Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hilarious TV from traitor Prime Minister Brown.

I don't usually like linking to the odious traitorous anti British filth of the Labour Party and even less so to the worst British Prime Minister in British history, but this Sky News clip is a gem. It really exposes Brown to be the empty, transparent person that we knew he was.

The only thing that's missing is Brown storming off, throwing his dummy out of the pram like a little kid right at the end of the footage which ITV news did show at 6.30pm and of which Sky News didn't.

As Sky News have put it on their website, One man's "storming off" is another man's "getting up because it's over".

The sooner its over for the Labour Party the better. That's what we say at the BNP anyway.

Monday, 28 September 2009

A fantastic speech from one of Liverpools own.

A fantastic speech from Mr P.Rimmer at the recent Liverpool meeting Thursday 24th Sept 2009. Anyone wishing to visit the unofficial Liverpool BNP You Tube site then click on the ORANGE headline above.

Having seen the way half of the screen is cropped from the right hand side of the video on this site, can I suggest you watch it on our Liverpool BNP You Tube site. Just click on the Orange headline above as earlier instructed.

Part two of P.Rimmers speech, Thursday 24th Sept 2009.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

NEW Liverpool BNP t-shirts!





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Friday, 25 September 2009

Martin Wingfield in Liverpool..What a night!


Seven o'clock in the morning and I'm just off the M6 near Wigan.

Last night I spoke in Liverpool and today there's an important Advisory Council meeting in Warwickshire.

Yesterday evening it was an excellent meeting at a packed working man's club. Massive buffet, great hospitality and a thoroughly professional set-up all brought together by new organiser, Peter Squire.

My supporting speakers were Paul Rimmer and Gary Aronsson and they were both excellent. Each was very different in their delivery but both enthralled the audience with their contributions.

Paul, a committed Christian, reported on the Catholic owners of a Liverpool guest house who are being prosecuted by the police for inciting religious hatred after daring to argue their corner with a Muslim guest. It was a blood and thunder speech as Paul called on the British people to wake up at this 11Th hour and save their country.

Gary's speech - Water on the Moon - detailed the rise of 'poor' India and compared it to the demise of 'rich' Britain. Of course it was the Indian space mission that found the water on the moon, and it was the British taxpayer that funded the mission with their foreign aid to 'poor' India. Gary gave a long list of similar examples of British 'generosity' to others and delivered it in his usual dead pan style. The meeting loved it and it was a great warm-up before I took the floor.

Football, Freedom and working for Nick Griffin was my theme and it seemed to go down well.

The AC meeting today is about the Equality Commission's court case against the British National Party. Nick Griffin met with solicitors yesterday and he will be reporting to us what they had to say before a way forward is mapped out.


Having attended the meeting I can say it was outstanding. Martin Wingfield, a giant of a man and a giant of a man for Nationalism. I hope its not too long before he visits us in Liverpool again. To read his blog click on the ORANGE headline above.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

More Nick Griffin MEP footage in Halewood, Liverpool

Nick Griffin MEP telling it as it is on his South Liverpool tour on Tuesday 22nd September. He is the only British politician who says what we think.

Half way through the video you will see the car plant security team drive up in a four wheel drive to question the BNP as to who they are and what they are doing. A few minutes later the BBC rings Simon Darby as to why Nick is outside the Halewood car plant. Word certainly spreads fast when Nick Griffin MEP is in town.

The BNP main website has the same video of which you can see the Halewood car plant security guards quizzing the BNP, the footage seems to be cropped on this site.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More happy memories from Hunts Cross

Merseyside BNP out in force with Nick Griffin MEP!

Does this man never stop, Nick Griffin MEP visits South Merseyside yesterday, thanking the public for electing him to the office of North West MEP. He received a fantastic response from the general public who thanked him for his rigid stance against the Labour Party on a wide range of political subjects.

More photo's to follow of Nick griffins South Liverpool tour in a few hours.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Child Porn charge, ex Labour Party Councillor Ben Williams back in court

Former Liverpool councillor and Southport King George V College teacher Ben Williams faces child porn accusations

The former councillor has denied 10 counts of downloading indecent images of children.

Ben Williams, 35, of Townsend Avenue, Norris Green, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, having resigned from his position as a head of department in history and politics at Southport’s King George V College.

Opening for the prosecution, Peter Davies told the jury the images, made between November 5, 2006, and January 26, 2008, came to light after an Internet safety system called Janet, the Joint Academic Network, alerted IT manager Martin Coleman.


