Friday, 29 August 2008

Prison for Muslim Who Murdered BNP activist.

An Muslim man who killed his BNP activist neighbour in a dispute has been jailed for eight years.

Habib Khan, 50, of Stoke-on-Trent, was convicted in May of the manslaughter of 52-year-old Keith Brown who he stabbed with a kitchen knife in July 2007.


This article today is not a Merseyside item but a National one. Keith Brown was viciously murdered in cold blood last year by a knife wielding Muslim whilst the Muslim mans son was viciously attacking Keith's son. The Muslim Habib Khan was convicted of manslaughter only as the Jury was conned into believing that both men whilst fighting fell backwards onto a knife which was produced from nowhere by Muslim Habib Khan, it was a kitchen knife (there would be more chance of winning the lottery than falling backwards onto a knife).

Keith Brown's Widow now has to look after her eight children without their father.

The judicial system which serves this country makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach, because from the start of the trial the race card was played by the Muslim's defence team and the jury fell for the sob story presented by this vicious Muslim murderer who was on trial.

If this had been Keith Brown who had murdered Habib Khan, no doubt there would have been a statue of Khan already built in Stoke on Trent describing him as a saint, with a yearly minutes silence in remembrance of him.

A British life means nothing when murdered by these Muslim religious maniacs. They are protected by the state and this traitorous Labour Government. This is a day that Britain should hang its head in shame as true justice has not been served. This murderous Muslim maniac should have got life. The BNP is never going to let the memory of Keith Brown to be forgotten despite the best efforts by the powers that be to hush this vicious murder up.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Mathew Street Festival and Notting Hill Carnival Contrast!

As many people will know Liverpool saw the Mathew Street Festival and London saw the Notting Hill Carnival take place over the weekend. The Mathew Street Festival being predominantly white and Notting Hill being Predominantly black.

However at these two events we saw very different scenes indeed. In Liverpool we saw great community spirit with people coming together with respect to enjoy an interest they all enjoy. While in London we saw 11,000 police officers brought in to stop a riot.

Lets compare the arrests:
EIGHTEEN people were arrested over the two days of the festival – 13 for drink and disorder-related offences, one for possession with intent to supply, two for security staff working without licenses, one for recall to prison and one for being wanted on a warrant.

Some 11,000 police officers were deployed at the event, costing taxpayers £6 million. They were attacked, glassed, pelted with missiles and confronted all day with everything from knife wielding black hoodlums and drunks, to dangerous dogs.

Knives, a Taser gun, CS spray and a baseball bat were among the weapons seized during the rioting which followed the end of the carnival, billed as Europe’s largest “celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture.”

A total of 488 arrests were made during the event — 330 in the Notting Hill area and 158 around Oval, where police prevented about 160 black youths from south London entering the main carnival area.

So we have a traditional predominately British festival take place with hundreds of thousands of people and the weekend is not much different than any other weekend. While in London we have a multicultural non-British festival take place and we have a riot on our hands with police getting attacked and hurt. Do we really need or want this multicultural crap? I think not.

We will finish by saying well done to everyone who took part in the Mathew Street Festival and everyone to attended and saw it be the best one yet.

Councils’ ‘snoopers charter’ under attack

HUNDREDS of people across Merseyside have been under surveillance by local authorities using powers under so-called “terror laws”, according to details released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The use of the laws by local councils and organisations was last night described as a “snoopers charter” by the campaign group, Liberty, who said it was “self-authorisation by over-zealous bureaucrats”, and called for the law to be changed.


Well this is a case of give them an inch and they'll take a mile. The government recently warned councils not to revert (as if they have done things differently anyway) to these draconian tactics. Put the council into the same pot as the police and you would not be able to tell the difference. There is no way the council's are going to give up this avenue to investigate people, in fact my bet is its going to get a whole lot worse, hey the tax payers pay for this abuse of procedure as well.

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Monday, 25 August 2008

Big names join summer party to fight racism! - More like drug fest!

THE Merseyside branch of Love Music Hate Racism has announced details of its Big Summer Party, to be held in Liverpool on August 31.

