Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Now its descibed as "Poison" to celebrate "white pride" month

The British National Party is targeting schoolchildren (hardly that) as part of a new campaign to promote "white pride".Members of its youth and student group have launched ‘White History Month', which will take place throughout November, with the party hoping to "counterbalance" the internationally-recognised (force fed) Black History Month.

Community Security Trust communications director Mark Gardner said the plans could cause "racist unrest, intimidation and bullying against children from minorities". (Here he is justifying a riot)

Mr Gardner added: "Education authorities and police must monitor this situation very carefully and ensure that everything possible is done to protect schoolchildren from such poison."

COMMENT...What a complete an utter idiot Mark Gardner is, straight out of the Gordon Brown imbecile school of common sense. What this imbecile fails to recognise again and again is that we are only doing what everyone else does, nothing more. Lets face it if certain "ethnic minorities" could look after themselves and could stand on their own feet they wouldn't need to be nursed would they by the likes of Mark Gardner and co.

I do not apologise for the slave trade, neither do I feel embarrassed or ashamed for the slave trade. It was not my fault and it had nothing to do with me or my mother and father. If the black community want to sulk over their black history then that's up to them. If I want to celebrate my white history, heritage, culture while including other white youngsters who show an interest, then that's my business. The Liberal white do gooders can continue nursing the rest while we get on with our life.

Many thanks to ANCIENTBRIT for the link.

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  1. Many millions of of ordinary, decent, hard working British people have been deeply corrupted by an insidious, creeping ideology in the last two decades.
    It is the aim of 'liberal left elite' to destroy British Culture and replace it with a Globalist Utopia.
    As long as people have got bread in their mouths they will continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/Con triumvirate.
    Let me tell them, (the Briish elctorate) the time is comming soon when that bread will be snatched away. Discord and Disaster will follow and its you who are to blame. When the hard times come it will be no use blaming the Government. The Government simply won't be there.
    I urge you to vote for the BNP while you still have time.

  2. The BNP didnt bring these millions here!surly we have a rite in our land to celabrate who and what we are!other wise millions of our people have died in vain!for nothing!WHY THEN ARE OUR CHILDREN FIGHTING ANY WARS!!OPEN THE DOOR LET ALL IN!!