Thursday, 31 July 2008

Taking the p*ss!!!!

Families were last night reeling from a devastating 35 per cent rise in gas bills – the biggest ever.

It is the second time that British Gas has raised prices in less than seven months.

Critics condemned the move for coming at a time when millions of households are already struggling to cope with spiralling fuel bills.


I do not know how much more I can take. I am being seriously and brutally honest here. How many increases have there been now?, two maybe three increases of twenty five percent or more. This amounts to increases of more than one hundred percent in our gas and electricity bills in the last two years!!

Privatisation of the utilities in my opinion is the worst thing that has happened to this country. Its all about profits at the expense of misery to millions of householders throughout Britain. This clown of a Prime Minister "gormless Gordon Brown" economic genius of Britain has said that Labour has given us ten years of growth. Where for *uck sake is the growth?!!.Oh silly me, its ten years of growth in the immigrant, Muslim, terrorist, asylum seeker population invading this country...However my financial situation without a doubt is shrinking under this traitorous filth government, but hey we get what we vote for don't we.

Do any of you out there think that the people in charge will struggle?..Yeh right! I don't know why I even asked, they (in charge) probably own the gas and electric companies or have thousands of shares in them. This country is not too far from breaking or falling apart, that's for certain as it seems now that going to work means working to pay out more and more money to these white collar robbers.

As for me I'm just on my way out to do another twelve hour shift, the way its going I may have to start working eighteen hour days to cover these costs. I cannot wait for the next general election.

To read article click on link. Enjoy what you read. Hail the Labour Party !

Monday, 28 July 2008

Liverpool Council attempt to bully and intimidate BNP member!

THE former owner of Liverpool’s Quiggins centre has been warned by the city’s Culture Company about using the 08 logo to promote the British National Party.

Hill Dickinson, the Culture Company’s solicitors, have written to BNP party member Peter Tierney threatening legal action over his use of a version of the Liverpool 08 logo on an advertising hoarding he tows behind a vehicle.

The threat comes in the same month they contacted former Culture Company chief executive Jason Harborow for using the logo on the website of a consultancy firm he set up after leaving the company.

But Mr Tierney, who trades as Peter Quiggins from his antique dealership on Aigburth Road, claims the threats are unnecessary and heavy-handed.


Yet again we see that excersing free speech is only for the people in charge or indirectly connected to the people in power. Lets face it, the Daily post and the Liverpool Echo collectively are rag bag papers with second rate columnists and writers who dream of bigger things. It is clear that democracy and freedom of speech is not supported by these comics. It is fantastic that the likes of Peter Tierney is standing up for what he believes in despite the bully boy tactics of a few and behind the scene trouble makers of Liverpool Council. We are under no doubt that if Peter Tierney was not a member and supporter of the BNP that no or any legal action would be taken against him, or 'threats' of legal action. God help anyone in Liverool for having an opinion, shame on Liverpool Council and shame on Liverpool Echo and Daily Post for not standing up for the 'little man' on the street. But what else would you expect from these hypocrites.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

BBCollective Radio 3

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Mersey MP calls for challenge to Gordon Brown

A SENIOR Mersey MP broke ranks last night to urge fellow Labour MPs to consider ditching Gordon Brown in the wake of the Glasgow by-election disaster.George Howarth, the Knowsley North and Sefton East MP, said the shock result – the loss of Labour’s 25th safest seat on a 22.5% swing – showed the party was in a “gravely difficult position”.
The former home office minister rejected the view that Labour’s unpopularity was the result of rising food, fuel and mortgage prices, rather than the prime minister himself.


Well the dust has not even settled on the Glasgow East Labour election disaster and already the Labour Westminster thieves are distancing themselves from the political disaster that is Gordon Brown. You have got to give it to these, ahem "honourable people", the only time they actually look concerned about anything is when their gravy train, freeloading MP lifestyles are at threat. You know when things are really serious when Peter Kilfoyle (MP,Labour Walton) comes out with his usual comments that carry as much weight as Gordon Brown saying something that he actually believes is going to be beneficial to the British people. Anyway if Kilfoyle gets voted out at the next General election it would save the tax payers a fortune in pies and sausage roll money, kilfoyle may actually lose a bit of weight even and that goes for the rest of the overweight Labour freeloaders at Westminster. Good riddance to the lot of them!

