Friday, 12 September 2008

Paedophile probe PC downloaded child pornography!

A POLICE officer praised by a Government minister was caught downloading child pornography after working on an investigation to catch paedophiles.

Former Acting Sgt Marc Mitchell was commended by Communities and Local Government minister Hazel Blears for helping to improve neighbourhoods in north Liverpool.

Bosses at Merseyside police even applauded his “excellent investigation skills and resilience” while working on a child pornography inquiry in 2005.

But Liverpool crown court heard months later Mitchell himself fell under suspicion.

Following his arrest, more than 120 obscene images of children – including 38 from the two most severe categories – were found on his computer.


What a disgusting specimen of a so called human being, taking advantage of his job to satisfy his filthy sexual desires. What is more worrying is that nobody would know at this moment in time if he has actually acted on these disgusting interests.

Society is turning in a real state, we have heard recently that a number of high positioned people are under investigation for Child Porn offences including judges and Government Ministers. Funnily enough these institutions seem to be very liberal and hate the Nationalist cause, it all seems to be making a bit more sense the more we start to find out.

However at the end of the day there is only one way to deal with these vermin of humanity and that is with a noose.

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