Friday, 26 February 2010

Fantastic Liverpool Fundraising Night

Liverpool had their monthly meeting last night, but it was a monthly meeting that was slightly different. Councillor Paul Golding travelled up from Kent as our guest speaker and gave a fantastic thought provoking speech on the indigenous peoples of Great Britain, making reference to our history and genealogy going back over ten thousand years. He then contrasted that with the New Zealand Maoris who have recognised indigenous status, who have only been resident on New Zealand seven hundred years.

After Councillor Golding had finished his speech he then gave another rousing speech on the importance of everyone's involvement, financially and actively for the coming General Election and local elections. He then went into something that had never been done before on Merseyside which was a fundraising auction. After the dust had settled and the figures had been counted, the Election fundraiser had generated and raised an unbelievable and incredible £3178.78

Now the generosity of the Liverpool people is legendary but the seventy strong audience themselves were astonished and left in a daze at everyone's generosity and who got caught up in the fundraising moment.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the contribution of Councillor Paul Golding who is an absolute credit to his ward in Seven oakes, Kent and to the British National Party. Merseyside BNP would also like again to say thank you to everyone who attended last nights fundraiser and who were so financially generous to the BNP cause.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Good Riddance to Peter Kilfoyle.


He's standing down at last, thank goodness and about time too. I have to be honest I don't know how he got away with it for nineteen years. Certainly the reports that we get back on a regular basis from the Walton constituency was that Peter Kilfoyle was the invisible member of Parliament who's sarcasm and condescending attitude to any serious question, from a Walton constituent reached new heights of ridiculousness.

Wasn't it mentioned recently somewhere that the Walton constituency had the highest level of unemployment or people claiming job seekers allowance, something along them lines in the entire country. That is the lasting legacy of Kilfoyle and his pathetic excuse for a political party. Indeed failure on every count in Walton and Kilfoyle played his part in this.That's why the Labour Party are going to get booted out hopefully at the next General Election.

The other plus side to him "shuffling" (that's all he can manage) off into the sunset is that all of us may be spared reading the weekly rantings from him in the Anfield Walton comic. I wonder if the next Labour donkey wheeled out to stand in Walton for the General Election will also have such a fascination with the flat earth society as it did for Kilfoyle. This remains to be seen, but no doubt we will find out in due course.

Good riddance Kilfoyle, enjoy your time in Australia. Apparently they have the largest population of poisonous snakes to be found anywhere on the inhabited planet. This being the case, you should fit in their nicely and immediately feel right at home.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Liverpool rapists scream abuse at victim after being jailed at Liverpool Crown Court!

TWO rapists were wrestled to the cells as violent scenes erupted when were put behind bars for a total of 17 years.

Sadiq Hussein, 20, and Abdillahi Adan, 18, hurled vicious abuse at their victim as they were each locked up for eight-and-a-half years. Hussein, of Chatsworth Drive, Edge Hill, and Adan, of Daniel Davies Drive, Toxteth, both denied rape, but were convicted by a jury.

The pair tried to jump from the dock and had to be restrained by security guards and police officers as they screamed threats and insults at their 18-year-old victim.

--- Comment ---

This is an absolute disgrace this pair of animals should be put to sleep immediately, since the state dont do it we can only hope they have an accident in Prison.

This case is a shining example of why we should bring back Capital Punishment for rapists!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Councillors charge tax payers £11,000 for their jollies!

In a shocking exclusive expose of Liverpool City Councillors we can reveal that the councillors have cost the Liverpool tax payer over £11,000 in expenses travelling around the UK and Abroad.

The worst offenders are the Liberal Democrats who seem to have no shame in fleecing the tax payers at a time when the people of Liverpool are struggling to get by.
The worst and most serious offender is Cllr. Warren Bradley who has cost the tax payer £7500 for mostly his jollies to Shanghai which he has been too three times! He also charged the tax payer fir a knees up at the MTV awards in Munich, this cost the tax payer £425!