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Come in Gordon Brown, Your time is up.

I have to say that I am absolutely delighted at the the mire the Labour Party are in at this moment. I have never seen a parliamentary Bi-Election result as sensational as this one last night with the Scottish Electorate kicking Gordon good and proper where it hurts and that's at the ballot box. I don't think there has been a Prime Minister and Party that has been hated as much as this one is currently. They are both collectively hand in hand a bunch of frauds. Today we have had the usual ragbag of tired and worn out Labour spokespeople dishing out the usual drivel of "we have to get our house in order, we are feeling the countries pain with food, fuel and oil prices, etc, etc, etc"..But what gets done to resolve all these problems?, absolutely nothing!!

There is no doubt that the Conservatives with Cameron are going to get in at the next General Election. The biggest vote winner for the Conservatives is the fact that Gordon Brown is leading the Labour Party. Lets not be fooled though that the Conservatives have got the "Midas touch" with the problems that the country is now experiencing, the problems are too deep rooted for them to be fixed quick term. Because of this "politically correct" state that the country is in there is nothing that the Conservatives could do anyway and it will be more of the same as the disaster that the Labour Party has been.

The country is at at a crossroads where the electorate need to reevaluate how they vote. Just because its always been the LibLabCon it doesn't mean it always has to be that way. Last night with the SNP getting in in Glasgow East was the perfect example of the electorate making this point.

The long term outlook for this country is bleak and dark, even under a Conservative rule it will be as bad. Labours politically correct, multicultural experiment has fallen flat on its face and I for one will not be mourning for the demise of Labour, Gordon Brown and co.

The British National Party (BNP) has the policies and the leadership to turn this mess around. Roll on the next General Election, thats what I say.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Please take part in our poll on the Superlambbananas, it can be found on the side of the blog. What are your thoughts on these things that have appeared all around Liverpool?
Are they a waste of money or have they helped to add to Liverpool culture?
Please post your comments here and also send in any pics you may have of these things.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Liverpool BNP and freedom of speech debate in the Liverpool Echo.

On numerous occasions the Liverpool Echo has printed letters from Liverpool BNP members, which in turn has resulted in some debate. Credit must be given where it is due and we would like to thank the Liverpool Echo for standing by its latest claim that it stands up for freedom of speech, which was in its Thursday, July 17th, 2008 edition. Even though in the said article the Echo has stipulated that it is reviewing their policies regarding the British National Party. We hope the Liverpool Echo will continue to respect the fact that we are a legal political party that believes in democracy and an important part of democracy is being able to voice different opinions, so that the electorate can make an informed choice. It is the responsibility of the electorate to decide on the views of a political party not an individual or organisation.

One of our candidates for the Belle Vale ward, Pete Molloy, had a letter printed in the Liverpool Echo on 9th July, 2008. The letter had been edited and we can only assume this must be due to lack of space available on the Echo’s letter page. Here are the two versions along with the Liverpool Echo article.

Original Letter:-

This New Labour government has proven once again with Harriet Harman’s Equality Bill that they have turned their backs on white working class British males, which was once the party’s core support base. If evidence was ever needed for this, then all you need to hear is the praise by this New Labour government for imported cheap migrant labour.

New Labour would say it is “positive” discrimination to aid women and ethnic minorities to help find employment as well as better their career aspirations. However, this so called “Equality” Bill is in fact racial and gender discrimination against white British males no matter how much spin Ms Harman would like to put on it. Even when Ms Harman was approached and informed that this Bill could discriminate against white males, she is quoted has saying “You don’t get progress if there isn’t a bit of a push forward”. Is it any wander that many white working class males have withdrawn their traditional support from a party that they thought they had a voice with to seek alternative representation.

