Monday, 25 October 2010

Why A British Freedom Party?

No doubt you are one of the growing number of British people who are feeling totally disillusioned about the state of our great nation and who feel betrayed by each of the establishment political parties. So were we. That is why people just like you chose to form the British Freedom Party.

Within Britain, more and more people are becoming aware of the threat to our nation and traditional British culture from political correctness, multiculturalism and mass immigration. These problems are either encouraged by mainstream politicians, or completely ignored by them. At the same time as our British culture is being eroded and destroyed, what remains of British industry is being sold off to foreign corporations, and our national wealth is being given away in foreign aid as we close care homes for our own elderly and disabled citizens. British workers are being forced into unemployment as cheap foreign labour is imported into the country to take our jobs and young British people are being dumped onto our streets with no hope of gaining meaningful employment or securing a future for themselves. The list is endless. It looks to us as if this decimation of Britain and its way of life is deliberate.

Until now there has been no political party appealing to ‘the man in the street’ standing ready to challenge this state of affairs. There have been nationalist parties which have come and gone in the past of course, some lumbered with the baggage of financial impropriety, others which were seen simply as single issue campaigning parties and a few which propounded forms of racial extremism which repelled ordinary, decent people.

We in the British Freedom Party though are the first party to offer sensible, moderate and principled nationalist policies whilst being firmly determined to reverse the wrongs of the past forty years.

We are not alone. All over Europe people are waking up to the destruction of their nations, which is being engineered primarily by the European Union. The people of the Netherlands under Dutch MP Geert Wilders, have formed a Freedom Party which looks set, very soon, to become Holland’s ruling party. In Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy, similar freedom parties are also beginning to evolve into mass populist movements, ready to turn back the tide of enforced immigration, to challenge the corrupt political elites within their own governments and to prevent the destruction of their sovereign nations.

The British Freedom Party is proud to be part of this new Europe wide movement of national freedom and democracy, and we are proud to join the struggle against the common enemy we all face as nationalists and patriots. That enemy is the European Union and its political puppets in all the mainstream political parties who do its bidding.

The process of closer European integration is geared to generating a global system of government in which nations and their cultures are cast aside. The European Union actively demands the dismantling of our national borders, that we allow the free movement of foreign workers into Britain and the removal of our laws that seek to protect our national culture. Actions and policies of this nature were once labeled as communism, or even further back, Nazism. It is our aim to restore power back to the British Parliament so that the British people can once again live in a free country, where democracy and the rule of law ensure we remain a free people in perpetuity.

Britain has historically, kept the light of Freedom burning throughout the dark periods of European history. We are rightly proud of our nation’s record in fighting totalitarianism and tyranny, but so successful have the politically correct elite been at undermining our British identity and restricting our fundamental right of freedom of speech, that the British people are now being cowed into submissiveness and silence, even as our nation is being dismantled and destroyed. Fortunately, people like you remain to challenge these elites. The British Lion can still roar.
We are also proud of the fact that all our principle officers are ordinary people, and not members of the corrupt political establishment. Our Chairman, Mr. Peter Mullins is an retired RAF Vulcan aircrew operator, whilst our Executive Council is run by people who have lived and worked in the real world, as opposed to being ‘professional’ politicians who are more interested in making money for themselves than serving the interests of our great nation and people.


Our mission is to reverse the catastrophic wrongs inflicted by successive governments of all political persuasions upon our nation and people over the last forty years. We work on the principle of Cultural Nationalism and strive to create a Britain and a British people unified in defence of our freedom, democracy and culture. We aim to unite all our people in order to save our nation. You will have, attached to this document, our constitution and policies, so there is no need to detail those here, but the reason those policies were drafted was, in the first instance, to create a party that could be trusted by everyone and that put its members in a position whereby they could challenge the leadership if they felt things were not being done properly. Secondly, they were drafted to ensure that, when it comes to the governance of our nation, our policies have the necessary element of fairness coupled with a determination to re-create wealth and industry, jobs and futures, for all our citizens. We intend to work, not for our own financial benefit, but for the benefit of our nation, our people, and their children and grandchildren. No officer or member of this party will ever stand accused of ‘doing nothing’ or profiteering whilst our nation drifted into corruption and decay.

