Friday, 24 April 2009

Disgraceful Liverpool Echo

Is it any surprise that the profits and turnover income of this disgrace of a newspaper rag are on the slide. For newspaper reporting and accuracy, even the despised on Merseyside Sun newspaper tells more truth than this sham excuse of a local newspaper. Their description of yesterdays events which they title "BNP IN CITY HALL RUMPUS" must be the biggest distortion of facts since Alastair Darling revealed his budget on Wednesday this week.

The other contributor to this blog SCOUSEBNP has described the incident accurately on the earlier article posted today. United against fascism who should be called United against peace and democracy followed and pursued the BNP members who had finished their leafleting session for nearly three quarters of a mile intent in causing violence.

The usual Labour Party Union sponsored idiot was on hand orchestrating the attack upon BNP members while keeping a safe distance himself. The Liverpool Echo who know who this guilty criminal is normally are only too quick to quote this Union leader, but on this occasion are not able to do so as they know they will link him to this crime against 14 peaceful BNP democrats.

To the Liverpool Echo violence against peaceful people is acceptable. Shame on them, we the Liverpool BNP know where they stand, what they stand for and who they stand with.

Peter Tierney arrested as he defended himself against attackers!

I am informed that on St Georges Day as team of 14 members descended upon the streets of Liverpool City centre to hand our BNP election material for the European Elections on June 4th.

The team stood at the infamous spot of the Liverpool 13 arrests on Church Street, after about 40 minutes of standing there psychotic unwashed leftists, trade unionists and Labour supporters arrived verbally attacked and harassed the BNP members especially the female and elderly members.

After a short while the BNP team decided to leave after a tremendous response from the public and lack of material left. However the bunch of unwashed cretins decided to follow the BNP team, clearly with intention to harm them. Members then heard a trade unionist leader (I wont name as there is a police investigation) began to order his people to attack the BNP members while he stood away. He was heard ordering them to attack the BNP leader immediately the BNP members began to warn the leader as the unwashed charged towards them to attack the BNP members and forced the BNP members to defend themselves as they tried to leave.

After successfully defending themselves the other unwashed then backed off while their weasel leader squirmed in the distance. The police then arrested two of the attackers, one of the attackers then apparently complained about Peter Tierney defending himself and the police then arrested him.

BNP members then stood outside Wavertree police station to show our support as he was released. He had his clothes confiscated and was forced to wear a suit which made him look like he had come out of some political prisoner camp.

Peter Tierney has had bail conditions enforced upon him that he can not enter the city centre. We ask is it a coincidence that we are in election time, he is the Liverpool Truth Truck driver and that he has been banned from the city centre?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Prime Minister Prat...An Announcement, nothing to do with his polll ratings by the way.

Get the sick bag ready. Because due to the disaterous poll ratings of the Labour Party thanks to halfwit gormless Gordon and his band of Labour crook MP's, Labours latest soundbite offering is particularly gaulling. At the moment in this country there is a dangerous shortage of kitchen plugs and kitchen sinks thanks to the unlimited expenses enjoyed by parliamentary MP's and through the enthusiasm of the MP's purchasing these "sink waste" products.

Gordon is jumping around like a jack in the box on this video with his battery operated smile really does look like the squirming eel that in real life he really is. His "personality docors" really must have nightmares with this disaster of a prime minister getting to look relaxed in front of the camera whilst the country implodes thanks to him and his Labour policies.

Lets not believe for one moment that any of the soundbites that Gordon drowns the country in daily will ever be fulfilled. This is a prime minister that always walks by on the other side of the road when someone needs help on your side! The only entertainment value this video has is by seeing with your own eyes how its such a strain for Gordon to say something when he quite clearly knows its a pack of lies and of which he will not deliver on.

Sunday, 19 April 2009



By Richard Cranium

Terrified villagers of the lovely Cotswold village of Stillenglish, have described how a violent encounter with a BNP supporter took place last weekend. After a special investigation by our undercover team, acting on information provided by anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, we have traced the unemployed yob, who caused local rugby players to cower in their cars after the incident took place outside the post office, which closes next week.

At about 11.00am a pram was seen being pushed by an elderly woman which she then parked outside the post office. As the rugby players were on their way into the shop to buy some refreshments, for no apparent reason they were struck by a plastic dummy definitely witnessed being thrown from the pram. The culprit we can reveal is fifteen month old Damien Devil who has a skinhead look, and has been known to act in such a manner before. Police were called and the woman who is a BNP member was immediately taken to the Police Station for questioning.

Damien McBride, who contacted us by email confirmed, " This is just the start of a campaign of violence by the vile and hate filled BNP. They think they can mask their hatred and lies, but this action shows them up for the thugs that they are".

Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine said, "Yet again we see the true face of these people, hiding in prams and attacking vulnerable people like rugby prop forwards. This is exactly how Nazi Germany started.

A BNP spokesman was available for comment but not afforded the right of reply.