Increasingly over the many years, I have felt that if you belong to the group of people that I belong to, which is a straight, single, working class, white British male, that you are becoming more disenfranchised by this New Labour Government. New Labour has made this group of people the lowest of the low in their own homeland. It was because of having a lack of a voice in the political correct feminist driven Labour Party, which was one of the reasons why I left the party in 2006 and joined the British National Party (BNP).

We in the BNP believe that irrespective of a person’s gender or racial origin, if they are born in Britain then they are automatically at the front of the employment queue and that person should be employed solely on merit and not their gender or race. The government as no right to dictate to the private sector whom they can and can’t employ.

One must ask where all this New Labour’s social engineering policies will end. Will they dictate to pub landlords that a certain percentage of their patrons will have to be women and from ethnic minorities before they can trade? Will they try and dictate to people what the demographic make up of their social group will be before they leave their homes to socialise? They have already dictated to the British public that we are to be part of a Soviet style European super state by ratifying the Lisbon Treaty with out a mandate from the British public. Therefore, any thing is possible with this anti-British New Labour government.

Liverpool Echo version:-

So-called equality

THIS New Labour government has proven once again with Harriet Harman’s Equality Bill that they have turned their backs on white working class British males, who were once the party’s core support base.

New Labour would say it is “positive” discrimination to aid women and ethnic minorities to help find employment as well as better their career aspirations. However, this so called Equality Bill is in fact racial and gender discrimination against white British males no matter how much spin Ms Harman would like to put on it.

Even when Ms Harman was approached and informed that this Bill could discriminate against white males, she is quoted has saying: “You don’t get progress if there isn’t a bit of a push forward.” Is it any wonder that many white working class males have withdrawn their traditional support from a party that they thought they had a voice with which to seek alternative representation.

We in the BNP believe that irrespective of a person’s gender or racial origin, if they are born in Britain then they are automatically at the front of the employment queue and that person should be employed solely on merit and not their gender or race. The government has no right to dictate to the private sector whom they can and can’t employ.

P. Molloy, Childwall

Liverpool Echo Article 17th July 2008

The ECHO will stand up for freedom of speech

FREEDOM of speech is the cornerstone of a democratic society but when does one person’s right to express their views infringe another person’s liberty?

Opinion expressed on our letters pages last week caused consternation for some readers.

A LETTER from P. Molloy of the British National Party (ECHO, July 9) prompted anger in some quarters.

Reader Tom Jenkins from Walton wrote: “I find it abhorrent that my local newspaper would print material from a fascist organisation. The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin denies the Holocaust ever happened. He was convicted of race hatred in 1998 for publicly stating these views.

“Molloy states that jobseekers should not be discriminated against due to their racial origin but then states that those born in Britain should be at the front of the job queue.

“Such glaring contradictions are commonplace among the BNP as they try to present themselves as reasonable members of society.

“There is no place for the vile hatred of the BNP in our city.”

Readers may recall the court case in November 2006 when Nick Griffin (pictured), leader of the BNP, was cleared of stirring up racial hatred.

In his summing up Judge Jones said: “This case is not about whether the political beliefs of the BNP are right or wrong. We live in a democratic society which jealously protects the rights of its citizens to freedom of expression, to free speech.

“That does not mean it is limited to speaking only the acceptable, popular or politically correct things. It extends to the unpopular, to those which many people may find unacceptable, unpalatable and sensitive."

The ECHO believes in freedom of speech but not in inflammatory statements.

We are currently reviewing our policies with regard to the BNP and other similar organisations.

Liverpool BNP would like to add that our Chairman, Nick Griffin, has never been convicted of denying the holocaust, not least because it is not an offence under British law.

He was, in the last century, very critical of the way in which the real suffering and mass murder of the Jews of occupied Europe has been exploited by mainly aethiestic gentile leftists as a moral club to stifle criticism of mass immigration.

