Monday, 28 April 2008

Peter Quiggins calls on people to Vote BNP!

Peter Quiggins the founder of the famous and very popular Quiggins in Liverpool City Centre has released this video message to the people of Liverpool and Great Britain. He calls on the people to vote against those who are destroying the culture of our great city and our great nation and to vote for the only party who will defend it. That party is the British National Party.

Lets save our city and culture and vote for the BNP on May 1st!

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Merseyside BNP disrupt Searchlight HATE campaign!

Today Saturday 26th, one of our sefton candidates found Searchlight distributing their lies and filth about the BNP in Bootle New Strand which we feel is wrong and possibly illegal as they are not standing in the elections. When our candidate approached these degenerates he was verbally abused, he promptly got onto the phone to the police and other BNP activists who were soon to the seen.

When we arrived we started to distribute our literature to the general public who were very receptive to us, so much so that Searchlight HATE material was being thrown onto the floor and in the bin. Our team collected photographs as evidence to be provided to the returning officers and the electoral commission.

The searchlight scruffs did not like this very much and started to hurl abuse and try to intimidate us, however we stood our ground and waited for the police of arrive which took 2 hours. The police took every ones details our and theirs, we told the police we were not going until the commie filth had gone. The liars and degenerates were soon on their way and we had put an end to their campaign.
Also we should expect to get a few new enquiries and members from speaking to people on the street.

However McFadden our favourite commie was not present, however we have it that hes going rummaging in the bins later to collect the many leaflets put in the bin.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Eleven BNP candidates in Liverpool

JUST like Newcastle, Liverpool was another city that Labour bragged would never ever see a British National Party local election candidate - next Thursday there will be ELEVEN!

With both Labour and the Liberal Democrats struggling to hold on to their vote share in the city, the British National Party looks set fare to firmly establish itself as the voters’ third choice in Liverpool.

The BNP targets in all eleven wards are straightforward. In Kirkdale and Norris Green wards to confirm its ‘main challenger’ status and reduce Labour’s majority. In Clubmoor, Everton, Fazakerley, Speke-Garston and Warbeck to build on its ‘Third Party’ credentials, and in the other four wards to take third place from the Tories, the Greens, UKIP and the old Liberal Party.

Morale amongst Liverpool Organiser Steven Greenhalgh’s dedicated team is sky high as the public’s response to the BNP campaign is the best it has ever been in the city. Even Radio Merseyside has acknowledged this growing groundswell of support for the Party and invited a BNP representative to a debate it held recently - driving a coach and horses through Liverpool Labour Party’s ‘No platform for the BNP‘ demand.

Liverpool Council

Belle Vue
Peter Molloy (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Con, Lib-Dem. Green, Ind.
May 2007: Lab 1639, Lib-Dem 1505, Con 118, Lib 109, Green 78.
May 2006: Lab 1903, Lib-Dem 1556, Lib 131, Con 94.

Peter Squire (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Con, Lib, Green, Ind.
May 2007: Lab 1366, Lib 999, BNP 210, Con 147, Green 99.
May 2006: Lab 1440, Lib 791, Lib-Dem 410, Con 32, Green 120.

Peter Stafford (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Con, Lib-Dem, Lib, UKIP, Green.
May 2007: Lib-Dem 1541, Lab 859, UKIP 121, Con 62, Lib 53.
May 2006: Lib-Dem 1380, Labour 1080, Lib 84, Con 73.

George Muse (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Con, Lib-Dem, Green, Ind.
May 2007: Lib-Dem 1246, Lab 1236, Green 121, Con 90, Lib 39.
May 2006: Lab 1804, Lib-Dem 902, Green 292, Lib 227.

Jacqueline Stafford (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Con, Lib-Dem, Lib, Green.
May 2007: Lab 1675, Lib-Dem 233, BNP 154, Lib 108, Con 104.
May 2006: Lab 1519, Lib-Dem 296, Con 140, Green 137, Lib 117.

Peter Stafford (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Lib-Dem, Con, Lib, Green.
May 2007: Lab 1814, Lib-Dem 1159, BNP 324, Con 77, Green 65, Lib 57.
May 2006: Lab 1450, Lib-Dem 1333, Lib 121, Con 113.

