Thursday, 31 January 2008

Two Mersey MPs may face having to fire wives

TWO of the region’s MPs could be forced to fire their wives after Westminster’s latest “sleaze” scandal triggered a call for a ban on employing relatives.

I have to be perfectly honest here, watching MP's squirm and eventually throw in the towel with a resignation is something I will never tire of watching. The scandal over the last few days as regards the Conservative MP Derek Conway reminds us all as to what a greedy, self serving lot ninety nine percent of the MP's are. Derek CONway in my eyes has commited nothing short of a massive "white collar" fraud. Lets be even more frank, if this was a social security fiddle for the amounts Conway has "filtered away" he would be looking at at least two years in prison.

He and others deserve everything they get and there are others in Parliament who will be getting a bit uncomfortable with what has unraveled.


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ex-culture boss Jason Harborow gets £230,000 pay off!

According to the Liverpool Daily post the Liverpool Ex-culture boss Jason Harborow has been given a £230,000 pay off. No doubt this has come at the Liverpool tax payers expense, we in the BNP are getting fed up with how these bumbling fools spend our money. We see these slimy politicians taking us all for a ride, we want this to END! Only by getting BNP councillors elected will we be able to stop this, BNP councillors will pledge to hold the council and its spending to account.
This news also comes after Liverpool was labelled the worst in the country for the way it spends money. This needs to change and we need to make sure OUR money is spent in ways to benefit the community. Down the east lancs the council have waisted thousands of pounds putting up stupid looking flags all the way into town. That money could of been spent on something better, maybe on cleaning/sand blasting some of our historic buildings to make them look good again.

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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Liverpool Meeting!

The first meeting of the year will be held on the 31st of January, we have a new venue and we want a good turnout. If you would like to attend the meeting then please contact Steve on:

Tel: 07946366883

The £500k refugee!

It has been reported in the local newspaper the Liverpool Echo that an Iranian asylum seeker is facing deportation after falsely claiming benefits. The Liverpool Echo said "AN IRANIAN asylum seeker is facing deportation after he falsely claimed up to £25,000 of state benefits.
Massoud Montazery, 29, lied to immigration officials about the existence of a bank account containing £500,000."
Ironically this comes out after the British National Party in Liverpool have been extensively leafleting County ward Walton where he lives. We also leafleted the street in which he lives today.
Why should asylum seekers be getting all this money while we have our own people suffering. Instead the money should be spent on the hospitals, our soldiers, education or even giving better support to British people who genuinely need the support.

If you want to read more on this visit:

Friday, 25 January 2008

Mersey crime drops to lowest level since 2003..Truth Or Spin?

I know 2008 is the capital of culture year but to suggest that crime is down for July to September 2007 and show 7,029 fewer crimes than the same time in 2006 is somewhat dressing over the problems.

The figures released by the Home Office are for July to September 2007 and show 7,029 fewer crimes than the same time in 2006.The report does not include gun or knife crime....Does not include gun or knife crime??,I wonder why!!

An important consideration here is to remember that most crime goes unreported because the majority of police frankly are useless and most do not like the paperwork involved sorting out a complaint.Also a factor is that "on the spot fines" which is a money making racket for the police and councils are used to cover up the true figures.


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

2400 leaflets delivered!

Today a team of activists delivered 2400 leaflets to homes in the Liverpool council ward of County.

The leaflets put out where 'British Jobs for British Workers' can be seen at:

Also put out was a locally designed 'Warning' leaflet which has been well received around merseyside.

There was not a signal negative res ponce, however there were two young men who said they would be writing off straight away and the organiser of the Branch received a phone call while leaflets were still being distributed. The people of Liverpool are fed up and are now waking up to the mess of the nation, the people of Liverpool will NOT allow Liverpool to turn into a disgusting mess London has. Scoucers are a proud people and we will stand strong and we will stop the lib/lab/con in their steps.