He long ago expressed regret that the language used upset some individual Jews, as, in the post-9/11 world, the free peoples of the West and the Jews need to bury past quarrels and stand together against the threat of Islamic imperialism.

Ian Hernon, Liverpool Echo "Blinkered" Imbecile

Like most of the columnists at the Liverpool Echo its interesting to read the articles written by them that are obviously "left wing byas" seen through rose tinted Labour spectacles. I refer to today's Echo article by plant pot Ian Hernon. I too lived and saw what happened through every minute of the Thatcher era, but I have also lived through every minute of the the Blair era also. I describe one as being a true British patriot, the other a self serving, lying white collar murdering swine who has done more to sell the rights of British people than Thatcher ever did. Everyone in the country knew WMD was an outrageous lie, apart from Labour Ministers and the columnists in the Liverpool Echo no doubt. How many British lives have been lost in Iraq because of this lie?.What about the 750,000 innocent Iraqi men women and children who were murdered by Blair along with Bush, a point that the Liverpool Echo and their columnists have overlooked.

The Toxteth riots unless my memory serves me correctly was down to and caused by the Merseyside police for their stop and search racist policy which was being directed at the Black ethnic minorities in Toxteth.

Hernon's Thatcher reference with Herman Goering and heavy industries is a laugh. Blair and Browns Labour Britain is now Britain for the migrant and immigrant worker. A British skilled man has got no chance of finding a decently paid job because he is positively discriminated against in favour of less qualified people who have the right looking complexion all with a nod and a wink from this traitorous Labour Government.

I have never voted for either the Conservatives or Labour, but at least Thatcher I can describe as being British, something the traitors Brown and Blair will never be.

To read Hernon's article click on headline.

Friday, 18 July 2008

BNP to be in Daily Post?

The BNP may be in the Daily Post tomorrow, they may be running a story on the council being upset about a Trailer going around with the BNP logo and a logo which looks similar to the capital of culture logo with SOLD through it. More tomorrow when we know more and if the story has been published.

Here is a pic:

Monday, 14 July 2008

Knife offenders to meet stab victims.." Another Labour crackpot idea"!!

MERSEYSIDE and Lancashire are two of eight "hotspot" areas across the country where youths caught with knives will be confronted with stabbing victims in a bid to deter the carrying of weapons.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced a number of shock tactics that will be used in a bid to curb knife crime.

Tactics include visits to A&E wards where people are being treated for knife wounds, meetings with the families of stabbing victims, and prison visits to offenders jailed for knife offences.


Tell me if I am wrong here please. If you have just been viciously wounded, stabbed and are lucky to be alive, surely the last thing you would want to see when coming around in hospital is someone who has attempted to murder someone else through a knife crime. Gordon Brown is quick to "deceive" everyone that crime has fallen one third since 1997 but in the other breath he states that prison places for sentenced offenders has increased to 93,000 from 60,000 from the Conservatives in 1997, hardly a decrease in my opinion. Everyone knows that crime has rocketed and the "real crime figures" are doctored.

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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Coming Soon: Nationalist Radio! (In test phase)!

BBCollective radio is a nationalist radio station broadcasting live from Merseyside in association with the Liverpool British national Party.While our systems being tested, these broadcasts will be short and without regularity.

How do i tune into BBCollective radio ?

Its simple, just copy this address into your internet browser and launch your ITunes program and paste the address in Open Stream. This is located in the menu titled advanced. Enjoy........ and please tell us what you think ?

Saturday, 12 July 2008

PM Vows Knife Crime Crackdown ....."YEH RIGHT" !!!

The Prime Minister's has called the recent spate of stabbings in the last few days "shocking and tragic".

Gordon Brown has said the Government will announce new measures to the problems on Monday."The dreadful loss of life in just 24 hours graphically illustrates the need for everyone to pull together to put an end to this unacceptable violence," he said.

He spoke out after four people were killed in separate knife attacks in London in 24 hours - a fifth man remains fighting for his life.