For too long has the lion slept and Britannia wept.

We have much to do, but if you join us you will be fighting alongside us on the moral high ground of patriotism in defence of our freedom, democracy and culture, secure in the knowledge that you are fighting for the very survival of our nation and people’s future.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Advanced Ape - The Paul Morris File!

See below a link and article penned by 'Advanced Ape' on the odious Paul Morris who calls himself the Green Arrow. I cant really add much more to this so you might as well just read it now:
Paul Morris, otherwise known as ‘the Green Arrow’, has recently launched scathing attacks against veteran nationalists and denigrated their contribution to the cause, but who is Paul Morris?

It is perhaps time to take a look at Morris and his antics over the years. Is he the veteran British Nationalist that he likes to portray, or just a reactionary dinosaur; a fantasist with a predisposition for sycophancy and moronic behaviour?

Let’s take a look.

Paul Morris (Green Arrow) Time line

1976 – 1979 - Morris quits the Royal Navy, citing “bullying” by senior crew as the driver. Perhaps this explains Morris’s hatred for homosexuals; the neurotic attachment to militarism and the penchant for militaristic metaphors which pepper his writings; the need for an authoritarian figure; the desire for hierarchical structure and the sycophancy it often breeds.

Morris alleges that during the late 70s his house and his computers were searched by Special Branch. Considering computers in the late 70s would cost the equivalent of £10,000 in today’s money, anybody would be justified in questioning this story.

He also likes to retell the story about how he was introduced to a man who had possession of advanced electronic equipment, the super sleuth Morris quickly deduced that the man was a spy and tried to denounce him to all who would listen. That man is now 92-years-old and still a nationalist.

Are these the delusions of a fantasist? A fantasist desperate to concoct for himself a nationalist history?

How about the following;

Morris states that he was a runner for the SAS in Northern Ireland.
Morris states that he was a National Front ‘street fighter’, despite never actually holding membership of the NF.
Morris states that he owned a nationalist printing shop – no address supplied.
Morris states that he was an expert in bomb disposal and saved the life of a British general, but refuses to supply the name of said officer.
If even half of the above is true, Morris is a colossus of British Nationalism.

1979 – 2007 – Morris disappears from Nationalist politics for almost 30 years. What was Morris doing during his decades in the wilderness?

He has claimed that he ran a ‘hugely successful’ IT company, but didn’t reveal until later that the same company went bust, bringing Morris hurtling back to earth with his now trademark cough and splutter.

During the mid to latter part of the decade, Morris is forced to retire with a crippling case of arthritis, but is investigated by the DWP following complaints lodged by a disgruntled neighbour.

2007 – Onwards – After a 28-year break, Morris reappears under the pen name ‘Green Arrow’, reference to the Marxist Marvel Comics character. Morris has since said that it’s a bow to one of his favourite letter writers in the newspaper, this is a convenient and recent cover story, concocted following legal threats by the original cartoonist who created the Green Arrow character.

He quickly built up a following by publishing childish, and mildly racist, cartoon strips. (Morris has shifted these back into the January 2006 folder on his original blog, to give the impression that he has been blogging for a longer period, however, as always with Morris, he’s made a blunder. The cartoon strips carry a production date, November 2007. Again, an example of Morris trying to fill the gaps in his nationalist history)

The new BNP webmaster, Simon Bennett, graciously adds the link to the Green Arrow blog on the BNP’s national website. Morris reaps a massive traffic increase by ‘piggy backing’ upon the success of Simon Bennett and Arthur Kemp’s work. Stats later reveal that Morris’s site provided 0.9% of traffic to the official BNP website, whilst Morris received over 90% of his traffic via the BNP site. Quite the parasitical relationship.

