Saturday, 27 June 2009

What a week!

What an absolutely fantastic week it's been. A week ago on the 20TH June a large contingent of Liverpool BNP patriots went to Blackpool to celebrate our victorious newly elected MEP'S. Fantastic speeches were enjoyed by all attending from Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. It really does fill me with pride being with my own people then contrast that to the drug dealing, flea infested 35 anti democratic UAF protesters outside the Kimberley Hotel. If the Police had done their jobs and searched them then surely eighty percent of the drug dealers would have been arrested for being in possession of drugs. Funny Alec McFadden not demonstrating outside the Kimberley Hotel with Weyman though, he must be still crying in front of his communist hero Stalin portrait!

That was part one of the celebration. Part two was celebrated by 45 invited guests on Wednesday at a private Merseyside venue attended by Nick Griffin and his lovely wife Jacky. A three course meal was enjoyed by all, followed by pint after pint. Nick Griffin who has now been making his weekly trips to Brussels regaled us with his opinions and of his feeling of something like a school boy attending his first days at school. I am so made up for Nick Griffin becoming an MEP at this stage of his political career despite the best efforts of Labour Party criminal thugs on Merseyside who perversely tried to interfere in the democratic process.

Indeed these particular anti democratic scum have shown themselves to the people of Merseyside and the Northwest to be exactly that, anti democratic scum!...Its interesting how these particular scum have gone extremely quiet since the public have spoken and voted with an increased BNP percentage vote in the North West. All this despite British born people being kicked to the back of the housing queue and the houses given in favour of people only being in the country days and weeks.

Certainly the BNP on Merseyside will be bringing all of the concerns we all feel to the door steps of these concerned people in the runup to the General Election. Just because Nick and Andrew have been elected we will not be resting on our laurels. This is just the beginning, this is now where our political fight starts. Especially on Merseyside.

Now where did I put those lagers and my cigars!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Peter Kilfoyle living in fantasy land.

Whatever you do don't criticise Peter Kilfoyle, heaven forbid you should question this "do nothing" member of Parliament. His latest garbled outburst against one of his own constituents who criticised him in the Anfield Walton comic 18TH June 2009 shows all the signs of a totally detached (from his constituents) member of Parliament.

Living in Kilfoyles warped irrational mind must be an interesting place. The disregard and arrogance which he displays by the man who's got fat (literally, see above picture of Kilfoyle in a white super size vest) from his 16,000 majority knows no bounds.

Kilfoyles world would go something like this:

"How dare you! Don't you know who I am, I'm an MP? So what if I claimed the maximum on the second home allowance. So what if I wanted to keep MP's fiddling (sorry) expenses secret from you the riff raff. So what if I received hundreds of emails requesting an EU referendum, then it translates to having received one on the EU...Oh lets not forget the flat earth society while we are at it, I have had loads,thousands in fact of emails on that subject"

I think everyone gets the drift. I know I say it every time Kilfoyle pops up on this blog, but his articles are hilarious in their content, because he is so hollow with his comments. Its highly likely that this do nothing Walton Labour Party MP will get re-elected at the next election, mainly because of his majority and this is a tragedy for the Walton constituency.

You know Peter Kilfoyle is living in fantasy land also when he states in his Anfield Walton comic that the "majority" of MP'S have done no wrong, "most are honest" (what??!!) and they are "hard working" (yeh eating in restaurants). Why should any of us give his comments any serious consideration, because Peter Kilfoyle say's "believe me" (oh dear)

Peter, I would rather believe a compulsive liar than believe anything you tell me.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Blackpool victory rally here we come

I know where I will be this weekend and that is with the BNP family at Blackpool. You see there is two things that this totalitarian Labour Party Government cannot take away from us and that is our British spirit and freedom of thought. When I am with my friends I say what I like, when I like, something that the Labour fascist party particularly would like to stop.

What better way to spend Saturday than to listen to Victory speeches from our newly elected BNP MEP's Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. Followed by an evening of entertainment, while drinking pint after pint.

Fantastic, roll on Saturday.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Diane Abbott, untalented window dressing?..I think so.

After listening to all the ungracious crap that I've been listening to over the last week from political parties opposed to the BNP due to our MEP victories, I find it easy to understand why people are flocking to and being drawn to the BNP family in their hundreds of thousands.

Opposing views we at the BNP have no problem with especially if the points raised are of particular value and of reasonable intelligence which can be debated. But it is particularly galling when "professional Blacks" such as Diane Abbott continually come out with bile and crap with her worthless contributions denouncing the BNP. People like her who inwardly detest "white British identity" I suspect keeps the Nationalistic drive going in me.

Her latest worthless contribution and I quote "Nick Griffin is entitled to protection from acts of criminality. Furthermore, he is entitled to express his views. But throwing eggs at politicians is not a crime - it is a grand British tradition. I am surprised that a party that claims to be British nationalists is not more appreciative of it"..(Observer Sun 14/6/2009)

A few months ago on the "This week" BBC1 with Andrew Neil programme she came out with another "Diane Abbott pearler" stating that she had received a BNP leaflet through the door and that she was horrified with the message of hate that was inside the leaflet. Andrew Neil obviously intrigued what the message of hate was asked her what did the leaflet say, Diane Abbott who clearly had made up the story about the leaflet was left stuttering, umming and arring thinking of what response she could give having not expected the question from Andrew Neil.

If telling porkies makes Diane Abbott feel important then go for it. Be careful what you say though about "grand British traditions", as the next time you are in Liverpool I hope you don't complain when you are wearing an omelette overcoat which has been dispensed over you from a patriotic Nationalistic bystander.

To read article click on ORANGE headline.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Onwards and upwards

After drinking everything that is alcoholic for the last two days I suppose that I can now put a few sentences together to say a few words about those anti democratic lunatics that are Merseysides own sponsored idiots . I recall someone saying that Merseyside has always been a fascist free zone.

This is not exactly correct, in fact it has never been correct, because the fascists have always been on Merseyside. They are the fascist Labour party and their paid UAF, Searchlight scum thugs. A typical fascist thug is pictured below, they work in the shadows and in groups generally attacking BNP democrats when they are on their own.

Now that we have a legally elected BNP representative in the North West we have at long last a voice of ours on Merseyside. The police have for example a duty of care to protect the BNP member of the European parliament Nick Griffin. I certainly hope the police will come down heavily now on the likes of Alec McFadden and the fascist criminals with which he associates with when he continually tries to disrupt the democratic process, a tactic which he copies from his communist Russian hero Stalin.

Another one who has to get a mention is Steve Radford. Whilst I do believe that Steve Radford is anti European his motives for joining Alec McFadden in the false flag party "yes to this no to that" party are all to obvious. Just a few words of advice to Steve Radford as well as regards his dress sense. Its obvious that he trys to model himself on Simon Cowell, but come on Steve you must know where your waist is. When you put your trousers on why fasten your trousers at armpit level, Simon Cowel gets away with it because he is a millionaire, you are not a millionaire and you have a terrible style of clothing sense.

For any reading this who think I have exaggerated, I am just getting news that Nick Griffin has been attacked by a mob throwing eggs and bottles in London. You guessed it, the UAF are responsible.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Yes to the BNP 2 no2 Democracy yes to the EU 0

After the magnificent BNP Euro victories last night a well earned celebratory drink was had by all at a private venue. Champagne was drunk all night and until the early hours of the morning. Despite the Labour party sponsored thugs being supplied with eggs from trade union monies the lefty scum all left at midnight when obviously they were not getting paid any more.

I am knackered, OK then I will have another glass of champagne, have another laugh at the lefties and am going to bed. Another report later...When I wake up.