Wednesday, 24 December 2008

"BNP" list police officer to face misconduct panel!

A SERVING Merseyside police officer named in a leaked list of British National Party members is to face a misconduct panel.

The name of PC Stephen Bettley, who once worked as the chief constable’s chauffeur, appeared on the list detailing apparent members of the right-wing party.

He was immediately suspended and interviewed.

In a statement released yesterday a police spokesman said: “Merseyside police has completed its investigation of an officer alleged to be a member of the BNP.

“It has been recommended that the police constable face a misconduct panel.

“The matter is now in the hands of Merseyside police's solicitors for further consideration.”

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This is absolutely disgusting that they are persecuting a member of our police force who has done nothing but act in a commendable way all through his career. The police force would not kick out officers for being members of Extremist Islamic groups despite these people wanting to murder millions of people, yet a legal political party that acts fully within the law and treats everyone as they should be treated are persecuted.

However Merseyside Police will be facing criminal charges for their use of the list, them using this list is illegal and a breach of Section 55 of the Data Protection act. The police are not above the law and we will make sure they are punished for this misconduct.

Also it is worth noting that there is no reliable evidence that this man has been or is a member of the BNP as the list is from un-official sources and has been tampered with and many fake names added and real ones removed.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Searchlight Exposed!

In 1962 Mr. Gerry Gable, formally a member of the Young Communist League and failed Communist Party candidate in the
Northfield ward of Stamford Hill in north London, founded the Searchlight organisation. He was, at that time, also linked to
the extremist 62 Group (as a holder of a seat on their board, and as a provider of intelligence information1). The 62 Group
was essentially an ethno-nationalist movement: “To be a formal member you had to be Jewish but they worked with people
from all communities including many Irish and Black activists”2. It is in this context that 62 Group orchestrated and executed
‘direct action’ (premeditated, extreme violence), and encouraged ethnic minority groups to “vent their anger”, against their
targeted political opponents – people belonging to (or supporting) indigenous ethno-nationalist groups within the British

--- Comment ---

This is a very interesting read and something that everyone should be aware of, especially journalists and politicians who do and have worked with this vile organisation. These people are a threat to our country and our Democracy and we should oppose them at all costs, we must ensure WE WIN our POLITICAL struggle.

We have took on this Scum in Liverpool and humiliated them when we held of Liverpool 13 Demo, they were forced back and had to 'retreat' as their leaders have put it. The BNP managed to open the eyes of the public and the greatest achievement was the fact that the party Chairman was able to give a speech on the steps of the iconic St Georges Hall.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Two more Muslims Jailed from the Muslim terrorist conveyor belt.

At this rate we are going to have to build two new prisons a year the rate that Muslim terrorists are getting sentenced in this country. British born Muslim fanatics are turning faster to terrorism than greedy bankers are running off with hard earned money of British savers.

Rangzieb Ahmed was told that he would have to serve a minimum of 10 years behind bars.The 33-year-old headed a three-man al Qaeda cell which was preparing to commit mass murder, Manchester Crown Court heard.The Rochdale-born Muslim was also found guilty of al Qaeda membership, along with his associate, Manchester taxi driver Habib Ahmed.

Manchester Police will probably announce now that they will be working closer with the Muslim community to try and combat terrorism and that millions will be pumped into the community just for the sake of it. I believe that all connected family to these convicted Islamic filth should be deported. The connected families must know what's going on and because of this they are just as guilty. Of course the benefit systems are not as generous in the desert wastelands of the Middle East, so while we get murdered by them, they still get paid by us. Pathetic eh?

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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Son of Satan rebukes the Devil Gordon Brown.

Its a pretty hard job to differentiate between the two maniacs that are Rowan Williams and Gordon Brown. One wants to surrender to Islam because he thinks its Christian to do so the other wants to surrender everything being British just to win the next General Election.

Interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Dr Rowan Williams said the Prime Minister's plan to boost spending was like an "addict returning to the drug".
Dr Williams said the credit crunch is a welcome "reality check" for a society that has become driven by unsustainable greed.

Whatever happens we all know that the economy of this country will recover, because it always does. There will be another boom like there will be another bust. But what we cannot keep on doing is to keep flooding the country with "third world invaders" so it appears by magic that the Britain's economy is growing.

Rowan Williams is an idiot and a traitor to the British people, I make no apology for describing him as the son of Satan as he wants to surrender to a faith that is "alien" to these shores. Gordon Brown is a murderer and a con artist who is trying to "camouflage" the true state of the economy by increasing Britain's public debt which today reached £65 billion pounds. I for one will be dancing in the street if he gets booted out at the next election along with the other Labour Party crooks who get booted out with him.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Pensioner beheaded. More Labour Multicultural madness.

A pensioner was beheaded on his own doorstep apparently after a disagreement over noise. Patrick McGee, 63, was ambushed in his front garden as he returned home from a meeting.

