Saturday, 31 October 2009

James Roberts CONVICTED UAF THUG and anti democratic idiot.

It seems that the UAF have got their knickers in a bit of a twist over the recent conviction of UAF McFadden lackey, James Roberts of Jubille drive, Kensington. The trouble with the UAF along with Roberts is that they think they are above the law of the land.

Taking a look at the video above its evident for everyone to see that this idiot with a dress sense straight out of the Steve Radford school of fashion has no respect of law, as well as of the police who he quite clearly is insulting to.

Merseyside BNP welcome this guilty conviction for the major public order offence on April 23rd 2009 committed by James Roberts. However this was only the first half that you see on the video, the second half perpetrated by him and his UAF goons happened a little while later, in a cowardly attack by the UAF on BNP OAP men and women up at St John's gardens, with their Communist Stalin worshiping hero Alec McFadden in tow.

Alec McFadden recently admitted to Roger Phillips whilst live on radio Merseyside that he had the stolen BNP membership list on his home computer (this was illegal). He was then going to use the list to pressurise their employers in exposing the BNP employees about their BNP membership. This was a clear admission by McFadden to breaching the data protection act ( an imprisonable offence). Now that James Roberts is a "convicted" and in our opinion quite clearly an "unbalanced individual" member of society, we feel in the interest of public safety this may be an avenue which may be open to us in the future.

Certainly a teaching career would be out of the question for Roberts looking at the video with such a volatile temper and such a propensity for violence and disrespect for law and order. It would be our public duty that being the case to "bring to attention his conviction" to future employers should they be thinking of employing him.

On reflection in the world of Roberts, he may start to realise his moments of madness are going to cost him dearly for carrying out orders on behalf of others.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

UAF, lowlife thug guilty!!

Today saw a bit of justice as much as we can describe it at Liverpool magistrates court. One of Alec McFaddens little runaround lackey's James Roberts (pictured above and below) of Jubilee Drive, Kensington, pleaded GUILTY to his part played in a major public order offence against BNP members on April 23rd this year. If any proof was needed that this UAF Labour Party sponsored organisation is nothing but a political terror front group, then this day on April 23rd 2009 would have been a perfect example of the criminality they do.


James Roberts is on the bottom rung of the ladder as regards UAF influence on Merseyside, even a doormat is above him in the pecking order of low life's. Reports today from the court were that Alec McFadden was nowhere to be seen, not wanting to associate himself with losers and the guilty from the UAF. McFadden barks out the orders and everyone of his UAF Communist thug yes men collect their criminal convictions for him in return .

James Roberts is a bit of an oddball even amongst his own bunch of strange friends. We do have the odd report reaching us that he craves a bit of recognition from the Communist hierarchy for carrying out instructions of this violent attack on the BNP on April 23rd. The Labour Party may pay your £100 fine and £65 court costs James, but thanks to your obedience to following instructions on some one else's behalf, the criminal conviction is with you for life. Will your Communist master Mr McFadden compensate you for that?


Monday, 26 October 2009

Daily Mail Mislead the readers about the Liverpool 13 and Peter Molloy!

In a article published today which names Peter Molloy and is about him being arrested with 12 other BNP Activists in November 2008 in Liverpool City Centre.

This article is misleading as it says they were arrested for distributing racist material. The material was the Racism Cuts Both ways which was published by the BNP. However the article tries to make out that the Liverpool 13 are still under investigation/charges by failing to mention that charges were not brought and all bail was dropped after we forced the hands of Merseyside police by holding a demo the following Saturday in which Nick Griffin was present.

Also what makes the twisting and distortion of the Daily Mail even worse is the fact that the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police has admitted Liability and as a result Merseyside Police have began to pay each person arrested the sum of about £2200 EACH!

Maybe people should write to the Daily Mail and complain?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

An Excellent video which people need to spread and get going VIRAL!

That has got to be one of the best videos I have seen and most powerful and therefore I fully recommend everyone spread this on facebook, Twitter, Digg, to all their friends and family and even get them to spread it.

We can change the image of the party if we work as one!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time farce... A message from the BNP chairman.

Well I don't know about you, but last nights question time and the unfolding UAF riot outside just about said it all to me about how bad the democratic situation is in this country. OK I have my point of view which is unpalatable to some ethnic minorities in this country, but I couldn't care less about their self pity. Let me say here, right now, well that's your problem not mine. Get the chips of your shoulders and accept there are other people in this country with "white skin" who have a right to their existence without wanting to hear about your continual moaning and self loathing.

This country was once tolerant and fair and decent but I have to say after seeing last nights "lynching" on the BNP party Chairman it has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I never thought I would see the day when such a proud nation was so desperate to give away its history and heritage effectively describing ourselves as a people with no identity, to people, a minority, who had no part in making this country great.

I am proud of the courage that Nick Griffin displayed in the face of such very select hand picked hostile "foreign" studio audience last night. However I would like to say to them I am British, white and very proud of it, if you don't like it you can always pack your suitcase and leave!

Anyone wishing to complain about the Question Time show to the BBC can ring 037 0010 6676 and leave an answer phone message.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday today, but what a day yesterday!

Where were you yesterday?..If you cannot remember, well you really did miss out on Nick Griffin at his superb best. From a prolonged continued attack from the British establishment Nick Griffin side stepped every attack and forced his opponents to fumble, drop the ball and forward pass continually, all day.

