Sunday, 31 May 2009

Merseyside LibLabConUkip pig election special production

To all the fat thieving LibLabCon and UKIP pigs out there, this one is for you!

Monday, 25 May 2009

BNP European Election Broadcast 2009...Fantastic! Brilliant!

I wasn't going to post until after June 4Th but I had to make an exception with this powerful and thought provoking BNP European Election Broadcast.

Well done the British National Party Camera team.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Dirty Tricks against BNP out in Force, Warns National Organiser

Although the BNP’s determined exposure of the lies and fabrications published in The Sun and the Mirror have effectively destroyed those papers’ credibility, this party will still be subjected to the most vicious and underhanded attacks possible in the run-up to June 4Th, national organiser Eddy Butler has warned.

“As the election campaign hots up, our opponents will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to try and discredit the British National Party,” Mr Butler said. “The latest ploy is to post offensive material on Facebook accounts or blogs that are associated with our members, and then try and use these entries to smear the party by association.

“Our recommendation is that all responsible officers, councillors and candidates, particularly those more in the public eye, should immediately shut down their Facebook accounts and any unmoderated blogs for the remainder of this election campaign. The risk of being set up by the oppositions’ dirty tricks departments are so great that it is not worth the risk of leaving ourselves exposed to these attacks,” he said.


Taking this good advise I will not be making any more posts on any matter until June 5Th. Many apologies to our readers but this is in the best interests of my, our party the British National Party.

To read full article click on ORANGE headline above....See you all again on June 5TH.

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Sun at it again but the BNP are victorious

Over the years we in the British National Party have become accustomed to being lied about, smeared and abused in the media, but the article published today in The Sun newspaper is a new low.

The article alleging the BNP issued a leaflet insulting the Gurkhas and Corporal Pun, a dead Gurkha hero, is a complete fabrication and a lie. The leaflet is not a BNP leaflet; it was never printed, published or distributed by either the BNP or Adam Walker.


Please refer to the main BNP website for the full background story. Click on the ORANGE headline above to get there.

Otherwise all of us on Merseyside already know what this rag of a newspaper is capable of and the lies it spreads. The SUN wll always be SCUM on Merseyside, end of.

Wirral South MP Ben Chapman exposed

Dozens of MPs claimed thousands of pounds in 'phantom mortgages' which were secretly agreed by Commons officials, it has been claimed.Labour MP Ben Chapman said he was given permission to claim £15,000 in expenses for a loan which he had paid off.

The Labour MP, who has refused to hand back the money, said he was told that his case was 'not unique'.


If this wasn't so serious it would be hilarious. Well the list of Merseyside MP's wanting to keep the expenses status quo secret was posted on this site last Saturday 9TH May and guess what Labour MP Ben Chapman was top of the list, but what do you expect from the crooked and exhausted Labour Party. I wonder if any of the other Merseyside MP's are getting nervous.

To coin a phrase from Alex Ferguson, it's squeaky bum time!...Well it is for the other MP's still on our Merseyside "keep expenses secret" list anyway.

To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.

Friday, 15 May 2009

And the biggest pigs snout goes to Shahid Malik

Muslim Labour MP Shahid Malik, who spends most of his time campaigning against the British National Party or predicting a totally Islamified Britain, has been revealed as the biggest swindler of them all, ripping off taxpayers more than any other single member of parliament.

Mr Malik, who incredibly is also “Justice Minister” (we wonder what type of “justice”), has been exposed as claiming thousands of pounds in taxpayer allowances on his second home while renting his main home at a heavily discounted rate.


We could have said this one was coming but hey the Telegraph has done it for us.

To read full article taken from the main BNP website click on the ORANGE headline above.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

BNP going mainstream

Forget about LibLabCon spin and lies. Please watch this video to see real people at work for the only British political party that can make a difference to our lives. You know it makes sense, please vote BNP on June 4TH.

BNP Rapid Expansion Campaign from BNPtv on Vimeo.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Merseyside MPs who rejected expenses reform!

Ben Chapman (Wirral South)
Angela Eagle (Wallasey)
Maria Eagle (Liverpool Garston)
Stephen Hesford (Wirral West)
George Howarth (Knowsley North & Sefton East)
Peter Kilfoyle (Liverpool Walton)
Andrew Miller (Ellesmere Port & Neston)
Eddie O'Hara (Knowsley South)
Dave Watts (St Helens North)
Shaun Woodward (St Helens South)
Robert Wareing (Liverpool West Derby)

With the leaking of the expenses these MP's will now come under extreme scrutiny of Merseyside BNP. All information obtained will be used in our planning for the General Election and the fastest of the pigs will be exposed the most.

If you have any information relating to the expenses of MP's or any other scandals please get in contact with us and we will do our best to expose them.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Crooks, thieves and liars..Welcome to the Labour Party

Well the heat is certainly being turned up on this crooked excuse for a political party. Without doubt the Labour Party must be the most corrupt, dishonest, deceiving and deceitful in recent living memory, the party that was supposed to represent the common working man, what a load of *ollocks. I detest them all and everything that they stand for, that includes the Conservatives and the Lib Dems as well.

To be honest living in Britain at the moment is depressing and becoming a nightmare. Every day that passes I get more confused as to where this country going. The modern day LibLabCon collectively are just confidence tricksters with absolutely nothing to choose between the three parties. As I am writing this I'm listening to the one thirty ITV news and someone has even claimed for horse manure!!... What on earth do these scumbags in Westminster spend they're own wages on??!!

Patience is fast running out amongst all the people that I speak to. There is only one Party that can make a difference and that is the British National Party. We have long memories in this party and I feel and I would like all these Westminster thieves to be prosecuted, regardless of the political party and to be made to pay their ill gotten gains back to the tax payer with interest. Thieving off the British tax payers simply because its "within the parliamentary rules" should be stopped right now!

To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

BNP Party chairman at Chester and Liverpool BNP of course.

He's been banned from Liverpool city centre by Merseyside police through their last act of police state control, no not Nick Griffin but Peter Quiggins. However Peter is free to go any where in Chester and indeed there he was in Chester in the front line yesterday. All of us at Liverpool BNP are very lucky to have such a dedicated Nationalist as Peter Quiggins on our side. He certainly is a thorn in the side of the Labour Party and the thugs that the Labour party sponsor and pay to do us harm.

Just another bit of news, all of us within Merseyside BNP are now leafleting at full steam with our main goal and objective of winning one or more seats in the European elections on June 4Th in the North West. Potentially we are going to be putting out between forty and fifty thousand leaflets of various descriptions this month through letter box's in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley council areas.

Is that the time....Time for my sleep I think then up in the morning and putting more leaflets through doors.