Saturday, 29 November 2008

BNP take back the street of Liverpool from the Militant left!

Thousands of ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ booklets and other BNP leaflets were distributed in a co-ordinated day of campaigning in the city centre, which saw the Truth Truck and three other A-frame advertising vehicles sweep through large parts of the surrounding suburbs, all proudly carrying the party’s message to thousands of well wishers. 
The BNP activists on foot - which included party chairman Nick Griffin, deputy leader Simon Darby, Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook - then converged on the city centre at around midday, occupying one of the major pedestrianised intersections.
There, with flags flying, the BNP activists, which included an age range spread from pensioners to youngsters, continued distributing leaflets and recruiting from members of the public. A small crowd of bussed-in leftists were kept at bay by a police presence.
After an hour and half, the BNP crowd moved to the steps of St. George’s Hall in the city centre, where Mr Griffin gave a short address, pointing out that it was the preparedness of the BNP activists to be arrested en masse which had driven the police to withdraw all charges against the ‘Liverpool 13' earlier in the day.


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  2. When we all stick together, we will never be beaten.
    All of our branches and groups will win, our day will come.

  3. Congratulations to Liverpool BNP and to all who travelled to support this event.

  4. It was great seeing all of you Saturday. I was sorry to miss your meeting on Thursday but we had a meeting in Bury that night.

  5. Once again these false arrests have given a massive national advertising boost to the BNP. No wonder Nick called for three cheers for the police, they have saved us a great deal of money in advertising.
    Thanks to the Liverpool 13.