Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nick Griffins message to Liverpool yesterday

Everyone who attended the BNP Liverpool protest yesterday can agree on one thing it was an unqualified success. Please watch the video to see British people at their best and unfortunately at their worst.

The speech was spoilt at the end with a Labour party sponsored idiot, no doubt paid by the Marxist crank Alec McFadden and his Labour friends to disrupt the day. Truth will always be made known by the BNP despite the efforts of Alec McFadden and his Communist anti British and anti Patriotic friends who spread a message of lies and hatred to the gullible.

People do things at their own cost in the BNP. The Labour Party and their Unions have to pay people to do things for them.

Liverpool Demonstration from BNPtv on Vimeo.


  1. Well done Liverpool. Really proud of all BNP people who attended. And you are right about the rubbish who opposed you.

    Paid state agents, paid union agents, swp members who have been "gifted" Council houses for working as UAF activists whilst our ex soldiers sleep in cardboard boxes.

  2. Well done scousers, I sailed with a lot of you as a boy and you were great then and great now. Don't let the commos and labour hired rent a gang worry you. Thats the beauty of the real English, Scots, Welsh and Irish, we may lose the battles but we win the wars and kep smiling as we do it. All that is needed now is to replace the police chiefs with proper coppers and not political hacks so that all people will be treated equally under the law. We also need a white police association as a balance.