Headliners at the event, to be held at the Picket, include renowned rapper Skinnyman and local soul stars The Elementals.

The Big Summer Party, which comes after 100,000 people attended its sister event in London's Victoria Park, will bring together a host of local, national and international artists.

Performances as diverse as rap poet Curtis Watt and Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies will perform throughout the day, reflecting the rich diversity of the people and cultures of Merseyside.

“The Big Summer Party aims to spread a positive and uplifting anti-racism message to the people of Liverpool,” said Martin Timson of LMHR.

“At a time when the racist and fascist British National Party is trying to increase its vote in local elections, this could not come at a more crucial time.”

--- Comment ---

So we are going to see a party with second rate artists and get together of hippies and drug addicts. What I don't think these people understand is that the people who attend these events don't care about the message they just go for the 2nd rate music and a chance to have a bit of fun with their friends.

When the people of Merseyside see the type of people involved in these things I am sure it will only help us achieve better results in the elections. These people are alright lecturing about the 'evils' of the BNP but they wont stand for election themselves and take part in the democratic process which they like to say we threaten which is just another one of their sad and pathetic lies.

We will also be interested to see how much public money is spent on this event from funding to policing costs, we have a magical thing called Freedom of Information Act now which I am determined to put to good use. The BNP have only just started in Merseyside, if they are worried now they will not like to see what we will be doing in the future when we are certain we will get our first councillors.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Liverpool fans' fury forces Carlsberg u-turn

CARLSBERG today scrapped a promotion with The Sun newspaper after a furious backlash from Liverpool fans.The Danish brewer had planned to link up with the tabloid newspaper to give readers a free pint over this month’s bank holiday weekend.

But the move was met with derision from some Liverpool fans, who were angry the club’s shirt sponsor was working with a newspaper hated by many in Merseyside.Reds’ supporters still boycott The Sun because of its coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans died.


Well done to Carlsberg. The SCUM newspaper is indeed hated on Merseyside, I don't know why newsagents even bother to put it on their stands. Not only is this paper a money grabbing opportunistic comic, but recently on this site we pointed out that it sells Nazi third Reich memorabilia totally disrespecting our war heroes from the second world war. I will never buy or look at this comic for the rest of my days.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Illegal Immigrant Cannabis gardener is jailed

AN ILLEGAL immigrant has been jailed after his fingerprints were found at three Merseyside cannabis “farms”.

Liverpool crown court heard Ji Chen, 23, was put to work as a gardener tending cannabis plants after arriving in this country from China.He had fled the three drug factories by the time police searched the properties.

The court heard Chen’s DNA was found at three different cannabis factories, in Humphrey Street, Bootle; Sixth Avenue, Fazakerley; and Dewsbury Road, Anfield.


Welcome to New Labour's multicultural Britain!..What are you going to do about this then Kilfoyle??..If you've woken up from your Labour nightmare, are you going to inspire us with your plan on cleaning these illegal immigrant drug dealers from your constituency?. Its time to do your job man. This doesn't mean giving them new council houses and a voucher for a new car either.

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Peter Kilfoyle Watch

As we get closer to the General Election and the very welcome fact that Gordon Brown is going to get booted out of Downing street for being a fraudulent Prime Minister. We will be running reports on how the other Labour imbeciles in Liverpool (mainly Peter Kilfoyle) are shaping up to these elections.

The only thing that Peter Kilfoyle has as a safety cushion is the size of his waist and the winning majority from the last election. As we have seen from the Glasgow East election recently, these massive majorities can be overturned.

He stated recently that "he wakes up as if in a nightmare only to find he hasn't been to sleep" (Anfield Walton Star, 7Th August)..How bloody pathetic can you get. This is a Labour politician who recently voted to keep the gravy train expenses in Parliament for him and his corrupt friends in Westminster. This politician is without substance, personality or character and merely patronises the electorate who elected him in his Walton Constituency. Roll on the next general election, that's what I say.