If there is one thing that Gordon Brown will be remembered for, then it will be for doing nothing. While the country is falling apart he skips off to Japan of which his main focus of attention is, wait for it, Zimbabwe!!. Even that was a waste of time as Russia and the Chinese voted against any sanctions to be taken on that country. Gordon Brown could not even control a class full of infant children if asked to do so such is the cluelesness of this imbecile Labour Prime Minister. Back to all the knife murdering and butchering in London (four knife murders yesterday). This Monday's "soundbite" announcement will achieve nothing as does everything that Gordon Brown does. In fact the mere fact that he has spoken will only increase the knife problem such is the authority of the man. The BNP are the only party that will tackle this knife problem head on, because we know that it is an "immigrant problem", here is where we need to start. Take that bit of good advice Gordon and you and your crackpot Labour party may do something positive for the country before there is no one left to murder!

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Immigration arrests in Liverpool city centre

TWO men were arrested on Merseyside yesterday for sep-arate immigration offences.

In one, officers arrested an Indian man at a market stall in Liverpool city centre on suspicion of overstaying his visa and working illegally.Following the arrest at the Crazy Sports stall, in St John’s Market, the man was placed in custody, pending his removal,

Officers from the UK Border Agency visited an address in Emerson Street, Toxteth, and arrested a Ghanaian man on suspicion of being an illegal entrant. He is also in custody, pending his removal.The two operations were carried out on the basis of intelligence gathered by the Agency’s Liverpool-based enforcement team.


A bit of good news. How long will it take them to be fast tracked to receive a British passport, that's what I would like to know.

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Gordon Brown, starve and save scheme!

The Prime Minister said "unnecessary" food purchases were contributing to the price rises that have left many people struggling to pay bills.

He suggested families take more care storing fruit and vegetables so they last longer, reducing waste.

He also said everyone should plan their meals better so less food ends up in the rubbish bin.


Is there no end to the absolute cheek of this waste of space Prime Minister and his patronising comments. Everything that comes out of his mouth seems to wind people up. Not long ago he was telling everyone to carry on spending, now its spend less and eat up all your waste food to keep food prices down.. Hello, does anyone remember the name John Prescott and his four thousand pound food bill for one year, which tax payers footed the bill for. Most of the politicians are not exactly the slimmest of people either are they enjoying the free gravy train life paid by us whilst in Westminster. This Government already likes to tell us what to think now its starting to tell us what to eat. Well if this is to be the case Gormless Gordon, can you start practising what you preach.

Further to Gordon Brown blaming "unnecessary food purchases were contributing to the price rises that have left many people struggling to pay bills". It has been his and the Labour Party's catastrophic economic policies that have left this country on its knees...I thought you should just know that Gordon.

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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Judge’s outburst at China drugs farmer

A LIVERPOOL crown court judge launched an astonishing attack on UK immigration policy as he jailed a Chinese cannabis farmer.Judge Ian Trigger said “substantial” numbers of immigrants were abusing the “easygoing and lax regime” operated in the UK.

And he said “hordes” of illegal newcomers were being brought to the UK by criminal gangs.Feng Chen was caught going to tend 1,000 cannabis plants in three rooms of a house in Waterloo. He was jailed for three years.

Judge Trigger told the father-of-one: “Your case illustrates how professional organisations are bringing in hordes of illegal immigrants to these overcrowded shores.

“It also illustrates how substantial numbers of immigrants like you grossly abuse the easygoing and lax regime that exists in our society for the protection of indigenous people.

“No doubt one of the attractions of this country to people like you is the ease with which one can live without performing any meaningful work or by resorting to generous state handouts.”


Well the previous three posts have been about second rate British clowns so this is a refreshing change to post something which most of the British people believe know and think about. Immigrants flood into this country to take advantage of the very lax benefit rules which are designed and geared to them on a points system. How refreshing for a judge to come out with a bit of sense and slate this dope farmer but direct his venom at the bigger immigrant picture. I think we need to stick this judge in ten Downing street. He would be a lot more useful than the cardboard cutout Prime minister that currently occupies that address.