Steven Greenhalgh(BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Lib-Dem, Lib, Con, Ind, Green.
May 2007: Lab 19027, BNP 169, Lib-Dem 147, UKIP 109, Green 84, Con 66, Lib 37.
May 2006: Lab 1958, Lib-Dem 232, UKIP 182, Con 69, Green 64.

Norris Green
John Edgar (BNP)
Lab, Soc, Lib, Con, Green.
Opponents: May 2007: Lab 1552, BNP 205, Lib-Dem 173, Con 116, Lib 86, Green 56.

Old Swan
Steven McEllenborough (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Lib-Dem, Lib, Con, Green.
May 2007: Lib-Dem 2248, Lab 814, Lib 161, Green 132, Con 127.
May 2006: Lib-Dem 1436, Lab 859, Lib 172, UKIP 150, Con 148, Green 134.

Jane Greenhalgh (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Lib-Dem, Lib, Con, Green.
May 2007: Lab 1859, Lib-Dem 990, BNP 190, Con 81, Green 75, Lib 53.
May 2006: Lab 2141, Lib-Dem 1138, Green 141, Con 107, Lib 84.

Carol Kilkenny (BNP)
Opponents: Lab, Lib-Dem. Lib, Con.
Sept 2007: Lab 1796, Lib-Dem 1024, BNP 136, UKIP 52, Green 45, Con 40.
May 2007: Lab 1837, Lib-Dem 1643, BNP 178, Con 66, Green 50.
May 2006: Lib-Dem 1380, Lab 1353, Lib 185, Con 135.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Campaign going well!

The Campaign on Merseyside for the BNP is going brilliantly with 35,000 leaflets now posted through the doors of local residents. The response we have been getting is amazing, even though we have leafleted most of these places before we are getting as much feed back as we would if we have had never leafleted them.
Maybe its the total incompetence of the lib/lab/con parties which is making people start to support us, maybe its the professional campaign we are running with brilliantly designed leaflets from Mark Collett.
We could see a few surprised and disappointed faces from the other politicians come the May 1st count.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Everton and Liverpool hit out at far-right BNP!

That's the headline of a story on page 10 of the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post website.

EVERTON and Liverpool have united to condemn Merseyside BNP for using their grounds on the front page of its website.
The local site of the far right party has used the clubs’ stadiums as part of six images summing up Liverpool in the run up to the local elections on May 1.
But having been firm supporters of FA anti-racism initiatives both clubs moved quickly to distance themselves from the website and the BNP.
In a strongly-worded statement, Ian Ross, spokesman for Everton Football Club, said: “We utterly disassociate ourselves from a party like the BNP
“They haven’t sought our permission to use the image of Goodison because they know it would be denied straight away.
“We will now be demanding that they remove the image from their website.
“If they are attempting to draw a link between this football club and its supporters then they are a disgrace and should be condemned for even attempting it.”


Now now boys and girls don't get your knickers in a twist, the images of the Everton and Liverpool stadiums were taken from Public land and as local landmarks we have every right to display them. The main BNP site had a similar situation when they used the Millennium stadium I believe it was on the main banner, but as it was taken from public land they were not legally obliged to take it down. Same case here.
We do not mean to show any link of Everton or Liverpool supporting the BNP on Merseyside, don't believe how anyone could come to such a conclusion anyway. Maybe Liverpool and Everton think the people to Merseyside are stupid?
The only link is that some of our members support these clubs, but I guess the feeling isn't mutual.

However we must give a huge thank you to Liverpool, Everton and the Echo for giving us this publicity which we could not buy.

UPDATE 17:15!

We have been in contact with Sirrel the President of the Red Squirrel Council of Britain, they have said they are not offended in anyway by the use of a picture of one of their kind on our blog. After all they face a very similar problem to that of what we face, being replaced by non-indigenous grey squirrels.

We also welcome any members of Liverpool and Everton Football clubs to discuss with us our policies and views and show them that we are opposed to racism as well. Do not hate the immigrants and ethnics, hate the politicians who allow the problems to occur!

Liverpool Labour city councillor on 12 child porn charges

A LIVERPOOL councillor was last night charged with downloading indecent images of children.

