Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bigot Gordon Brown, hates women OAP'S


Well don't say we haven't stated about Gordon Brown on this site, but the man and the disgusting anti British Labour Party just about said it all today. Lets face it Gordon Brown cannot handle a straight question. The traitorous Labour Party cannot handle a straight question. What's the question you ask, well if you didn't know, it's "immigration".


A Sixty six year old Rochdale woman Gillian Duffy asked a few straight questions to Gordon Brown today about the country and gets called a bigot in return. The Labour Party are scum of the earth, they are con artists that abuse the electorate behind their backs. Its a pity the satirical programme "spitting image" has finished, they would have had field day with Brown, he is a disaster for the Labour Party.

Up and down the country, there will be BNP Parliamentary candidates in difficult seats who will be a lot more confident about getting their deposits back after seeing the TV footage of the walking disaster Gordon Brown. Immigration is a big issue, it needs to be discussed and you should ignore the issue at your peril, as Gordon traitor Brown is now finding out!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fascist and Racist UAF kicked out of Anfield by residents



News is coming in to me that the fascist UAF were chased out of Anfield today by outraged residents. Apparently residents were seething about the leaflets these cowards were putting through letterboxes there. It is well known that the UAF scum are serial offenders when it comes to interfering in the democratic process. They are Marxist, communist cowards who hate the British flag and who also hide and lurk in the shadows. They also organise and snuggle up with Muslim extremists, organising protests against our homecoming soldiers. None of them have got the bottle to stand in elections themselves.

It is great that they are confronted and exposed as the cowards wherever they go, as what's happened to them in Anfield today. Liverpool BNP will always expose, confront and photograph them wherever they go. As such up to and through the election period Liverpool Nationalist activists, in all areas will have their cameras and recording equipment to hand and will follow and record them if we get word they are out and about in Liverpool areas.

Quite often Labour Party election candidates also help the UAF as they are paymasters of the UAF. It is illegal during the election period for Labour candidates to deliver this bile as it will have to be offset against their expenses. You have been warned so as we know the crooks of the Labour Party break electoral law as a second nature, don't say Liverpool BNP have not warned you. You will all be recorded and the video, photographic evidence will be given to the police and we will publish all evidence on the Internet.

Friday, 23 April 2010

BNP breaks all records with 339 General Election candidates

The British National Party will be contesting a record 339 constituencies at the General Election on Thursday May 6th.

That’s nearly three times the number of candidates that the Party fielded at the last General Election in 2005.

British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin, on his way to the BNP’s Manifesto Launch in Stoke-on-Trent this morning, said that the 339 candidates showed just how far the Party had come in the last five years.


Whatever the enemy throw at us, we come back stronger. Merseyside BNP will be standing a record amount of candidates in the locals and the General elections. The Royal Mail alone will be delivering in excess of two hundred thousand BNP leaflets through post box's on their mail drops alone.

Our message is getting through and people are starting to see the truth. Roll on May 6th.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Kirkdale Ward St George's day flag watch


This has to be the most remarkable turnaround by Liverpool City Council in contrast to last year. On Stanley road in Kirkdale there is an absolutely fantastic display of St Georges day flags everywhere on every lamp post right through to Bootle.

Again Merseyside BNP are wondering if this was down to a "mysterious patriot" erecting the flags last year, which were quickly torn down by Liverpool council, who insulted every English citizen in the process.

After talking to residents this morning, some were commenting that it was in fact down to Mersyside BNP and their continuous campaigning for residents in Kirkdale that this had been done.

Vote BNP in your area and the Council will bend over backwards to get things sorted for you. The St Georges day flags in County Ward and Kirkdale ward is an example of the pressure we can put on the council in your neighbourhood!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

County Ward flag watch.. 24 hours later, one extra flag!!




Was it something Merseyside BNP said yesterday perhaps?.. We may never know, but two flags are better than one and even better than none at all.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Liverpool City Council St Georges day skinflints!!

This has to be a first this year by Liverpool City Council and how they must have hated every penny spent on this issue. We all should know that its St Georges day this Friday April 23rd. In years gone by you would have hardly have noticed, however thanks to Merseyside British National Party pushing the agenda in local Liverpool communities we may be starting to see ( and quite rightly about time) the recognition of this day of celebration for England and English people by Liverpool City Council.

I know myself that you can buy the St George's cross flag on ebay for ten pence a go if you buy in bulk, so I'm quite rightly peeved that Liverpool council find they can only have them sporadically placed along County road Walton, at every three or four lamp posts and I am being generous on that. Its a disgrace that they cannot do every lamp post, that's what Merseyside BNP say's.


Lets examine why here in County ward as well. Its well known amongst the County Ward residents that there is a bitter campaign going on between the Lib Dems and the Labour Nazi Party. The idiot Labour Party "local election" candidate, if he could, would claim the credit for Christmas if he could get away with it. As regards their "fantasist" Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, well don't get me started on him.

