Monday, 9 April 2012

Report of British Freedom London Meeting

In the politically correct world of mainstream British politics, there’s a common view that un-PC organisations like the British Freedom Party ought to be gagged, silenced, shut down – whatever it takes to stop us propagating our no-nonsense policies in public. That’s why so many mainstream political figures, up to and including Prime Minister David Cameron, support the likes of UAF, who are ready and willing to do the silencing for them.
That’s how our original plan for a London meeting was thwarted. But not this time, for on Saturday night in a venue in west London British Freedom held one of its most successful meetings ever.
A turnout of around 60 people including members, supporters, friends from the EDL and several new faces heard talks and presentations by Paul Weston and others, raised £200 for the party (a big thank you to everyone!), and enjoyed conversations and drinks in the bar afterwards. This, hopefully, will be the start of much more British Freedom activity in the Greater London area.
Our thanks to all those who travelled long distances in order to attend. (And apologies to Sean, who arrived a little late and was unable to get through to my mobile. I’ll buy you a pint at the next London meeting, that’s a promise!)
The British Freedom Party: Principles and Policies
Dr George Whale, National Nominating Officer
Defence Cuts and Their Effects on Britain’s Armed Forces
Mark Dunbar, Local Party Organiser for Witham, Essex
Brief Q & A
Questions from the floor about the British Freedom Party

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Friday, 11 November 2011

New Executive Council for British Freedom!

British Freedom is pleased to announce the results of our recent internal party elections for positions on the Executive Council. It should be noted that the founder members that formed the Executive Council agreed to act in their positions for a period of twelve months only in order to establish a solid foundation upon which British Freedom could be built. After that twelve-month period the positions on the Executive Council would then be opened to all qualifying members that wished to apply.

The outgoing members of the Executive Council decided not to stand for re-election, but are very pleased to offer their full support and backing to those who wished to take up the challenge of driving the party forward. Only three positions received applications, and in all three cases the nominees were elected unopposed. The new Executive Council offers British Freedom a great deal of knowledge, experience, political contacts and will no doubt lead the party on to greater success and political achievement than it has already enjoyed in its first twelve months of existence.

 The new British Freedom Executive Council is as follows:
Paul Weston: Age 48. Chairman. Previously stood as the PPC for UKIP in the 2010 General Election. I have been writing and speaking since 2007 in the defence of my country, with most of my articles appearing online at the Gates of Vienna website. An archive can be found at my own website

I believe Great Britain has been subjected to a prolonged and drawn-out period of deliberate subversion from the 1960s until today, and that the architects of that subversion now control all the institutions of the state, including education and the media.

 Most government policies over the last few decades seem to be a blueprint for the destruction of a country and its people, and now even our Sovereignty has been stripped from us, leaving Britain ruled by unelected Socialist Dictat from a foreign power.

 This has effectively been a revolution, and if we wish to genuinely oppose this deliberate destruction of our once decent, moral, proud and beautiful country, we should now consider ourselves counter-revolutionaries — in mind if not deed. Over the last few years I have attended any number of conferences and meetings centred on the ever growing threat of Islam, and I am known to, and in contact with, all the leaders of the European Freedom parties, their backers and their online media outlets. [hr_shadow]


Dr. George Whale: National Nominating Officer. Although I’ve been an active member of the British Freedom Party for most of its existence, my most recent involvement in politics was more than 20 years ago (with Labour – and no, I’m not proud of it!). I don’t think that matters, because ours is a party not of political climbers, but of people with deep belief in Britain.

British Freedom is uniquely positioned as an organisation in which people of all classes and backgrounds work together towards a vital goal — the goal of saving this beautiful country from self-destruction. British Freedom will become the party of national unity, steering Britain away from its present path, a path of accelerating decline and ultimate strife.

 My background is in the print industry, the software industry and academic research. Currently I work as a research project manager with a leading UK university. I have degrees in fine art and computing, and a PhD in creativity and cognition. [hr_shadow]  

  Richard Bateman: Age 39. Treasurer. I have been involved with finance and political activism for many years. I do not believe the Britain of 2050 will be a country fit for our children and grandchildren to live in, unless steps are taken now to remedy this. We cannot afford to wait until it is too late, because “too late” could very well mean civil disorder of such magnitude it could be comparable to the fracturing of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Wars have always been fought over tribal, territorial and religious issues. By importing and appeasing Islam, our politicians have shown a criminal irresponsibility with regard to the very people they purport to represent — the native British. [hr_shadow]

Thursday, 22 September 2011

British Freedom News Letter!

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ten Reasons to Join British Freedom

1. The British Freedom Party welcomes ALL genuine patriots, regardless of background. We don’t care if you’re rich or poor, young or old, male or female, black or white — just as long as you love Britain and want to help make it Great again.

2. We are Cultural Nationalists, in other words, we believe that culture is the glue that binds society together and that all people living here must embrace British laws, values, history, traditions and ways of life. We reject Civic Nationalism — which says that anybody just off the boat from Karachi or Gdansk and given a British passport is just as British as we are; and we reject Racial Nationalism — because race-based politics has no place in our country.

3. British Freedom condemns the bigotry, corruption, criminality and strategic stupidity that have crippled British nationalism in the past. We intend to make nationalist politics legitimate, respected and successful, as they are in many other countries.

4. We are committed to ending immigration, expelling foreign criminals, colonisers and illegal immigrants, withdrawing from the EU, and reasserting British priorities in every area of national life. These objectives are non-negotiable. Ending immigration is the first, crucial action for maintaining the indigenous majority, without which our unique national character would be lost.

5. We will put British people at the front of queues for jobs, housing, health and education; because unlike mainstream parties, we understand that Britain belongs to the British.

6. We don’t give a damn about political correctness. We will defend the freedoms that so many of our forebears gave their lives for, including freedom of speech. You can say what you think in our party.

7. Parties with much the same views and policies as us are now enjoying great success across Europe. The PVV, True Finns, Danish People’s Party and so on — they all started out small but determined, like us.

8. British Freedom’s Chairman and Executive Council are experienced nationalists with a wealth of political and life experience between them (and a good few university degrees too). The leader, Executive and party officers aren’t career politicians, but people with jobs, families, commitments and all the difficulties that go with them. We understand the problems facing this country because, like you (and unlike our ruling elite), we live with them day to day.

9. We believe in real democracy. All Executive positions will be up for grabs at the next party AGM, and we want to involve more new members in activism and decision making.

10. You can join the British Freedom Party for free as a non-voting Associate Member. We believe that nobody should have to pay to defend their country.

How Many Immigrants, How Much Grooming?…

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Recent Wigan BNP meeting fiasco

This is what I hope is a taster of the madness and lunacy that was spouted by the current BNP hierarchy at the recent Wigan BNP meeting. There is, was a lot more than this and I hope much more is uploaded. The lunatics are definitely in charge of the BNP at the moment, this is why its imperative to get rid of Mad Nick Griffin.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Nick Griffin dying a thousand deaths

Must watch video's of Nick Griffin the sole architect and man, with no honour, responsible for the BNP's destruction, digging a hole for himself. A lunatic with no answers to any questions running and ruining the once mighty and proud BNP.

He was slaughtered on Question Time and here he is/was slaughtered by his own BNP membership!

The final two minutes on video two with the stand off between him and Eddy Butler are sensational.