Thursday, 13 November 2008

BT to cut 10,000 jobs..Union leaders express shock.

The UK’s economy suffered another crushing blow today when telecoms giant BT announced it was cutting 10,000 jobs, mainly among agency workers and sub-contractors.Union leaders expressed shock at the scale of the cutback and warned they would resist any moves to make compulsory redundancies.

Andy Kerr, deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said he was shocked at the scale of the job cuts.

COMMENT.... I had to put this article on today as it has a connection with yesterday's article on how useless the Labour Party Unions really are when the muck hits the fan. I am not saying that Andy kerr is as useless as Tony Woodley (who is as useful as a hole in a sock) but just being "shocked" is not going to save jobs this Christmas is it?..But hey just as Tony Woodley's stocking will be full this Christmas, likewise the stocking will be just as full for Andy Kerr. As an example how about both of these "men of the working class" take a pay cut and contribute it to the workers who are going to be left skint by these redundancies.

So the poor agency workers and sub contractors are to bite the bullet eh?..Well when economic conditions improve they will be back, no doubt without proper workers rights and proper wage rates that the Labour Party Unions say should be afforded to all but will look the other way when not given.

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