Cllr Ben Williams will appear in court in May accused of 12 counts of making the indecent images over a year-long period.The 34-year-old was arrested last December by officers from Sefton Family Crime Unit and eight computers were seized in the inquiry.He answered bail yesterday afternoon and was charged after questioning by detectives.

Cllr Williams is alleged to have made the images between December 13, 2006 and December 17, 2007.Last night, Cllr Williams could not be contacted for comment but has previously vowed to clear his name. In December, he said: “I have done nothing wrong. Everyone who knows me, knows that A LIVERPOOL councillor was last night charged with downloading indecent images of children.

Cllr Ben Williams will appear in court in May accused of 12 counts of making the indecent images over a year-long period.The 34-year-old was arrested last December by officers from Sefton Family Crime Unit and eight computers were seized in the inquiry.He answered bail yesterday afternoon and was charged after questioning by detectives.

Cllr Williams is alleged to have made the images between December 13, 2006 and December 17, 2007.

Last night, Cllr Williams could not be contacted for comment but has previously vowed to clear his name. In December, he said: “I have done nothing wrong. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am wholehearted, a community person.”


Will follow this case with interest. However his comments "I am wholehearted, a community person." are somewhat misplaced considering the seriousness of the charges against him.

To read full article click on headline.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Monday, 14 April 2008

McFadden the Idiot!

UNIONS have formed a united front against the Royal Liverpool Hospital being rebuilt by a Private Finance Initiative (PFI).
The North West Trade Union Conference on Saturday at Liverpool’s BT Conference centre, on Kings Dock, also registered its opposition to the British National Party which is fielding 31 candidates in May’s local council elections.
Alec McFadden, Merseyside’s TUC president, said: “From a local point of view, the campaign to stop the BNP and oppose the plans to rebuild the Royal Liverpool Hospital under PFI must be prioritised in the short term.”


Just why did he have to bring the BNP into this, not that we care its free publicity and keeps us in the mind of the electorate. Mcfadden can campaign all he likes against the BNP, the thing is he will lose. He said that the BNP would be eradicated from Merseyside, however we have not been eradicated and are going from stregth to strength.
If the little freak McFadden really cares about the people of Merseyside why doesn't he stand for election and oppose the BNP properly by beating us in elections. Is it that communist little weirdos like him don't believe in true democracy?
The guy couldn't even organise a decent anti-BNP rally, last year he TRIED to organise one but turned into a big massive flop with fewer than 30 people in attendance. Before any silly little reds try to dispute these claims as it was a publicly advertised meeting we felt it was worth going along from a bloody good laugh at the social rejects and unwashed lefty vermin.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Simon Darby Interview!

Simon Darby has kindly recorded and published and interview with our Organiser Steven Greenhalgh which can be listened to Here:

If that doesn't work try this link:

A good round up of past, present and future events and plans, hope you all enjoy the interview and pay a visit to blog of Simon Darby the BNP National Press Officer.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Campaign into the full swing!

So far the campaign on Merseyside has saw 15,000 leaflets delivered to homes, over the next 3 weeks there will be another 40,000+ leaflets delivered to homes in the Merseyside area. This is the big push as we do not have elections in 2009, we only have the Euros to deal with in June 2009. So this is the time we set the foundations for 2010 when we will make a breakthrough on Merseyside.
We are receiving a very positive response from the people on the streets and getting in touch with us, our enquires list keeps growing faster than ever before. The appearance of our Local Organiser will only help our campaign as he ripped the other panel members to shreds.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

BNP shine on Radio debate!

(10th April Thursday Roger Phillips show)

We are very happy with the performance on this show, thank you to the BBC for inviting the BNP onto the show.

I wont give anything away, so have a listen to it yourself.

Will try get my own hard copy to keep and upload properly here.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

BNP on Merseyside debate!

Our Organiser is set to be on a live debate on BBC Radio Merseyside at about 11:30 tomorrow (Thursday) and its set to be about 2 hours long. Just hope nothing changes last minute!

I will try get a recording on to this blog for those that missed it, if you can phone in and support the party and our organiser.

Jack Straw, Hard As Nails Threatens Knock out Punch

Simmering tensions in the Cabinet were laid bare yesterday following extraordinary reports of a bust-up between Jack Straw and Ed Balls. Downing Street issued a strong denial after being confronted with a torrid account of feuding ministers that fuelled persistent talk of discontent inside the Government.