Our details to get involved:
Tel: 07946366883 Email:
Post to: Liverpool BNP, PO Box 9, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2RN.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

11 hard working activists from Liverpool went and helped down in in weekend of action in London. This is to help the British National Party get our first ever assembly member/s elected. This would be a massive breakthrough for the party and would help us make bigger gains in the 2009 Euro elections.

The team were put up by Richard Barnbrook the mayoral candidate who we hope will teach red Ken a lesson or two. The team went leafleting on Saturday and Sunday, they done the dagenham area and they received lots of support and very little negative feedback. I personally didn't get any negative feedback from anyone just positive and that is in the enriched London.

Motivation is high just as expectation is high, with such good res ponce people feel that the British National Party have a really good chance to make history.

"Around 250 dedicated BNP activists from around the country who descended on London for the first National Weekend of Action in support of Richard Barnbrook’s Greater London Assembly election campaign this past weekend.
Leafleting teams fanned out over much of our capital city, delivering an astonishing 100,000 “Londoner” leaflets over the two days."

For more information and pic visit:

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Liverpool Doctor On Trial For Car Bombings

Sabeel Ahmed, 26, of Ramillies Road, Mossley Hill,Liverpool,appeared at the Old Bailey yesterday via video link from Belmarsh prison.

He appeared alongside Bilal Abdullah, 28, of the Royal Alexandra hospital, Paisley, and Mohammed Asha, 27.

They are accused of conspiracy to cause explosions likely to endanger life between January 1, 2006, and July 1, 2007.Abdullah was arrested after a flaming Jeep was driven into the doors of the arrivals hall of Glasgow airport on June 30.

Important note..The views and stories on this blog are written by BNP members but don't necessarily reflect BNP policy.

Still no nearer to taming feral Britain

This is something all of us on Merseyside are all to aware of.Lack of manners,no respect,no morals,total disregard for property,etc,etc,etc.

Ask anyone on the streets and they can offer a reason why this has happened..Blaming the parents (maybe).My own opinion is the fact that disciplining your child has been taken out of the vocabulary on parenting.The PC brigade would be up in arms at the thought.Bring back caning in school for example.Give back the power to teachers in the classroom...I mean who would want to be a teacher teaching teenage kids these days!!

The Labour Party along with the Conservatives are full of spin and soundbites.Only the BNP offer the non spin non PC alternative to tackle this problem.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Any website bans must include far right, say UK Muslim youths

So a Muslim youth organisation welcomed the government action against websites promoting hatred but expressed in no uncertain terms I hope you don't just mean only us the Muslims.

The Ramadhan Foundation pointed out that it was already clear Islam totally forbids the killing of innocent people and terrorism and said it believed that the "threat is one for the whole country."....As if anyone with a few braincells can believe this statement.

Any Muslim terrorist who commits a suicidal act and outrage by blowing themselves up is revered and becomes classed as a martyr amongst their Islamic community (a minority of the community)

The rise of Islamic terrorism in this country is the biggest security threat this country faces since the threat of the Nazi jackboot setting feet upon this land some sixty odd years ago.Be warned.


Thursday, 17 January 2008

Government renames Islamic terrorism as 'anti-Islamic activity' to woo Muslims

Where do you start with this politically correct load of garbage.

Lets face it Jacqui Smith is as useless as a pack of bacon in a Muslim's fridge.The new in word's describing terrorist acts are now going to be called "anti-Islamic activity".

This Labour Party have a lot in common with the BBC,both just do not give you the facts.Why can't they say it as it is Islam is a "vicious wicked faith" the end result wanting to conquer anyone in it's way.

What's next Jacqui will you be inviting the leading members of Al Qaeda for peace talks with you and Gordon just for a few more votes!!


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

University of Liverpool students in cheating scandal

After the report yesterday that Knowsley secondary schools are achieving the worst GCSE results in the country perhaps they need to take a leaf out of the Liverpool University students book.
It is reported they have no such problems passing exams.Not GCSE's though but degrees.Call it enterprise,you decide but hundreds are paying to get their degree course work written for them to ensure they pass!!

