Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Frank Field branded "the new Enoch Powell" by bishop

A BISHOP has branded Mersey MP Frank Field “the new Enoch Powell” – because of his explosive views on curbing immigration.

Peter Selby said the Birkenhead MP’s call for a drastic cut in the number of arrivals into Britain had the “same message” as Powell’s rabble-rousing “rivers of blood” speech four decades ago.


Frank Field the new Enoch Powell?..I very much doubt it, more like a John Gaunt or a Richard Littlejohn if you ask me. While this blog concedes that Mr Field will sometimes stick his head over the pulpit and actually speak his mind, at the end of the day he is still Labour Party. I expect if push came to shove he will toe the Labour Party line especially after Gordon Brown is riding reasonably high after his five hundred billion banking theft, for the banks!

There is only one political party that does exactly what it says on the tin and that's the British National Party. To put an end to immigration then vote BNP. Its not racist to say British people should come first, the rest can get in the queue.

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  1. I have some very fond memories of Birkenhead, It was my home for the first nineteen years of my life. The people are down to earth, common as muck and I'm proud to be one of them ....a Plastic Scouser.

    I've been away a long time now so I'm not sure what Frank has done for the people of Birkenhead.

    Does he speak on behalf of the people of Birkenhead?
    He sometimes sticks his neck out when it comes to national politics but achieves very little and I think that if the man had real courage and integrity then he would leave the Labour Party.

    If he really wants to do something positive for the people of his constituency then he should resign from the Labour Party. Maybe then I would have some respect for him.

    If he remains in the party in the hope that it will return to the party of old then he is a fool.

    That reminds me ....must phone the folks and tell them to get themselves to a Wirral or Merseyside BNP meeting.

  2. We have regular meetings on both sides of the water. You will always be most welcome to attend. Best wishes, Liverpool BNP.