Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Nigerian benefits mum gets £1m home, I say absolute madness!!

A SINGLE Nigerian mother of five on benefits is living in a £1million five-bedroom detached house – paid for by taxpayers.But Nigerian Omowunmi Odia, who has been in Britain for 10 years and lives off state hand-outs, moved into the property in Edgware, north London, two weeks ago, thanks to housing benefits.

Mrs Odia, who is in her 30s, said yesterday: “They didn’t have any council houses big enough for me so I found this one. I like it. The children like it.”


The children seem to like it eh?..I am spitting feathers here. If the powers that be in this country need to know what motivates BNP members then it is stories like this. The wives of military personnel have to live in squalid conditions in their accommodation in this country lucky to have a cooker that works and a house that's not full of damp.

Don't worry you Labour party scum of the earth, this is yet more ammunition for us to use against you at the next general election!!..The British National Party will put a stop to this housing madness. British people should come first, that's all that needs to be said.

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  1. Someone needs to be lined up against a wall for this gaffe.
    End of.

  2. A man living on the other side of billinge!had his son killed in a road accident last year!then his taxi's were set on fire probably by asians!who run taxi companies! he fell behind with his council tax!HALF OF WHICH IS USED TO PAY FOR IMMIGRANTS AND UNEMPLOYED!AS THIS WOMEN!the council sent the bailifs to take his stuff! unbelievable the contempt they have for our people!