Friday, 30 July 2010

Eddy Butler and Nick Cass North West Road show meeting details.



Eddy Butler road show meeting details.

Monday 2nd August... Liverpool Meeting at 7.30pm. Meet at RV point at 7.00pm in the car park of the Elm Tree Pub, 216 Westminster Road, Liverpool L4 4LZ.

Tuesday 3rd August... St Helens Meeting at 7.30pm. Meet at RV point at 7.00pm in the car park of GPW recruitment centre 210-226 Knowsley road, St Helens WA10 4AD

Contact Peter 07941 704 997

Friday, 23 July 2010

All roads lead to Yorkshire

Ten Liverpool BNP activists in two cars last night all travelled to Yorkshire to see the latest leg of the Eddy Butler leadership election road show. One thing no one can say about Eddy Butler is is that he's not putting in the mileage travelling the length and breadth of Britain promoting his campaign.

One and a half hours up the M62 we eventually arrived at our destination. As we pulled into the venue car park and were getting out of the car Eddy Butler and his friends also arrived at the same time, which surely must have been a much longer journey for them travelling from London than us travelling from Liverpool.

The first thing that struck us all was how many people had already arrived and were waiting before we got there. The meeting proper chaired by Nick Cass started properly at about quarter to eight. For anyone who has never met Nick Cass before he is an absolute Giant of a man in stature and personality who must be about six foot five inches tall. He opened the meeting with a fifteen minute introduction on why he thinks a change in our leadership is urgent and necessary, whilst stating that Nick has done great things for the party but that we have now become stale under his leadership. He also explained to the audience why he accepted Eddy's invitation to be his running mate as BNP deputy Chairman of the party in this leadership election.

There were short follow up speeches presented by other people attending the road show, one from Liverpool's own Antony Ward which received a warm round of applause from the audience. Eddy Butler then gave his speech and his reasons and thoughts, just as Nick Cass did, why we urgently need change in the BNP leadership. After the speech there was a short break which then moved onto a question and answer session with many questions answered by Eddy Butler to his supporters and a minority of Nick Griffin supporters (in comparison are banning Eddy Butler supporters from BNP meetings) who in the spirit of democracy also turned up.

All in all a fantastic night had by all and new friends made with our BNP brothers in Yorkshire. There will be a YouTube video of the night which we will upload to this Merseyside BNP blog as soon as it becomes available.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Time for reflection

Being involved in Nationalist politics can sometimes be a brutal business, observing unfolding events on Merseyside over the last few months since the May elections makes me think no different. The British National Party is first and foremost a political party, some say it's a political movement, but at the end of the day it still comes down to being politics through the ballot box.

Its been well documented that there is a split in the Liverpool BNP team as regards nationalist direction at the moment, which in turn has resulted in the BNP suspensions of fine long serving activists Peter Stafford Jnr, Antony Ward and Peter Squire. The three suspended fully support the reform changes that are necessary and after talking to the three of them they feel that their support for the Eddy Butler leadership challenge is linked to their suspensions from the party, which is very disappointing.

This Merseyside BNP blog supports freedom of speech and "transparent democracy" and is certainly supporting Eddy Butler in his leadership challenge bid to take the party forward, just as Nick Griffin did before he was elected as MEP and was then thrust into European politics. Since the election of Nick Griffin as MEP there has developed a massive void or vacuum in the party as Branches and groups all over the country are devoid of their leader and Chairman turning up to their monthly meetings. Other factors also have seen the Party itself lose its cutting edge and certainly lose its appeal to the voters, this is also why the party needs a thorough revamp and the revamp must start from the top.

This site would also like to wish the new organising team for Liverpool BNP all the best (though a Liverpool Organiser living in Wales is a bit of strange one) and we do mean that as it certainly is a juggling act, which has to be performed with tact, diplomacy and consideration to other people who are after all on the same side.

Factionalism is bad but please bare it in mind that having an alternative opinion is healthy and not a crime, we are not drones or robot's we are free thinkers. Sometimes because of these internal disagreements that always occur from time to time one can lose the sight of where we are now and where we have to go for the future.

The events of Thursday just gone have been covered elsewhere on the Internet. I know the Organiser of that particular meeting came to Liverpool hoping to unite the Liverpool BNP team, but has in fact now made things worse. Other than that I do not want to revisit that evening again here, however we now have to move on and move on we shall.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Eddy's view on Nomination signature intimidation scandal

An eye opener to say the least. Even more reason after watching the above video to sign Eddy Butlers leadership challenge nomination paper.

To visit Eddy Butlers blog site click on the WHITE headline above.

Michael Barnbrook supports leadership challenge

As far as impeccable credentials go it cannot get much better for Eddy Butler than having a retired police inspector of 38 years supporting Eddy Butlers leadership bid. Michael Barnbrook the BNP's own sleaze buster has come out to encourage every voting member in the party to sign Eddy Butler's nomination form.

He further goes on to state "The telephone calls I have received, the setting up of the nasty blog and rumours that members have been refused entry to meetings because they are supporting Eddy Butler's nomination is no more than blatant intimidation. It appears that we can fight for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so long as it doesn't extend to a leadership challenge in the British National Party. The efforts to stop Eddy Butler from getting the necessary nominations is giving me cause for concern. It is for this reason that I intend to follow the lead of Richard Edmonds and support Eddy Butler in his challenge. I would urge every member of the party, whether they support Nick or Eddy, who believes in the democratic process, to do the same"

As recently as February just gone a group of Liverpool activists went down to Barking where the Chairman Nick Griffin was standing in the Parliamentary election, to help him campaigning there. The then Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire had the honour and privilege of bumping into Michael Barnbrook (both pictured above).

