Friday, 31 July 2009

Support Peter Tierney 5TH August

All democratic, peace loving Nationalists are asked to support Peter Tierney this Wednesday 5Th August.

Peter originally arrested on St Georges day April 23rd this year was also one of the Liverpool 13 arrested on November last year, on what we feel the police acting on the orders of the then home secretary Jacqui Smith. This assault charge on April 23rd is an absolute disgrace as Peter was protecting our OAP'S and elderly ladies from a cowardly attack by Labour and Conservative party sponsored UAF thugs. The attack being ordered by another cowardly and pathetic Merseyside trade Union leader.

Meeting point will be outside the magistrates court at 9.30am, 107 Dale street, Liverpool L2 2JQ.

People coming to support Peter can phone the Liverpool Organiser on 07876163036 should they have any questions.

People wishing to attend, please DO NOT come alone. Travel in pairs for safety. The UAF have a past history of attacking people who are alone. Especially ladies and QAP's.

See you all there, Peter Tierney will appreciate your support.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Liverpool judge attacks UK’s ‘lax’ immigration system

A LIVERPOOL Crown Court judge launched an attack on the Government's immigration system as he jailed a drug minder who was in this country illegally.

Judge Ian Trigger said “hundreds and hundreds of thousands” of illegal immigrants were abusing the “completely lax immigration policy” operated in the UK. He added that this was creating “an enormous strain on resources which are already badly stretched”.

He made the scathing comments as he jailed Jamaican Lucien McClearley, 31, for a total of two years for offences including taking a vehicle without consent, possessing cannabis and cocaine, possessing a Class B drug with intent, and two counts of possessing false identity.


Be Careful what you say judge, otherwise you will be getting a visit from Bernard Hogan Howes thought police as well as being hung out to dry by the Liverpool Echo.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Proof that Labour are LIARS! Plus Labour MP's support for violence!

Teletext reported HERE

BNP 'beat beer-spill man'
BNP supporters beat up a man after he spilled beer over party leader Nick Griffin, a Gloucestershire MP claimed.

Labour's David Drew (Stroud) alleged the "totally upstanding" young man was given "one hell of a hiding" after the incident in Painswick.

Mr Drew told MPs he feared the alleged victim was too shocked by the incident to pursue a court case.

But a local more accurate report can be found HERE

In that report it clears says that the thug assualted Mr Griffin with his Guinness.

"Nick Griffin came out and I decided to splash him with Guinness. I was swiftly put in a headlock by one of his security people. I was backing away and had my hands splayed out."

Monday, 20 July 2009

Peter Tiereny charged and set to attend court as Merseyside Police continue campaign of Political Harrasment!

Today Peter Tierney answered his police bail, Peter was arrested on St Georges day after he and a team of activists leafleted the town centre and far-left thugs followed them from Church Street all the way to St Georges Hall and then attacked them.

Peter Tierney was then forced to defend himself and the elderly women members from the attacking far left thugs who had just followed them WITH INTENT!

So today around 50 supporters gathered outside St Annes Police Station to support Peter, the supporters had to stand on both sides of the road as there were too many to fit on the thin path. The supporters were hoping that Charges would be dropped and justice and common sense would prevail however the establishment have felt like persecuting and intimidating the BNP. This now sets a dangerous precedent that decent members of the public CAN NOT defend themselves against attackers.

It is an absolute disgrace that a decent person can be charged for assault when they were merely defending themselves and their friends as they are being attacked

Peter Will be in court on the 5th of August, we will be holding a 2nd Demo outside of the Magistrates Court as he attends to show that we will not be intimidated and bullied by the state.


Five terrified and jumpy Merseyside police officers swooped on the famous Manchester British National Party’s ‘Punish the Pigs’ truck this afternoon — and issued owner Derek Adams with a caution for the numbers on its rear number plate ‘being too thin.’

The astonishing incident took place outside St Anne’s police station in Liverpool this afternoon, where super activist Mr Adams had taken the truck in support of Mr Peter Tierney’s bail appearance.

The Merseyside police, clearly upset at the large amount of public support the BNP crowd and truck received — by way of hoots and cheers from passing motorists — panicked and ordered a police car with no less than five officers to swoop on the truck.

Pulling up to the Pig Truck and swerving in behind it like boy racers, the five officers, complete with stab-proof vests and sullen faces, ordered the driver and Mr Adams out and began looking for something to say about the truck.

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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Support Peter Tierney

This Monday at 2.30PM a large contingent of Liverpool BNP will be showing their presence and support for Peter Tierney outside St Anne's police station which is a continuation of Great Homer Street, Liverpool.

On April 23rd which was a St Georges day celebration for Liverpool BNP there was a concerted effort and campaign of violence by UAF terrorists against the Liverpool British Nationalist Party democrats. An attack of violence was ordered by the Merseyside trade union leader, witnessed by at least ten of the Liverpool BNP.

What can only best be described as an attack against most of the elderly British National Party OAPs and ladies by the cowardly UAF by the trade union leader must go down in history as one of the most shameful attacks against peaceful, patriotic BNP democrats.

