Saturday, 8 November 2008

Muslim sex attack perverts jailed, are any white British girls safe?

TWO Asian (Muslim) men were jailed indefinitely for sex attacks on teenage white girls they had plied with drink and drugs.Mirza Baig, 35, and Mohammed Ditta, 39, picked up vulnerable teenagers, offering them drink and cigarettes, Manchester Crown Court was told.

But after luring them back to Ditta's flat in Hulme, Manchester, the girls were given vodka, Ecstasy pills and cocaine, until they became unconscious.They then pounced on their 15-year-old victims, stripping them naked, putting them in beds and trying to force them to have sex. Both men are married with young children.


It amazes me that the reports that come through as describing these Muslim perverts as Asians thus hiding the detail that the problem of child grooming is mainly by male Muslims. The British National Party have raised this issue to the police on a number of occasions but these crimes keep on happening. I guess as the victims had "white skin" that they do not count and its not a priority. I do not know why the police force in Britain these days do not walk around with "British police sponsored by and working for the Labour Party and Muslim Community" Its a disgrace!!

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  1. For a true believer its ok to murder, rape and pillage everyone and anything that is not Muslim.
    In fact, Unbelievers deserve death because they have defied Muhaammed.
    Why should we be surprised when they attack us in the West. Its been in their religion and culture for thousands of years.
    Absolutely nothing can change that. Their Koran is not up for interpretation.
    Thats why they dare not touch any of their own teenage girls. The consequences, for them, are undescribable. Unbelievers are easy prey.

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