Lets not forget why he is on these child porn charges...He blamed it on the Conservative Party's David Cameron and a speech by David Cameron about the influence of modern society on children.

Liverpool BNP will be following this retrial case with interest. To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Christian hotel owners hauled before court after defending their beliefs in discussion with Muslim guest!

A Christian couple have been charged with a criminal offence after taking part in what they regarded as a reasonable discussion about religion with guests at their hotel.

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were arrested after a Muslim woman complained to police that she had been offended by their comments.

They have been charged under public order laws with using ‘threatening, abusive or insulting words’ that were ‘religiously aggravated’.

It is understood that they suggested that Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a warlord and that traditional Muslim dress for women was a form of bondage.

They deny, however, that their comments were threatening and argue that they had every right to defend and explain their beliefs.
The Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool

Mrs Vogelenzang, 54, who has run the Bounty House Hotel near Aintree racecourse in Liverpool with her husband Ben, 53, for six years, said: ‘Nothing like this has happened to us before. We are completely shocked.’

Read more:


This is an absolute disgrace and a further attack upon Free Speech and Democracy lead by the ever more political police on Merseyside. Merseyside Police are now getting renowned for persecuting people who do not fit in with the mainstream view of issues.

We feel that calling Mohammed a warlord is pretty polite, I would view him more as a genocidal nutter who had a disgusting liking for sex with children (Aisha -married at 6 and consummated at 9).

Maybe Merseyside police may want to educate themselves at:

As for this court case who hope it is thrown out and the harshest criticism is given towards Merseyside police and who ever brought this case is sacked.

Merseyside Nationalists may actually do a bit of investigating ourselves.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Liverpool BNP were out at the TUC conference in Liverpool yesterday. They were giving out leaflets to the passing public who were very receptive to our message. As you can see from the leaflets given out we do mean what we say. Unlike the communists at the TUC who pontificate over anything that is beneficial to British workers rights. British jobs for foreign workers is the motto of the TUC union traitors!

Such is the violent nature of the UAF scum, the police shadow them at every opportunity. This UAF male layabout being followed by the police was searching the Albert Dock for his next drugs fix no doubt.

That's right say cheese you Communist anti British traitor

Well the biggest fools of the lot are in Merseyside on Tuesday. George Galloway is at the Adelphi Hotel at 7pm with all his anti British Communist stooges. No doubt they will have the hammer and sickle flag on full display whilst all hero worshiping their hero, the Russian mass murderer Stalin. Pathetic, the lot of them.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Muslim maniac Anjem Choudary " Islamic flag will fly over Downing street"

There are two video's to watch here. The first one a reporter tries to link the BNP into the troubles at the super mosque protest in Harrow, London yesterday, which is a fabricated pack of lies. Hat tip to the Green Arrow as usual.

This video which fronts Anjem Choudary as its spokesman is a complete lunatic and surely the straight jacket and the doctors in white coats cannot be too far away.

Currently there are two million Muslims in this country. I would like to say that that's two million too many, but I cannot say that as its politically incorrect. What I have got to say is that the Muslim community are a valuable part of the community and that they contribute to British society, etc, etc, etc.....But I know this is a load of rubbish and know its not true so stuff them!

When the Labour party continue to tell the British people that immigration is good for the country, video's like the above is what they must have meant. Wake up people because time is running out.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A mini victory for Justice

Today Liverpool BNP super activist again attended Liverpool magistrates court in Dale street. His appearance at his own request to get the draconian bail restrictions put upon him lifted. Since the shameful, vicious and frenzied attack by the UAF, which was ordered by a Merseyside Union leader on St Georges day, upon our OAP ladies and elderly war veterans, Peter who himself was also attacked was banned from the Liverpool city centre as a result. This city ban was due to a counter claim assault allegation, from the person who viciously attacked Peter!!

Peter Tierney upon leaving the court stated to friends that "this was a victory for justice today" He also further went on to state that "the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post rags have done their best to bankrupt me. Both of them papers the way they have reported this is nothing short of a character assassination of me"...

"Most of my business as a self employed person is conducted within the Liverpool city centre. There have been days when I have been thinking, how am I going to pay the bills, because of these unnecessary bail conditions". "Thankfully the Magistrates agreed with my request and even the police prosecution was sympathetic by offering absolutely no objections to bail being lifted. Now I can go home, start planning my business and perhaps stop worrying about what to put in the shopping trolley just to feed my family".

