Thursday, 27 May 2010

PCC complaint against Echo!

Peter Stafford, Branch Secretary and Prospective Candidate for County ward was working with the PCC to get the true events of the Fazakerley By-Election published where the mass murdering Labour Party told lies about a BNP Demo targeting the house of the rather gruesome looking Steve Rotheram (Now a pig in the trough).

You can see what the PCC had to say and do with two complaints:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Good riddance Brown!.... Its been a nightmare!

Three years, three years we have had to put up with him and now thank goodness he's been shown the proverbial door by the electorate. Personally speaking I would like to say its been a pleasure but in truth, Brown's time in Downing street has been a nightmare to me and a nightmare for the country. He became Prime Minister by default and goes back to Scotland one of the Labour Party's biggest losers.

Obviously the Merseyside electorate who came out in droves to support the Labour Party at the General Election thought differently to the rest of the country. The Merseyside electorate now that a Conservative Lib Dem coalition are in charge can go back to the mindset of blaming Thatcher and the Conservatives again for their woes, through unemployment, poverty, social deprivation etc, etc, etc.

As I write these words on this blog, the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post will already be blaming the banking crisis, unemployment and the state of the country on the Conservatives and do you know what, the Merseyside voters will fall for it. Never mind we have just had thirteen years of the worst most treasonous, war mongering, Labour Party government to the British people in British History.

If this has been the benchmark for future political performance that the Labour Party have set, well the next five years are going to be a breeze for the ConLib coalition. It would be impossible for ANYONE do to any worse on their watch in comparison!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A time when Politicians were a little bit Patriotic.

In view of the way this country is heading, lets compare Camerons Conservatives today to Margaret Thatchers time. Can you ever imagine today's politically correct "cloned LibLabCon parties", (the three are exactly the same) ever coming out with a statement as above by Thatcher.... Dream on!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

UK Giving Election Votes Away To Afghans, But Not Our Troops!


And they only get the choice of Labour, Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives to choose from! That's democratic, don't you think?

I wonder why the British press stayed silent on this. Its a disgrace that the Americans have to tell us what's going on in our own country.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Brown worst PM says Labour candidate


This has got to be the first time Liverpool BNP have ever agreed with a Labour Party member, I hope its not going to become a habit! Under the circumstance I will make an allowance on this occasion.There is a saying and the saying goes like this, "it never rains but it always pours". Certainly for the "loony Labour Party" Prime Minister Gordon Brown, this election has become a torrential rain storm.

This morning Manish Sood (pictured above), who is standing for the Labour Party in North West Norfolk, has attacked the Prime Minister and also called other Labour ministers "corrupt" and said the party had allowed immigration to get too high. He further added "the prime minister "owes an apology to the people and the Queen, his policies have been a disaster for the country"... Well Manish, all you had to do was talk to us in the BNP mate, we could have told you that years ago.

To read the full article and attack on Gordon Brown by one of his own, click on the ORANGE headline above.

Monday, 3 May 2010

BNP campaigning Teams out all over Merseyside


Over the course of the weekend fifteen thousand BNP leaflets have been delivered through Merseyside letter box's by our activists. This does not include the leaflets that have already been delivered by the Royal Mail postmen. Five BNP Parliamentary candidates on Merseyside equates to two hundred thousand leaflets delivered by the Royal Mail alone!

There are three days left for campaigning with ten thousand leaflets still yet to be delivered. The Labour Party have had a disastrous campaign through the country and reduced majorities on Merseyside for them will be an absolute moral victory for the British National Party here.


Merseyside BNP are going nowhere. We will expose the lies of the old tired worn out LibLabCon parties wherever they go.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Balls to Labour Posters, for our supporters

For our supporters. Save the picture and print off. Its as simple as that.

What the country thinks of Labour and Ed Balls


The above video was taken yesterday from the Hustings in Morley Town centre. Absolutely hilarious. Shows the contempt with which Labour cabinet ministers are held in in the eyes of the public.

Chris Beverley does an excellent job as an aid to Andrew Brons MEP. Chris would also make an outstanding member of Parliament. Merseyside BNP wish him all the best with his campaign.

For more videos click on the ORANGE headline above.