Ms Debbie Dyke, of Stillenglish LGBT Vegetarians against Racism and Fascism, said "I never go out into the village any more nor does my partner, we are shocked, outraged, horrified and appalled that these people can ruin our lives in such a way".


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Buy British - The British Pages!

Ask not what can your community do for you.
BUT what can do for your Community ?

First lets be clear up what community we are talking about here. The British Community, to be more specific, the British Nationalist Community. For several years now there as being talk of creating a Nationalist directory of companies. The idea being we would be able to locate and patronise companies that are owned by like minded Patriots.

This is the motivation behind the new website BRITISH PAGES. The site will provide an online directory which initially will be split into regions, making it easier for you to locate the service you require. With the knowledge that even while your spending your hard earned cash you are still supporting the Nationalist cause.

Another feature of the site, in fact an even more ambitious project is the EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE. We hope that Nationalist employers use the Exchange as their first port of call for advertising all their vacancies. This gives our community a double edged sword, not only do we get to spend our money with Nationalist companies but vice a versa for probably the first time employers have the chance to choose their staff from a Nationalist labour pool. In these times of economic strife it is imperative that our community not only pulls together and supports each other but in doing so we in fact grow stronger. The site as several other features but I don't want to give it all away.

For this project to succeed we need your support. There are several simple but effective ways you can help the BRITISH PAGES grow into strong link in the Nationalist community. Of course when you have finished reading this article I hope your next visit will be to our site, please register and give us your support.

More importantly we need you to recommend any and all nationalist companies you believe will benefit from being included in the directory, this is a mammoth task and without the help of fellow Nationalists nigh on impossible. Living in an enriched area as I do, I made a point of approaching the few remaining British owned business to see whether they would be interested in registering with British Pages, not only did I get a really good response but this opened up the conversation giving me the opportunity to offer a solution to what British business was facing. VOTE BNP. I got one definite and 2 possibele, they will be seeing me again !

To other Nationalist bloggers/ forums or Nationalist websites please place a link back to the British Pages on your sites. If you find the time and space a little mention would be greatly appreciated as well. We need to make our community self reliant and hopefully British Pages will become a useful tool in achieving that.

These foreign companies only exist because British people keep patronising them. The British pages can provide the British people with an alternative to funding their own destruction. Many thanks in advance for any help you provide.
British Pages:


P.S. Also note that this blog now has a new commenting system using the intense debate facility and commentators will now need to have an account with this system. This should help fight spam and also allow our readers and commentators to interact more with this blog and others.


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Merseyside police dragging their heels.

I have received letters again through third parties from the Liverpool BNP PO box. Letters requesting updates from the various complaints made to Merseyside Police by BNP members and the lack of correspondence and interest shown by the police in replying to follow up letters sent to the police by the complainants.

As we all know Merseyside police force is one of the most politically correct police forces in the country with one of the most politically correct Chief Constables Bernard Hogan Howe (pictured above) and also Chief puppet for Gordon Brown's Labour Party for policing on Merseyside.

There are three very serious ongoing complaints at the moment with not the slightest hint of progress being made. Two complaints against the fascist Labour Party union sponsored thug that is Wirral's Alec McFadden, pictured below

and a separate very serious racist verbal attack on a BNP member by Huyton's, St. Bartholomew's Labour Party Councillor Tony Cunningham also pictured below, which as I understand it the file concerning this racist verbal tirade has now been forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service. Such is the confidence and contempt that these Labour councillors have, this racist verbal tirade was blasted at our BNP member whilst Tony Cunningham was standing next to a Huyton police officer!

We will keep updating on these complaints... Oh and the days are long gone when we are going to stay silent on their criminal activity that our political opponents try and bully us with.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Smeargate: Brown Calls For Rule Change...I wonder why?

Gordon Brown has asked for a change in the code of conduct governing special advisers following the Downing Street emails scandal.Meanwhile a Tory MP caught up in the affair has told Sky News there is a "cancer" at the heart of Number 10.

The Tories have called for Mr Brown to hold an inquiry into the affair.But Ms Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, says she believes the Prime Minister should apologise. She is also considering legal action.


So Brown has asked for a change in the code of conduct governing special advisers eh?... While they're at it how about them changing the Prime Minister as well! I would give any odds that the tentacles of Gormless Gordon's influence on these email developments are far reaching and his knowledge is more than he is letting on.

To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

BNP at the races!

Today 10 Activists from Liverpool British National Party took the European Election campaign to Aintree races. The 10 activists distributed over 3000 of the EU and British Jobs for British Workers leaflets to a very receptive public.

The positive response far outweighed the negative, it was hard for the 10 activists to keep up with the speed of the movement of the crowds. However what was clear is that we made our presence felt and seen to the public.

Merseyside police also kept their interference to a minimum probably not wanting a repeat of what happened after the Liverpool 13 arrests. This was the first of many high profile events planned by the branch at the last activists meeting last Thursday and as it was such short notice it was good to get 10 activists and so many leaflets onto the streets.

What was also good to see was the number of members of the public who came up and told us they were already members of the party, clearly a sign of how the British National Party is growing.