What is clear is that that both the Lib Dems and the Labour Party will try to claim credit in this hotly contested local election seat for the erection of these St George's cross flags, but its because of Liverpool BNP working within the community that this is down to and both Labour and the Lib Dems know it.


Look at the true face of Liverpool city council last year on St Georges day.Liverpool Council caused outrage amongst Kirkdale residents after the council quickly tore down The St George's cross flags, that had mysteriously been erected along Stanley road and Walton road in Liverpool by British patriots, who deserved medals whoever they were.


Its time for all Liverpool residents to make a stand. You are the bosses in your different wards not the idiot councillors in Liverpool City Council. This is the time of the year they will be bending over backwards "to appear" to be working for their residents. Now is the time to say, we are proud to be English we want our flags in our area as well!

All year we spend looking after and tending to ethnic minoritiy projects in the city, now its time to celebrate our day on St Georges day this Friday. If other people get upset about it,,, well that's tough luck to them!

Liberals and Lib Dems pact to stop the BNP!

In what is described as a “thoughtful move” to ensure the BNP does not get a foothold on Liverpool City Council, the (just about) ruling Lib Dems have reached a pact with the minority Liberals.
The result is in a number of wards the two parties will not oppose each other in the local elections, taking place on May 6 – same day as the General Election.

Political cynics may ponder it is more to do with a deal being struck to enhance the chances of the Lib Dems, headed by Warren Bradley, staying in the driving seat at the Town Hall.

The Liberals, headed by Liberal Leader and Parliamentary candidate Steve Radford, are not fielding any candidates in Allerton, County, and Woolton.
In turn the Lib Dems are not standing in Everton, Tuebrook and Kirkdale.

In the last municipal elections in 2008 both parties fielded runners in all six of those wards.

As in 2008, the Lib Dems are not facing Liberal opposition in Belle Vale and St Michael's, while the Liberals are clear of Lib Dem opposition in Norris Green and Clubmoor.

The BNP is standing in eight council wards – Anfield, Clubmoor, County, Everton, Fazakerley, Kirkdale, Norris Green and Old Swan. Interestingly the “deal” between the Lib Dems and the Liberals does not extend to Anfield, Fazakerley and Old Swan: there all three are fielding candidates.

--- Comment ---

The Lib Dems have realised that its the BNP that are the real threat to them and they need all the votes they can get to stop us from getting them kicked out of the seat of control of Liverpool City Council.

We are going to see great growth in Liverpool BNP this year building up ready for the elections in the years following these and there will be nothing the Liberals or Lib Dems can do to stop us having a breakthrough!

Friday, 16 April 2010

What Walton constituents think of Brown and Labour.

Whilst the full might of Liverpool BNP's activists are delivering thousands of leaflets throughout Merseyside aiding our local and Parliamentary electoral campaigns, a supporter of ours has sent us this photo of the fraudulent "unelected" Prime Minister Gordon Brown, while leafleting this morning. Consulting my A-Z I believe the street is in the Walton area.

We know that the Labour Party is the Nazi Party but its nice to see Walton voters agree with us. After last nights pathetic performance by Brown on Granada's leaders debate, the public may have seen him for what he is and that's a fraud.

There is only one party that will stand up for and represent the British people and that's the British National Party.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Monday, 5 April 2010

BNP Man’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Paid for by Merseyside Police

A British National Party activist in Liverpool who was illegally arrested by Labour’s Gestapo Merseyside police in the “Liverpool 13” incident has had his Golden Wedding anniversary partly covered by a four figure payout.

Alan Brindle, who was one of those arrested by the overzealous Merseyside Police while distributing a perfectly legal “Racism Cuts Both Ways” leaflet in Liverpool city centre, used the payout to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary in a tropical island setting.

“I just wanted to thank the Merseyside police for their contribution to my celebration,” Mr Brindle said.

The Liverpool 13 had been arrested under Section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986, which is the “offence of publishing or distributing racially inflammatory written material.”

The men were incarcerated for 14 hours, had their DNA taken and their homes unlawfully searched by Merseyside Police. Some of those detainees had personal items removed from their homes as ‘evidence’.

A week later, just prior to a larger distribution and demonstration event, attended by the party leadership, the Liverpool 13 were advised in hand-delivered letters that no further action would be taken against them.

Not content with that, Pete Molloy, one of the Liverpool 13, started legal action against Merseyside Police for unlawful imprisonment and trespassing.

His legal representatives informed him that he had a case, and more of the activists, including Mr Brindle, started proceedings for compensation.

Merseyside Police admitted liability and all those who sought damages were awarded compensation in the form of a four figure sum.