Friday, 14 November 2008

Liverpool BNP away to Blackpool party conference.

All Liverpool BNP will be away for a few days up in Blackpool attending our yearly party conference which is building up to be the most successful BNP conference ever. This will not be a holiday for us and we will still be watching what our anti British enemy are up to, as well as the enemy in Downing street (who are also anti British). In the BNP we do not sleep, we will always find out.

What I will do though is send you all a postcard and bring you back a piece of famous Blackpool rock untouched by the EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

Oh and before I forget, warmest congratulations to David Owens, British National Party by-election candidate in the Fenside ward seat on the Boston Borough Council. He was elected last night as representative BNP Councillor for the Fenside ward. An outstanding result.

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