The attacker cut off his head, then picked it up and dumped it in a nearby wheelie bin.The alarm was raised at around 9.20pm on Monday night after police were called and officers found the victim's decapitated head in a wheelie bin. A man was arrested at the scene.


The Daily Mail website initially reported that a 31-year old man “thought to be of Filipino origin” had been arrested in connection with the murder, but the Daily Mail’s report was later censored to remove any reference to the ethnic origin of the alleged assailant. The truth will no doubt emerge in due course.

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Recession Will Be Deepest Ever, Thank You Labour.

The country is in the grip of a killer flu virus and now Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell the look a like "alien" or creature like insect from the Labour Party swamp states the recession is going to be the deepest ever. God I'm miserable.

There is one good thing to come out of all of this of course and that's getting rid of the Labour Party. One thing about Merseyside people though is this, they will probably still blame Margaret Thatcher for all their problems and that's past, present and future. Indeed once Merseyside people can accept that the Labour Party have lied,stolen and deceived them for years then we may make some progress. In my view the LABOUR PARTY have done much more damage to Merseysiders than the Conservatives ever did. This is the message that all Nationalists need to get across now to the electorate at this time.

As regards the comments of Tessa "the alien" Jowell, well deep down we all knew that this recession was going to be the real bad deal and that this is the "big one". By the time this is finished people will have lost everything they have got. However the thieving gits who are our own Merseyside MP's will all have put on weight over the Christmas period whilst some of their own electorate will have frozen to death. This I will not let them forget. The Britsish National Party are the only political party that will do exactly what it says on the tin.

Before I get off I would like to offer "three cheers" to the Iraqi Journalist who tried to Make a point with the American President George Bush. Apparently he only wanted to ask George to take a look at his shoes to see if they needed re soling. Its a pity the Buffoon Gordon Brown wasn't standing by George Bush he definitely would not have missed Brown's head, thats for sure.

To read Tessa Jowell's recession comments, click on ORANGE headline above.

Friday, 12 December 2008

A massive story that flew under the radar.

You get to realise how corrupt and what a shower of effluent the media and the powers that be are in this country when a potential terrorist act happens and gets unreported, apart by lonely Anglia News.

You see its OK in the eyes of this corrupt Government for the terrorist Muslim filth (a big minority of) to go blowing our people apart on their "suicide days out" in London, whilst that criminal Gordon Brown still panders for their (the Muslim) vote. When something is directed towards the BNP people you can almost read the thoughts by reading someones expression who opposes us that they actually want us to be harmed. I say this through the silence of condemnation from Government and the obvious non story of this through the media.

What was this act of potential terrorism you ask, well its sending a Christmas card to a BNP member, wishing them a merry Christmas from "ANTHRAX"..Of course if that was not bad enough the card was laced with a white powder that could have easily been mistaken and could have been the deadly fungal Anthrax spores.

The LibLabCon in this country are SCUM, the media in this country are SCUM, the perpetrator of this crime whether they be Asian or someone sponsored by the political party who "pays" thugs to intimidate our people through Union funded organisations, well they are NUMBER ONE SCUM.

To view the Anglia news Item click on the ORANGE HEADLINE above.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Flattened by the flu.

Since Monday I have been flattened by the flu, so apologies for the inactivity of the blog. You would think that gormless git Gordon Brown bragging yesterday at Prime Ministers question time that he has "saved the world", then saving me from getting the flu would have been a walk in the park for that confidence trickster.

Many thanks to all the people who have left comments in the comments section. Normal service will be resumed when completely recovered and am able to get out of bed.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Time for Michael Martin to go.

If ever there was a person getting fat off the trappings of office (No its not our overweight telly tubby Labour Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle) its that useless good for nothing speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin, who loves to abuse the very generous MP's expenses scheme.

Hopefully today some searching questions will be asked by MP's on how useful this (ahem) honourable (hardly) member of the house is because of the Damian Green arrest affair. For a start he's completely useless as he's a member of the traitorous load of filth that is the Labour Party and he's useless as he doesn't realise that everyone hates his guts at Westminster.

Whatever happens it should be interesting TV viewing just for the above reasons. A bit of News coming in from some of the Liverpool 13 who were arrested on the orders of Jacqui "the kebab" Smith. Most of the Liverpool 13 have received letters from the Police stating that they can now go and pick up their illegally seized belongings up from the police stations.

As they were taken illegally you would think that the Police would as a courtesy deliver the seized BNP documents and leaflets back to the houses concerned. No I'm afraid not, in Gordon Brown's Britain you are still treated as a criminal even when innocent.

Friday, 5 December 2008

BNP- We ain't gonna take it.

And we ain't gonna take it any more, bring it on!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Merseyside Police investigating Alec McFadden

It has been brought to the contributors attention of this blog through letters at the PO Box that there is an investigation being conducted by Merseyside Police against Alec "mad as a hatter" McFadden, President coalition trade unions on Merseyside.

