Friday, 30 May 2008

Meeting Last Night!

We held our first meeting last night after the May Elections, it was a very successful meeting with over 65 people in attendance. To start the meeting off, the organiser explained what happened in the elections and what our results were like. He also spoke briefly on our national results and getting our first EVER GLA member elected in London.

Our guest speaker of the night was Arthur Kemp who always give a good speech without failure, he talked on the Islamic Jihad in the past and present. The speech was full of interesting facts and re-enforced why we are in the BNP and we are doing what we are doing. He spoke about how every culture and race has a right to their own lands and right to defend their culture and ensure its continued existence in their own lands. He informed us a little more on the national results which bode well for the forthcoming Euro Elections.

At the end of the night we raised £315 which will help print leaflets to recruit new members and activists around Merseyside.

If you would like to get involved in the BNP on Merseyside the please use the contact details at the side of this page.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Muslim Gun runner convicted!

THIS Liverpool shop worker’s gang supplied deadly “assassin kits” to gun-toting criminals across the country.
Kaleem Akhtar was part of a ruthless seven-strong gang involved in the largest sale network of firearms in the UK.
The 29-year-old, who worked at clothes shop Storm in St John’s shopping centre, was caught after police watched the gang supplying Russian Baikal self-loading pistols.
They were initially manufactured to fire CS gas but are thought to have been converted in Lithuania to fire 9mm bullets.
Akhtar was found guilty of conspiracy to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life on Thursday.


This guy should be dished a good serving of capital punishment, how dare he come here and start importing guns which will be used to kill and harm people which will then be a drain on our health service and police. I hope he is also deported back to the desert he comes from, but I don't think that will happen with the bunch of useless no good for nothings in power.

Immigrant/ Black/ Asian Knife Murder Crimewave.

Over the last week there has been a surge in knife attacks/murders throughout Britain. The manner in which it being reported is nothing short of an insult by the media hoping that one of these murders would prove to be a racist one, dare I say it white on black, yellow, brown, pink you choose any colour you like. The main thing that is clear from the media that no matter what happens it's not racist when a "white" person is killed and brutally murdered by any of the "ethnic cherubs".

Please read this superb article presented by another British Nationalist who has their finger right on the on the title link above to read their opinion and observations. You can read the same article by going onto the the Green Arrow site at and scroll down to the " Broken News " article.

Monday, 26 May 2008

BNP GLA member Barnbrook visits crime Scene!

This is a news report by our first London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook from London about the recent stabbing of the Actor Rob Knox, it tells you what the media wont that the attacker was from the minority community.

This video should be passed around to everyone.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Now They Know How We Feel.

South Africa has been rocked by scenes of hatred and savagery as poor township blacks turn on the migrants they claim have taken their jobs. More than 20 have been killed and thousands forced to flee by gangs wielding guns, clubs and machetes.

Most horrifying of all, for a country which thought the worst was behind it, has been the return of necklacing, the appalling method of killing which involves putting a petrol-filled tyre around a victim's neck and setting it ablaze.


Amazing, Africans turning on Africans all because the visitors and migrants are taking their jobs.

Heaven forbid scenes should be repeated like this in this country as Gordon Browns credit crunch (recession and then depression) starts to tighten its grip over the next few years in this country. I wonder how people will react in their desperation to just pay the bills and feed the family while our thieving politicians get fat on their expenses while we go hungry. Well It looks at the next general election that Gormless Gordon is getting the sack but it it will be more of the same with Cameron the Clown being voted in.

We have a choice to stop the migrants taking British jobs. Don't vote Cameron the clown, vote British National Party at the next general election, lets put a stop to this and raise the drawbridge, Britain is full up.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

The dangers we all face when police are too terrified to think for themselves

This has been a difficult week for West Midlands police. It is rare for public servants to be sued for libel, and the High Court apology the force gave to Channel 4 and the Dispatches programme was both humiliating and unprecedented.

For all its unique features, however, this case is symptomatic of a broader set of failings: a loss of nerve, a warped sense of priorities and, in particular, a culture of weak-minded politicisation that should concern us all. Undercover Mosque, the edition of Dispatches at the heart of the legal case, made disturbing viewing.

