Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The BNP, what we are about.

I think its about time we bumped up the finest moment to date for the BNP. This was Richard Barnbrook getting elected to the Greater London Assembly In May 2008. Despite the full force and finances of the Labour Party and its corrupt unions and of course Gordon Brown who locked himself in one of the Downing street cupboards on election night unable to face the disastrous results that his leadership had caused for his party. Our own Richard the Lionheart took all the challenges head on and won his place on the GLA with the magnificent support and votes of the fed up Londoners who are getting murdered by the "invaders" weekly .

Richard Barnbrook along with the party Chairman Nick Griffin are the pulse of the BNP. The two are inspirational people, leaders and a credit to Britain. They both have a sense of humour as well unlike gormless Gordon Brown and Cameron the clown.

Anyway despite the hardships, bills going through the roof, hard working people losing houses, bankruptcies, the country being on its knees thanks to the Labour party. However the British people do have a ray of hope on the horizon and that's the BNP. Click on the "The BNP, what we are about" title to enjoy Richards speech again.

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