Friday, 31 October 2008

It isn't a crime to call the Irish leprechauns: Court clears Black woman of racially harassing neighbour

A young Merseyside woman who allegedly called an Irish neighbour a f***in leprechaun has found herself hauled before a crown court judge.

Andeliza Tucker,18, faced a trial costing thousands after the alleged remark led to police action. The question a court prepared to wrestle with was whether calling your neighbour a '******* leprechaun' amounts to racial abuse.

After being questioned, the teenager was charged with racially aggravated harassment, an offence which carries up to two years' imprisonment.

The Crown Prosecution Service said Miss Tucker had been prosecuted because she had also allegedly threatened to kick her pregnant neighbour's baby 'out of her stomach' and had previously been given a fixed penalty notice for harassment.


Now I have to say that these comments were made directly to Miss Vince by Miss Tucker. Bearing in mind that leprechaun's are not at all attractive and then linking this to her Irish background then it seems on the surface in today's PC society to be racial hatred against the Irish and Miss Vince's facial looks, in my opinion.

Everyone please click on the link and take a good look at Miss Andeliza Tucker. She is clearly underweight, obviously of British descent and extremely attractive (yuck, not my type though)...I have to say this in the PC world of Gordon Brown's Britain. To upset the feelings of an ethnic (is she ethnic or British) is to feel the full force of the law breaking through your front door by the time the last sentence is finished on this post.

To be honest I love reading articles as this one in the Daily Mail, despite the injustice to the Irish and Miss Vince as it keeps me going and also no doubt all the other BNP members full of fight for our "own people". I say this as Miss Andeliza Tucker has distinguished the Irish lady Miss Vince as "not being one of her people".

OK this post is finished now..I'm just wondering how long its going to be before my front door is booted in!!

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UPDATE...The shameless Liverpool Echo just show a photo of the White lady on their report and not the very scary looking Black lady Andeliza Tucker..Link to Echo report here.

John Barnes admits driving uninsured - because he can't afford a chauffeur

FORMER Liverpool legend John Barnes escaped a driving ban after claiming he was too poor to hire a chauffeur.

The Liverpool favourite, who can earn between £3,000 and £4,000 a week, said employing a driver was not feasible as his wage, workload and travelling requirements varied drastically.

The former footballer was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £35 costs within 56 days.


John Barnes was without a doubt a Liverpool legend (a team I support). But I have to say that this case has infuriated me. It was well documented that in 1985 John Barnes was on a contract with Liverpool football club for around £10,0000 (ten thousand pounds) a week, I cannot remember how many years the contract was for but a British record at the time I think.

This is a case of them and us. I have no doubt that if it was me or any other member of the public, then we would have expected to receive a ban and a hefty fine.

All these modern day stars and celebrities have to drive, but as they live a standard of life most of us can only dream of they should set an example in behaviour that our impressionable youngsters can take an example from. The self serving modern day society is an indictment of what we have become and seems to be the expected norm along with the two tier justice system. This is a real shame.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The delights of Multiculturalism, Liverpool Muslim style.

A SOMALI teenager was battered to death in Liverpool’s Sefton Park after a row about Muslims drinking alcohol, a court heard yesterday.Ahmed Mohammed Ibra-him, 17, was attacked with a Samurai sword, bats, machete and a metal pipe on March 10.

A jury was told one of the five defendants accused of murder shouted ‘he’s still alive!’ as the victim lay help-less with blows raining down upon him. He was left bleeding in the road with severe head injuries and died in hospital two hours later.


A row about drinking alcohol!!??..Well you can see the kind of people that we are up against here, hardly people who have a sense of humour are they.

Let me make it clear on this blog, I do not want these kind of people being my next door neighbour. While the council in Liverpool "force" multiculturalism by flooding WHITE peaceful areas with foreigners who are deeply offended at the sight of a packet of Danish and a pack of four Heineken. They do this (the council) knowing that if they are your next door neighbour, then you are hardly likely to ask them around for a traditional summers day BBQ when at the slightest sniff of a bacon burger and a can of larger the freshly sharpened Samurai sword might be produced and used against you.

You cannot force an "alien" culture upon the people of these lands. I will fight tooth and nail to keep the British flag flying upon these shores until the very last breath is in my body, despite the councils throughout this land and the government in Downing street wanting to do different.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

There's nothing I can do to save jobs, admits Brown

Gordon Brown has admitted for the first time he is powerless to stop workers losing their jobs as he embarks on a massive Government borrowing spree to get Britain out of recession.


If only this waste of space Prime Minister would put as much effort into saving jobs so people can stay in their houses as he did saving the British banks who were criminal in their financial dealings.

