Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Am An Englishman... Powerfull Words.

Watch the above video and then ask yourself, why do some of you still vote for the Labour Party and the Conservatives, hey you may even vote for the Lib Dems.

Every time they get a vote from you, then this is another nail in the coffin for the future of this once great country. We have a General Election coming up, there is still time to make a difference, although time is not a luxury our children have. You can make a difference at the elections by voting "British National Party" in May.

Hat tip to the Green Arrow site. You can visit that site by clicking on the ORANGE headline above.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Labour Party Scum!!


When it comes to calling the Labour Party "scum", I don't need much of an invite to use them particular words of description for them. I hate them, I detest the Muslim appeasing, anti British Labour Party with a passion. I have made it one of my life's ambitions to expose them as exactly what they are and that's a bunch of Communist traitors posing and masquerading as British politicians.

One of our regular contributors has contacted me with a Daily Mail article that was published on March 20th titled "Is there a sinister Labour plot to stop British troops voting in the election?".. I have to be honest I do not buy newspapers any more, however the Mail was my usual choice when I did purchase them. As soon as the Mail started printing nonsense and lies about the BNP regularly, without the BNP having any right of reply on comments sections, I then decided to save my money instead. Hey the online paper is free anyway.

Going back to the Mail article though and the question of Whether or not the Labour Party are trying to stop British troops voting in the election, I have to say it is patently clear that they are going to do anything and everything they can to stop the soldiers from voting at the next General Election. The reason for this is that the majority of the soldiers vote BNP, this Labour Party Government have to put a stop to this by any means they have at their disposal.

Gordon Brown is a traitor to Britain and so are the Labour Party. They send our troops overseas to fight in political wars, illegal wars and they come back in body bags every week. The only recognition the dead serviceman get from the politicians is a name announcement every week at Prime Ministers Question Time. When the day of judgement arrives for the Labour Party and the country needs a hangman for all the Labour Party traitors, my CV is ready for posting. The wages I will require is nil, to hang the Labour Party traitors will be my pleasure!

To read the Daily Mail article click on the ORANGE headline above.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Knowsley to receive Nick Griffin Constituency Newsletter via Royal Mail!

A second wave of North West Euro Constituency newsletters are popping through letterboxes this week with half a million newly updated leaflets being distributed.

Despite the distraction of the General Election, Nick Griffin’s Euro Office staff have been busy sorting and collating the newsletters for the massive mail-drop.

“250,000 leaflets will be put out by volunteers across the region,” reports Nick’s Constituency Campaigns Organiser Clive Jefferson.

“Another 250,000 will be delivered by Royal Mail in Pendle, Carlisle, Knowsley, Rochdale, Wigan, Blackpool, Tameside, Manchester and parts of Cheshire.”

“That’s makes 900,000 that have gone out since Nick was elected in June. Our goal is that by the end of his five year term in office every household in the North West will have received a newsletter from their British National Party MEP,” says Clive.

The first newsletter and questionaire has received a massive response with many of those replying saying it was the first time they had ever received a communication from their MEP.

Click here to download a copy of the leaflet in PDF format.

--- comment ---

This news is great for Merseyside BNP as it will prove vital in recruitment and building up of our presence in the Knowsley area. This is just the start of the main activities in Knowsley and we hope to make great progress here where the people have been abandoned by the Labour Party.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Peter Tierney Liverpool Crown Court Update.. RETRIAL 14th June.


Today was a day filled with drama at the Peter Tierney trial at Liverpool Crown Court. The presiding Judge discharged the Jury in light of new developments and penned in a retrial with a new sitting Judge for June 14th.

Obviously I would like to state what has happened and what these new developments are, but I cannot for fear of prejudicing the coming retrial in June. What I can say is that Liverpool BNP are "very happy indeed" that there is going to be a retrial. Peter Tierney would like to pass his thanks on to all the well wishers who have passed their best wishes to him by posting comments on this site. Many thanks to our friends over on the Green Arrow site also who have supported us every step of the way.

Lets be clear though, this trial from the very outset is politically motivated by this pathetic Labour Party government and it is a pathetic attempt to incriminate an innocent man with a crime HE NEVER COMMITTED!. It is an absolute disgrace.

I am also told that during the morning, serial fantasist and UAF lunatic Alec McFadden who was in an absolute rage over the retrial decision, inside the court, fell over his briefcase and fell flat on his face!!... Upon getting back to his feet he started swearing in all directions under his breath, his face looking redder than a beetroot so I've been told. I would have paid good money to have witnessed that happening!