An ego-massaged Morris appears on the Stormfront Forum and proceeds to lecture veteran nationalists on political activism. This brings him into conflict with veteran soldiers, who counter Morris’s claims about his military service, and veteran nationalists, who successfully de-construct Morris’s fabricated nationalist history.

As Griffin faces a battle with the Decemberist rebels, Green Arrow becomes the leader’s attack poodle on Stormfront. By this time, Morris’s reputation is in tatters, having been exposed as a liar. Further confrontations with serious nationalists leaves the moderators with no choice but to permanently ban his account.

Morris’s personal life takes a turn for the worse; drunken, public rows with his family members provides his exasperated neighbours with the motive for giving his address to anti-fascists.

A further blow to Morris’s super-inflated ego arrives when party officials politely ask him to remove ‘the 14 words’ from his blog banner, as part of the BNP’s attempt to re-brand itself. Morris refuses and replies with typical courtesy: “Fuck off!”

As a result, Morris’s link is removed from the official website.

Morris then believes that members of the hierarchy are trying to “destroy” him. He somehow deduces that these ‘infiltrators’ must be disloyal to Nick Griffin and are trying to damage the BNP. As a result of his own fantasies, Morris plots to have Arthur Kemp removed as web editor. Despite Mr Kemp having worked as a pro journalist, Green Arrow believed he could do better.

The plot is uncovered, but Morris offers no apology or explanation. Instead, in a fit of audacity, he offers polite chatter to his intended victim at the RWB.

A disgruntled Morris then holds a grudge against the entire BNP web team. This is the embryonic stage of the hatred he would eventually hold for Simon Bennett.

Following the election of BNP MEPs, Morris embarks on a traffic stealing scheme. He instructs his disciples to flood the party’s ground-breaking social networks and comments system with links to his own website. The final straw for web team administrators occurs when one of his helpers deploys a spam-bomb of over 5,000 links to the Green Arrow site, posted to every member of the social network. This results in an embargo on any links to his site.

Leadership and Reform

Morris’s involvement in the leadership nomination phase is completely malignant and without justification.


Smears Simon Bennett, despite not having access to the facts.
Smears Eddy Butler
Threatens to publish the names of every British Nationalist who signs the nomination forms of Eddy Butler
Attacks Andrew Brons
Attacks Chris Beverley
Attacks Richard Edmonds
Attacks Richard Barnbrook
Attacks Mark Collett
Attacks Shelley Rose
Attacks Peter Mullins
Attacks Peter Stafford
Deploys a team of attack dogs to disrupt a non-BNP political forum, hoping to stifle open debate about the party
Propagates links to web pages and videos which contain libellous and defamatory content about the above persons
Issues badges (medals) to those who disrupted the constitutional leadership challenge.
Morris’s odious actions over the past few months have disillusioned most of Wales BNP. One formerly close pal, who paid for military-grade body armour for South Wales BNP camera crew, has totally distanced himself from Morris, saying:

“Green Arrow has done more than most to deepen the fissures within the BNP, we want no part of his crusade”.

The question for BNP members and supporters;

Paul Morris, a veteran nationalist and valuable internet representative for the British National Party?


A malicious egotist with delusions of military/nationalist grandeur?

Personally, I think Paul Morris has mistaken himself for Chuck Norris.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Time for our own Freedom Party?

The good news is that Nationalism and Freedom are on the march all over Europe, with the Front National in France making a come-back not too long ago reaching 25% in some areas, we have the Lega Nord in Italy part of the ruling Government and having the Roma Gypsies kicked out of their country, we then have the Swiss Peoples Party in Switzerland making gains and then forcing through a ban on minarets. We then have the great boost too Geert Wilders Freedom Party in the Netherlands where he is now set to be the king maker in the new Coalition Government there. We then had the Sweden Democrats get a stunning 20 MP’s elected for the first time and possibly set to be the king makers in Sweden.

