Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Halewood South Sat 21st Nov 2009


Some more footage of the BNP local election campaign in Halewood South. As usual the camera shy UAF put in an appearance to spoil the day by being a nuisance to everyone around them.

Its a good job we had our BNP old age pensioner thugs on hand, at the front of the line just in case these UAF scum decided to attack us.Its no wonder the media never want to show the terrifying people we have in our ranks! Heaven knows what the voters would think.

To visit the Liverpool You Tube site click on the ORANGE headline above.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

White Britain beware. Multiculturalism stinks!

Hat tip to the superb Green Arrow blog site. Click on the ORANGE headline above to get there.

The above video makes me sick!...Its our duty to watch it just to make the true British people to wake up and realise what's happening and going on. Watch it and get the sick bag out.

There is an appearance by the "son of a coward" Jack Straw.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Halewood South campaign warming up nicely.

Click on the above photo to enlarge.

The full team of the Merseyside BNP has been working tirelessly in Halewood South Ward with and alongside our superb candidate Tony Ward.

Over the weekend between fifteen and twenty of our most committed activists were out on the streets of Halewwood South and the surrounding areas. The ward of Halewood South has been decimated by the neglect of previous incumbent Labour Party and Lib Dem councils along with their traitorous councillors.

The fascist UAF tried to upset the day by intimidation and interfering in the democratic process, but were seen off by BNP supporting Halewood South residents.

The election takes place this Thursday Nov 26th so everyone who lives in Halewood South who knows people who can vote, please encourage them to vote Tony Ward BNP.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Merseyside's "Independent Communist" coward Alec McFadden

Hat tip to one of our regular contributors BULLFIGHTER for having as usual his finger on the pulse as regards any matters in Merseyside.


Residents urged to make sure they can vote in Wirral council by-election The vote takes place in Wirral council’s Moreton West and Saughall Massie ward on November 26.
It follows the death of Cllr Suzanne Moseley in September.
EL-GOBO Alec McFadden stands as an Independent because no one would vote for him as a communists. LMAO.


Of course Bullfighter he also stood in the EU elections with Merseysides own "look at me in my tight jeans" Liverpools own disaster for democracy and free speech Steve Radford, for the "YES to this and NO to that party" as long as the no involves anything to do with the BNP.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Justice if you are British White?.. Dont count on it.

Take a good look at the picture above. This is a picture of Tony ward one Of Liverpool's outstanding BNP activists who could have lost his life during an attempted murder on his life this year. The perpetrator was identified, arrested, witnesses available to testify against the "BLACK UAF THUG" and statements given to the police, but subsequently all charges dropped.

Its actually very hard for me doing this blog post as my blood is boiling. I just want to say to all the police officers connected with this case and to the CPS, YOU ARE ALL SCUM!!... Good I feel a bit better saying that, but not much better.

I know what is going on and so do my BNP patriot BNP friends. There is a better write up on the main BNP site. Click onto the ORANGE headline above to get there.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Knowsley Halewood South By-election!

Merseyside BNP will be contesting a by-election in Knowsley for the Halewood South Ward.

Our candidate is the very capable and extremely hard working Tony Ward, readers may remember it was Tony Ward who was hit on the head with a hammer which had to receive stitches after he and 3 other BNP activists were attacked in their Vehicle by a bunch of savage drug addicts. The scene was described as being like something out of 'Black Hawk Down'.

We wish Tony Ward the best of luck and hope he can make History for the party on Merseyside. We will try to keep this blog updated on the the happenings in the by-election.

Knowsley MBC Halewood South LibDem seat candidates: LibDem/Lab/Con/TUSP/BNP/Ind

2008 result LibDem 691 Lab 502 TUSP 137 Con 88 Ind 64

Monday, 2 November 2009

Colonisation?... This is GENOCIDE of WHITE British people.

Hat tip to Roger Phillips of the Green Arrow Blog site. Click on the ORANGE link above to get on their superb site.

If ever proof was needed that White British people are being booted, displaced out of their homeland, then the above video is proof enough.

The scum politicians in this country aren't interested in us, they are too busy planning their next little fiddle on the expenses, whilst giving YOUR tax money to the invaders above on the video.

Roger Phillips in the interest of his own safety had to talk in Welsh at the end of the video, just in case he was attacked for saying what he was saying. Its unbelievable that this is happening in our Capital City of Great Britain London. But its been happening for years now UNREPORTED, because the powers that be in this country want it that way.

This is GENOCIDE!!.. The Labour Party, The Conservative Party, The Lib Dem Party are all complicit in the utter destruction of our country that is now happening in every town and city.