first, because they deserve to be put first.

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Sunday, 2 March 2008

All Mums, Happy Mothers day.

Mother's Day is a day honouring mothers, celebrated on various days in many places around the world. Mothers often receive gifts on this day. Mothering Sunday, also called "Mothers' Day" in the United Kingdom and Ireland falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday). It is believed to have originated from the 16th century Christian practice of visiting one's mother church annually, which meant that most mothers would be reunited with their children on this day


Roll on fathers day, its 9.30 am and the house work is already killing me.

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

1,300 freed early from Mersey jails

MORE than 1,300 criminals including thugs, robbers and burglars have been released early from Merseyside jails since June, 2007, it was confirmed yesterday.Leading prison officers warned last night the Government’s early release programme was putting the public at risk.

The scheme was bought in last summer to ease pressure on Britain’s overcrowded prisons.A total of 1,344 criminals in the city region were allowed out up to 18 days before the end of their sentences under End of Custody Licence measures.


Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime eh, this Government are not fit for purpose. Its quite clear that the only thing they excel at is putting up taxes and lowering our standard of living. Its been said on this site before, the real criminals get a pat on the back while the people who cannot pay their council tax get a months jail!

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