The latest stunning victory is by the other Freedom Party in Austria, in Vienna they have just got 27% of the vote. This is even more stunning when you consider the circumstances, for example look at the description the Guardian gives:
“After the Netherlands and Sweden, another stunning electoral surge for the extreme right in Vienna, a city where the centre-left views governance as its birthright.
"Red Vienna" has been a socialist and then social democratic stronghold since the 1920s. There was never any chance of Michael Häupl, the incumbent and long-serving SPÖ (social democratic) mayor, losing his job. But the customary absolute majority in Vienna's gargantuan mock-gothic town hall is gone, perhaps for a long time. That makes yesterday's vote a bit of a watershed.”

So it is great to see that all over Europe our Nationalist kin are winning and making an impact, however what is saddening is that fact that in Britain the Nationalist cause is going backwards. Why is the Nationalist cause failing so much in Britain? Well I think it is down to the incompetence, un-ethical and sociopathy of Nick Griffin.

Lets look at the recent disaster of the last elections and what factors can be put towards the complete failure of the BNP and the Nationalist cause making very little progress if any at all, which Nick Griffin as Chairman is responsible for:
He withdrew the funds promised to local branches which would have given us more money to fight the elections.
He destroyed any credibility on Question Time.
He chose to stand in Barking our best seat.
He parachuted people into seats ousting local popular people.
He chose the useless theme which the electorate were not interested in.
He is the one that admitted to not having any input to the manifesto.
He is the one that has ballsed up the EHRC case.
He is the one that made the death threats public.
He is the one that allowed the marmite rubbish to go ahead.
He is the one that forced activists to put out trade union leaflets.

So since the BNP seems to be stuck with this dictator is it time those that have been cast out of the BNP and those that have willingly walked away to form our own Freedom Party and follow in the footsteps of our European Brothers? I think yes it is time for us to now form a new party and to unite the thousands of people who have been lost in the Nationalist cause because of Griffin.

As we sit here hesitating about what to do we are losing good people to the mists of political oblivion and to the English Dhimmicrats with their anti-Welsh and Scottish rhetoric. Time is running out and we cannot afford to keep losing these good people.

If the reformers manage to win the BNP back from the death grip of Griffin then what would stop the BNP and a Freedom Party merging and bringing a much more united and stronger Nationalist war machine? If they however fail which I think is now more than likely, then they will have a readymade party to join with some of Nationalism’s best people already working hard with a readymade infrastructure and network as Griffin will do whatever he can to stop the reformers getting anything from the BNP. Either way it is a win win situation for Nationalism which means our race and nation wins!

Bring our boys home, last day campaigning.

Steven Greenhalgh at Bootle Oriel road station.

This weekend just gone our BNP teams went out for the last time handing out Bring our troops home leaflets to the public. Over the last four weeks the BNP reformers have handed out several hundred to a very receptive public.

Steven Greenhalgh a war veteran of numerous tours and military campaigns abroad stated that this four week campaign was close to his heart and he thoroughly enjoyed conversing with the public, as well as meeting the odd armed forces personnel when he was out and about over the last few weeks.

Now that this campaign is now over an analysis of events that have unfolded over various table tops around the country must be looked at. Regardless of the BNP's and Nick Griffin's motives for this campaign the behaviour of the UAF as well as the non action of the police must be questioned, its an absolute disgrace. The ugly scenes that unfolded against BNP activists in Liverpoool City centre last week, while the police stood idly by and did nothing is another disgrace!

Steven Greenhalgh has stated to this sites contributors that he has had various phone calls over the weeks by people purporting to be from the police. He states that the people on the phone could have been anyone in reality. One example of a call he received was from an Inspector Mark Morgan who phoned him to see where he and the other teams would be campaigning. Steven replied to Mark Morgan that historically in the past that every time the police had intervened or assisted, the BNP activists had been met with violence from UAF extremists whilst the police have done nothing.