I don't know what it will take for this country to wake up. But to repeat a quote from Peter Kilfoyle this week, "For the first time since 1997, the government is acting as a truly Labour government"...Well if this is the result Kilfoyle why don't you give some of your wages to some of the less fortunate who are going to be homeless this Christmas thanks to your boss.

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

What the BNP are fighting for and the BNP fighting against

All British patriots please join us in this fight. Vote BNP

Friday, 24 October 2008

It's time for Nationalism I think Kilfoyle.

"For the first time since 1997, the government is acting as a truly Labour government, Its time for Socialism." Astonishing Peter Kilfoyle quote, Anfield Walton Star 23rd Oct 2008.

This is what happens when the Labour experiment fails it reverts to try plan B, whatever that is. The amount of misery that has been heaped upon the British people since 1997 by this Labour government has been truly remarkable. The country is on its knees, bankrupt, thanks to Labour, in recession, crime figures are at record high levels over the last ten years thanks to Labour (even though they tried to fiddle the figures by lowering them). Just about everything is worse over the last ten years thanks to the Labour Party.

I say as the title of this post suggests its time for Nationalism. I would say lets give our British people some pride back .As the pride of this country is getting crushed by the socialist experiment of the Labour Party and Peter Kilfoyle. Quite what Peter Kilfoyle is going on about "Its time for socialism" is any one's guess as I don't think he even has a clue.

Since Labour have come into power they have put the interests of immigrants, asylum seekers, basically anyone non British ahead of the interests of "the British". Its time to boot all the spongers out back to where they came from and start looking after our own people. A warning to Kilfoyle and his Labour cronies, your game is up and your time is up. The British National Party are coming and will take this country back that you and your Labour MP crook mates have ransacked, pillaged and utterly destroyed. As you have now conceded that plan A has failed why don't you do the honourable thing Kilfoyle and go yourself. Its time for Nationalism and Its time for Peter Kilfoyle to go.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

MPs stage coup over new Liverpool FC stadium

GORDON BROWN has been urged to topple the American owners of Liverpool Football Club, in an astonishing “coup bid” by six Merseyside MPs.

The MPs, led by Walton’s Peter Kilfoyle, want the Government – through the part-nationalisation of the Royal Bank of Scotland – to pull the plug on a £350m loan to Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

The extraordinary suggestion that ministers should decide whether a loan should be made – and, in consequence, who owns a football club – can only be made because of the unprecedented £37bn banking bail-out.


I have to be honest here, I don't quite know what to make of this. Anything that that snake in the grass maggot Peter Kilfoyle gets involved in is usually not to the benefit of anyone but himself. However the fact that MP's can now influence Banks on who and who cannot be given loans due to part Nationalisation sets a problematic prescendent, especially with that " dishonourable eel" Peter Mandelson now being the business minister in Government. Making Peter Mandelson business minister is the equivalent of making Hannibal Lecter (silence of the lambs) a manager of a kinder garden.

Can everyone now see what may occur here? Whats to stop these Ministers, MP's putting pressure on the part Nationalised banks to give favour and loans to their friends. Liverpool BNP will watch how this story developes.

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Immigration minister Phil Woolas "cracks" over immigration 'crackdown'

Immigration minister Phil Woolas was accused of playing to the gallery after he appeared to backtrack on promises to crack down on foreign workers. On Saturday, Mr Woolas had said he would make it harder for immigrants to come to Britain.

He suggested an upper limit on the UK's population and criticised the NHS and councils for being too soft on foreigners. But when challenged over the detail of his proposals on Sunday, Mr Woolas appeared to be in full retreat.


What is the point of having an immigration minister if you cannot do sod all about immigration?..Yeh exactly, it makes no sense at all. Everyone I have spoken too through my job about this "immigration crackdown lie" have been cock-a-hoop about Labour saying, well at least they are talking about it, now they are going to do something about it now. Really??!!

You also have to hand it to the imbecile Labour ministers in the "ministerial ranks" they say anything without thinking and knowing exactly what they are really talking about. I wonder if Phil Woolas has been told to come back after school for a severe dressing down by the headmaster Mr Brown. It certainly looks like it.

The British National Party are the only political party that can and will do something about this British disease of immigration. To all the people who for a moment believed in Woolas's crackdown, you should all know by now that whatever they promise, they will do exactly the opposite, unless of course its giving tax payers money to the useless British bankers.

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Friday, 17 October 2008

Thief Gordon's General Election speculation.

Gordon Brown yesterday refused to rule out calling an election on the back of his widely-praised handling (obviously the BNP disagree with this) of the economic crisis.

Asked if he might go to the polls early, he sought to brush the question aside, insisting he was focusing all his attention on the economy.


