Friday, 5 September 2008

City council finance chief Phil Halsall in £500,000 pay-off

LIVERPOOL council’s director of finance is set to depart the local authority with a £500,000 “golden handshake”, the Daily Post can reveal.

Phil Halsall, who earns £180,000 a year, will be seconded to one of the city’s joint venture partners, Enterprise plc, in October before taking early retirement in April next year.

Mr Halsall, 50, will receive an extra five years’ enhancement on his pension package, worth around £420,000, and a lump sum of £80,000.

It comes after the council was labelled the worst in the country in February because of the poor state of its finances, though Mr Halsall has always defended his own record.

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How very nice indeed, hope everyone in Liverpool is happy with how their tax money is being spent. This is just typical of the political elite feathering their own nests, this man should of been sacked never mind given a big pay off for early retirement.

How many books could that buy for schools, how much sport equipment etc... Things like this will just continue to happen while people keep voting for the same politicians. Only the BNP will offer value for money to the tax payer and the BNP also pledges to fight against tax rises and also where possible cut tax.

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