Updated reports on this Labour buffoon and others will follow through the year.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Former Labour councillor denies child porn charges

A FORMER Liverpool councillor has denied a string of child porn charges.Ben Williams, 34, is accused of 12 charges of making and possessing indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children.

The former Labour councillor for the Clubmoor ward today appeared at Liverpool Crown Court for the first time.Wearing a black suit and open-necked blue shirt the history tutor, of Townsend Avenue, Clubmoor, confirmed his name and entered not guilty pleas to all charges.

Ben Williams is now due to face a four-day trial starting on January 5.


Roll on January the 5th.

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Cocaine shame of city policeman

A MERSEYSIDE police constable has quit the force after testing positive for cocaine.PC Paul Draper resigned after collapsing at a party thrown at his Garston home.

Draper, 28, was taken to hospital by ambulance after taking the class A drug.Friends called paramedics after he started having a fit.

When doctors discharged him last Tuesday he was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled drug.Draper, who comes from a police family, handed in his resignation within days.


Dear oh dear. A week ago it was kerb crawling cops and now this, cocaine cops. Does anyone know if police are routinely drug tested?, if not they should be. The police are getting so morally corrupt I'm starting to think it may be a good idea to tag the lot of them.

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Police in Alder Hey hospital as visitors (Gypsies) bring chaos

POLICE are patrolling Alder Hey children’s hospital around-the-clock after a critically ill teenager’s visitors caused a string of disturbances.Nurses and parents of young patients say a group of up to 60 people coming in to see one desperately-ill child has brought chaos to the West Derby complex this week.

The group have been visiting a 13-year-old from the travelling community, who was badly injured in a car accident earlier this week.He is currently fighting for his life after being thrown from a stolen Transit van, which crashed into a lamppost in St Helens on Tuesday.


"Visitors" is politically correct speak for gypsies or otherwise known as travellers. Where they go pandemonium, vandalism, theft, criminal damage follows. There are of course other ethnic groups that think the world (but mostly Britain) owes them something and the, ahem, visitors are one of these groups. They contribute nothing to the community and offer nothing but upset and headaches in return.

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Friday, 8 August 2008

Liverpool BNP merchandise!

You can now buy some of the BNP Merchandise online via ebay.

Buy it here: Liverpool BNP badge!

Buy it Here: Liverpool BNP Mousemat

War veteran, 82, robbed in the street by two black men

POLICE were today hunting two men who robbed an 82-year-old war veteran in Liverpool.The victim was leaving the William Hill bookmakers, on Parker Street, at around 7pm on Saturday when the men grabbed him from behind.

One held him in a bear hug and when the victim called for help he placed his hands over his throat and mouth very tightly.The victim was forced to the floor while one of the offenders restrained him and the other went through his pockets.His wallet, cash and photographs of great sentimental value were taken. The pictures showed the victim’s wife who has passed away and his children when they were young.

The offenders are described as black, in their early 20s, between 5ft 9in to 10in, of stocky build, clean shaven with dark hair and wearing long-sleeved tops.


I hope these two pieces of criminal filth get life once caught. There does seem to be a lot of disrespect at the moment towards our war heroes. The Sun newspaper otherwise known as the SCUM newspaper on Merseyside is selling Third Reich Nazi war memorabilia through its paper. Ninety nine percent of good Merseyside people don't buy this Nazi paper anyway, however if we can get the last one percent to stop buying this "anti British rag" then this may end up as a good result all round. The BNP fully support our war dead and we are against any form of political correction by the Lib Lab Con parties or the Scum newspaper in forgetting their memory.

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Justice Minister Jack Straw has let me down says angry Michael Shields

JAILED Liverpool fan Michael Shields has attacked Jack Straw in a scathing letter from his prison cell.The 21-year-old wrote to the Justice Minister who last month said he did not have the power to grant him early release.

In the letter written from Haverigg Prison, the former Edge Hill student likens Britain to the Bulgarian state that jailed him.In his letter he said: "I start this letter by saying how disappointed I am by your decision and empty promises".


