Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Brown's fairer Britain?..What a joke!!!

GORDON Brown was last night accused of attempting to pull off his grossest deceit yet (Of which there is many).Battling to save his job, the Prime Minister audaciously claimed to be “on the side” of Middle Britain.

He used his keynote Labour conference speech to portray himself as the defender of “Britain’s vast majority, people on middle and modest incomes” suffering in the economic downturn.


Writing in a blog you are sometimes faced with a countless amount of subjects and topics that you can write about. Gordon Brown must be in the top five on this blog just by reason that he's completely useless. He's effectively a spare part in the cooling, extinguished embers of the New Labour "propaganda spin machine"

Yesterdays keynote Labour conference speech was fraudulent in its content from start to finish. Full of hype and promises which will never be fulfilled, look at this statement from him for a start...He vowed to “rebuild the world financial system” and create “a new settlement for new times, a fair Britain for the new age”...What are you going on about Gordon?..Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you destroy these things that you want to rebuild?

The end of his political career is going to be messy and brutal. He has been looking over, clinging onto the garden fence for eleven years incandescent with envy at the other useless pile of sh**e Tony Blair, dreaming of the day that he would wear the Prime Ministerial crown. This man has no courage or conviction, hell he even threw his wife onto the Labour Conference floor to see what mood the Labour wolves were in before his speech yesterday. Gordon Brown's vanity in not doing the honourable thing by resigning will no doubt cost the British public dear, 2009 and 2010 are going to be very interesting as far as he is concerned.

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  1. Can I take it your not a fan of 'Gordons' then.

  2. the whole labour goverment is on a downward spiral.for brown to say the whole party is fighting the bnp is pathetic,yes we know you are fighting us gordon with your facist communist laws which we will never forget once you are overthrown.the bells of traitorsgate are ringing