Consequently because of this Steven Greenhalgh refused to cooperate in any way with Inspector Mark Morgan by giving him any information of the BNP reformers leafleting teams over the last four Weeks. My understanding is that the BNP activists group in Liverpool City Centre had been liaising closely with the police which turned out to be a complete waste of time with the unfolding ugly scenes and lawlessness that we saw from the UAF there.

We have to say that the police now cannot be trusted to keep law and order with such events. Steven Greenhalgh is also suspicious that even cooperating with the police may lead to confidential information being passed onto fascist groups such as Liverpool UAF and that mumbling bumbling buffoon and old scrote Alec McFadden. (pictured below and not the one giving the Churchill salute).

The BNP reformers have had absolutely no trouble anywhere over the last four weeks and that is with not letting the police know where we would be campaigning. The BNP group who have had all the trouble is the group who have liaised with the police. Steven Greenhalgh states "It doesn't take much working out does it?"

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Liverpool Reforming BNP Goes From Strength to Strength.

First up on the agenda over the weekend was the continued Bring Our Boys Home Campaign. Teams were out in Maghull and Ormskirk town centre's and Steven Greenhalgh went back again to Orrel Park followed by a quick half hour in Walton Vale. The weather was not as good this weekend, but hey this is Britain and we do what we can when we can.

The Liverpool BNP reformers whilst supporting the essence of this campaign have not been using the BNP's own petition form but using the Yes to bringing our troop's home leaflet . It's inappropriate we feel for the public to sign the BNP petition when it may also be used for Party fundraising purposes also on the back of the Afghanistan military campaign.

Another reason for leafleting is that it is less intrusive than a member of the public offering their details on a very complicated BNP petition/form. As we have seen with the unfolding ugly scenes of lawlessness with other BNP groups getting attacked at table tops in City and Town centres by the UAF while the police stand by and do nothing, this is safer for the BNP member
and the member of the public.

Indeed this site believes that the unfolding ugly scenes in the Liverpool City centre this weekend with a table top petition held there, is counter productive which gives even more bad publicity to the Party, who's image is deeply tainted at the moment.

Although Wednesday night was a big disappointment with Steven Greenhalgh and stalwart Wirral Organiser David Bell getting refused entry to the monthly Liverpool BNP meeting, a meeting that Steven Greenhalgh had built up over the years, Thursday night was back to Nationalist business.

Ten members of the Liverpool BNP Reform team went over to the official Wirral BNP meeting chaired by David Bell who had been refused entry to the Liverpool meeting the night before. A strange fact is that now Peter Stafford Junior has been expelled from the Party he is free to enter any official BNP meeting, something he could not do whilst being a suspended member of it. Strange but true, but hey this is the BNP.

Peter Stafford Junior,second from the right, now able to attend official BNP meetings as he is no longer suspended but now expelled from the party!

Finally again back to Steven Greenhalgh. He has reported to this sites contributors that he has been a member of the BNP's elite Trafalgar Club for seven unbroken years. He recently received a letter from the Trafalgar Club Organisers that this years Trafalgar Club dinner will be in Brussels with a tour of the European Parliament, with the tour guide being none other than Nick Griffin himself.

He states that he will be allowed to take one guest with him on this "exciting trip" as the letter invite states. He has told this sites contributors that he has selected a shortlist of three names to choose from to accompany him to Brussels, the names being Antony Ward, Peter Squire and Peter Stafford Junior. He states that the three were and are still admirable servants to Liverpool BNP, the three of them once holding official positions for the party but all of whom were later suspended from the party, one now being expelled for supporting Eddy Butler's leadership challenge.

Steven Greenhalgh states that it will be a case of them drawing straws as the three of them deserve to go for past and current service to the BNP, although all the three currently now support for reform in the BNP.

More campaigning in Croxteth to come, also more updates and News to follow through the week.