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Peter OINK OINK Kilfoyle (Liverpool Walton),

Well it appears our overweight telly tubby John Prescott lookalike Peter Kilfoyle, Labour Liverpool Walton MP (body double only) voted with the pigs to keep their noses firmly in the trough. Most Liverpool people can only dream of the lifestyles these self serving, white collar thieves who call themselves MP's enjoy.

I wonder if this doughnut eating, trifle scoffing honourable ?? member of Parliament will bragging to the penniless people who elected him at the last General Election that he's laughing at all of us at the tax payers expense. Will he announce it in the Anfield Walton Star why he thinks the thieves in Westminster deserve the perks while the country is on its knees. Lets watch this space.

To read the names on the list of shame click on the headline above.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips Another Gormless Git.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, ruled out the possibility of sharia courts sitting in this country or deciding penalties.But during a speech at a Muslim centre he said there was no reason why sharia principles could not be used in "mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution".

Sharia, the principles governing the way that many Muslims believe they should live, suffered from "widespread misunderstanding" by the rest of the world, he added.The Lord Chief Justice told his audience at the East London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel that severe physical punishments such as flogging, stoning and cutting off hands would not be acceptable.


I don't care how Muslims believe they should live, this is Great Britain. If they want Shariah Law they can all sod off back to the land of the sand dunes!

The threats of violence and terrorism from the Muslims (a minority of) will merely get the back up of the good British people that already have had enough of their demands. Put up and shut up, ungrateful ****+ers.

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Gordon Brown, British Economy Genius...NOT!!!

UK consumer spending power has fallen "dramatically" due to a large rise in the cost of living, research by Ernst & Young suggests. The average household is 15% worse off than it was five years ago, the Annual Discretionary Income Study says.

After household bills and tax, it found the typical family had less than 20% of its gross income remaining - compared with 28% in 2003. It added that rate rises and fuel bills meant "the worst could be yet to come".


What a prat gormless Gordon Brown is. He was a lucky chancellor and is a useless Prime minister, the worst in British history without a doubt. All this idiot talks about is "long term decisions, short term decisions, lets see what happens in the next few months with the economy, house prices will start to rise shortly".

This Labour Party under his leadership has led the British people up the garden path through spin, lies and deceit. If ten people were knifed to death he would tell his advisers to announce it was five. Your time is coming Gordon and the sooner you and skint Party are booted out of power the better the country will be. I cannot wait.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shooting victim hobbles into pub!

A MAN sought refuge in a Liverpool pub after he was shot in a late-night attack.

The 23-year-old victim was with friends in Wavertree Road, Edge Hill, at around 11.20pm yesterday when a lone gunman approached.

In what is believed to be a retaliation or warning shooting, the startled victim was shot at several times as he tried to get away.

But when the gunman caught up he blasted his victim once in the foot from close range.

--- Comment ---

Can a day not go past without reports of shooting or stabbings? It is getting very pathetic now and shows no signs of improvement, the politicians are afraid to deal with the issues properly. How many people need to die before people wake up to what is going on and see that the idiots and buffoons they are electing are no good for nothing fools?
Are people going to wait till someone in their family is hurt or killed before they stand up and vote for the BNP who will deal with these issues and get them sorted. We are not afraid of being tough on these issues, we will take what ever measures are needed even if that means putting these 'gangsters' to the rope.
But we will also deal with where the problem starts, the youth we will teach the youth discipline and respect. There is no respect for authority now as they have more rights than the adults and the police so they grow up thinking they can get away with anything.
Don't wait till its too late, STAND UP NOW AND BE COUNTED - JOIN THE BNP!

Pondlife! (A Song to Lilly 'Drug dealer' Allen).

A song put together by GWR in responce to Lilly Allen's filthy song spouting hatred against the BNP.

Lilly Allen has admitted to drug dealing, shame we dont have a BNP government as we would have the silly creep at the end of a rope.