The fact that Peter Tierney was "again" arrested by the Merseyside Labour Party political police is another terrible indictment against this politically correct Merseyside police force.

Claw hammer attacks are an acceptable "side issue" against the British National Party (In Liverpool and elsewhere) and are treated with the minimum of seriousness. If you say boo to these Labour party sponsored UAF terrorists whilst defending ourselves then the full force of the "jackboot" British Police force will descend down on your very person!

We will not and never be intimidated on Merseyside...NEVER!!

Peter Tierney will never be intimidated. Merseyside British National Party will not be intimidated or discouraged from future city centre days of action. The attacks by the UAF, Merseyside Police and its gormless trade union leader will make us stronger in our convictions. Will you never learn!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Nick Griffin MEP, first EU speech.

Well you have to hand it to Nick Griffin. His first speech in the European Parliament certainly left an imprint in my mind. David Cameron must be having sleepless nights because of his associations to the criminals of the UAF. The fact that Nick is drilling it home at every opportunity to let British people know of this association by Cameron to a criminal organisation, will hopefully wake up a few more people in Britain

Nick Griffins reference to "claw hammers" with which the UAF routinely attack the BNP with, was certainly to do with our own outstanding Merseyside BNP Nationalist Tony Ward. I hope at every opportunity Nick Griffin continues to verbally attack the treasonous political leaders that are the LibLibCon in this country.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I just love it!

Ah what a brilliant day. Have been working on a friends house all day while getting hourly bulletins of Nick and Andrew Brons taking their seats in the European Parliament. sky news really take the biscuit as regards they're coverage of events today, but eh what do you expect. It could be worse, they could be the BBC giving coverage.

Its so good being a Nationalist at this moment in time, the lefty chickens are coming home to roost. The infighting and disaffected are laughable amongst our political enemies, however some people are laughable because of their silence. A typical enemy of peace and democracy is pictured below, yes you guessed it, our friend of Communism and the "yes to this and no to that" party. Sometimes I wonder why Tuebrook Liberals want to bed up with despicable people like this , but eh, these are "not normal"! Tuebrook Liberals!

Let's all enjoy today. Lets all enjoy history. Congratulations to the new British National Party MEP members who were installed in they're seats today. Lets all have a laugh at this gormless git below in the meantime, whose continual interference in the democratic process came back to bite him on his backside.....What a prat he is!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Gypsy police coming soon to your town..Yippee

Senior officers are so concerned about hitting the new quotas they have been inviting young travellers (Gypsies) to their training colleges. But while gypsy and traveller groups gave a “wholehearted welcome” to the plan, political campaigners last night ­condemned the scheme as “utter nonsense”.


What can I say.. Would I feel safe letting these people into my house? I don't think so. This is almost as mad as flying the gay pride flag from the top of police stations and Al-Qaeda sympathisers working in the police force.

Nonsense, just mad nonsense!

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sink all the boats if you ask me, well said Nick Griffin.

This is absolutely great news from the chairman of the British National party. When he comes out with tough fighting talk about sinking these immigrant boats, you can see why he got elected as North West MEP in Europe. We say what people think, make no bones about it. However as usual with the BBC and the interviewer they tried to interpret his comments out of context for sensationalist and smear reasons. We all knew what Nick meant...Me I would give the "immigrant holiday invaders" plenty of notice (about ten seconds) before sinking the boat with an Exocet missile.

Of course its not just in the Mediterranean that are having problems with an influx of African immigrants. The photo below was taken today from one of the newly refurbished boats from a Nigerian cruise specialists..It was refused entry at Woodside and Seacombe but immediately accepted at Liverpool ferry terminal by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Upon disembarking the cruise liner, the Mayor presented all the immigrant invaders with new flat keys, interpreter's, leather coats. They also all received a form translated into 66 languages giving them advice on how to feel persecuted and made to feel unwelcome in Liverpool. That's what they say to the Liverpool Echo if asked anyway.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Chicken neck Tessa Jowell to stand down?

Gordon Brown's creaking Cabinet suffered another blow last night after it was revealed that Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell is poised to quit the Commons at the next Election.

Party insiders said that Ms Jowell, 61, has told friends she believes it is time to step down after 17 years as MP for Dulwich, South London, and move to the House of Lords.


Well it appears the game is well and truly up for the deserting "Labour Party rats"..From the very start of this blog Tessa Jowell has been in the firing line from Merseyside BNP a few times as regards her conduct as an MP. If there are to be examples of MP's that are despicable in the first degree Tessa Jowell is it.

After Labour got slaughtered last year in 2008 at the local elections she was out in front of the TV cameras stating that the British public had shown the Labour Party the equivalent of a referees yellow card. Further she stated that the Labour Party "must listen" to the British people...What a joke!

Tessa Jowell it appears wants a peerage in the house of Lords if she stands down. This is a woman who is married to a fraudster, "not knowingly" of course. Why should she be rewarded for failure. She should be booted out like the rest of the Labour traitors at the next general election.

Well if she gets into the house of lords, Merseyside BNP will still be keeping an eye on her and her criminal husband...Oh and the criminal Labour Party.

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