Tuesday, 30 September 2008

UKIP worried about BNP Euro Election chances.

THE UK Independence Party last night claimed it was the only party that could stop the BNP from securing a North West seat in next year’s European elections.Speaking at a reception in Liverpool, Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, said the party would expose the “hypocrisy” of the three main European parties in their dealings with the European Union.

Although Mr Farage said the party would do a “very good job” of exposing the hypocrisy of the three main parties, he admitted there was a threat from the BNP.


The interesting thing about UKIP is that the party punched well above its weight at the last European Elections in 2004 because the electorate was conned. UKIP had a talk show host, Robert Kilroy-Silk who was wheeled in for the vote and to promote the party and wheeled straight back out through the exit when their con was achieved.

UKIP as a party has no soul, ideology or beliefs. Its only claim to fame is that it stole the anti European stance from the BNP and UKIP members have been getting fat on our policy ever since. Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP is basically a Conservative wearing UKIP colours, who says a lot at election time but goes missing for years on end after the election is won, only to come out of hibernation when he has to renew his UKIP lunch ticket riding on the back of the BNP anti European policy.

UKIP are a crumbling party and their membership is falling faster than Gordon Brown's popularity . One thing UKIP should remember is this the British National Party have much more support now than in 2004. Our membership and support base is hitting record high levels, we are looking forward to and relishing the challenge. Not just from UKIP, but the challenge from any other political party that throws down the challenge. Our campaign will be an honest one, the North West electorate will know one thing for sure, our Party, the British National Party does exactly what it says on the tin.

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  1. An excellent post Liverpool. I think that soon, very soon we should concentrate on revealing UKIP to be the sham they are and alerting their activists to how they are being manipulated by the state.