Friday, 31 October 2008

It isn't a crime to call the Irish leprechauns: Court clears Black woman of racially harassing neighbour

A young Merseyside woman who allegedly called an Irish neighbour a f***in leprechaun has found herself hauled before a crown court judge.

Andeliza Tucker,18, faced a trial costing thousands after the alleged remark led to police action. The question a court prepared to wrestle with was whether calling your neighbour a '******* leprechaun' amounts to racial abuse.

After being questioned, the teenager was charged with racially aggravated harassment, an offence which carries up to two years' imprisonment.

The Crown Prosecution Service said Miss Tucker had been prosecuted because she had also allegedly threatened to kick her pregnant neighbour's baby 'out of her stomach' and had previously been given a fixed penalty notice for harassment.


Now I have to say that these comments were made directly to Miss Vince by Miss Tucker. Bearing in mind that leprechaun's are not at all attractive and then linking this to her Irish background then it seems on the surface in today's PC society to be racial hatred against the Irish and Miss Vince's facial looks, in my opinion.

Everyone please click on the link and take a good look at Miss Andeliza Tucker. She is clearly underweight, obviously of British descent and extremely attractive (yuck, not my type though)...I have to say this in the PC world of Gordon Brown's Britain. To upset the feelings of an ethnic (is she ethnic or British) is to feel the full force of the law breaking through your front door by the time the last sentence is finished on this post.

To be honest I love reading articles as this one in the Daily Mail, despite the injustice to the Irish and Miss Vince as it keeps me going and also no doubt all the other BNP members full of fight for our "own people". I say this as Miss Andeliza Tucker has distinguished the Irish lady Miss Vince as "not being one of her people".

OK this post is finished now..I'm just wondering how long its going to be before my front door is booted in!!

To read article click on Orange headline.

UPDATE...The shameless Liverpool Echo just show a photo of the White lady on their report and not the very scary looking Black lady Andeliza Tucker..Link to Echo report here.

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  1. How can that not be racist when calling someone of Pakistani decent "Paki" is racist?