Welcome to the real world Michael. Do you honestly believe that a British Labour politician would be interested in your plight. Even when Jack Straw last showed his face in Liverpool over the Ken Bigley kidnapping it was just for a photo opportunity, he wasn't really bothered about Ken so there's not much hope for you mate. Maybe if you had terrorist connections to Osama Bin Laden you may have been out by now. All the terrorists in Britain seem to be out on tag, hey why don't you try and claim asylum you would have ten people looking at your case then.

Talking about useless Labour politicians I wonder if the useless fat lump of lard Peter Kilfoyle will pull his snout out of the trough and fight for Everton FC to stay put, now that there is a problem with the move to Knowsley.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Disgraced sergeant sacked over sex shame

A MERSEYSIDE police sergeant has been sacked in disgrace after he visited prostitutes while on duty.

Karl Cliff, 42, an officer with 17 years’ service, was dismissed at a disciplinary panel last week after avoiding a prison sentence at a court hearing.

He had been suspended since the allegations came to light a year ago.

Cliff was caught by suspicious colleagues only months after transferring to Merseyside from Greater Manchester police.


As a normal member of the public I am very disappointed at the leniency which was shown to this sergeant. He ignored a 999 call made by the public to satisfy his own sexual needs. For too long the police if convicted of crimes get off too easy mainly because they are the police. In my opinion the police should be given penalties more severe as they are supposed to be protecting the public not abusing their trust. This burglary call he ignored for example, what if the householder or the end result of the burglary had resulted in a death?..Would the officer still have received community service?

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

18 year old who was attacked dies!

A TEENAGER battered in a homophobic attack on Merseyside today (Saturday) lost his fight for life.

Michael Causer, 18, was assaulted on Tarbock Road, Huyton, at around 11am last Friday, July 25.

It is alleged he was set upon by two men, who have both been arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

The ECHO understands the pair - James O’Connor and Gavin Alker - will be rearrested by detectives in the coming days and the charge will be upgraded to murder.

Michael was found by paramedics lying still in a pool of blood. He was taken to Whiston Hospital where, last weekend, doctors performed emergency surgery in an attempt to stem the swelling on his brain.

His distraught family kept a bedside vigil as he was moved to the specialist neurology centre at Walton but Michael died at around 12.30pm today.


Now I felt this important to report on due to the fact that this lad was a very young boy with all his life ahead of him. Nobody should be attacked never mind being killed when they haven't done anything wrong. To us in the BNP whether this was a homophobic killing, racist killing or random killing is not an issue, the issue is that someone has been murdered and they should all be treated the same and should face the same penalty and that is a noose around the neck.

Society is in such a disgusting state that we have young people being stabbed, shot and beaten to death, this must be stopped now. Politicians are not offering any solutions, instead they think its best to send the filth on holidays as they are deprived and that's why they are scum bags. Well we say its not, society was much poorer in the past but we didn't have these problems. We need to bring back discipline and make sure that the youth have and know respect and discipline.

Our condolences go to Michael's family and friends and we hope they get the justice that they deserve.

Echo Debate - the letter they didnt print!

On Monday 21st July 2008, we reported on our blog about the recent debate in the Liverpool Echo about the British National Party. Our branch Treasurer decided to write into the Echo to thank them and also to answer a few points from a couple of letters. The Echo didn’t print the letter, so here it is for you to read.

Dear Sir,

With the resent debate in your letters page surrounding the British National Party having a letter printed by one of our members, Pete Molloy, (Echo, July 9) and the Liverpool Echo stipulating it will stand up for freedom of speech, I would like to add a few points if I may.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Echo for printing letters form our members as it shows that the paper is prepared to allow all points of view to be heard, so that the general public can form their own opinion. This is true democracy that needs to be upheld. With the Echo allowing points of views from any political party does not mean the Echo endorses that particular party’s view, so why should Mr. Jenkins find the Echo’s stance for freedom of speech and democracy so abhorrent( Echo, July 17)? May be he’d rather live in Magube’s Zimbabwe where people are persecuted for their political beliefs if they are different of those of the State.

