Thursday, 31 December 2009

We Are The English, Irish, Scottish, And Welsh... (Vote BNP ✔ 2010)

A hat tip to the Green Arrow and Friends blog for the above link. Click on the ORANGE headline above to visit that blog.

Everyone have a superb new years eve night and I will see you all next year. Take care everyone, Peter.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The reason I dont buy a TV licence, and never will

I stopped buying my Daily Mail newspaper a few years ago, that saved me three quid a week. But the biggest con and legalised theft to the country, apart from the crooked MP'S, must go to the scum BBC and their TV licence.

I wont go into too much detail here but since leaving school many many years ago I have only paid for that TV licence twice. I did this to keep the peace with my then terrified partner who was petrified of a bailiff climbing through an open window in the house during summer when I was at work.

All we have heard about on the news all day is about some crooked "convicted" filthy drug dealing Muslim being executed in China. The fact he was a crap singer is irrelevant. All the liberal left ethnic minority appeasers in this country can shout all they want, this Muslim got what he deserved.

The fact that the BBC find a "plastic British drug dealer" a more newsworthy story that deserves more airtime than three of our "true British" soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan is utterly appalling and merely enforces my decision never to give the BBC a penny of my money.

I will go to Jail first before I give the BBC a penny.

Monday, 28 December 2009

What's happening in Wales... Its a bloody shame!

A hat tip to the superb Green Arrow and Friends site for bringing this video to our attention. The job Wales BNP are doing is an excellent one. But the decline into rapid Islamification of that rugby proud country is nothing short of shameful and alarming.

The extent of the obvious veiled threat at the start by a Muslim and that idiot policewoman over extending her authority by ordering the cameraman to stop filming at the end, is despicable as to where this once proud country is going and where its slipping into in the near future is anyone's guess.

To visit the Wales BNP YouTube site click on the ORANGE headline above. Press the subscribe button on that site to get all the latest updates.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Liverpool BNP City street activism, despite UAF threats.

Liverpool BNP were out in the city Saturday to distribute our literature to the Christmas shopping public.Despite a concerted effort of intimidation from the Communist Labour Party sponsored thugs our BNP activists stood their ground. The usual rabble of UAF drug addicts and layabouts were there to throw their incoherent insults and threats but we will not be intimidated by these Labour Party Communist fascists

Here's an interesting photo, a Communist with a new banner the BNP in Liverpool had never seen before, what its got to do with politics is anyone's guess. I wonder if this fellas employer knows what he's doing when he should be tramping the Liverpool City centre streets publicising his employers shop instead of throwing insults at us here.

More insults and threats are directed at us by this UAF labour thug. Even his mate had to tell him to keep quiet as he was scaring the shoppers away, but a lot of good that did and hardly a good advert for his employers shop!. By this time a passing BNP supporting member of the public, horrified at the threats directed at us phoned the police. Credit to the Police who must have been watching the unfolding events from one of the camera lamp posts were there in no time.

The police telling the Labour Party UAF thugs to shut up. This was a good moment and one which vindicates the BNP'S right to "freedom of expression". We will have NO ONE telling us where and when to distribute our literature, especially from this bunch of Labour Party UAF Communist traitors.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BNP's James Whittal speaks at Tameside Mon 14th Dec.

On Monday 14th December Merseyside BNP went up to the Tameside meeting in Manchester. It was a brilliant meeting I've been told and can see why watching James Whittall speaking to the attentive crowd that was assembled in the pub.

I hope James will visit Liverpool in the near future, he certainly is a passionate speaker and has some interesting things to say, the crowd loved him.

Click on the ORANGE headline above to watch full screen on YouTube if this footage appears to be cropped on one side on this site.



Monday, 14 December 2009

A fantastic Liverpool BNP Christmas Party

Over the weekend Liverpool BNP had their yearly Christmas Party in a Private packed out venue. No politics discussed on this night just drinking, eating and having a great time by all.

Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin attended and gave the party an added buzz to the people who had never met him before, with loads of photo's also taken with the Chairman. There was loads of raffle prizes, so many in fact that many attending would have left with a prize.

We also had a bag piper who went down well pictured below.

Liverpool BNP would like to say a big thank you to everyone attending and to the BNP Chairman Nick Griffin and his lovely wife Jackie for coming also. Roll on to next years Xmas party, see you all there, same time same place.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Liverpool Crown court BNP heroes to UAF zeroes

Today saw "super activist" Peter Tierney along with a few of his Liverpool BNP supporters appearing at Liverpool Crown Court. Peter appearing on what we know is a false charge of "ABH accusations" instigated by fantastical accusations made by the Labour Party sponsored UAF paramilitary terrorist organisation and James Roberts (pictured below). Roberts was confrontational throughout the day,and Liverpool BNP had to be alert to his schizophrenic spontaneous violent outbursts!

, the UAF henchman was later to be convicted of a despicable violent offence against one of the innocent BNP public patriots! Some photo's for you to look at of today's developments below.

Liverpool BNP hero Peter Tierney along with a few of his supporters today.

During the proceedings from magistrates to Crown Court a particularly nasty piece of work is pictured below. "Liverpool tool", UAF Phil is a tormented soul who always seems to have a bad case of the worms, forever fidgeting with a contorted pained expression on his face, speaking into a mobile phone. When he is not crying to serial fantasist and Communist liar and tom pepper Alec McFadden he's moaning to the Police about Liverpool BNP tactics about photographing everything the UAF do.

Below we have another three lowlifes as of yet two are unidentified, the person in the overcoat with the scarf we believe is a high ranking solicitor from a North Liverpool solicitors firm, his name is Frank Dillon. Why did you try and get the photographer arrested Frank?.... More to follow on this, watch this space!!

Frank's gone... Now what are they saying?... Typical Merseyside police tactics, after Dillon complained the police moved in and moved the freelance photographer on.

All in all a great day apart from the "UAF MOANING SCUM" and indirect support from an "identified person" to the UAF, which is deeply troubling and an affront to the legal profession and its impartiality. Merseyside BNP whilst being law abiding find it "deeply worrying" that a solicitors firm appears to have sympathies with a highly violent and Labour party sponsored paramilitary terror group, which is the UAF. More to follow.

A part of the UAF paramilitary philosophy against "super activist Tony Ward"...Liverpool BNP are truly blessed by having such outstanding activists in their ranks as Tony and Peter. Without the both of them Liverpool BNP would not be where it is today.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

State sponsored UAF racism and violence


So Nick Griffin delivered a racism cuts both ways leaflet through the letter box of the serial fantasist Communist compulsive liar Alec McFadden eh?

Watching the trilogy of YouTube videos above does make one realise how corrupt this country has become along with the police under this Labour (and soon to be Conservative) government. Its an absolute disgrace.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Fantastic Liverpool BNP monthly meeting

The Merseyside BNP contingent fresh from having a week off after our efforts in finishing an admirable third place in the Halewood South By Election held their monthly meeting last night in Liverpool South.

The sixty strong audience listened to the announcements from the Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire on what Liverpool BNP has been doing since their last meeting on Sept 24th.

Following on from these announcements there was a short speech from local activist Gary Aronsson on the Labour Party and the abandonment of that party to the Knowsley constituency voters. This was followed by the buffet break and raffle.

The main guest speaker of the night was Arthur Kemp who gave a speech on the historical indigenous people's of Britain and his slant on the equalities Commission's attempts to shut the BNP down. This speech had the audience transfixed and were treated to a half hour question and answer session to finish off the night. Arthur richly deserved the standing ovation he received at the end of the night.

The raffle and collection raised £310 which will be used for our upcoming Parliamentary challenges to the LibLabCon traitors in the coming General election in May 2010.

Click on the ORANGE headline above read the meeting report on the main BNP website.