A newspaper claimed Mr Straw came close to blows with Mr Balls following a disagreement over youth justice policy.


You just could not make this up could you. Its apparent to everyone that the country is falling apart at the seams thanks to Gormless Gordon Brown and co. However the Government have come up with an ingenious way to pretend that everything is fine and dandy by introducing cabinet sparring sessions. The irony is that an argument started apparently over youth justice policy, to think that kids would behave like this. To think that we have a bumbling buffoon of a Prime Minister with his finger on the nuclear button while cabinet members are threatening to knock each others blocks off is unbelievable. Gordon lets face it, you are out of your depth mate and your colleagues know this. I have said it before and I'll say it now, do the honourable thing and resign. You have already done enough damage to the country.

To read full article click on headline.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Police pay penalty for drink-driving offences

A DOZEN Merseyside and Cheshire police officers were caught flaunting the drink-drive alcohol limit in the past three years, a Daily Post investigation has found.All but one of them turned in their badges either ahead of disciplinary hearings or were asked to by misconduct investigators.

The figures were last night described as “shocking” by a drivers’ lobby group.


Just a tip of the iceberg I should imagine. Along with the politicians where it's estimated that approx 80 MP's have been done for drink driving it seems like its a private boozers school for the lot of them.

To read full article click on headline.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

BNP out in force ahead of Merseyside local elections

THE BNP is fielding more candidates in Merseyside then ever before it emerged last night after nominations closed for May’s local elections.

The British National Party is standing in 11 wards in Liverpool, 10 in St Helens, six in Sefton, two in Wirral, and two in Knowsley.


The only unfortunate thing is that there are no elections next year as this would also be a record increase in candidates standing compared to this year. Indeed in a matter of four or five years we will be looking to get a full slate of thirty wards in Liverpool contested by the BNP.

Obviously the democratic process upsets the usual small minded Labour bigots this time of the year. A special mention must go to serial fantasist Alec McFadden. A few years ago he stated that the BNP were finished in Merseyside but year in year out we go from strength to strength. Alec McFadden seeks to hide the truth but the British people are starting to see for themselves what the Labour party have done to this country. The Labour Party Unions merely backing and funding this blatant interference in the democratic process by delivering these Searchlight comics will make no difference. Soon the BNP will make the breakthrough on Merseyside make no mistake and the anti democrats like McFadden and co will be unemployed. In modern day Labour Britain telling the truth is a revolutionary act, the BNP will always be on hand to make sure the truth will be known no matter how hard Labour and Mcfadden try to stop us telling the truth.

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Friday, 4 April 2008

31 Candidats on Merseyside!

Liverpool - 11
St Helens - 10
Sefton - 6
Knowsley - 2
Wirral - 2

Belle Vale - Peter Molloy
Clubmoor - Peter Squire
County - Peter James Stafford
Croxteth - George Muse
Everton - Jacquie Stafford
Fazakerly - Peter Stafford
Kirkdale (x1) Steven Greenhalgh
Norris Green - John Edgar
Old Swan - Steven McEllenborough
Speke-Garston - Jane Greenhlagh
Warbreck - Carol Killkelly.

Second Lib Dem councillor quits ahead of elections

A SECOND Liberal Democrat councillor today defected to a rival party weeks before Liverpool’s council elections.West Derby’s Ann Hines resigned from the group and joined the minority Liberal party.

She was deselected by the Lib Dems two weeks ago, despite having a 1,650-vote majority the last time she went to the polls in 2004.Cllr Hines will now stand for her new party, led by town hall veteran Steve Radford, against a new Lib Dem candidate in the May 1 elections.


The thing with the three main parties today is that they are all the same. OK the Liberal party is a non important minority party in Liverpool with three councillors, the Lib Dems the largest. The Lib Dems have their own reason for deselecting Ann Hines but the bigger picture is one of these council politicians not being able to accept the inevitable always wanting their nose's to be in the trough. From a British National Party point of view it very amusing to see this form of "musical chairs politics"..Because at the end of the day the party that these numskull councillors are in are of no importance to them. As long as they are in the spotlight personally then that is the important thing to their vanity. Ann Hines is a perfect example of this.

To read article click on headline.