Full report below.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Knowsley GCSE results worst in the country!

It is reported in the Daily Post that secondary schools in Knowsley are achieving the worst GCSE results in the country. This is appalling and typical of a Labour run council, keep them badly educated in low paid jobs keep them voting Labour.

The BNP would dedicate themselves to fighting to improve GCSE results in Knowsley, the BNP have been improving our elections results in this area for a while now and we will keep on growing until we return our first BNP councillor in Knowsley.

The story can be found at:

Marks And Spencer And The Case Of The Unclean Bible

What borders on being acceptable and unacceptable. The book of religious belief for many British and non British people is now described as being a book which is unclean by somebody from the Islamic faith. Worse than this the culprit was a member of staff who worked for the well respected Marks and Spencer. Surely the politically correct society we live in today should promote a fair deal when shoving these rules by which we live down every one's throat. This Girl should be dismissed immediately from Marks and Spencers. If it was a Christian insulting the Koran in similar circumstances whoever the person was they would be sacked straight on the spot. Link below.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Inner Core Meeting January 2008!

Merseyside BNP held its first inner core meeting of 2008 in which we planned how we will run the local election campaign for the council elections in May. Candidates were shown the different type of leaflets available to them and the cost of such leaflets, the BNP on Merseyside are set to complete the biggest ever election push with the best ever quality campaign.

Our support of the London Campaign for Richard Barnbrook who is contesting the seat for London Mayor and the GLA. Due to our own elections we are going down early in the year to do our bit in the campaign to save the capital. 12/13 people agreed to go and support the campaign in London, this is a great number of people to be going down just from one area.
Our next meeting will also be on the 31st of January, information will be released nearer to the date.

If you would like to get involved with the BNP on Merseyside then please get in touch, we are always in need of new activists and/or candidates. The future of our children and nation is at stake.

Tel: 07946366883 Email:
Post to: Liverpool BNP, PO Box 9, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2RN.

List of Council Wards:

Do we stand in your area:
Allerton and Hunts Cross - Not Yet
Anfield - Not Yet
Belle Vale - Not Yet
Central - Not Yet
Childwall - Not Yet
Church - Not Yet
Clubmoor - Standing a candidate!
County - Not Yet
Cressington - Not Yet
Croxteth - Not Yet
Everton - Standing a Candidate!
Fazakerley - Standing a Candidate!
Greenbank - Not Yet
Kensington - Standing a Candidate!
Kirkdale - Standing a Candidate!
Knotty Ash - Not Yet
Mossley Hill - Not Yet
Norris Green - Standing a Candidate!
Old Swan - Not Yet
Picton - Not Yet
Princes Park - Not Yet
Riverside - Not Yet
Speke Garston - Standing a Candidate!
St Michaels - Not Yet
Tuebrook and Stoneycroft - Standing a Candidate!
Warbreck - Standing a Candidate!
Wavertree - Not Yet
West Derby - Not Yet
Woolton - Not Yet
Yew Tree - Not Yet.

That's 9/30 last May, if you would like a candidate in your area then it is up to you to stand yourself as we can only stand as many people as are willing to stand themselves. If we had 30 people willing to stand we would, but only the normal people of Britain and Merseyside can make that happen.

Liverpool City Council Election Results May 2007

Clubmoor: 3rd Peter Squire BNP 210 7.44%

Everton: 3rd Jackie Stafford BNP 154 6.55%

Fazakerley: 3rd Peter Stafford BNP 324 9.27%

Kensington and Fairfield: 3rd Jane Greenhalgh British National Party 128 4.54%

Kirkdale: 2nd Steven Greenhalgh BNP 169 6.54%

Norris Green: 2nd John Edgar BNP 205 8.40%

Speke-Garston: 3rd Steven McEllenborough BNP 190 5.84%

Tuebrook and Stoneycroft: 4thSharon Broadfoot BNP 109 3.87%

Warbreck: 3rdCarol Kilkelly BNP 178 4.72%