I really would like to change the record as regards this confidence trickster Brown, but he really does take the biscuit. I have had to watch this thief and that's what he is is a thief, strut around Europe thinking that he's done us all an economic favour, when on the contrary he has robbed the British tax payer bailing out the banks. If he was in charge in China the likelihood would be that he would have faced a firing squad by now or would have been hung by the neck, oh I can only dream of that day!, along with Blair as well facing his day of judgement.

Obviously I want the eventual installation of a BNP government installed in this country to kick out the illegal immigrant parasites that are being welcomed by this Labour Government which are harvesting these undesirables as future voters. The Conservatives are equally detestable under Cameron but I do hope the Conservatives truly crush the Labour Party at the next General Election whenever this may be, but it will be more of the same under them without a doubt. The fact that we may see the Labour MP scum being booted out is merely worth the entertainment value, all of this on TV as well.

The installation of a BNP government is not all about immigration either. This will be a day when at last we the indigenous British will get a voice, will be allowed to use our voice without the threat by the "Stazi" of being told to button it or face the consequences of their jack boot in our face.

It is highly likely we may have an election next year as politics is a balancing act of a number of issues and is down to timing things right for one's own benefit. Gordon Brown in general is a "bottler", the man has no heart, has a glass chin. Will he, can he face the fact that whatever he does Labour are almost certainly going to get booted out next year or in 2010. In the world of Gordon though if he calls it next year and loses then he is no longer the Prime Minister. What is more important to him, the well being of the country or Gordon being Prime Minister?..I think I know the answer, do you?

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Campaigners arrested in Liverpool?

We are hearing that Merseyside police have arrested and disrupted legal campaigners in the city centre. 'Indymedia' a site which is very left wing and have been known to post militant anti-BNP information and lies has reported this:

"A crowd of two hundred people, angry and disgusted, watched as legal
campaigners from 10 protest groups had their leaflets and tables confiscated in Church Street, Liverpool this Saturday 11th October. Two arrests were made."

(We will not link to a site used by disgusting vermin otherwise known as communists)

Now you may ask why we find this of interest? Well not so long ago you may remember that Liverpool British National Party were giving leaflets out in the city centre only to be stopped by ARMED POLICE. The lefties and communist vermin were quick to accuse us of lying and saying that we deserved it, however now that it has happened to them they are crying 'OUTRAGE' & 'FURY'.

Now we as a party of Democracy and Freedom of speech strongly believe in the peoples right to express their opinion and for people to receive different opinions and views. So we believe that any restrictions on this is wrong and should be condemned.

However we would be interested to know what the 10 different groups were that had been campaigning in Liverpool.

Also for Merseyside police we would like to state this little bit of information to you:

"Political organisation do not require local authority consent to sell or distribute literature on the streets.

The convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Article 10.

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinion and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority regardless of frontiers."

A Video of the police harassment Liverpool BNP faced:

Friday, 10 October 2008

Fear grips global stock markets..Now what Gordon?

You have to hand it to Gordon Brown, everything he touches or does really does turn into a disaster. Wednesday we saw an announcement between him and Alastair Darling of the global actions that have been taken by Britain for global economic conditions now prevailing around the world. Then what happens regardless of the theft that Gordon instigated on behalf of the banks, the stock markets collapse anyway.

One wonders how low the markets can go, indeed companies will and can go bankrupt through this collapse and whatever happens we will all survive, this is not a war, this is just millionaires losing fortunes in one foul swoop, its quite hilarious to watch all the madness unfolding, this is what greed does to people.

Not to let Gordon off the hook today either, hows this for a classic quote from Gordon "Everybody depends on banks. We're trying to get the banks to do what they've traditionally done, to get the flow of money to businesses, to help people with their mortgages, to make sure people's savings are safe,"...What a corker! How exactly do the banks help people with their mortgages apart from extracting as much money as possible from them. You should ask the British savers in the Icelandic banks how safe their money is today as well, it's just a thought Gordon.

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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Biggest £500 Billion tax payer robbery in British history.

Well I would like to say that I did not see this coming, but as far back as two years ago I knew this day was coming. However everyone knew that money and the continuance of making money for the financial institutions and the rich would be given the bailout and get the decision on the day by this traitorous incompetent Labour Government. The correct course of action in my opinion would have been to let the banks go to the wall, but this is an age where one's opinion does not count regardless of how strong the protest.

There are so many questions about this "legalised theft" of tax payers money that should be answered but we will never get the answers. Gordon Brown and his fiscal rulebook has been well and truly shredded and the rule book re-written forever. In affect Gordon Brown has indicated to us that he never really had a clue what he was doing when circumstances got beyond his control in allowing this bail-out.