Police inspector "reeked of booze" after car crash

A POLICE inspector who is appealing against a drink-drive conviction reeked of alcohol and was swaying following a crash, a court has heard.Insp Philip Hastain was found to be nearly three times above the legal limit following the accident as he came out of a supermarket in Prenton, Wirral, in December, 2005.

Two years after the collision the inspector – who has served more than 27 years with Merseyside Police – was banned from driving for 28 months and ordered to complete 180 hours’ community service.


Accept your punishment like a man. Just because you are an inspector does not mean you are above the law.

To read article click on headline.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nominations coming back valid!

Merseyside is set to see the biggest ever BNP push, the nominations of our candidates are starting to come back valid. Once the candidates are declared we will publish a full list of where our candidates are standing.
If you would like to help with the campaign by leafletting and helping us get our target wards covered please get in touch ASAP as the campaign starts now! Lets see the BNP breakthrough on Merseyside on May 1st and send a message to the establishment that we have had enough!

White teenage boys are the new poor in Labour's Britain

White boys from sink estates are the new poor in Labour's Britain, an official report said yesterday. It said the teenagers are being left behind while their black counterparts, who were once at the bottom of the educational heap, are forging ahead.

The state-sponsored report on wealth and equality pointed to other groups who have failed to benefit from rising incomes and living standards over the past 20 years. Among the losers are families with stay-at-home mothers, who were found to make up a growing number of the poor.


This Labour Government bend over backwards to put everything on a plate for ethnic minority groups today and most still complain. Yesterday I commented on how Labour has lost the common touch but they have also forgotten through this PC multicultural madness that it was "Britain's" that made Britain great not ethnic minorities or immigrants. Articles like this in the Daily Mail today merely reinforces where British men, women are in Labours modern day Britain, which is at the bottom of the heap. The BNP is the party for the indigenous folk of these islands and we will fight tooth and nail for their rights. We will never desert you. Vote BNP May 1st for British change for "British" people.

To read Daily Mail article, click on headline.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ken Bigley's family claim live beheading was faked

THE brothers of murdered hostage Ken Bigley have spoken for the first time of their belief that the Liverpool engineer was already dead when his captors beheaded him live on air.Ken was shown being beheaded by Iraqi captors in a video that still circulates widely every day on the Internet and mobile phones.

Paul Bigley has criticised the Home Office for refusing to provide expert analysis of the “execution” video to check if it is fake.He is also angry the Government has failed to trace his brother’s unmarked grave so his remains can be brought home for a decent burial.


This was a terrible, terrible event when it happened and my memories are still vivid. While this was given headline news on the telly and front page news on the papers as the kidnapping was unfolding, the feeling was then that the Government were doing nothing and were just waiting for something to happen. Then of course Jack Straw came to Liverpool to reassure the family that everything possible was being done (believe that if you can) to find Ken.

This Government I am afraid lost the common touch a long time ago. Now it's spin, deceit and whatever looks good for the Labour image. They do not mix with us normal people, why? Because we may shout out something that is not to their liking. These "people in charge" simply surround themselves by yes men. The British National Party will do their best to bring back the personal, common touch. Ken's memory will never be forgot by us.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Bit of a story that caught my eye.
A FORMER council chairman and church leader who joined the British National Party as a local organiser has dramatically turned his back on the far-right party.The Rev John Stanton, who was Lib Dem chairman of Rochford District Council in 1997, admitted he was "stupid" for not knowing what the BNP really stood for when he signed up to the party about a year ago.In yesterday's Echo, Mr Stanton, 75, who was the BNP organiser for Rochford District, said he joined the party because he agreed with their positions on Europe and immigration.advertisement But he has now said: "I have ended my involvement with the BNP after finding out more about them at the weekend.


What he means is that he has been intimidated into backing down by numerous far left cranks. Anti-Semitic when we have Jewish members and councillor, if he believes that then he is a tosser. We also have gay members, also after being in a part for a year as an ORGANISER he must of met numerous BNP members and obviously they must not of expressed any anti-Semitic, racist or homophobic views or he would of left ages ago.
Maybe this silly old coffin dodger was a searchlight operative planted to get this type of publicity just before the elections? Because either this guy is deaf and blind or just completely and utterly stupid and put in a straight jacket how could he not know of Nick's previous history when its always quoted by the media and on left leaflets.