The British National Party is supposed to be the beacon for democracy that every other political party is supposed to follow, so we say in this party. Voting BNP members who qualify to sign Eddy Butler's nomination form please sign. There is no middle ground, we are either the model of democracy and free speech or are a bunch of hypocrites no better than the other traitorous political parties. Now is the time to start practising what we preach!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Excellent Article by Dowlish!

Well, I’ve just done the rounds of the political and news sites that I like to keep an eye on and can’t say that I feel much in the way of hope. The sites on my ‘rounds’ include these days the two sides in the BNP leadership contest.

So what’s the problem? It’s a leadership challenge boys and girls. That’s all it is. It happens in political parties. Let it happen, argue your case, put it to the members in a fair contest and then accept the outcome.

That can’t be so difficult can it?

Apparently it is difficult. It has been allowed to develop from a simple leadership contest to something that could seriously split the party. There was no need for this. Initially there was a very big chance that Nick would have won anyway, but at least questions that needed answers would have been brought into the open and he would have had renewed authority to carry on for another three years.

It’s that decision to stay on for another three years, something which I find to be a very odd decision, which sowed the seeds of doubt within me in the first place. Surly it would be best for a new leader to implement the changes and not the outgoing old leader.

Since then so much has happened that my doubts, unfortunately, have been confirmed. The question is no longer the wisdom of Nick deciding to stay on for three years despite admitting that he’s not able to lead the party through the next election. After what I’ve seen and read it now has as much to do with the mind set and suitability of Nick and the team around him.I'll need some convincing.

It’s all well and good saying that we need to build a New Model Army, but a New Model Army needs a New Model Leader, not someone who has allowed the "old decayed serving men and tapsters” to thrive in the first place. I digress. To understand what the hell I’m banging on about you will have to have read this.

I also see that Nick is intending to write a major piece on his plans for the next three years. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this needs Nick Griffin to implement it and how much could be done by a new leader. More on this as and when.

The BNP rightly complains of the abuse that it receives at the hands of the mainstream media, of the lies and smears that are printed without any right of reply, and the stupid anti-democratic ‘no-platform’ policy that the establishment would prefer. And yet when it comes to internal debate the leadership unashamedly use exactly the same tactics but at a level that would make even the most rabid tabloid editor blush.

Take a look at this article “exposing” those who are supporting Eddy Butler. The article and the whole blog balances precariously between paranoia, patheticness and black comedy (your name too vil go on ze list). Their “crimes” are all twofold. One: they have decided to use their democratic right in a (supposedly) democratic party to support a challenge to the incumbent leadership in a way which conforms to the legal constitution of that party. Which clearly has become a hanging offence. Two: they have other ‘issues’ or ‘undesirable traits’ which marks them down as “freaks”. Such as for example being gay. They’ll be bringing out the coloured badges soon to stitch on your jacket.

Some of the names on ‘ze list’ are familiar to me others are not. One that sticks out is Tony Ward. Tony you might recall is the long term activist who put himself in harm’s way during a fund raising event for the party and got his head smashed with a hammer by UAF thugs.

The slur and unforgivable sin which is attached to Tony Ward (apart from supporting Eddy Butler) is: (he has a) “wife of Chinese extraction, has worked extensively in Israel on military jets.”

While he was being feted as a BNP hero for standing up to the UAF this was widely known but was not an issue. Now, for the paranoids convenience it is. As I said: pathetic.The problem with this level of paranoia is that no one is safe.

You can read the rest of the article at:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Time to fund the frontline!

We were all lead to believe that the British National Party was a political party and that we intended to win at the ballot box and bring change democratically. For many years that was happening at a local level however since Jim Dowson joined the scene it has changed from that to doing whatever we can to get money for HQ. Even when the local groups and branches raised money our accounts were plundered and raided by HQ to cover their own incompetence.

This needs to be changed immediately, instead of local groups paying HQ the local groups should be getting funding from HQ with printers, software, leaflets etc... to ensure that we can run effective and proper campaigns. Was it really appropriate that all local groups had to raise every nearly every penny spent in the General Election? Local groups should have been supported by HQ, however their own mismanagement meant that there was no support or assistance.

If it was not down to the hard work of the local members and activists in rallying together to raise the funds needed locally then there would have been virtually no General Election campaign. We would have been a laughing stock of British politics, so just remember it wasn’t Nick Griffin who has got us this far it was you the normal and ordinary members and activists who have put blood, sweat and shoe leather into dragging this party forward.

Now however the members have a chance to say enough is enough and get change, as there is a leadership election by Eddy Butler who will ensure that funding is put on the frontline to local groups and branches so that we can run effective campaigns. No longer would your hard earned funds be plundered and looted by HQ to cover their own faults.

If you want change then vote Eddy Butler – Nick Cass 2010!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Green Arrow wants to publish BNP members names!

Green Arrow the non-member traitor who poses as a Nationalist has now delved to new depths, he is now copying the tactics of Sadie Graham and Matt Single and threatening to publish the names of BNP members as you can see here:

This clear sign of treachery is disgusting and vile; he is willing to risk the safety of Nationalists and their livelihoods. This is also a man who BEGS literally BEGS for money on his vile blog, money that could be better put to use buying leaflets for elections and getting our messages out to the general public.

Show Paul Morris he is a traitor and boycott his disgusting blog!