Normally you save the best till last but I want to show you the best first here as far as I'm concerned. Channel four news last night was a masterclass in how to dismantle your opponent before your opponent has even had a chance to reach full stride. Nick did this superbly with the 5th Lord James Bethel(who's not a Conservative you know)... Not until he said he was! By the way the Generals who had been so vociferous in their attack by ganging up on Nick were nowhere to be seen, even though they were invited to debate against Nick on the news programme!

The fun starts at one minute in when Nick Griffin "exposes" Lord Bethel as a Tory toff, the cameras focus in on Lord Bethel who delivers the biggest visible toad like gulp any one could deliver on camera!.. You could almost read Lord Bethels mind at that point thinking "shite I've been rumbled" The following sixty seconds are priceless with Lord Bethel mumbling,bumbling and stuttering to compose himself exposing his Conservative credentials in the process. But the damage had already been done by his admission and Lord Bethels case against Nick and the BNP was left in tatters.

Click on the ORANGE headline above to view the video on full screen.

Below another great performance from Nick earlier on in the day, this time on Sky News.

The Generals (dont mention the Conservatives) for hire.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

At Nuremberg, They Hanged the Politicians and Generals for War Crimes

Those Tory generals who today attacked the British National Party should remember that at the Nuremberg Trials, the politicians and generals accused of waging illegal aggressive wars were all charged — and hanged — together.

This was the reaction of Nick Griffin MEP to the announcement that Tory lackeys Sir Richard Dannett and Sir Mike Jackson had broken all military protocol with their statement attacking the BNP.

“There is a prima facie case for charging Tony Blair, Gordon Brown (picture below), William Hague and David Cameron with waging aggressive war against Iraq,” Mr Griffin said.

“The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials set the precedent when the leaders of Nazi Germany were charged with invading other countries which represented no military threat to Germany.

“Along with the political leadership of Nazi Germany, the chiefs of staff of the German army, Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel, were also charged with waging aggressive war. This has familiar parallels to the Labour Party led by Gordon Brown (pictured below)

And pictured below Brown and Camerons political goons.

COMMENT. To read full article click on ORANGE headline above.

Disclaimer.. While it is likely that a minority of the Labour Party are law abiding members of society, no responsibility can be taken on this site for the majority of the Labour Party that goes for the Conservatives as well who are out and out Nazi Fascists!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

BNP street activism in Merseyside then up to Glasgow

Many apologies to readers who are wondering whats been happening to our site over the last ten days. The situation is that Merseyside BNP has been very busy working towards and campaigning for an election that will be happening shortly. More news on this when it is announced officially by the council concerned.

Yesterday Merseyside BNP had the famous BNP truth truck which was put to good use for three hours in South Liverpool. I have the report back from the organiser Peter Squire that people in South Liverpool gave the vehicle and the message on the vehicle a fantastic response.

It was unfortunate that Merseysides traffic and Labour Party police were on the scene within minutes of the Truth Truck arriving and Parking in South Liverpool. Apparently the police wanted to know of the intentions of the driver, where he was going and who with and as to how long he intended to be parked (quite legally)in a public lay-by. Shame the police think its fit to harass motorists instead of catching criminals.

It was handy the Merseyside BNP photographer was around who just managed to catch the end of the Labour Party police admiring the BNP vehicle. They soon shot off after realising they were getting filmed (footage below). If one could only read the thoughts of the male police officer considering the look he gave the camera man on fleeing the scene. You can click on the ORANGE headline above to go to the You Tube site, as sometimes the footage on this site is cropped off the right of the footage screen.

The Liverpool BNP team arrived up in Glasgow at 10.30 pm, picture below.

An interview with our key personnel up in Scotland with our Scottish BNP brother Walter Hamilton by the North West Regional Organiser Clive Jefferson. Video below.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lying proffessional black Weyman Bennett accuses the BNP of Murder....Time to phone the police I think.

A hat tip must go again to the Green Arrow blog for bringing this video to our attention. Visit his superb site by clicking on the ORANGE headline above.

Weyman Bennett of the UAF is a particularly nasty piece of lying filth. At every opportunity he uses the fact that (obviously) he is black. This makes him a professional black man, someone who uses the color of they're skin to make a living out of it. Fair enough with losers like Weyman who carries the "usual chip on his shoulder" larger than Mount Everest, that most ethnics carry, because of "whitey" don't forget, we are continually forced and have to pander to all the shit and bile that they spew out, each day and every day.

Between him and Alec McFadden, who is a compulsive liar (we have proof) you have to ask who is the champion of lies, deceit and untruths. At every opportunity these UAF Communist liar's spew it out and everything is excepted. Well I for one will be contacting the police (again) over this latest outburst which is a total pack of lies. I would ask that everyone else do the same thing once viewing the video also.

Friday, 2 October 2009

A reminder to the UAF why the BNP are on Question Time 22ND Oct

As all the false politicians of the LibLabCon are getting into a right tither over the appearance of Nick Griffin onto the BBC'S Question Time on the 22ND of October. I thought it would be nice to show the voters of this land again why Nick Griffin is going to appear on the programme.

The like's of the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives traitorous politicians are terrified of this prospect. The outward statements that we hear from them are that they "relish the chance to debate and to expose the BNP for racists that they are"....Well of course this sounds great if it were true, but why have the likes of David UAF Cameron and Gordon Idiot Brown avoided the debate with us for years?

The truth is "they are" in fact the racists!..Its reverse psychology with the three Westminster parties. Its easier to believe lies if its too hard to uncover the truth! Hopefully after October the 22ND the majority of the British public will have at least one eye open.