Peter further added "Of course this is only part one of the victory, the other part in the Crown court is yet to come. I will tell the truth and be honest as always and hope that justice prevails at the crown court as it did at the magistrates for me today"

Well Peter, the whole of Merseyside BNP will be behind you for that one mate and no doubt democratic patriots from around the country will be there. Well done on your result today. I'll congratulate you when I see you next.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it eh Alec!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A proper response from a Labour MP...Vote BNP

The letter below is a letter to Roger Godsiff Labour MP for Birmingham, Sparkbrook & Small Heath, from a very concerned constituent. Article taken from the Green Arrow Site (CLICK ORANGE headline above)

Dear Roger Godsiff,

I, Sir, am becoming increasingly concerned with the behaviour and attitude of the public at large, in Birmingham. I hate to admit it, but i am starting to become a little bit phobic toward the influx of 'Asian' peoples who have been populating our city in recent decades.

I am not particularly biased toward one race or whatever, I believe in 'live and let live' basically, but, i cannot help but notice the belligerent attitude and generally anti white culture that is now prevalent in this area.

I have seen numerous disputes recently (roads, shops, etc.) Where young Asians have harassed drivers, shopkeepers, people minding their own business.

I try not to get involved, but, i find, the ferocity, abuse, and confrontation is escalating out of all proportion.

This area is fast becoming a hot bed of strife and anti-ism which is rivalling the seeds of Nazism...

Name Withheld.

The Labour MP'S response letter is fascinating, click on image to enlarge.

Where can I start as regards the letter to his constituent from Roger Godsiff. The first thing I would like to say is that it is unusually honest and straight to the point.

This letter is an example of how one's MP in a constituency should reply to a concerned member of the public. OK, he's Labour and consideration must be given to the fact that the general election is around the corner and that Labour is desperate for support.

Myself I have received many responses from MP's over the years on Merseyside to my concerns. I have tried every different approach in the book with my letters. One thing I have never received is a letter like the above, with one of my Merseyside MP's giving me a response which makes me feel remotely like a human being. sometimes I am lucky to get a one sentence response if that.

Here's to keep on trying eh.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Liverpool and Sefton BNP welcome UKIP'S Nigel Farage...NOT!

Have this leaflet Nigel..Oh and its free so you cannot claim for it.

He's been banned from Liverpool city centre but super activist Peter Tierney is on the front line in Southport.

This weekend UKIP held its AGM in the North West of England, at a hotel in Southport.
The North West region of the British National Party will not easily forget the night our Chairman won the historic BNP North West seat in the European Parliament. We also remember the UKIP MEP turning his back on democracy and walking off the stage with the rest of the establishment, proving beyond doubt that the UKIP leadership are totally complicit with the Lib/lab/con.

To read the full Cumbrian Patriots article click on the ORANGE headline above.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hero for free speech and democracy Peter Tierney stands tall and proud


Today saw the second appearance of super activist Peter Tierney appearing at Liverpool magistrates court on Dale Street. So far so good with the way this case is progressing. As it stands Peter has made a plea of not guilty which we all know within the BNP, he is innocent!! and instead opted for a Crown court trial in front of a jury of his peers.

Reports are coming back that McFaddens henchman inside the court were dismayed at this decision of Peter today as these "no marks" of McFadden will have to continue getting out of their beds early for the Simon Cowell "self obsessed" wanabee McFadden ("want to be" for the benefit of the UAF).

I wish our BNP lads would supply me with a decent photo of McFadden in them Steve Radford "up crack" jeans, as since the EU elections this idiot McFadden has become "real Liberal"...Reports are that they were in Castle street together today having coffee together, but hey mistaken identity is so frequent these days, so apologies if it wasn't them together.



Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP membership rules case adjourned.

The idiot above, Trevor Phillips, states the "BNP should be treated as less than human"...The article below is taken from the superb Green Arrow site.

A legal case about ethnic restrictions on the British National Party's membership rules has been adjourned.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission whose chairman Trevor Phillips, once referred to BNP members as being "less than human" has issued proceedings against BNP leader Nick Griffin and two party officials.

It claims the party's policy of limiting its membership to "indigenous Caucasian" people is illegal, whilst not mentioning any of the thousands of "black only" organisations that bar white people from joining.

The party has quite rightly, called the action a "pathetic attempt" by the commission to divert attention from its own problems where staff are vanishing quicker than snow on a summers day due to internal problems.

To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.