Monday, 17 November 2008

Back home after the Blackpool BNP conference.

Speaking personally this is the highlight of the year for me, others would say its the RWB for them.

I arrived on Friday nice and early, it was a bit blowy but there was a buzz of excitement around Blackpool. I travelled from Merseyside with my VOTE BNP magnets displayed on the sides of my car which received many honks from cars and approving thumbs up from passengers in the cars on the motorways.

I pulled up to the Kimberley, Mark Collett was busy unloading his car with many box's of the racism cuts both ways leaflets we said hello to each other, I then booked myself in to the hotel.

I have to say that my room was fantastic, it wasn't sea view, but eh I wasn't there to look out of the window. After organising my belongings I went down to say hello and meet the rest of the BNP family that were now all arriving no doubt being as excited as me, looking forward to the weekend.

Liverpool BNP had all arrived by 5.30pm, so we went for a little walk on the Blackpool seafront before the gala dinner which started around 7.30-8.00pm. The gala dinner was five course each table had four bottles of wine and as much port as you could drink. The food was absolutely top notch, well done to the Hotel. I have to say and be honest now that I was absolutely rotten (drunk) this night. Anyone unlucky enough to be by me at this stage received a big hello if I did not know them followed by a big hug, as people do when they are intoxicated. The merriment went on until 2am when we all said our good nights much to BNP security's relief.

By the way BNP security team were on 24 hour security watch, watching the front and back of the hotel, teams doing night and day shifts. Without them there who knows what the Labour Party sponsored lefties would have got up to. They did a fantastic job, many thanks to all of them. Their vigilance is the reason why these conferences pass without incidences or disruption.

Saturday was a training day with a few speeches all of which were broadcast I believe. The protest outside started around 1-1.30pm. The protesters were around 70 in their amount which was surprising as the march from the meeting point looked slightly bigger. I can only think that the BNP protesters did not have the belly to march three miles from the meeting point to the hotel on a cold winters day, many of them preferring to put their feet up than to protest. This says a lot about the lefties, unless it involves a free bus ride paid by the Labour Party Unions then they are simply not interested are they.

Saturday's events came to a close about five o'clock, we all got changed had dinner and went out for a pint.....then a few more pints.....Then some whiskey's.....Then I cannot remember after that!

Sunday morning is one of a feeling of deflation knowing that this is the last day. It is the exact opposite feeling of arriving on the Friday. You can see it in everyone's eyes, the feeling of being with an amongst your own people , well there is no better feeling. Anyway after breakfast got changed for the serious business on voting for BNP party motions that were put forward from regional meetings. Again the events were put onto the Internet so I do not have to go into too much detail.

Anyone who missed the Chairman's (Nick Griffin) closing speech, where were you?...It will be broadcast on BNPTV so please watch it when its put on there (a recording)

After the chairman's speech it was a case of pack up hand the keys back to reception, say the good bye to new friends made and back on the motorway. I cannot wait until next year when it will be even bigger and better no doubt than this year.

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  1. Glad you managed to avoid the
    35mg/ml, boys-in-blue brigade on the way home. Hope you all had a terrific time. Three cheers for the BNP.