Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Alec McFadden admits he wants to use BNP list against them.

At twenty past one (1.20pm) today Alec McFadden (President for the coalition trade unions) admitted live on air, Radio Merseyside, (the Roger Phillips show) that he is in possession of a list of twelve thousand members of the BNP. He admitted that he will be going through the whole list which is on his computer that he would be finding out who has convictions for anything and be making it known to others, (third parties) no doubt Searchlight, Labour Party hired thugs.

We do not need to remind Alec McFadden that this is illegal and breaking the law, as such we are already contacting Merseyside police as an indirect threat has been made by him against BNP members. Now we hope that radio Merseyside will do the honourable thing and provide Merseyside Police with the transcript recording of the comments to assist them in their enquiries. The comments by McFadden were heard by other members who have contacted me.

Alec McFadden as previously stated on this site is a serial fantasist. He is totally anti British and would like nothing better than for Britain to become a communist state. We hope he assists the police when they come knocking on his door for his criminal comments and threats.


  1. Alec McFadden
    11 Silverbeech Road
    CH44 9BT

    Tel: 07831 627 531

  2. What a pillock,how dare he come out with such threaning comments on a public broadcasting service.He cut his own face just for publicity the guy's fu**ing mental

  3. I can smell the stench of his fear here in South Wales.

    We have them wetting themselves Liverpool.

    Let them do their worst Kinsmen for we shall surely do ours.

  4. People like McFadden are rotten to their core, their time will come, as they will destroy themselves with their dark souless existence.

  5. Mine honor and culture is my life; both grow in one; Take one from me, and my life is done.”