Monday, 29 September 2008

Get ready for soaring council tax bills.

Council tax bills are set to soar next year as a direct result of the credit crunch.Local authorities are being hit by the loss of income from planning applications and land searches caused by the reduction in housebuilding, as well as the huge price increases in energy and fuel.

Higher mortgages and repossessions could severely reduce people’s ability to pay the tax with many councils expecting to increase bills by at least five per cent.


Today's article was a toss up between this topic or the continued madness of the financial system bailouts. The Nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley we will come back to later in the week.

It is quite clear that however things pan out because of the excesses of this Labour Government who advised us all to spend spend spend, the chickens are well and truly coming home to roost now. Twelve months ago Gormless Gordon was stating that "gone are the days of boom and bust", how he must be regretting those words now. Today he has been stating that all long term decisions are for the stability of the country, what about the stability of the money in my pocket then Gordon?

It has become clear there is now a further sting in the tail due to this financial mess, we are now facing the threat of soaring council tax bills, due to in part because of decreased incomes being received by the sale of houses in all council authority areas. The normal British taxpayer is near or at a financial breaking point today. Every person I speak to is struggling because of the increase in the electric and gas costs, an increase even a small one in council tax will send most people over that tipping point of spiraling debt and hardship..

The stability of the country is of no use to the normal person on the street who cannot feed themselves or heat up their home. The stability of the country is of no use to someone being dragged through the courts for non payment of council tax due to the catastrophic economic blunders of this Labour Government. Thank you Gordon Brown, for whatever your intentions were, the country is now in one hell of a mess..

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