Broadcast in January last year, it showed clerics at mainstream mosques making extreme and inflammatory statements, advocating the murder of homosexuals, for example, and praising the killer of a British soldier in Afghanistan. Yet, instead of lauding the programme makers for their careful and enterprising work, West Midlands police said Channel 4 should be prosecuted for stirring up racial hatred.


For anyone that missed this programme, it was sensational viewing missed, link . It really brought home the mindset of the people from the cult of the dead paedophile. Nick Griffin the British National Party Chairman a few years ago was faced with seven years in prison for merely stating that Islam was a "vicious wicked faith" which it undoubtedly is, the channel four programme proved this. Two Juries later found him not guilty. The Islamic preachers and the programme's content advocated violence and murder so the police decided to take action against the programme makers Channel four, incredible!!.

Islam is indeed a vicious, wicked faith, the police should start earning their wages and start rounding up and charging the Islamic preachers who preach murder and hatred from these mosques on a daily basis. Democracy and peace is not for this cult, just terrorism and hatred. Well done Channel four for revealing this.

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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Labour Party near bankruptcy after donation fall

The funding crisis has raised fears that auditors will be unable to sign off party accounts next month because of Labour's £21 million debt.

A series of controversies over donations, involving police investigations, and Gordon Brown's slump in the opinion polls, has driven away potential financial backers and members. The number of paid-up Labour Party members has fallen from 400,000 in 1997 to fewer than 200,000 Only the trade unions, which have almost quadrupled their support in the past six months, are saving the party from being declared effectively bankrupt.


Watch this space, its going to be a bumpy ride for the Labour Party. No doubt there will be some "dodgy" foreign businessmen who are not on electoral register who will be prepared to bail this Corrupt party full of crooks, liars and thieves out...Where is Lord Levy anyway?.

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Friday, 16 May 2008

Westminster Thieves Lose Second Home Allowance Court Battle.

Details of senior MPs' expenses will be revealed after the House of Commons lost its court battle to keep them secret.

The Commons challenged the Information Tribunal's demand that a detailed breakdown of MPs' second homes allowances must be provided under the Freedom of Information Act.Led by the Speaker Michael Martin, the Commons authorities went to the High Court to fight against the "unlawfully intrusive" release of the expenses details of 14 MPs and former MPs.


This is a day when democracy and common sense has prevailed. The thieves that are our MP's have had it too good for too long. Some of them and the way in which they rub this gravy train "free expense" lifestyle in our faces would not look out of place in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe Government. You will see all the swine pig Mp's crying into their caviar today after this ruling.

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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Huge rise in Merseyside repossession orders

THE number of Merseyside families losing their homes because they cannot pay their mortgage has seen an alarming rise, new figures have revealed.County courts reported big leaps in repossession orders made by mortgage lenders, including in Liverpool (31%), Runcorn (41%) and Warrington (37%).

Meanwhile, the numbers hit with a possession claim – the first stage of threatened action – also soared, including in Liverpool (42%), Southport (61%) and St Helens (32%).The figures were seen as further gloomy evidence of the effect of the “credit crunch”, which has dramatically pushed up the cost of new mortgages and slashed back the availability of deals.

The government immediately moved to calm fears of a return to the repossessions crisis of the early 1990s, by pledging free legal advice for every homeowner threatened with a court order.


Repossessions are a modern day tragedy I'm afraid. I don't blame homeowners for wanting to better they're standard of living (most of the time), but most of the blame should be put on the shoulders of irresponsible banks and lenders when the going is good. Lets face it they are in a no lose situation, they borrow the money and repossess the house when its increased in value and the people who were in the house left homeless. Should the Government bail the banks out when they are in trouble? Let them go to the wall, that's what I say.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Liverpool BNP’s biggest electoral push so far saw the Party win 3,063 votes and two second places in the former Labour stronghold. The individual results were:-
Belle Vale – Peter Molloy – 336 votes – 9.21% (3rd)
Clubmoor – Peter Squire – 358 – 12.81% (3rd)
County – Peter Stafford – 200 – 7.14% (3rd)
Croxteth – George Muse – 109 – 3.11%(4th)
Everton – Jackie Stafford – 222 – 9.52% (Second place).
Fazakerley – Peter Stafford – 440 –13.99%(3rd)
Kirkdale – Steven Greenhagh – 389 – 7.96%(3rd candidate wise, 2nd party wise, 2 Labour wins)
Norris Green – John Edgar – 303 – 12.86% (Second place)
Old Swan – Steven McEllenborough – 300 – 9.76% (4th)
Speke-Garston – Jane Greenhagh – 208 – 7.06% (3rd)
Warbreck – Carol Kilkenny – 198 – 6.24% (3rd)