The next big offender is Cllr Berni Turner of Old Swan who charged us £602 for; get this, a “fact finding mission wholesale markets” in Rungis, France. She also went on her jollies too Stavanger, Norway where she gave a “25 minute speech” and cost the tax payer £690 plus £140 in conference fees.

Councillor Flo Clucas also cost the tax payer £120 for a conference in Cannes – Nice, France.

Other Costs:
Cllr. Gary Millar (Lib Dem, Old Swan)
National Creative Industries Conference
Hotel cost: £130

Cllrs. Mike Storey & Warren Bradley (Lib Dem, Wavertree)
Stirling Prize Awards Ceremony
Hotel cost: £171.00 x 2

Cllr. Dave Irving (Lib Dem, Knotty Ash)
RTPI North West Conference – Planning Perspectives for Cllrs
Train ticket cost: £15.00

Cllr. Peter Millea (Lib Dem, Cressington)
LGA Conference
Train ticket cost: £160, (author: first class?) Hotel cost: £150

Cllr. Joe Anderson (Labour, Riverside)
LGA Annual Conference
Hotel cost: £520

Cllr. Warren Bradley
LGA Annual Conference
Hotel cost: £300

Cllrs. Roz Gladden & Wendy Simon (Lab, Clubmoor, Kensington)
Future of Corporate Parenting Conference
Hotel cost £150 x 2, train ticket cost £68.50 x 2

Cllr. Jane Corbett (Lab, Everton)
LGA Conference
Cost: £219.00

Cllr. Jane Corbett
CSN Conference
Cost: £150.00

Cllr. Berni Turner
Conference National Association of British Market Authorities
1 day duration
Paramount Imperial Hotel
Cost £86

In travel expenses the Lib Dem councillors also cost the Liverpool tax payer over £8000!

Liverpool British National Party believe that this is dreadful especially when the council are cutting back services to save money, Liverpool BNP will expose this scandal to the electorate and we will pledge that in carrying out any council business we will use the councillors allowance and not add any further costs to the tax payer!

If the council want to cut back on services they should cut the expenses first!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Labour Party Nazis. Just go to Downing Street.

You just couldn't make it up could you, but if the eyes are the window to your soul, certainly looking into Gordon Brown's eyes will reveal a soul in torment. Having seen my self evidence of his wafer thin glass temperament with some of his recent TV interviews, one gets to understand the truth behind these latest revelations by the Observers Andrew Rawnsley about Gordon Brown and his furies and those volcanic rages at his staff .

Andrew Rawnsley states that during his three years interviewing witnesses "friends and foes" to the Prime minister that "the prime minister's conduct towards colleagues and staff has at times been so appalling that it raises a question mark about his fitness to hold his great office"

This says everything about the Prime Minister for me and the current state of the Labour Party which in my opinion is every bit as bad as Germany's second world war Nazi Party. Gordon Brown like Hitler is insecure, surrounded by sycophants and the idiot Brown wants his name to be immortalised for eternity in History.

Well Gordon you will be remembered by me mate as a gormless idiot, traitor to this country, who had the chance to call a General Election a few years back and "bottled it". This time, hopefully will get booted out by another equally despicable useless political party in the Conservatives in two months. I cannot wait and the champagne will be on ice, good riddance!

To read Andrew Rawnsley's article click on the ORANGE headline above.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Finally we have the means to a Right of Reply

We all know that the national press have been playing a very shifty game when it comes to people who write comments in to their sites in support of the British National Party.

For example, they are allowing though some pro-BNP comments to make it appear that they are offering a right of reply. However, we know that comments that really challenge the so called facts in an article never make it through a newspapers moderation team, leaving the public with the impression that while the BNP has plenty of support, we can't challenge the "good investigative reporting".

