Monday, 3 November 2008

Who says our country is not full up. Pathetic!!

FLOATING communities are the next big development opportunity – and Liverpool will get a glimpse of their potential this week.Liverpool Marina owner and property developer David Beard will outline his vision of “building on the water” on Wednesday at WaterfrontExpo 2008.

He said: “Water in the UK is an unrecognised and under-valued resource which ought to be a new development medium.”

“There is a lot of houseboats in Scandinavia and Holland as individual homes, but we want to give an example of different forms of floating communities. These boats are ideal for lakes, docks or sheltered harbours.”


Floating Communities now?. Can any Merseysider imagine this taking into account the filthy state and condition of the river Mersey. What's left of our beautiful coastline should be preserved not built on. The rats will have a field day with these floating houses and I don't mean the illegal immigrants, asylum seekers or Westminster politicians here either.

We all know that this country is already overpopulated, if you don't know this you need to get out a bit more. There is definitely a trick being played here by the developers along side council authorities as there is only so much building you can do on land. Once this gets started our coastline would resemble something akin to a Bangladeshi shanty town in the rainy or flood season.

The British National Party do not support this floating house scheme madness. This is Great Britain not shanty Britain.

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  1. Here's an idea. With the coal mining industry destroyed in Britain, how about turning all those miles of tunnels and caves into bijoue luxury apartments.
    I'm sure those hordes of asylum seekers/illegals etc would just love to be housed in comfort in an ex mine. Just think of all claims they could put in, ref human rights etc.
    PS. To any politicians who might read this, yes, I am only joking.