There are so many deserved causes that I can think of that would warrant this money ahead of this scheme to bail-out the banks, the list is so big that it would fill this page. One thing that does confuse me is that the whole point of this bail-out if you would believe the Government is to start the banks lending to one another once again. In affect the Government want to kick start the economy by you and me to start taking loans, mortgages, credit etc from the banks to start the boom and bust cycle all over again, this is madness. What happens if no one wants to lend?

It is unclear what the long term effects of yesterdays bail-out will hold. Many agree that there will be prolonged and varied tax increases, our pensions will depreciate so that we will have to work longer. One thing I also would like to know is why our banking bail-out seems to be on a bigger scale than America's even though they're economy and population is bigger than ours, something not many economists have picked up on from what I've seen and read. Either way black Wednesday 8th October will be a day none of us will forget for being the day the banks and the Labour Government got away with highway robbery, talk about robbing the poor to continue feeding the rich!

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Monday, 6 October 2008

Gordon Brown and his moralistic stock market.. What a joke!!

Gordon Brown has urged global markets to abide by a system of "morals", including "responsible risk-taking" and a "work ethic". He told a dinner in London the government would do "whatever it takes" to see out the current crisis.

The "good economy" would help create the "good society", Mr Brown added.


I'm sorry but this fella Brown is an absolute imbecile and a disgrace, who is this scumbag to instruct anyone on morals??!!. These soundbites he comes out with are so full of sh*te that whoever writes them for him needs to face a firing squad!...Hopefully should this have been the case Brown would have been the architect of them (the soundbites). Can I ask the readers of this blog, is there such a thing as responsible risk-taking? We also know about Gordon Brown's track record in doing "whatever it takes"...What does he do? Well he simply does nothing until the next soundbite pops out of his ample backside.

What exactly does a good society mean also in the world of Gormless Gordon, well he gives us the answer, it's a good economy!!..What an utter load of crap!!! We have had this mirage of a "growing economy" since the end of John Major's premiership, so the good times are hardly down to the Labour Party, but the Labour Party did take full advantage of the years of plenty didn't they.

As the full scale and consequences of this financial collapse develops and the fallout reveals the financial casualties, this blog will be keeping an eye on all the developments. I have stated on this blog that Gordon is a first class fraud and I do not expect to be proven wrong with him in charge of this financial situation. But for Gordon's sake don't let him anywhere near whats left of our gold in the meantime, just in case he has any more ideas about that!!

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Golly doll fury at city slavery museum!

A SHOP a few yards from Liverpool’s slavery museum has sparked anger by selling golly dolls.

The controversial dolls, which were mainly outlawed after a storm of protest in the 1980s, are on display at Wizzard, part of the Albert Dock complex.

But community leaders today said they had received complaints about the toys, describing them as “insensitive and offensive”.

--- Comment ---

Bloody Brilliant, might go and buy one of these and I am sure that this bit of publicity will massively increase their custom now.
Some people are so sad and idiotic if they find a doll “insensitive and offensive”, anyone to have such an opinion should be given a lobotomy.

Why dont you buy a Golly Pen at:
Buy a Golly Pen here!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

US banking bail-out gives green light for British bail-out

After the developments in America that the financial institutions should be bailed out to the tune of seven hundred billion dollars by the American tax payer

It now seems our our own little Darling is thinking of using the same American bail-out model as an excuse for British taxpayers doing the same over here. Who Say's that white collar financial crime does not pay eh?

In my opinion, an opinion why this bail-out is bad news economically for the future of this country is explained here. If the bailout had not gone ahead it is highly unlikely that Alistair Darling would be strutting around like a peacock now thinking that he could do whatever he wants with British tax payers money. In the long term housing property values will not come down to a realisable level to which first time buyers can afford. If property values are kept artificially high, what makes the banks and mortgage companies the most money, a mortgage at fifty thousand pounds, or a mortgage at one hundred thousand pounds?. Boom and bust is going to be the order of the day I'm afraid and oh how Gordon Brown must be cursing the bad timing of this one for him.

If the American bail-out had not gone ahead there probably would have been a collapse the likes of which we have never seen before. There still may be a collapse as this American bail-out may not even work, time will only tell. Inflation and the cost of living would have gone up in the short term, but financially in the longer term things would have been a lot better. Short term unemployment will have gone up but again would have settled when the economy corrected and balanced itself out. One thing for sure in my opinion is this, what will they do when the next cycle of boom and bust comes. The capitalist model requires bigger profits but will it come at a bigger cost and who will pay the cost when it inevitably fails next time?

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