Well those days are over now, thank to a piece of Google software called Sidewiki which has been around for a year or so but will soon take off big time. Because now BNP supporters will be able

Please click on the ORANGE headline above to read the rest of the article on the Green Arrow site.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Labour Councillor calls his mate to stop the BNP campaigning in his street

Steve Rotheram ex Lord Mayor of Liverpool and sitting Fazakerley Councillor today showed his fascist qualities by phoning the police to stop Liverpool BNP campaigning in his street In Fazakerley for today's By Election. If ever proof was needed about the anti democratic Nazi way the Labour Party operates then this is it.

The Labour Party operate under the guise of legality and honesty but they have been exposed continually as being dishonest and having anti democratic clothing. While they try to do this they try shrouding themselves in respectability protected by a PC Labour Party police force who seem only thirty seconds away when someone like Steve Rotheram phones them. God help someone who was the victim of a real Fazakerley crime when Steve Rotheram called his Police officer friend when Rotheram thought a crime was being committed today!

To coin a phrase from Corporal Jones from the Dad's Army series, "they don't like it up them Mr Mannering"!

Time is running out for the Labour Party and their gang of crooks. We may not win the By Election tonight but we will never be bullied by Labour Party fascists and "they're" friendly boys in blue, who act like subservient lap dogs to the Labour Party crooks and war mongers. Liverpool BNP are going nowhere Rotheram! Get used to it!

To view the clip on Youtube Click on the ORANGE headline above. There will be more photo's to follow on this outrageous waste of police time caused by Steve Rotheram.

Last of the leafleting done in Fazakerley.

The reports are from the Merseyside BNP campaigning team that the Fazakerley ward was leafleted three times over, had a canvass sweep and had the famous BNP truth truck in attendance for one day last week.

Over twenty five thousand pieces of literature were delivered over the last five weeks on this By Election campaign by Liverpool BNP. Considering the Labour Party have been bragging that this By Election is a done deal since it was called and that they merely had to stick a window dummy with a Labour Party rosette on it, for it to win in Fazakerley, they have been a close second to the BNP in the work put into the ward. The miserable Lib Dems were nowhere to be seen only having worked half the ward once I think.

All in all this was a great campaign with up to and over twenty different BNP activists pounding the streets in Fazakerley over the last five weeks. Regardless of the result, as that's down to the Fazakerley voters, a very big round of applause to everyone who participated in campaigning for Peter Stafford in this By Election.

Monday, 15 February 2010

From Fazakerley to Barking Saturday, then to London EGM Sunday then back to Fazakerley Monday! PART ONE.

I don't know where Merseyside BNP get their energy from, they are actively campaigning midweek for their Fazakerley By Election on Feb 18th, then at the weekend they are all off their pop down to the Barking constituency in London to help out there. Whatever they are having for breakfast I want some.

Merseyside BNP in the operational campaign headquarters and election nerve centre with Richard Barnbrook, please note female activist warrior Queen Karen Otty on the left hand side, what a BNP activist this lady is!

Richard explaining the general boundaries and wards of the Parliamentary constituency of Barking.

Parliamentary MP sleaze buster Michael Barnbrook with Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire. Michael was helping out with his group in Barking when Liverpool BNP bumped into them. Michael is known as the Party’s ‘sleaze buster’ having been involved in the demise of a number of MPs over the years, Derek Conway and Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton are a few of his scalps.

From Fazakerley to Barking Saturday, then to London EGM Sunday then back to Fazakerley Monday! PART TWO

Barking, Saturday 13th Feb 11am. Some of the leafleting team arriving at the RV point for the day of action.

Richard Barnbrook, very happy that 29,999 leaflets have been delivered around Barking. However North West regional Organiser Clive Jefferson is wondering where the missing leaflet is, he definitely counted thirty thousand of them!!..... Clive, I have a confession to make, I asked one of the Merseyside team to bring me back one of the leaflets, sorry mate and I hope you don't mind. Its also nice to see what the rest of the BNP across the country is delivering through letter box's.