Secondly, Mr Jenkins states that we are a ‘fascist’ organisation and that there is no place in our city for the British National Party’s ‘vile hatred’. With regards to the former, the British National Party believes in democracy and that is why we want to introduce the Citizens Initiated Referenda, which would provide a great say for the electorate. Greater democracy than we have now, so how can this be fascism I do not know. The latter, Mr. Jenkins fails to provide an example of his accusation, which is very common with people like him. The general public are far more intelligent to except generic statements and want to know hard facts.

With regards to our party Chairman, Nick Griffin, he has never been convicted of denying the holocaust, not least because it is not an offence under British law. He was, in the last century, very critical of the way in which the real suffering and mass murder of the Jews of occupied Europe has been exploited by mainly atheistic gentile leftists as a moral club to stifle criticism of mass immigration. He long ago expressed regret that the language used upset some individual Jews, as, in the post-9/11 world, the free peoples of the West and the Jews need to bury past quarrels and stand together against the threat of Islamic imperialism.

Finally, I am not being disrespectful to Mr Tomlinson (Echo July 18), Chair of the Merseyside Black Police Association, but he is not in a position to understand what it is like to be a ‘white working class British male’ in New Labour’s modern Britain. This is because rascism only seems to cut one way with New Labour and that is why white people may feel they can’t be victims of rascism. May be this is why they are significantly under-represented as complainants at race employment tribunals.

However, I would like to remind Mr Tomlinson of two racial discrimination cases on white males that the Police have committed.

The most recently was that of an ex-British Army Lance Corporal, Ben Mayer, who applied to join the Metropolitan Police in Feb 2008 and was informed by the Met that they were “actively seeking to raise interest from black and minority ethnic communities and females”. And the case of Ralph Welsman, who in March 2006, won a five figure sum from Avon and Somerset Police, because they broke sex and race discrimination laws with its recruitment policy.

So if Mr Tomlinson wants to champion the need of equality in employment then may be he should start ‘in house’ first.

Ian Tompkins
Treasurer, Liverpool Branch
British National Party

The end of Gordon Brown's political career.

Taken from the Green Arrow forum

Thanks bobby.

WARNING...Do not watch if you are easily offended of swearing by the Labour Party.

Shop man’s secret life as gun-runner

A LIVERPOOL shopworker was today behind bars after flooding the criminal underworld with illegal guns.

Would-be gangster Kaleem Akhtar, 29, led a double life.

To some, he was the dutiful son with an arranged marriage, working in his millionaire family’s clothing firm empire.But with others, he put his sales techniques to a different use.The self-styled “Big K” was a “thrill-seeking rich kid” attracted to the “glamour” of the underworld, according to police.


Not much to comment on here apart from being behind bars is the best place for this criminal. Lets hope that he never gets out.

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Friday, 1 August 2008

Brilliant Meeting Held in Liverpool!

Last night (Thursday 31st July) saw Liverpool BNP hold a meeting that saw it break 2 records. The first was the attendance which was counted at 110, the second record was the amount raised which was an amazing £855 which will go into helping the Branch campaign on merseyside maybe annoy the council some more. Everyone was impressed with the meeting and the turnout which we did not expect such a high turnout especially this time of year and with the credit crunch hitting people hard. However this just goes to show how motivated our members and supporters are now and how much the party is growing especially on Merseyside. Against all the odds of what our enemies are throwing at us we are growing strong.

The guest speaker of the night was Nick Griffin Chairman of the BNP, he gave a very good speech on the credit crisis that we face. He explained what is happening, what will happen and what we as a party will do about it. The speech was well received with him receiving a standing ovation at the end, such a great speech may of also helped us raise so much money.

We also saw new things at the meeting, we sold our own merchandise such as badges, mugs and mouse mats. This is the first time the Branch has done this and it was a great success and we will do this again and also get in more stock to give the people more choice.

Thank you for those that visited from Wales, Wigan, Warrington and any anyone else who visited and I have missed out. Also good to see people from the British Democracy Forum.

If you would like to get involved or come to meetings please get in touch, the contact details can be found on the banner or to the side of the blog.