Wednesday, 17 September 2008


BRITISH Muslims must drop their “victim mentality”, a senior Muslim MP said yesterday.

Labour MP Sadiq Khan said it was time for Muslims to take responsibility for their own lives. And a key way to do that is to learn English, he said.

The MP said learning English was crucial to Muslims fully participating in society. “It has great currency globally and is directly linked to an increased sense of Britishness and the glue that binds us together as British citizens.”


Can we believe anything this Sadiq Khan, Labour MP for Dewsbury says?..OK what he says seems to be one hundred percent common sense and on this basis I agree with his comments. But on the broader issue why is he coming out with these comments now.

There are hard times around the corner for Britain and the British people. Could it be perhaps that most of the financial institutions in the country are crumbling quicker than Amir Khans jaw in the boxing ring and the country is going into recession. We also all know that the Islamics are world champions at moaning and feeling sorry for themselves, always moaning that they are picked on . They make a living out of moaning and complaining. Just look at the number of employment Racial victimisation claims that are in the press recently.

Sadiq Khan is just playing politics because he knows that the British people will not put up with moaning Muslims and their usual antics when we, the British are suffering also because of the Labour Party having destroyed the country, of which we will be lucky to have our houses left when the dust has settled.

Nice try Sadiq Khan, but you will have to do better than that mate, we know what your game is.

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  1. Lets face it they shouldn't be here anyway. Isn't Saudi Arabia big enough for them.