The calm before the storm. Before the press was let into the EGM, some of who were then evicted.

Nice to see London Police have a sense of humour. I wonder what Merseyside police would have done.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fantastic reception for the Truth Truck in Liverpool.

Yesterday saw the truth truck in Liverpool. The Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire reports that it was used extensively in Fazakerley for their By Election on February 18th. The local residents gave us a fantastic reception and welcome stated Peter Squire. There were also two teams BNP leafleter's that delivered four thousand leaflets through Fazakerley letter box's. Afterwards it was taken on a tour of the Liverpool City and surrounding areas.

Later on in the evening the Truth Truck was parked up by a motorway roundabout with literally thousands of cars seeing the message of bring our boys home, a message which many of the motorists approved of with the beeping and tooting of their horns.

One local Liverpool resident and old soldier called Brian who used to support the Labour Party but is now a firm supporter of the British National Party stated that he was now disgusted by New Labour and what they represent. He added further, as an ex parachute regiment soldier our boys in Afghanistan are left ill equipped, seriously short of helicopters and that it was time to bring our boys home. He stated that all his family would now be voting BNP at the next local elections and at the General Election.

Well Brian, the British National Party agree with you mate.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Discredited, corrupt liar.. Oh and former president of the Black Police Association.

Twenty five years Ali Dizaei served in the London Metropolitan Police Force and today many London residents must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Today Scotland Yard Commander, Muslim Ali Dizaei has been jailed for four years after being found guilty of threatening and falsely arresting a man in a row about money, his career in tatters over a poxy six hundred quid he didn't want to pay back. He should have become an MP, he may have got away with it then!

One wonders how many others could have been fitted up by this corrupt, scheming, liar and former President of the Black Police Association. Ali Dizaei who beat the rap on a different prosecution in 2002 (whilst playing the racism card) must have thought he was untouchable. Indeed the judge when sentencing the Muslim corrupt liar today stated to him " you thought you were above the law and you thought you would never be discovered".. Well he was discovered alright and exposed and now jailed.

Bye and good riddance to bad rubbish. See you in a couple of years when you'll be lucky to get a job on the minimum wage.. Welcome to the real world!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Peter Tierny's Crown Court trial put back and listed for hearing to March 15th.

Merseyside BNP has learned in the last few hours that the trial of Peter Tierney has been moved back and listed for hearing for week beginning Mon March 15th 2010.

Due to this date change, February 15th and the day of support for him is now cancelled and will be moved to Mon March 15th, but anything is likely with the judiciary so we will not be surprised if this is also changed. What are the bets of the trial taking place proper on Week beginning Monday 3rd May.

See you all on March 15th.... We hope!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Peter Tierney day of support Mon February 15th.

Peter Tierney was arrested on a trumped up assault charge relating to the “UAF attacking Liverpool BNP” on St Georges day last year April 23rd 2009 during a Liverpool BNP day of action. The conclusion of the whole affair will be a potential three day Crown Court trial which starts on Monday February 15th 2010.

Below is a picture of one of the UAF "CONVICTED" thugs who was the ringleader of the violent attack on our people, James Roberts of Jubilee Drive, Kensington.

It would be nice if we could get as many of our people and supporters there to show our Solidarity to Peter Tierney, just on THE FIRST DAY of the trial. The proceeding two days on the Tuesday and Wednesday will be very low key with just his family and people giving defence evidence on his behalf being present.

Peter Tierney is someone who shows solidarity to any BNP Nationalist who needs help and also to anything BNP. The least we can do is to show and give him our support on this one day in return on Monday February 15th.

Anyone wishing to attend please meet outside the Crown court at 9.15 am. Anyone travelling from a distance then try to arrive any time for Peter leaving the court between three and four pm when court adjourns for the day.

Address and meeting point is Liverpool Crown Court Centre, Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 1XA. Meeting 9.15 am or when you can arrive. Contact Peter Squire, Liverpool BNP on 07941 704 997 or Email