Peter Tierney has had one day of support at this trial. For the retrial he has requested no further day of support at the Crown Court.The first one cannot be bettered he states and he knows every one's thoughts will be with him, when he hopes to clear his name finally from these false, politically motivated charges.

Many thanks again to Merseyside police over the course of the three day trial for keeping the rabble of the UAF under control. Without their common sense policing approach the UAF Communist lunatics under the orders of their lunatic, deranged Union boss would have kicked off like a pack of wild dogs without a moments hesitation. So Cheers to Merseyside police for that.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fantastic day of support for Peter Tierney at Liverpool Crown Court.

Well I have to say that Wednesday the 17th March will go down in Liverpool history as the day that the rabble and layabouts of the Labour Party sponsored UAF were seen off by passionate "proud to be British" patriots of the Liverpool British National Party at Liverpool Crown Court. We all had a fantastic day albeit I wish we didn't have to be there and indeed we should not have to be at the Crown Court, but we were there out in force today for Peter Tierney.

We asked for a day of support for the politically motivated show trial of Peter Tierney and boy did he get the support. The first day of the show trial is over with Thursday and Friday to come. One thing I can say about the Liverpool BNP team is that they and we are a "unified close group" of activists who "trust one another" fully. Today we saw them come together and we saw off the traitorous UAF and their incoherent ramblings very easily.


There are another two, maybe three days to follow in this trial. The Peter Tierney day of support is now Nationalist history. For the duration of the trial Merseyside BNP asks that only family, close friends and people giving evidence on Peter's behalf turn up for the remaining two days of the trial. Peter Tierney also thanks everyone for turning up and giving him your support also today.

There was a thirty second appearance from another "ahem" nationalist who shall remain nameless (as true nationalists air their dirty laundry in house and not in public) who spends more time complimenting the reds and the UAF these days than criticizing them. In fact this "Nationalist relic" from days gone by really needs to consider which side he's on. Certainly there are whispers that he's already "sold out" and moved over to the other side so to speak!

To finish off Merseyside BNP would like to say a thank you to Merseyside police, who were exceptionally accommodating to Liverpool BNP today. They were outstanding and professional from the moment we arrived to the time we left. Two arrests made of the UAF for offensive language in public (no surprises there) So many thanks again to Merseyside police for acting straight away when these idiots kicked off, as we knew they would.


FIFTY UAF SOAP DODGERS.. They were out in force today!


Monday, 15 March 2010

Echo to print BNP reply to lies about the Fazakerley Incident!

The Echo has agreed to print the following reply in its paper on the 17th of March (Wednesday):

I am responding to the article of February 19 headlined “BNP targets home of city’s ex-Lord Mayor”.
The report stated that a group of BNP supporters had been accused of hurling abuse over a loudspeaker outside the home of Cllr Steve Rotherham on the day of the council by-election in Fazakerley.
The only thing that went out over a loud speaker was a pre-recorded message of “Vote Peter Stafford on 18th February”.
Liverpool BNP were carrying out their democratic right of campaigning when somebody phoned the police and made a complaint. At no time was this a “demo”.
BNP members were questioned by Merseyside Police officers, who decided that no offences had been committed or laws broken.

Steven Greenhalgh
Media liaison officer
Merseyside British National Party

Friday, 12 March 2010

In the words of Nick Griffin - WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

In the words of Nick Griffin - WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Please follow the link below or call this number: 0871 050 0236 to join the Party. If the number is busy please keep trying.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Peter Tierney day of support Wednesday 17th March

Well Merseyside BNP are still unsure that when they turn up on Wednesday 17th March the crown court along with the police will say, "fooled you again the case is actually going ahead next month, so not today mate". The judiciary really have drawn this case along unnecessarily I feel.

It would be nice if we could get as many of our people and supporters there to show our Solidarity to Peter Tierney, just on THE FIRST DAY of the trial. The proceeding two days on the Thursday and Friday will be very low key with just his family and people giving defence evidence on his behalf being present.

Peter Tierney is someone who shows solidarity to any BNP Nationalist who needs help and also to anything BNP. The least we can do is to show and give him our support on this one day in return on Wednesday March 17th.

We know it is a big ask (again) for many of our supporters as they have booked previous days off work on the Monday's only to see these dates fall flat being cancelled. All we can ask is that you do your best to attend on the day for Peter.

The meeting point is Liverpool Crown Court Centre, Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 1XA. Meeting 9.15 am or when you can arrive. Contact Peter Squire, Liverpool BNP on 07941 704 997 or Email BNPMERSEYSIDE@fsmail.net