Our vote went up in every ward that we contested in 2007, even in wards we did not do any work in. In Everton we only put out 1500 leaflets and managed to massively increase our vote and take 2nd place.

Average: 9.06%
Votes: 3063
Average vote: 278
Highest %: 13.99 - Fazak.


UKIP: 768
Labour: 1030
Cons: 108

BNP: 301 - 229 (2007)
Cons: 287
UKIP: 265

Netherton and Orrel:
BNP: 213
Cons: 306
UKIP: 297
UKIP: 270
Soc al: 373

BNP: 184 - 214 (2007)
Lab: 290
Cons: 744
LD: 1735
UKIP: 243

BNP: 202 - 185 (2007)
Cons: 844
LD: 1805
Lab: 418

St Oswald
BNP: 179
Lab: 1269
Con: 215
LD: 229
UKIP: 57

Seaforth Immigrant Worker Deported

A THIRD illegal immigrant has been deported after being discovered living and working at a dockland company.Port of Liverpool Police and Borders and Immigration Agency officers visited KTC Edibles Ltd, at Seaforth docks, in March.

They discovered 34 people living in office space at the warehouse just off Crosby Road South.A police source said most were Polish or central European.A UK Borders Agency spokeswoman confirmed last night that one Afghan national and two Indian workers had now been removed from the country.

However, KTC general manager Paresh Mehta says his company is not at fault. He said: “No formal charges have been brought to bear and and I am confident KTC (Edibles) Ltd is free from any wrongdoing.”


Forgive me for being a bit cynical but with a name like Paresh Mehta for a general manager I would be pretty confident that this fellow knew exactly what was going on. This is more evidence though of New Labours twenty first century cheap Labour "we're in Europe Britain"...Is it any wonder they are getting a kicking by the voters every where you look.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Police Vandalism Crime Spin

Police officers are being ordered not to record criminal damage as crime.

A leaked memo has revealed that rank-and-file officers in the Norfolk force have been told that incidents such as car vandalism should not be classed as an offence when there is "no idea how it happened".

The disclosure brought accusations last night that the force is trying to massage crime figures by ignoring acts of vandalism.


Hmmmm, I'm sure somewhere recently on this blog we have commented on this new police propaganda exercise or what terminology do they use "massaging the figures"

If all the windows at the local police station got smashed (heaven forbid), would this constitute a crime to these officials of the law?

The article comments on Norfolk police force but how many soundbite announcements have we had from Merseyside police about the massaging, sorry (silly me) the reduction of crime on Merseyside recently?...We had best get used to this new way of announcing crime figure news, but remember everyone everything may not always be what it seems.

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Who's Britain is it ?

This you tube video was taken from another BNP supporting site

A different time and age, the video is a must watch. Filmed for the Conservative Monday club as well.

To watch click on the headline for the youtube video link.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Our Finest Moment To Date

Early this morning our London representative Richard Barnbrook got elected to the Greater London Assembly. Now to describe this victory in the democratic process as "seismic" for the BNP would be an understatement, this win sends shockwaves around the political establishment but you will be lucky to hear about it because of the media blackout.

There was in this election the biggest "anti democratic" Labour funded assault to deny us this win onto the GLA by the Marxist, communist groups of the "extreme left thugs" that ever was assembled. London was flooded with new voters to try and stop the BNP going through the democratic process to be elected.

The voice of the British people will not and wont be ignored no matter how much money by the anti democrats of the LibLabCon has spent to try and gag our voice. This is only the beginning.

To view video, click on headline, absolutely fantastic!