On November the 19th (go to the 19th Nov on this site) a few weeks ago he openly admitted on the Roger "stinky" Phillips show that he would be using the 12,000 BNP members list which he had stored on his home computer and be using it against them with their employers. This is a clear breach of the data protection act if ever there was one. As a result of this programme people from all over Merseyside contacted their local Police stations to make a complaint about this.

Radio Merseyside had the programme and the conversation on their "listen again" section for a week on their website but have since taken it down. Roger "stinky" Phillips upon realising that McFadden had incriminated himself on air "nursed him" through the rest of the radio interview like a little school boy. However not being able to help himself McFadden again stated that he would be sending hundreds of emails to his Union members to dissect the list and again use it against them (BNP members). Roger Phillips no doubt had given up trying to protect his friend at this stage and the interview with McFadden and stinky Phillips quickly concluded.

We feel if this had been a BNP member so brazenly and openly bragging of this criminal breach of the data protection act the culprit responsible would already be serving the appropriate sentence. Lets now see what happens to Alec McFadden who clearly thinks he's above the law. We hope Merseyside Police treat him in the same way "we know" that they would treat a BNP member.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Roger "stinky" Phillips, Radio Merseysides very own stig of the dump.

Over the course of the last two weeks there has been a concerted attack upon BNP members who's private details were stolen and provided to shady, nutty, Labour Union third parties to use as an intimidation tool against these BNP members. The likes of the Liverpool Echo, Daily Post, Roger Phillips at Radio Merseyside have all but brought the worlds worst out of the woodwork to smear, lie and try to discredit these fine BNP people, but have failed on all counts.

The PO Box at Merseyside BNP has in the last week been bursting at the seams with patriotic people writing to us in disbelief at the lies that are in the Merseyside papers but especially the very lax broadcasting standards that Roger Phillips has allowed on his Radio Merseyside show. Roger Phillips has all but discredited himself and has revealed himself to be the biased bigot that he is. While he "encourages" the insane fantasists like Alec McFadden to appear on his show while openly admitting (McFadden) that he will be acting illegally with the 12,000 BNP members list. Well we can all play these games Roger, or should I say stinky. Below is one of the many correspondence we have received. All Liverpool BNP blog readers keep the stories coming in.

"Roger Phillips prior to being on Radio Merseyside was a Private hire taxi driver for Eagle Taxis who was known as stinky by other drivers as he worked and slept in his car, which stunk like a whores handbag. His favourite taxi stand was in Devonshire Road,Toxteth, facing the old Conservative Club next door to a well known brothel which he regularly frequented, maybe, these connections helped him to get a job on Radio Merseyside and move to the bohemian area of Lark Lane,and the rustic Hadassah Grove".

"Today he considers himself a leading light in Liverpool's Society this hasn't stopped him from attacking patriots and defending the likes of McFadden and Co, using Searchlight (the criminal communist organisation founded by paedophiles, pimps and thugs) as he must be well aware, he still uses this as his mantra to batter down any objectors. He is well conversant and friends with these people perhaps this affected his job application as Director of Communications at Ashworth Top Security Hospital. Stinky Phillips must now know that the tide is turning".

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Now the dust has settled, what of the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post.

The Liverpool 13 who were labeled as good as racist by The Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Daily Post, both papers must be smarting today. Why? Well guess what the Liverpool 13 who were arrested on the orders of Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown have been vindicated with the dropping of all charges last Saturday. Not that anyone would know about it.

The problem with these liberal left papers that "brainwash" the gullible into a certain line of thought, which are clearly not balanced in their reporting is that they are the very papers through what they write who are responsible for spreading hatred and poison amongst the Liverpool people and not the BNP who give a voice to their "own people".

It is a fact that if I had as much money as the Labour politicians who siphon the tax payers money off into their own bank accounts as expenses then I would surely be taking out some court cases against both of these papers who incite and spread hatred through their misinformation.

Not to let any one off the hook, tomorrow a report on Roger Phillips of Radio Merseyside and the "untruths" he allows on his radio show with a nod and a wink by the Liberal left and the "extreme mental left" which the Alec McFadden's of this world occupies.

Monday, 1 December 2008

UAF anti democrats, guest appearance by Communist Alec Mcfadden at the end.

This footage from you tube was filmed by a very brave person who was on the front line on Saturday the 29th November 2008. This was the day of the BNP protest for the 13 activists who were wrongly arrested on the orders of Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown a week earlier.

At the end of the film a special appearance was made by Alec McFadden the anti democrat who stifles anything to do with free speech and also a sinister person who works in the shadows hiding behind everyone else in the process. McFadden is the one who speaks the now immortalised words "he's a fascist" (These are the only words in his vocabulary)...Note how all his goons try to stop the person filming this sinister communist McFadden who hates to be filmed, while he will try and pressurise employers to sack anyone in a job who is a member of the BNP.