Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gordon Brown, Sub human gimp!!

I apologise if my heading or title seems a bit over the top but I will explain my reasons why I feel this way. Watching Prime Ministers question time yesterday revealed to me how devoid of human emotion Gordon Brown really is. Judging by the comments on TV and radio phone ins up and down the country yesterday, about the PM by normal members of the public who were screaming outrage, I was not alone in my feelings.

I do not have much time for David Cameron he is made of the same cloth as Gordon but at least Cameron is remotely just about human. For a second, just one moment you could see it in Cameron's eyes that he wanted to climb over the commons despatch table and Give Gordon what for!. Everyone can see Gordon really doesn't give a hoot on the loss of any human life, god knows how he really acts when one of our soldiers gets killed in action abroad.

Prime Ministers question time is normally a farce these days but yesterday's PM Q's was a rare moment when a politician actually felt true emotion on a subject while the other (Gordon Brown) hardly registered a pulse.

Click on the Orange link above to view the footage. Go to 2 min 20 seconds for the showdown between the two.

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  1. gordon brown never raises a pulse when its to do with indigenous man woman or child,did you see his face of thunder at the cenopath on sunday ? not one ounce of remorse.The sooner people wake up and realise these freaks are there not to look after us but to destroy us.VOTE LABOUR THEN VOTE FOR YOUR GENOCIDE.