Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barak Obama, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, his view.

The Obama halo is relative to his opponent, and within weeks of his not having an opponent that halo will begin to lose its lustre.

It is clear that, on top of seeing the end of the American century, we are in fact witnessing the death of America as anything other than a geographical expression.The election of Barak Obama certainly will in all probability speed this process up to some extent, but the long-term historical trend was set years ago, and the question of who is in charge of rearranging the deckchairs on the US Titanic is actually of very little significance.

Far from marking the end of race as a factor in American politics, that will end up polarising the place as never before.Hence, when Obama does disappoint, the reaction will not produce anything worthwhile, but simply crude racist ugliness.

He lives with a ‘nightmare vision’ of black powerlessness. He seethes over injustices and prejudices that he never encountered. He detests his own white grandmother when she is frightened by an aggressive black beggar. He is, in short, a true racist bigot.

COMMENT. The above are passages taken from BNP Nick Griffins assessment and the significance of Barak Obama’s Presidential victory in the USA. To read full article in its entirety click on Orange headline above.

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